Wednesday, September 30, 2009

the day when the earth shakes...

i was happily browsing online when suddenly around 6+ pm, i was stunned to see fb friends in klang valley, malacca and penang reported that they felt their places shaking. i quickly checked on twitter search under 'shaking' []; there you go... everyone were talking about it too. scary huh?!! eventually malaysia and singapore are affected from the earthquake that just happened in indonesia.

@iDeskCNN got reports from padang, indonesia that people are running out of their houses and to the hills according to eyewitness. find out more about this on CNN here.

take care everyone, no matter where ever you are around the globe...

it's wet again here...

i didn't go for my morning walk two days in a row already — the rain is freaking heavy ler... yesterday was not this bad :(

so what do you think is best for me to do now:
  1. sleep ngeh³...

  2. play farmville (log-in to your farm now here)

  3. update my blog :)

  4. other

note: please leave your answer(s) in the comment box.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what a cool tuesday morning...

this nice cool weather always reminded me of our trip to cameron highlands about 4 years ago. it was the kids first trip there indeed. we were all especially megat was definitely damn excited, only He knew. no doubt we all lurve holidays!...

one thing that made us laughed that time was megat's bedtime incident. he was all ready to go to sleep when he wanted to pee. ok fine. then he went back to bed after he did his thing. and when he was about to close his eyes, he had to go to the washroom again! and guess what people. this happened again and again and again... i think that incident repeated maybe more than 6 to 7 times i tell you lol...

then finally when he wanted to go up again for the last time (if i'm not mistaken), he mumbled: "EEEEEEEEEE... what's this that i wanted to pee je!..." hehee... all of us laughed like hell :~)

* * * * *

ahh... finally i have some space to update this blog. there's still quite a number of blog post in queue anyway:
  1. most importantly: raya updates!

  2. lantern festival celebration

  3. and don't be stunned people cuz i still have the berbuka puasa with nuffnang post in my draft folder hiks!

  4. also about pasar ramadhan in kualè, that's also is in the draft folder now :)

  5. and not forgetting my project 365! its not that i do not have the materials, but its all of the matter of t.i.m.e. hah!

  6. and more...

i could say that i'm always the last to update my blog about events that i attended and such. but arghhh... don't care lor... as long as i update my blog, no matter late or not, i always trust to better be late than never! *glurp*

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

let lunchster books your lunch dates

with work pressures multiplying, it isn’t easy to get away for a lunch with friends. lunchster automates the process of booking lunch dates with the people you want to keep close to you. the service, unveiled at DEMOfall 09, takes all of the work out of arranging lunch meetings.

lunchster surveyed recently that most people work near about 16 friends or colleague with whom they’d like to stay in better touch. they say about 80 percent of the people they surveyed wished they could keep in better touch with friends, but they find it too difficult to coordinate.

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“It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!”

It's 4th day of Syawal! Some people already started working especially those in banking industry, and also some offices no matter in government or private sectors. While kiddos are still on Raya holidays until this Sunday! wohooo!!!... Better let them enjoy the “Krrunch” yo... Can't hassle them much also, not good occay?!!...

Basically my online timing was kinda off a bit during these days lor... I only managed to sign on around noon today. One of the "must" visit site is of course none other than my FB page. As soon as I signed on, I was like: "Oh my GOD!!!"...


A junior of my former secondary school typed this on her FB status: "Sat lg nak siap pg beraye kat umah Kak... tgh mkn cup cakes yg Kak... bg bawak balik semlm... yummy..." (translation: going to celebrate hari raya (eid mubarak) at kuE's house in a little while... am eating cupcakes now, given by kuE yesterday... yummy...).


Like I mentioned earlier, it's already 4th of Syawal now. We don't have much thingy to be served to them... there's no more lemang, rendang and what's not!

So I quickly grabbed my car keys and off I went!...


Check-out the clear blue sky people... Aren't we feel sooooo damn lucky to have this kind of weather during a festive season? It's way easy for us though to go and visit our relatives and friends. But anyhow I had an important mission to go through first!


The main road along Clifford School (yes, this is how local veterans called the school!) was smooth... kewl! I can't have much hope though, while tapping my fingers away on the steering wheel; with hope that the road will be just like that all the way...


And when I was about to reach the "Jam Besor" (Big Clock Tower)... Holy SH*T!!! Look at the traffic to/fro every corners of the roundabout junction people especially towards the Jalan (road) Kangsar (the 3 o'clock turning).


Then I headed straight to a local mini market. I searched everywhere, hi and low, and finally...


Thank God that there were only two tubes of Pringles left! *phew*

You people don't know of how happy I am until now, smiling from ear-to-ear seeing what I was thinking of. Whatever it is, at least there's something that nothing at all!


And now... I am all ready with my open hearts, waiting for my guest to be arrived!!!...


Besides that, of course I also have some Raya money packets to be given away... Hah! those in the pic below are mine actually, courtesy of my lil' sis and lil' bro hehee...

Hey! btw KL-Kualè is not that far ler... You will only take about 2.5 hours drive :)


Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

more to come...

its the first day of hari raya today. we were all busy like hell here as usual. and now we are all already dead tired! *phew*

so be on the look out for more blog postings on our styles of celebrating hari raya very very soon...

salam lembaran...

greetings to all you people who are celebrating aidil fitri, from all of us here in kualè...

HR ecard Blogger

i wish you ALL a very happy and peaceful eid. may Allah accept your good deeds, forgive your transgressions and ease the suffering of all peoples around the globe.

"at the end of ramadan, the islamic holy month of fasting, worship, and reflection, millions of the followers of islam are celebrating eid as the renewal of faith and a time of great rejoicing."

eid mubarak!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the day before the big day...

just like any other festive holidays, now we muslims around the globe will be celebrating the eid mubarak (also known as hari raya aidil fitri here) which precisely is a 'celebration day of fasting'. and the best thing is we celebrate it all through out the month of syawal! wohooo...

and part of the most important thingy for me is that my hair has been fixed!!! i am so glad i did it, cuz now many people praised me for looking much younger ehem...


the day was spent by doing some thorough cleaning everywhere. looks like we didn't opt for any panjut this year hah! we just go for some colourfull windmills instead wakakaaa, blimey...


while puteri and i prepared cupcakes as usual. we always do this at the very last minute because obviously we want the cupcakes to be served good... as you could see in the pic above, it was my view of puteri helping to put up the curtain since she has completed with me— mixing the cupcakes ingredients. besides that, both my sisters already make sure that all the fresh flowers are in order. its a must thingy for us to make sure that the house look more vibrant *winks*


mama cooked rendang pedas ayam (chicken), as part of other main perak delicacies specially served during hari raya at our place. like cupcakes, the chicken can't be cooked very much in advance. not like other meals— we can cook them in earlier, and keep in the fridge. we will then heat the food up when we wanna served them on hari raya. closed relatives and friends were normally looking forward for these... hmm yummy!!!... but one thing, the meals were all cooked by mama this time around since grandmother is already 82! but of course bah is monitoring mama like the chef je... anyhow ok what, bah really knows her way around in cooking!


alrighto!... i guess that's it for now. i am off to bed! gotta wake up radically early tomorrow to decorate the cupcakes.

i would like to take this chance to wish everyone selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir & batin no matter wherever you are. to those of you whose driving back home, make sure you drive carefully. take care! *peace*

the day i am not satisfied with my new hairdo...

hey people, how would you feel if you wanna get something but it ain't as good as what you wanted. i am sure your temper would be as high as mount kinabalu or maybe more higher right. that's how i feel right now grr... wtf!

i asked my hairdresser to just layered the inner part of my hair, to lighten the volume as usual as my hair is kinda thick. then after she snipped here and there... holy shit! i was damn mad at how it turns out blerk!... we can't wait no more that time as puteri gotta go for her tuition class.

my mama tried to calm me down by saying that its ok for the time being. but no way mannn... when i don't feel good about something, then its still a NO! :(


p/s looks like i'll go for a short hair this time around. i shall opt for this one for next raya i supposed :P argghhh... i dunno, we'll see of how it goes . nevertheless even hollywood celebrities are into this, this, and this, to name a few; so ok what? besides that, its damn easy to maintain hiks!...

Friday, September 18, 2009

the day to do some last minute thingy...

it was just like yesterday we started fasting and now already 28th day of ramadhan... see how fast time flies without us realizing it...

and here's some of my to-do-list for today. we'll come back and see of whether i would succeed to complete them all, ngeh³...

√ last minute marketing at the local market with mama :)

√ mother-daughter trip to a local hair saloon

√ mail my friendship bag swap that i joined. if not have to wait for wednesday(?) *glurp*

√ thorough spring cleaning of our home and of course my lovely room! ;)

√ get all the ingredients for hari raya cupcakes baking session with puteri ready.

√ lights: 'lampu lip-lap' ok, check! but not panjut yet... haiya! :(

Thursday, September 17, 2009

the day i dunno whether to switch to google chrome or not hiks!...

a twitter friend tweet that he has just switched from firefox to chrome as his main browser. according to him, it's faster and he likes the "most visited" pages. what about you?


and now i am thinking deeply whether its worth it to click that 'download google chrome' button or not. what say you people?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the day finally starbucks replied me...

i was deliberately happy last few days when @StarbuckMY responded to my warm welcome to them on twitter. so i thought that they are obviously answering to almost everyone, cuz there and then i remembered of an email i sent to on 30 march 2009. i attached my blog post link on earth hour 2009.


my main point was just to tell them that their outlet in ipoh didn't seems to bother to participate in the nationwide programme. unfortunately i have never received any reply.

i braved myself to tweet them to inquire about this. and i am glad i did. i received a feedback from the tweet in about 8 hours or so—


now i hope that the starbucks in ipoh will be informed of this matter. although some people think that this is nothing but nevertheless it will reflects the reputations of the whole starbucks instead. they can't take things for granted, as though that people from here are not aware about our environment. haluuu... see the legs ler, occay?!!...


you just imagine... how would you feel if the management are striving hard to do the best for their company, but on the other hand there's still some of their people who can't get along with them. how sad... even in their environmental mission statement, they called their employees as their "partners"! so isn't it uncomfortable if your "so-called-partners" can't work together with you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

samsung 2view

it is really difficult to get self portrait with digital camera and the screen is available only at the rear of the camera, most often we must repeat again and again. samsung, ever the innovator, has announced a new compact camera range that has two (yes two!) lcd screens.

the st550 and st500 compact cameras have a 'hidden' second 1.5-inch lcd on the front of the camera, so your group of mates can yell 'left a bit, right a bit' at you when you try and take a picture.

it will also be good for all those couples who for some reason are slightly uncomfortable asking strangers to take photos of them while embracing passionately.

the other lcd is a 3.5-inch wide touchscreen, which reportedly packs crystal-clear resolution.

the cameras both have a 12.2 megapixel sensor and a 27mm wide-angle schneider kreuznach lens with 4.6x optical zoom.

another interesting feature the cameras have is something called smart gesture user interface. this means that you can tap the camera or make a hand gesture to get it to perform certain tasks.

video recording

as you would expect, the st550 and st500 also features face recognition, image stabilization and 720p video recording.

the ST500 is available in silver, red and blue colours and the sT550 is available in black, gold, orange and purple colours.

both cameras has already been in malaysia market since 8 september 2009. for more information, click on samsung st550.

now i wonder of who wanna present me this digital camera as a raya gift? *glurp*.

monday morning stretch!!!...

*yawwwwwn & stretch* ;-)

let's check this "jai ho" ♫ video out for a monday morning ((stretch)) —

this video is in my favourite' list! and here's an another version to the same video.

i understand that this group of friends presented this dance during leena & karan's engagement, must be somewhere in india. i just lurve the way they were having fun and enjoyed themselves...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

of my way of gift giving etiquette and more...

i have just send megat to his classmate-cum-best friend nazmi's place. they invited him for iftar. its kinda first time for megat too to receive such an invite. he was sooooo damn excited since few days ago i tell you. even this morning when i was in parit buntar, megat kept calling and sms-ing me to discuss about it i.e. when to send him there, what suitable clothes to wear blah³...

5.30 PM SHARP nazmi already called megat of why he was not there yet ahh... kids! now megat was so worried.

alright, for me its ok to be about 5 minutes late or so. clocks are usually set between 5 minutes slow and 5 minutes fast, so arriving 5 minutes late should get you there "fashionably late!" being early to someone's house is rude (unless you're going out immediately after your arrival-then be there right on time). some people wait until the last minute to finish preparations for guests. giving your host(ess) that extra few minutes is usually appreciated. being more than 5 minutes late is rude. food may get cold, time with other guests may be interrupted, and/or the host(ess) may worry you're not coming or got lost.

but for megat's case, i guess its terribly ok cuz he was there for iftar. and his friend and his brother wanted him to be there early so that they could play together first. i opt to drop-by the local supermarket to get some chocolates for nazmi's family. thanks to grandma, luckily she reminded us about bringing some sweet gift.

since i was kinda busy, so no cupcakes this time like how i used to do! i.e. i baked some last week to bring them to kl. the most importantly, for redmummy and family who was terribly down since her son was a confirmed h1n1 victim. i made a quick visit at her place as soon as i reached kl that day. i would like to take this opportunity to thank ayu and rose for helping me! anyhow even if i won't make it to kl, i will still make an arrangement for my cupcakes to be delivered to redmummy as a gesture of thoughtfulness from me.


this pic is courtesy of redmummy

besides redmummy, i also made some extras for my cousin yaya because she accompanied me during the iftar session with nuffnang. plus some others... (you know who you are) including a good school friend of mine whom we didn't meet for obviously 20 years! alright alright... i'll type a separate blog post for this one soon cuz she's so special to me ;)

for me, gifts are part and parcel of my culture and are not only for birthdays and special occasions. gifts may be given to someone who has provided a favour, to someone returning from a trip overseas, or simply out of want. the cost of the gift is not nearly as important as what it represents — friendship.


so for nazmi's family, we just grabbed a cadbury classic collection 1930's - 1960's pack. i was not satisfied yet that time because no ribbon meh... so we made an another stop to buy a ribbon to be stick to the box *phew* by that time its already almost 6pm. you could see megat's sour face lol... but it was just for a while though...

and on the way to nazmi's place, i reminded megat of the do's and dont's while he's there:
  • to greet all the members of the family especially the elders first by shake and kiss their hands; it is best to see if a hand is extended or not first.

  • wait to be told of where to sit.

  • table manners are continental.

  • you will be expected to try all foods at the table.

  • expect to be urged to take second or even third helpings. it is best to eat less on your first helping so that a second helping is possible. this shows your host you are enjoying the food and are being taken care of.

first thing in the morning...

i wanna check-out today's headlines first as soon as i sign-on as usual; when i read a live news of a bad accident on my fb instead huhuu...

jenkin yat saw a "great(?!!)" car accident on jalan loke yew on his way back home from pj earlier at 5am... according to him, the 2 cars were badly wrecked!

owh... you know i hate to hear this kind of news. from what i understand, it was raining heavily when the accident occur. anyhow aren't we supposed to drive more careful when its raining. i have just mentioned yesterday here in this blog for everyone to drive carefully during the raya seasons. basically the reminder is not just for hari raya, but this applies to anytime and anywhere in the world! and most importantly: think about your loved ♥ ones...

by the way good morning world! its sunday morning here on this part of the world now... and we gonna celebrate hari raya next weekend! wohooo!!!... how time flies...

find out more about hari raya here.

*this community service reminder is brought to you by kuE ;)