Friday, March 31, 2006

believe it or not

there are five (5) (yes-5!!!) hornbills at our home. three of them were 'bertenggek' on the railing of our verandah this morning. here's a pic of one of them-

Thursday, March 30, 2006

no honk please...

i was a bit mad at an indian guy this morning in puteri's school. i was just mentioning about this last week during the school's anuual pta meeting. i highly stressed to everyone no matter parents or teachers about local people's driving etiquette. this is because i could see people were driving their vehicles in school area/compound like no one business, didn't even care about those kids who walk or cycle to school. alright, i admit that i drive damn fast BUT only on highways! when it comes to school matters, i could automatically change my driving style.

i was still at this usual corner this morning although puteri already walked-in the school. the reason that i was still there because i was giving ways for the school kids who walk. suddenly this indian guy from my left side honked me loudly. so i showed him the situation infront of me. he doesn't understand. then i wind-down my left side 4wd' window and told him, "aloo... boleh sabar tak? kita kena lar bagi budak-budak sekolah jalan dulu. you ada paham tak?". wow... kuE so brave meh? he kept quiet. a lady saw me with surprised lol. that incident also reminds me of
zuhri's post- 'start with the pebble under my feet'. hmm... a good one indeed. but for me, i do not think that indian guy knows about all this manners or moral values thingy ;)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

it's time to save

this post is in reference to my post recently about a leading pest control company to save their cost, with regards to the fuel price hike exactly 29 days ago. the dpm also has urged "malaysians to change their lifestyle and adapt to the inevitable fuel price increase". maybe i will do the same in some ways here too i.e. i will stick a notice on the cashier counter with a note saying 'receipts will only be given upon request'. other alternatives maybe to advise my staff to use recycle plastic bags on certain days of the week. hmm... what else?

what i could see from my last and today's visit to a local bank here also, that some changes had been done on their part as well. i do not want to say much, just look at the difference between the two numbering tickets below-


present (only measured +/- 3 1/10" by 1 1/20" )

Monday, March 27, 2006

family day @ teluk batik

date : 25 to 26 march 2006
venue : sherwood marina cove resort, teluk batik, lumut

not many pics taken cuz i was damn busy. megat sang a mandarin song, 'lau su ai ta mi' (my favourite) during the bbq dinner on saturday. everyone were surprised especially a chinese friend from cameron highlands ;)

exhausted. but great fun. i'll exclude myself from next term committee member election, thank you.

Friday, March 24, 2006

omg!!! who? me? :D

i have just came back from the annual general meeting 2006-2008 of the pta of puteri's school about an hour ago. i am a mother that would be so kay-poh if anything turned wrong or not. most of the teachers and students of the school know me already. i just sat quietly through out the function blah blah blah... when suddenly i heard a familiar voice from the back called for my name. that was one of the puteri's female teacher'. i did not turn around AT ALL.

"oh my god, why me?!!", i told my self.

"cadangan lain (anymore names) ?", asked the chairman.

"saya mencadangkan supaya cadangan ditutup (i suggest that we closed the proposal) ", replied another teacher.

i was puzzled, "WHAT?!!!". everyone agreed.

so then the chairman said, "baiklah. *tut* (my full name with the correct salutation) telah dilantik sebagai naib yang dipertua pibg bagi sessi 2006-2008. tahniah *tut* (... has been selected as the vice president of the pta for 2006-2008 session. congratulations.) ". i just smiled. that means i still have jobs here in the school until 2008 where puteri will be in form two (14 years old).

then the chairman called for all the new committee members to sit infront at the long table provided. starting from there, i was talking here and there non-stop :)

the test

puteri's ballet test, grade 3 ~ 23 mar. '06

i was not in the office for two consecutive days, people! yesterday i went to bring my puteri to ipoh for her ballet test. while the day before i was in prai for a seminar-cum-meeting with our rsm. so it was basically about work work and work.

yesterday's was more pleasure i guess hehe... we (puteri and me) headed straight to coffee bean for breakfast as soon as we reached ipoh. i then sms
Leilanie to be my guest blogger. read her post here. well, i guess once in a while, we have to create something different yea...

we went to the dance centre at 10.30am. puteri's ballet teacher ms tan did her hair as soon as we arrived. i was supposed to meet V after i send puteri to the dance centre. unfortunately he was still in kl, still stuck on some stuff. that was fine with me i think because i was the one whose gabra giler, my heart beat was beaten so damn fast. while i saw puteri like so relaxed. puteri and her team went in the dance hall at 12noon. they completed exactly before 1pm *phew*. like past years, we didn't go straight back home, but we dropped-by some malls in ipoh- it was also a mother-and-daughter day out! now i leave you all people with some of the pics that i took yesterday ;)

here's ms tan, doing puteri's hair.

nice bun, huh?!! ~ it was puteri's.

puteri and her team with ms tan.

puteri and her two friends waiting anxiously for their turn ;)

"its time to go in girls", ms tan said. she kissed every each of them on their cheeks, while wishing good luck.

kuE's note: if i didn't post anything for this few days, that means i will be in marina cove resort in teluk batik, lumut for a family day with the perak region friends. i promised that there will be more pictures! so to all you too people, have a nice and great weekend! mwahhh...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm a Guest Blogger, I am

Hello EVERYONE.......................

It's me, Leilanie from the SweetLeilanie blogsite.
A lot of people call me Lanie, but some just call me Leila - pronouncing my name as a whole, Leilanie, seems to be a mouthful to some people. So, I'm pretty much OK with anything as long as it's not Leleni, or Lennie, or Lelaki, or Elaine (yeh! the lady who does my hair calls me that).

How did I get here............ hmmm...........
Here's my SMS conversation with kuE at 9.55a.m :

kuE :
gm dear. fyi m hvng bfst wz pu3 @ coffee bean. she has 2 b at d dance centre at 10.20, jus a few blks away. i'd like 2 b my guest blogger if u r free. my id-xxxxxx n password-yyyyy. mwahh....

Leilanie :
Huh? Tak paham. :)

kuE :
fyi m having bfst wz pu3 @ coffee bean. puteri is hvng her ballet test 2day. i'd like u 2 b my guest blogger if u r free. my id-xxxxx n passwrod-yyyyy. mwahh.....

Leilanie :
oh ok. But what do you want me to write about? Anything specific? I have a meeting to attend now and can only do later, ok. My love and luck to your sweet Puteri for her ballet test.

kuE :
anything that comes out frm yp mind ;)

Leilanie :
Orait dear

kuE :
pu3 said tq. hugs n kisses 2 u.

Leilanie :
She'll do well......... Tell her she will........ Because she's an angel :)

So, I'm done with the 10am meeting with CXXX and the 12pm meeting with Bank MYYY, and am now happily typing away for kuE.

Then, I realised that I keyed in every single word - I spelled everything in full (look at the SMS above) .............. I crossed every single T and dotted all the I's; while kuE was just selamba-dek using all the shortcuts. No wonder I couldn't understand what she wanted me to do when I read her 1st SMS. hee hee.
But it's not her, it's just me. I'm such a %#$@&(*^#.
I admire people who can come up with such creative ancronyms.

So, to Pu3 from Auntie Leilanie - here's a special message to you, with love :
Gd luck 4 ur ballet test 2day. I knw U will ACE e' test. U R 1 talented girl N U will do well rgdless. Dance l'tle princess dance...... Study smart N play hard! Hugs N kisses 2 U fr aunt Lei.


kuE's note:

Leilanie dear, thank you so much for being my guest blogger yesterday. it was such a fun and great idea isn't it. hmm... wonder whose my next victim lol. i guess you'd be wondering of how i came across all those ancronyms very well huh? well, i used to be a secretary and P.A. many years ago thats why hehe...

FYI i didn't change a thing on Leilanie's post except my cyber-nick name. it was supposed to be typed as such to emphasize the pronounciation correctly i.e. kuE ~ pronounced as ku - E ('e' as per the letter E) ;)

i am so sorry people for the misunderstanding. my nick-name kuE was given by an auntie whose also my dad's koleq's friend' wife. of course my real-life nick name is different. i guess maybe a few of my new friends knew like cikun, hasnul, rose (?), Leilanie (?) and Sheryl (?). Annamox also dunno my real-life nick name even if we have met once. sorry people i do not want to use my real-life nick name here in this cyber world. i hope you all understand me.

p/s- pics of puteri to be posted soon.

hugs, kuE
24 March 2006 (10:17)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

follow this people

a rentokil man of the pest control department was here this morning for our monthly service. i saw its an indian guy this time, not like usual, attended by a malay guy. alright that's fine.

as soon as the guy came back to me to say bye before he goes off, one of my cashier approached me and asked me to look outside. guess what people. at first my cashier (who was just punched-in for his duty at 10.30am) thought that since when here got pizza delivery service lol. it was the rentokil man's! the box behind his motor-bike was exactly the same like the one of pizza delivery service' motor-bike.

my staff did ask the guy because normally the malay guy before him came with a company's van. "
harga minyak naik lar dik...", he replied. just imagine people, that means he came by motor-bike all the way from ipoh!

Monday, March 20, 2006

ipoh again?!!

yes people, i'm going to ipoh again shortly. nizam called me earlier at +/- 10.30am for a committee meeting this afternoon (2.30pm) on the family day arrangement this weekend. hmm... luckily i'm still young as ever yea hehe... dunno how many times already i have been to ipoh this month :)

another lucky thing- i could just go home for a quick shower before i go. my house is just about less than a minute walk behind. chiao people!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

kuE's good 'ol memories

today is the last day of the petronas f1 malaysian grand prix. firstly i thought since today is sunday, i do not wanna come down here. i could have just spend times with my kids relaxing at home, watching the f1. on another thought, i was afraid that work would be a bit busy during the last day of one-week break of the school holidays. so here i am, sitting on my office chair, up-dating my blog while watching the f1 lol. it was so damn quiet people! i guess maybe people are watching the f1 too ;)

well, everytime when talking about this
f1 thing, i would always remember my good old days back then in the hospitality industry. the hotel that i was working with located near shah alam, the former venue of the gp circuit. of course back then we as the hoteliers got the advantage of serving the teams that comprised of the racers, managers, engineers etc. well not just the f1 gp people, but also the motoGP! i've met and served most of them like michael schumacher, ralf schumacher, montoya, max biaggi (his gf not just a model whose beautiful but taller than him!), valentino rossi, loris capirossi, mick doohan, who else? hmm... and many many more ;)

besides, they would always make sure that we the hoteliers would always got the VIP passes specially given by them. with that passes, we could even went in the circuit until inside the track!

there were so many stories to be remembered, but here's part of them-

story 1

i was holding the position of the front office guest relations officer (fo gro). part of my job was to request a birthday cake for our very special guest including our regular and long-term guest, via room service department. one day, it was one of the racer' from the marlboro team birthday (omigosh... i can't remember who was that). that morning, a room service staff, badli (we teased him as 'baldi' lol) called me that the birthday cake was ready. then i called the racer' room to make sure that he was there. so off i went to the room with badli. he (the racer) was so surprised seeing badli and me came to the room with the birthday cake. behind us were people from his team too. we sand birthday song to him. he was shed in tears. before badli and me left him with his mate, he gave us a carton of marlboro ciggy each. wow... i wished you all could see how happy badli was. his smiles was up to his ears you! ya lor... we have just got an imported ciggy! for me, i could say that was a bit stupid (kononnya nak tunjuk baik lor). as soon as i went back to the back office, i gave a pack each to my colleagues who smoke. such a stupid gal kan? i should have sell the ciggys to them :)

story 2

there was one year, the team that won the race (can't remember which one) was so damn happy. as soon as they stepped in the lobby, they were singing happily all the way to their room on the other building. then we heard from the housekeeping dept that the winning team had damaged most of the hotel items i.e. they broke the wall glass in the lifts, they also broke the glass window, they even threw down the big vase from the upper floor etc etc etc. the best part was their manager left a signed blank cheque with me in order for them to pay for the damages! *phew*

story 3

most of us at the front office dept would go out clubbing with the racers. not one-on-one yea... we always went in groups. some of our favourite spots were boom boom room (formerly 11la), fire, dv8, voodoo etc. just imagine people most of the times, the bills would be on the racers!

now when i saw them on tv, i dunno whether they still remember me lol because we never get in touch no more. in fact they used to give me their contact numbers and address just in case if i go there for holidays auww...

kuE's update at +/- 4.40pm:
besides watching the tv, i've just received the f1 result' via
the starbiz sms news alerts on my fon too. wah... they were so up-to-date one i tell you... btw here the result for the malaysian f1 gp-
1 - giancarlo fisichella (renault)
2 - fernando alonso (renault)
3 - jenson button (honda)

Friday, March 17, 2006

find my look-a-like

click on my picture to search for my lookalikes!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

i ain't a F1 driver :D

oh gosh... i was driving to ISO as usual yesterday, with my way, my style. until i didn't realize at all that i have been watched!

as soon as i reached there exactly at 2.30pm, i went straight up to the meeting room. some of my colleagues were already there. a few minutes later, another colleague, abang lan came in. he smiled to me. then he turned to the rest of us and said, "eh... fuiyoo... *tut* (my real-life nick name, of course) drove so damn fast mann...
kalah i! ".

"wheyy... where got?", i told him.

"alar... don't lar...", they all teased me together lol. hehe...

kuE's note: hey people, that's me, relaxing on my bed before shower. i was just came back from ipoh that time ;)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i ain't got no P.A.

an ex-bf called a few minutes ago. i didn't answer but i just ignore him instead. in fact he tried to get in touch with me for so many times. gosh... doesn't he understand what i explained to him last time. there's once when i was still in subang, his wife called me early in the morning asking why i called rizal. she also asked me not to disturb her life anymore. wheyy... no way lady, i never called him. he was the one who keep calling me. grr... since then, i told rizal that my relationship with him was over. full stop.

anyhow earlier a friend kak fawzia from tupai (who stays in penang) called. i saw that its from a 'private number'. at first i thought that it maybe from D cuz i could see that the id won't be appearing if someone calls from overseas. but what about other people that i don't know? i quickly asked one of my cashier to answer it. then he passed back my fon to me saying that it was from my friend fuhh...

"aii... sejak bila you ada P.A. ni? a guy plak tu...", kak fawzia asked me.

i was like *phew*, "tak lah, tu i punya staff. i was outside just now so he helped me to answer my fon". hehe...

"o ok. ye ke?", she said, giggling. then we continued our conversations while i went back into my office ;)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

food art

something fun ny (gross... food pic again? lol). food art by cousin zaido, fashioned after 'ning'... :-P

kuE's note: copy n' paste pic from my sis' photo-site ;)

Monday, March 13, 2006

home-made cakes

an article about home-made old fashioned pound cakes on sunday mail yesterday, makes me smiled. i know them! i used to order cakes from cecilia when i was living in klang valley last time. to my surpsrise, the late datin seri endon and her daughter like them too hmm... the last time i ordered cake from her was for megat's 4th 'poor bear-theme' birthday party. it was held here. everyone love it, not just the figure but also the taste that was absolutely delicious.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

decorating ideas

NAH and Leilanie' comments about my bedroom last week inspired me to post this. fyi i love interior design so much besides my other self-taught hobby that is quilting. i pick-up all those skills from magazines, tvs and other source of media. never learned them professionally anyway.

regards to the feature wall of my bedroom, i got the idea from an overseas magazine that i bought-
better homes and gardens spring/summer 2003 issue ~ 100 decorating ideas under $100. i have longing for that type of design but it took me quite some time because the paint in my room was torn. besides my life commitments doesn't let me to. so during a school holidays about two years ago, i asked one of my staff to help me doing the paint work. it was an easy job as no one was around the house that time except my dad. whatever it is, we completed it the whole day from +/- 9am to 9pm *phew*

my plans for my bedroom not finished there yet. i have ordered for a laminated floor from a shop in ipoh. they are just waiting for me to fix an appointment for them to come over to do the measurements, quotations etc. i'm a busy-woman i tell you hehe... then, i will get someone to do a built-in cupboard i have been dreaming of, like those in one of the magazines i bought too! omg... i hope this will all be completed by this year or maybe early next year.

here's some of the pics that i took/scan this morning. what do you all think people ;)

taraa... this was where the idea came from ;)

this is my version hehe...

a view from the room door- day and night curtains and the lamp-shades also the white fabric roman blinds from where else but
ikea. check-out my other antique item that is my late grand-pa's desk. its still in the original colour but i'm gonna paint it white and turned it into a dressing table. guess what i'm gonna paint the antique bed white too!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


i know it was so damn long time ago that i last painted my nails. i guess maybe before i was pregnant for megat. i always did it myself. i only went for professionals maybe once a month or fortnightly, depends on my bz-ness. i didn't practise it anymore since then because i really do not have the time to cope that with my daily routine anymore.

now that puteri and megat have grown-up, i guess nowadays i could start doing whatever i left behind when i was in subang/kl before. so i went for a manicure session few days ago. i asked the ladt to paint my nails with a very light brown colour. the idea was not to surprise the local people here. i used to colour my nails red but that colour is not suitable here ;) she even drew two of my 10 nails with a very nice pattern.

i was helping megat after his shower this morning. it was the first time for him to see my nails as such. i know he was curious, he will ask me anything that he wanna know.

megat asked me while pointing his right thumb to my nails, "ma, how are you going to take that one out?".

"ohh... i'll have to use a
nail polish remover sayang".

suddenly right after i put-on his t-shiirt, he moved around like one of his favourtie disney character, jake long in the cartoon
american dragon. then he moved his arm while saying, "haiyaaaa.... MOVE!!!".

"hehe... adik, not that move lar", i told him.

"i know ma, i was just teasing you. i love you ma, you are so beautiful". both of us laughed, then we kissed and hugged each other. i love you too megat mwahh...

Friday, March 10, 2006

naughty me

warning!!! first of all, do not misunderstood with this post' title. please read through what i am going to tell then you will know what is it all about hehe...

i was a bit surprised when the local mbb manager dropped-by my office this morning. he just would like to inform me that he is on a week leave from yesterday. his house been robbed yesterday +/- 4am by some indonesian culprits. it seems that he just came back from celcom to get a new sim card for his cell-fon line. all his valuables i.e. watch, fon, jewelleries, etc gone. the worst was that all the family members cannot do nothing cuz the robbers hand-cuffed them with rope. err... sounds scary enough.

anyhow back to what i'm gonna type. my entry this time is not about my naughtiness (got such word arr lol) with my good friend V. yes i met him yesterday but i'll tell you people about it later.

this is a story about me who totally forgot about my road-tax' expired date! hahahhaahaha... this happened on tuesday when i wanted to send puteri to her ballet class at jln iskandar shah. i was along the jln iskandar shah stretch, just a few blocks after the round-about. when suddenly i saw most of the vehicles slowing-down. i saw some officers with dark blue uniforms. then i thought to myself, "no its not the policeman, cannot be. oh my god they are from
jpj". okay, there were two cars infront of me. i slowed down. what were they inspecting. i smiled. the guy was wearing his sun-glasses. so i can't figure out what he was looking at. then i saw he shooked his hand, meaning that asking me to go *phew*. i immediately asking myself again whether there's anything wrong with me or my 4wd. suddenly i thought of my road-tax. i looked further left on my windscreen and tried to read from left first- 6-0-0-2 (ok check!), c-a-m (ok check!), 1-0 (hmm...). doingg!!... 1-0?!! so it was 01 mac 2006 people! "omg omg what am i gonna do". i've to pass that same bloody road again to go back. alright relax kuE, relax... so when it was my turn again, omg another officer was going to inspect me. to my surprise, how lucky i am when that same officer who inspected me earlier told his friend that my car was ok, he has checked on me earlier *phew* (again). i was sweating like hell.

on the next day (wednesday) i have so many things to do in ipoh. oh how about my road-tax? i had such a splendid idea mann... before i left ipoh in the morning, i asked one of my staff to re-new my road-tax for me. around 10.30am, he sms' me saying that its settled fuhh... guess what. it was the first time i drove to ipoh to-and-fro for 45mins because i was really good on the
plus highway, following the speed limit at 60, 80 or 110km/h huhu... i was back in the office in the evening. thus was chatting with V the other day. he was in ipoh for some work. great.

so i went to ipoh again yesterday to fix my
nokia 6680. it has been corrupted by a friend grr... i sent it for service at the nokia care centre in greentown commercial centre. i left my fon there then i went to settle some other errants.

around 2.30pm, V sms me that he should be free latest by 4pm. that was not a problem. we met at his place in bandar baru tambun around 3.30pm. gosh... when i reached his place, i know i was right infront of his house number seven. at the same time i was puzzled because his car was not there. i saw a silver gti instead. so i reversed to the next house and called him. "correct lor", he said lol. he drove his other car this time. cerita punya cerita, he crashed his clk himself hahahhaha... we were so good together that day hehe... both of us were just relaxing infront of the tv watching while chit-chatting trying to catch-up on our up-dates. i thought of taking some pics of V's resort-style house for me to up-load them here in my blog. shy lor... anyhow i was afraid if he gonna asked me Qs. in fact we were busy talking to each toher. i think within 1.5 hours, i already knocked-down (sleeping lor!) on the couch. maybe i was so tired went in-and-out and what with the hot weather that day. i dunno what V was doing while i was sleeping. maybe he went online cuz he already fix a broadband unit in his place there. suddenly i felt that someone poked me and said. "woit! sleeping arr?". hehe... it was V teasing me. i awoke maybe around 6.45pm. we watched something on axn (forgot what was that) until 8pm. both of us left his place after that. well, V didn't tell me what was he gonna say the other day when we were chatting together. unfortunately he admit that he was too shy to tell me lol. hmm... i was still wondering what was it ;)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

once upon a time...

V: hi.
kuE: aiii...
V: how r u?
kuE: a bit relax this week
V: good. btw.. i m in ipoh
kuE: tomorrow morning i've to go there
kuE: work?
V: *smile*
V: yup. got in this moring. ada meeting 2 moro.

kuE: hmm... tak cakap pun
V: ni la br cakap
kuE: i juz came back abt 2 hrs pun tau
kuE: *tongue*
V: *smile* fr ipoh?

V has signed out. (3/8/2006 6:08 PM)

kuE: ya lor
V: *smile*
V: kalau tau boleh lunch sama

kuE: *sad*
V: tak pe.. there always 2moro
kuE: u tu alwiz bz
V: cari makan beb
V: *smile*
V: how u've been?

kuE: like that one lor
V: *winking*
kuE: d u know what m gonna do 2moro?
V: what?
kuE: i've an appointment at nokia ctr, to re-configure my fon. my work friend johan frm bdr baru kampar lar punya pasal. i last met him during d course last week. u wanna know what he did?
V: ?
kuE: alrite, one hint: i just knew it frm some friends last week (during d course of course) that johan got a crush on me *blushing*
V: *smile*
kuE: all this while since i knew him, i mmg dunno at all u know, excpt some work friends, but they didnt tell me cuz johan asked them not to.
kuE: chewah... cite panjang plak lol
V: *winking*
V: so...

kuE: so... on the 3rd day, he wanted to borrow my fon nokia 6680 (the new one after i lost my nokia 7250i) "kononnya" he wanted to look at the fon' function. i really dunno nothing that time k, if not i won't give the damn fon to him *sad*
kuE: opss... sorry not the 3rd day, but on the last day. now i remember cuz we wr doing our test that time
V: so he stuffed up ur new fon huh?
kuE: my fon corrupted
kuE: yea something like that
V: but did he confess 2 u he had a crush on u?
kuE: abt an hr after i gv d bloody fon, one of our TAM came to me & gave back my fon
V: dia tak berani jumpa u ke?
kuE: well, he did ask me but style lawak dia lar (the day before)
kuE: u know what my TAM said
V: ?
kuE: "c... he (johan) said he wanna borrow yr fon to check on d functions, but he already download all yr pics (self-taken)". grr... i was damn angin but i controlled, wanna jaga imej konon, infront of all the cikgu.
kuE: when i checked, he didn't download them via mms or what. then i didnt bother yet, cuz m still in the mid of the test.
kuE: when i was driving back home, "angin" je


kuE: wheyy... u there? or dah boring wz my cite lol
V: still here
kuE: ok hehe...
kuE: so i did a thorough check
V: and
kuE: he did it via my blue-tooth, spread virus somemore, thats why my fon corrupted
V: tu la
kuE: i hv 2 get d nokia ppl to svc my fon tomorrow and install anti-virus function
V: hv to b careful with bluetooth. hv to reset.
kuE: i never on it u know.
V: worse thing all data will b lost. must hv come fr his fon la tu.
kuE: maybe he did and off it himself, not to get me notice it.
kuE: ya lor
V: ya la... he should hv just copied it straight fr ur sd card. wld hv been faster too
kuE: tu lar, i ni plak "konon" nak jaga imej punya pasal grr...
V: *winking*
kuE: ok wanna know how i knew abt it, on d day before?
V: ?
kuE: it was after lunch...
V: who told u?
kuE: it happened after lunch, after i saw johan's weird re-action, then only sulaiman told me
V: *raised eyebrow*
kuE: i was already in, suddenly when johan came-in (his seat was infront of me), he asked me whether "that" pakcik (d other dealer kk1) was my dad. i denied. he recfrm wz me so many times. he never seen my dad yet thats why he was not sure.
V: dia ni macam tak betul je?
kuE: then he turned to sulaiman who sat next to him and said, "bang, selama ni aku salah pancing lar". then the whole class laughed like hell including cikgu2 excpt me yg blur lol.
kuE: "ohh... rupa2 nya they all sume dah tau", i thought to myself grrr....
V: so what happened in d end?
kuE: i was one of the 4 who stayed to complete the test. he was the first. before he left, he gave me some choc. i asked whether he got "jampi2" (tanya direct woh...). "kalu jampi pun apa salahnya", he said. lagi lar i angin berapi.
kuE: then he left.
V: so what next?
kuE: after i saw him left, i took the choc and threw it away
V: apart fr d fon la?
V: *winking*
kuE: "takut kena jampi lar tu", one of the TAM teased me
V: tp cite johan habis gitu la?
V: dia tak follow up call u ke?
kuE: yea...
kuE: i dunno whether he has my fon number. i do not hv his myself.
V: tak pe la kalau gitu. kena just wait n c what he does next
kuE: one co-incidence thing here...
V: ?
kuE: his name same as my x-hubby lor
V: *winking* perangai sama tak?
kuE: tu lar, gila2 punya budak lol, but i guess this johan more gila2. and i bet his younger than me.
V: *winking*
kuE: so... u bz tomorrow ke
V: mainly meeting in d morning.. then ofc till lunch time
V: getting a new piece of land.. so bz negotiating terms with landowner
V: petang shld b ok since i nak balik kl for a discussion at nite..
V: u free to meet up ke?

kuE: ptg tu bila. i pun ptg lar free. release tension yg drooling like crzy mad cow lol
V: maybe after 2 kot
kuE: yea shd b ok
V: ur fon dah ok ke kalau i nak call to confirm?
kuE: i pinjam my staff' fon hehe...
V: no same?
kuE: of course ler
V: ok then
kuE: or u wanna call my other number, that supp number i hvnt use it yet lor
V: tak pe la.. i can call d usual no
V: no prob
V: u wanna come to d hse or meet 4 drinks outside?

kuE: what say u
V: i anything.... *winking*
kuE: like what
V: *big grin*
kuE: if meet at d hse pun ok, since u pun nak blk later after that kan *big grin*
V: ok then...
V: i call to confirm then.. i try to wrap up by 2 or 2.30 latest & make sure my hsemate balik after morning meeting

kuE: ok boss
V: *big grin*
V: ok then.. i nak mandi la.. got to meet DO taiping tonite.. hope got good news for me

kuE: u going to taiping meh?
V: no la. he's here
kuE: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol
V: he played golf with my GM td. i malas nak main.. but got to entertain tonite
kuE: sorry lar, my mind's been hay-wire bcuz of johan and my fon hehe...
V: *big grin*
V: takpe.. tomoro we sort that out... *thinking*

kuE: thats what friends r for kan (hehe... mcm pernah dengar je kan? lol).
V: biasa la kan?
kuE: alright all d best 2 u
V: thanks
V: c u tomoro then
V: take care..

kuE: ok byeeeeeeee
kuE: u too
V: hey..
kuE: what darling hehe...
V: tak pe la.. esok je la
kuE: what? ni yg i marah ni. gigit nnt hehe...
V: tak pe la.. malu nak cakap.. esok je la
kuE: hmmm.... ok better keep yr promise *winking*
V: ok.. hint hint,, something kinky je..
V: *blushing*

kuE: *thinking*
V: esok je la...
kuE: byeeee
kuE: like i said earlier, better keep yr promise lol
V: ok
kuE: byeeeeeeee
V: maybe can help to release ur tension too.... he he
kuE: *winking*
V: bye
gurl13572: bye

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

a surprised one

i have just had my lunch, preparing to get back to my working papers when suddenly a message from another trading area manager (TAM) stunned me.

"do you know winnie?". oikk... why on earth he asked me this.

"of course, *tut* (her full name). she's my cousin and god-sister, working in *tut* hq. why.", i replied.

"she's in class wt me 2day".

"ohh no wonder out of d blue moon that q pops-out. plz send my regards 2 her, frm cousin *tut* ".

well i guess maybe that TAM is in subang/kl right now for some course or training. all the best dude!

kuE's note: wonder what's that TAM re-action when he knew that winnie and me are related. i'm very sure that he's gonna tell the rest soon hehe...

Monday, March 06, 2006

countdown 10 to 1 tag

NAH tagged me on this and here's mine finally-

first best friend: kay of whom we are still, since we were in standard 1 back in '79.
first item you stole: chocolate from the fridge, dunno whose.
first pet: a tortoise named on-on. i cried when i lost him- that was somewhere in '79 too i think.
first piercing: ears piercing at bb plaza when i was about 11+, that only after we saw a baby girl with ear-pierced lol
first school: srk datin khadijah
first house location: ss19, sj
first crush: fuiyo... why lar got this type of question? okay lar maybe one of the budak koleq then whose also my ex-boyfriend *glurp*
first kiss: by my parents when i was born- same goes to everyone rite, definitely!
first car: honda life (can't seems to remember the reg. no.) that my dad bought for me when i was +/- 17+ . had so many experiences with that car hehe... kay and me would be laughing like hell when everytime we think of it.

last time you smoked: maybe +/- 12 years ago, juz for fun with gal friends when we went out for clubbing
last food you ate: a pack of snickers
last movie you watched on dvd at home: sepet
last movie you watched at the cinema: memoirs of geisha
last text message: "okie dokie" -to a colleague in penang who asked me to up-date her on our next company meeting in sunway hotel, seberang jaya
last music video you saw: 'cos i love you (the english version) - love this song since heard megat sang the mandarin version few years ago. guess what. i even asked him to sing sometimes when i feel like wanna hear it lol.
last song you listened to: pop ye ye by VE
last words you said: "aiyaa... why lar always off-line; angin tak de, ribut tak de" -was mumbling to self when one of my cashier up-date me on the kompakar' card system.

dated a best friend: yup
been arrested: nope, i'm 'kamcing' (closed) with all those inspectors what lol.
been on TV: YES!!!
eaten sushi: lurve it
cheated on your BF/GF: no
been on a blind date: ;)
been out of the country: yup
been in love: of course

1. my guess watch
2. my jade bangle that i bought during my beijing trip
3. blue denim work blouse
4. black pants
5. black boots
6. fav blue hair clips
7. fav gold ring that i bought using my first pay-check in kl ;)

1. drank a full-glass of milk (a must, every morning)
2. fetched puteri at 11.05am, as the teacher called that puteri was not feeling well. the weather was damn hot these days, thats why i guess.
3. trying to complete all the reports that to be fax-out by the 7th ;)
4. replied emails
5. reconfirm stock schedule for few days ahead with ML
6. interviewed some candidates

1. my antique bed given by my late great grand-ma auww...
2. my 4-wd
3. my nokia 6680
4. my collection of hand-bags
5. my butterfly things i.e. accessories, hand-bags, clothes etc.

1. my parents
2. puteri
3. megat
4. d

1. perform all rukun islam (insya-Allah)
2. to see all my children grow-up and become the most successful people
3. travel, travel and travel

vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
rock or rap: rap- although i'm not much into this hehe... prefer r&b or jazz kind of music


PEOPLE WHO I'D LIKE TO WASTE TIME DOING THIS TAG: open to all. maybe you let me know so that i could placed a link here ;)

Sunday, March 05, 2006


yesterday was spent in a very good quality time with kids in ipoh. okay, that's fine.

so this morning, we had breakfast at ah seng's place. it was megat's idea as we never go there for quite some time already. as usual, i ate curry mee, while puteri and megat ate mee soup. ah seng's mee were awesome!!! i remember that i brought V there once when he came over one sunday morning last year. he wanted to have breakfast with me before he went off for his site trip in pasir salak (if i'm not mistaken) wa lau leyy... just imagine- he was from his ipoh house in bercham (then) but he turned back here to have breakfast with me first ;)

alright, enough about that. what i wanted to point-out here was bah's (grandma) confusion of puteri and me lol. i was so damn thirsty after came back from the hair-saloon with puteri (we sent megat home after breakfast, then went out again). so i went to the pantry and drank a full glass of water. my back was facing the kitchen where grandma was there, cooking. suddenly i heard grandma called, "cik yah". puteri was watching channel v at the family room. i turned back. "lar... bah ingatkan cik yah (i thought you are cik yah)", grandma told me. both of us giggled. when my mom heard us giggling, she asked why. grandma told her of what had happened. we all laughed out loud lol. this happened many times already, not only this morning.

gosh... puteri has really grown-up people. why don't you check this out (or maybe we could play "spot the difference") hehe...

Friday, March 03, 2006

this week stories

kuE's 4-days life in ipoh- ISIS course at hillcity hotel & condo.

day 1: 27 february 2006

i woke-up a bit late, guess i didn't hear my fon's alarm. i was rushing like mad. i didn't take my breakfast as i knew the company never fails to give us enough "makan" (food) whenever they called us for seminars, meetings, trainings etc. if we talk about makan, i would always remember the days when i was attending a week training-cum-course at the STC in june 2003, two months before i started this job. 20 of us then (STC) had our meals 6 times a day mann...

ok, so that morning (day 1) i just drank two glasses of plain water as soon as i woke-up as usual. then i drank a full glass of milk, that's it. by 7.10am, we already went out of the house. i sent puteri first (megat was not feeling well), then i drove straight away to ipoh. i reached ipoh at exactly +/- 7.50am. gosh... long time i never faced that kind of traffic like those days when i was in subang/kl. i knew it. that's why i have to leave home early. the journey from the traffic lights at kinta city to jalan (road) raja dr nazrin shah (formerly jalan gopeng) took ages mann... that makes me reached the hotel at 8.15am *phew* surprisingly i was the first one to reach there. my cikgu (teacher) in subang was there waiting for us with another new cikgu. i was searching for a good place to sit. then the teacher pointed to a seat labelled with my name. oh wow... a few minutes later, a group of friends came in. "hahahahaa... here also got name arr?
", one of them asked lol.

from what i understand, our team was the second batch for the northern region. the first thing that we have to do was sitting for an ISIS pre-test ahahhahaa... "wahh... macam budak sekolah balik ler (like back to school) ", one of the pakciks mumbling lol. then i guess it was nothing much during that first day- we received the ISIS manual hand-outs plus some damn good thorough explanations hehe... in between of one of the talks, cikgu announced our pre-test results. i got 48! lol.

day 2: 28 february 2006

i was the first one to reach the hall for the second time- again 8.15am right on the dot. cikgu complimented me for being the first one there again hehe...

not much more things than the day before. more talks, yes. but the most important thing was that i gain more knowledge from this course. maybe i saw some of my older colleagues whose a bit boring, sleeping nicely like hell lol. we did some exercises though to ensure that we knew what we were learning. this one was a bit tough lar cuz we have to calculate the figures ourselves using the calculator. instead back at our place everything all are computerize ;)

day 3: 1 march 2006

i was entering the hall when suddenly i heard someone' voice from the back, "awak lagi (you, again)?". yea, it was me lol. terkezut (surprised) i. it was cikgu. he said that when seeing me as the first one again! don't play play arr... i am very punctual in my appointments UNLESS if things occured without my obligation. fine.

everyone were talking about the fuel price hike. hah! what to do... no comment lor.

more talks and exercises.

a colleague' attitude towards me that afternoon tickled us. we were all just had our lunch. cikgu was already standing infront at his place. we were waiting for the rest to get in including johan, a colleague from bandar baru kampar. within minutes, johan entered and immediately facing me without bothering cikgu whose already waiting.

"kak, pakcik tu (while his right thumb pointing to another old colleague) bukan bapak akak ke (kak, that man is not your father is it)?", johan asked me.

"eee... ada ke (no) ", i told him.

johan was puzzled, "abis tu... selalu nampak macam sama je datang (usually like seeing you came together) ". kak ina who sat besides me heard us. she smiled and laughed a bit. then he turned to sulaiman who sat next to him and said, "bang, selama ni aku salah pancing lar (all this while i hooked the wrong one)".

"itulah engkau, tak nak tanya-tanya (its your fault that you never ask) ", sulaiman scolded him. everyone was laughing like hell including cikgu lol. both johan and me are from a different trading area, thats why we seldom meet. i was so damn shy with johan since then hehe...

almost less than 1/2 an hour before the course end, a colleague approached me to discuss about some labu sayong gift for our cikgu. wa lau ley... i hate last minute thingy grr... why on earth he never asked me on the next day (last day of the course) lol. so i immediately called one of my staff to go to the shop at "tepi sungai" (by the river) and asked him to get four of the medium size labu sayong. its exactly
the same one that i ordered last time but with different plaque of course. the shop charged us at kawan-kawan (friends) price.

day 4: 2 march 2006

as usual, i reached there first. fuiyo... this time they arranged the desk apart from each other for us to do some test later. i waited at the entrance where i collected RM9 each from each of us who came in for the gift for cikgu. "ai... pepagi hari dah mintak duit ni, dah lar harga minyak naik (early morning already asked for money, on the other hand, fuel price increased) ", one of the pakciks mumbling while teasing me lol. normal lor... i was just doing my job :P

the first 1/2 an hour of the day was spent with speeches. also presentation of certificates to all of us who attened the 4-days ISIS course. followed by some labu sayong gift for our cikgu, presented by one of us. they were so stunned. it seems that they never recceived such thing before during their trips to other region ;)

then it was examination time the whole day! gosh... i dunno whether i could score good marks *drool* anyhow, by this time i have already known whats ISIS all about thoroughly. i knew that i could do all that by myself after the course. great.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


to all my friends especially rose, CK, leilanie, qatar cat, NeoTech, kimi etc.

please apologize me for making such a havoc about the "thunder" the other day. it was only meant as a reminder to everyone that the f1 fever is here again. no harm yea... *wink* hint: you should click on the pic and you will be link to the said website.

i am so damn tired now, juz came back from ipoh. i am off for a nice and good shower with a great smell of the aromatheraphy soap auww...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

to my dear friend...


i hope that its still not too late for me to wish you a very happy 34th birthday, here. may allah bless you with many more great things ahead. mwahhh...

eventhough i've met you once before, i know that you are a very nice friend. i could see that everyone loves you so much including me :)

btw keep in touch yea...

hugs n' kisses,

kuE's note:
1. here's a pic of us during
our blind-date last year ;)
2. i can't afford to up-date my blog just yet as i've been driving up and down ipoh this few days- came back, piles of work waiting on my desk and today... pay day man, pay day!!!... anyhow i'll write about my experience there once when everything is okay huhu...