Monday, February 26, 2007

penang bloggers meet, 25 feb. '07

i was there at the penang bloggers meet at e-gate starbucks. yea... i drove all the way from here. it was not a rare Qs for me, indeed. wow... it was the first, biggest and coolest ever bloggers meet that i have been! thanks to all of you bloggers that i met especially LogicYuan, the organiser. i could say that everyone were very sporting although most of us met for the first time. the above pics prove it all.

anyhow i 'tabik-spring' to you 5Xmom ler, for up-dating yours so fast one :P

megat and i reached e-gate around 10am. it was my first time there, parked my 4wd right in front of the starbucks. since i had an empty stomach, we headed straight to starbucks for breakfast. i didn't care already whether other bloggers already arrived or not. lapor (hungry) woh...

then i started to see millymin and CY. i knew already you two must have been there for the meet hehheee... then came LogicYuan and Koolz if i am not mistaken. there and then, more and more bloggers came, that we could easily identified each other via our dress-code (black, white and red). we adjourned out-door. unfortunately since the weather was rather hot, LogicYuan, with his 'selamba-dek' face, called everyone to go inside. the best thing was he dare to ask another patron to move outside to give way for us. i did not count the exact number of us who came but i bet you all know from the pics, that our group was big :D

although there was not much agenda, just chit-chatting and pics-taking session; the meets was wonderful. everyone really had a great time!

all of you people must have wondered, of how come puteri's face not there. she was too shy to join us at the last minute. i guess maybe she read from the list that there will be quite a number of guys too lol... its alright dear, maybe next time ya?

read and view more pics (more to add, after others have up-dated theirs)

click here for more pics ;)

kuE's note: if anyone of you penang bloggers meet have up-dated your blog, please let me know so that i could add more links here ;)

**last up-dated 9/03/07

Thursday, February 22, 2007

love hurts

what will survive of us is love.

if love is so important to have that one doesn't want to lose it, why is it when we find true love we often don't notice it?

love is like the truth, sometimes it prevails, sometimes it hurts.

it takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

why is it that we don't always recognize the moment love begins, but we always recognize the moment it ends?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

why you shouldn't disable right-click

i stumbled into the above topic/article while cybering. its a good one i tell you. that's why i decided to share it with all you people. click here to read more about it ;)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

xin nian kuai le

happy new year everyone! “may this year turns out to be a pretty good year for you and your loved ones. may this year also brings new hope and changes to us all!”

kuE's note: more pics of the above can be viewed here ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

remembering the good ol' days

i have just came back from puteri's school (that's also my former school) sports day. although puteri just represented girl guides in the march-past, i did have a great time and enjoyed myself there. well, the best thing was i met with my former geography teacher, cikgu (teacher) aishah (see pic). we did have a lot of stories to tell ;) besides that i also met my classmate, F who is teaching there now, kewl... got so many things to catch-up with F too—maybe some other time :D

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

kuE has started to play badminton

believe me? or no? hehe... that's true—i started to play badminton maybe two weeks ago, but the rest of the gang already started much earlier than me ie few years ;) they were all of the local police. majority of them who came were mostly men. women's team did have a great game too today anyway. we would meet three times a week (monday, wednesday and friday night) at the main tsung wah primary school's badminton court in town.

hmm... fyi we do not have any gym here in kuale. at least i have had a place to release some tensions from work, problems etc with some nice people. now i have this activity of playing badminton. besides that also we meet during weekends at perak river sides. eventually i am not sure of when exactly i became close with those group of people/friends (the police). i guess maybe its all since the 'unforgettable day' of mine about two years ago :D from there, i developed good friendships with almost all of them, vise versa including the OCPD, his assistant, IOs, sargeants, ASPs and many more.

wouldn't it be great if you all are willing to share your experiences too. i mean, what do you all do to keep yourself healthy?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

anak pinjam (borrowed-child) ?

i really can't wait to post about this. it happened earlier today when we were eating ice-cream at baskin robbins, kinta city.

"mama, how long people can borrow anak?", megat asked me.

i was like, "haa?!!... borrow anak?".

"ya... you know... people who do not have children will borrow anak", said megat confidently ;) then he asked me the same question again, "so how long they can borrow?". by that time both puteri and i were so damn surprised and looked at each other. then puteri smiled.

"ohh... you mean anak angkat (god-child/child sponsorship)?", i asked megat.

"no... anak pinjam ler mama...". puteri and i laughed. while megat was puzzled.

"adik, adik...", i called megat while smiling. "where got anak pinjam. anak angkat got ler...".

"ohh... so takde le anak pinjam?", megat asked.

"takde", i answered. people around us looked at us one kind only. we were laughing like hell that's why lol...

i did wonder of what megat was thinking, that made him wanted to ask me that question. when i asked him, he just smiled.

penang bloggers meet @ e-gate starbucks!

the penang bloggers' meeting central — bloggers meet will be held as follows.

date: 25 february 2007 (sunday)

venue: e-gate starbucks

time: 11.30 a.m.

attire: black or white + red too! (since its CNY)
(note: black or white doesn't mean you have to wear the same colour from top to toe, as long as your shirt/blouse/dress or whatsoever is predominantly black or predominantly white)

kuE's note: click here for more details ;)

those who are interested please leave your name together with your blog URL in the comments section or just send an email that includes the requirements above to ji yuan.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

baking vs quilting

a cousin-in-law kak zaireen approached me few weeks ago, when i was attending nephew daniel's birthday. as soon as she arrived, she asked me whether i still make quilts.

i was like, "WHATTT?!!".

"why?", kak zaireen asked.

"auww... how i wished i could go back into quilting, but i definitely do not have the time no more", i told her.

"o ok", kak zaireen said. "i thought what makes you surprised lol... remember my friend, the one that i bought the baby quilts for her last time? she was wondering whether she could have the same quilts for her soon-to-be-newborn. so what is your hobbies now?".

"i am into baking!", i said to kak zaireen while showed her the cupcakes that i brought for daniel.

"wow... now i wished that i am near to you!". lol...

actually people, both baking and quilting are part of my greatest passions. i always hoped that i could do them both. but unfortunately my work-loads are tremendously a lot i tell you :P

on another incident, happened last weekend—i was baking cupcakes for my little cousin yasmin. cousin kak roza dropped-by our place from ipoh. then came along another group from kl, including auntie tun. kak roza is actually very good in cooking, vise versa. both of them were debating about what's the best to do—cooking (baking) or sewing (quilting)? i love both! wahhh.... what say you? which one do you prefer? or do you have any other hobby(ies) that you would like to share?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

ltdl—stage 3

our place was so damn busy earlier this morning. it was blocked by the police traffic specially for all the transports of le tour de langkawi. i guess they are now at dataran sungai perak for some official event there. today is the stage 3 of the event from kuala kangsar to cameron highlands. that was about 133kms and about 2+ hours drive.

pic here was me with one of the officials. i do not want to load other pics, if not boom!!!... world would know of where my actual working place is :P guess what people. those people were DAMN surprised when my staff told them that i am the boss lol... "cinonik nya you all punya boss, tu ler i tak sangka", one of them said hehe... cinonik ke i? lol... i am petite yes...

our toilets were packed, lotsa people from the group queueing up. hmm... luckily our house is just at the back. one of the police traffic asked for my permission to use our toilets at home. then other people started to follow him too rotfl...

so how about you people? what did you do during the weekend. hope that yours were well spent too. alright, i need to go off home now, going to get ready to ipoh for my little 4 years old cousin yasmin, whose celebrating her birthday this evening... ciao!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

malaysian or not...

i am sure all you people would wonder of why i posted this pic of megat swinging on the swing. i was sitting next to him on the other swing i tell you lol... we were out at the laman budaya (by the perak river side) this morning. megat was playing his scooter, while i was sitting there breathing the fresh-air, nice. then megat wanted to play at the children's playground near-by that is a few steps away only.

guess what i saw.

we could see that the place is well-maintained i.e. grass been trimmed nicely. but can you see a 100 plus bottle near the swing's shadow? grr... those people who threw the bottle there was such a damn stupid. can't he/she just threw it in the trash-bin instead? its just there next to the small tree. alright, before you all blame kuale people, this is not just happened here but everywhere in the country. correct me if i am wrong. when is this going to be changed?

fyi after i snapped the above pic, i took the empty bottle and threw it in the same trash-bin that you saw in the pic!