Saturday, February 28, 2009

of codec packs and movie...

dear diary,

remember that about last week or so ken, a friend from l.a. recommended me to watch 'conversations with other woman'. i was so excited about it when he wanted to pass it to me via online. what's more when i finally got it this morning yea!...

so me being a so-so in this computer thingy, just waited for ken to email me the instructions of what to do. first we tried on xp codec pack. unfortunately we realized that my dell is running on vista. then he resend me a file called VistaCodec_v514.exe., from his site for me to download.


then i had to uninstall the xp first, then only download and install vista codec pack.

according to ken, the reason for all this, is because microsoft have all the needed video and audio codec files needed to see all types of video and sound files. these packs just help to fix that, including being able to watch any dvd within media player.

owkay... thank you so much to ken for helping me to get all these thingy right. if not i dunno nothing about it at all as long as i get to watch the movie! weee...

now since i have just came back from my normal weekend morning routine, i need to clear up some house chores first. besides that there are other more important responsibilities to do like sending kids to their tuition classes etc. so the best time for me to lay down and watch the movie is definitely tonight... can't wait for that! cuz by just watching its montage (for testing hah!) already make me feel so excited :~)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

nuffnang turns 2!

i first knew timothy the co-founder of nuffnang at a penang bloggers meet held at e-gate' starbucks way on 25 february 2007. it has been organized by a cool dude LogicYuan. it was in fact the first bloggers meet that i have attended. even lilian chan was there, then i was like— "sooooo that's 5Xmom!"

i certainly enjoyed myself chatting and camwhoring with other bloggers mainly from penang. well i guess we camwhored more than chatting actually hehee... anyhow that's what bloggers do during a meetup and such right? correct me if i am wrong... and at times i heard they teased tim about 'nuffnang'. i was a bit puzzled though as i dunno a single thing about it yet, okay fine...

nuffnanger profile

then it took me about a few days to find out about nuffnang. so i signed-up on 2 march 2007! to tell you the truth, i didn't generate much of all the years i joined nuffnang because i am just a humble blogger. when i first started this blog in january 2005, eventually it was totally meant as my online journal. i was rather curios of what would be happened if someone found my written journal. so that's basically of how this blog started. and of course a long the way i got to know more and more bloggers no matter locally or from abroad.

i could say that i am kinda tough. eventhough i didn't get much from nuffnang, but since i love what i am doing as a blogger, i try to participate myself in whatever opportunities i could that organized by nuffnang. i am more than happy! with events organized by them, i didn't enjoy them for myself only but sometimes i do shared them with my kids and like recently, i brought rizal to a premiere screening. go here to read more about nuffnang events that i have joined.

nuffnang sharing session @ the apartment downtown— i was so damn mad with this blogger who denied thoroughly when i told him/her(?) about nuffnang's history that i knew and how i knew tim. he/she(?) stressly said that nuffnang was launched sometime in october 2006... huh?!! duh!... eh halo... i know my memory is still very good occay? and that i felt like he/she(?) was trying to under discriminate me or something... blerk!

and tomorrow, without we realized it nuffnang will be turned two!

"two years later nuffnang has outstripped my wildest imagination, growing from an office in penang to have regional offices in kuala lumpur, singapore, manila and melbourne. the number of nuffnangers in the region had also grown from 75 on the first day of launch to over 80,000 as of february 2009."
—excerpts from tim's blog post on nuffnang's site. read more here.

to: timothy & ming,
no limits but the sky. may today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements. congratulations!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

earth hour 2009

i am so glad that i have been invited by a taiwanese to join Earth Hour 2009 全球熄燈環保行動 (8:30PM Saturday 28 March 2009 ) this morning. and did i accept the invite? of course, as this for a good cause... and after browsing here and there for some information on this, i am more glad to know that nuffnang is one of their supporting partners for earth hour malaysia. congratulations nuffnang along with other supporting partners for the effort to support earth hour 2009!

so what's earth hour?
it’s as simple as a flick of the switch.

what began as a campaign to get sydneysiders to turn their lights off, has grown to become one of the world’s biggest climate change initiatives. in 2009, at 8.30pm on march 28, people around the world will turn their lights for one hour— earth hour. we’re aiming to reach one billion people, more than 1000 cities, all joining together in a global effort to show that its possible to take action on global warming.

earth hour started in 2007 in sydney, australia with 2.2 million homes and businesses turning their lights off for one hour. only a year later and this event had become a global sustainability movement with up to 50 million people across 35 countries participating. global landmarks such as the golden gate bridge in san francisco, rome’s colosseum and the coca cola billboard in times square, all stood in darkness, as symbols of hope for a cause that grows more urgent by the hour.

earth hour 2009 is a global call to action to every individual, every business and every community. a call to stand up, to take responsibility and to get involved in working towards a sustainable future. iconic buildings and landmarks from europe to the americas and malaysia(?) will stand in darkness. people across the world will turn off their lights and join together in creating the vital conversation about the future of our precious planet.

over 64 countries and territories are participating in earth hour 2009. this number grows every day as people realize how such a simple act, can have such a profound result in affecting change.

earth Hour is a message of hope and a message of action. everyone can make a difference.


earth hour
earth hour malaysia
earth hour malaysia on facebook
earth hour malaysia on flickr
earth hour malaysia on twitter

Monday, February 23, 2009


my oh my... i am not saying that my english is extremely good but at least it's better than nothing at all... then what about this—


"topap ada jual di sini"

kuE' note: i shot the above pic at a local mini market earlier in the afternoon ;)

mind your language? i ought that the person who wrote the sticker label above doesn't bother whether it's correct or wrong, as long as he/she wanna deliver the message right lol... in fact i do not think his/her malay is correct as well, as it should read as "top-up ada dijual di sini" instead of 'topap ada jual di sini' :P

the day we were out of ovaltine...

lipton tea day!

sometimes there would be some days where we were too busy with our daily schedule, that we intend to miss look (yes you read me, we used to be missed look, NOT forget) some of the things we required; just like the saying goes: not all human are perfecto!

so when both kiddos came down and saw a mug of lipton tea each instead of ovaltine this morning before school, they were like— "owhhhhh!!!... we got to drink tea today mama? how nice... thank you!", megat told me happily. puteri was just smiling through... wahhh... suke nye depa...

if you are so particular in letting your kids to drink tea like me, do go here to learn of how tea could be a better options for your family.

of staying in a place called home...

i am sure most of you people knows shaolin tiger! i first met him at the nuffnang friso family day out. he is a very nice guy. i hope that i will have the chance to meet him again *winks* shaolin in fact has known my sister way much earlier cuz they are both in to none other than photography.

nuffnang friso family day out

this was one of the pic i snapped at nuffnang friso family day out, with shaolin in front of me, trying to take a good shot of the limbo rock game too ;)

to tell you the truth, i don't normally read his blog, only onccceeeeeeeeee in a blue moon i tell you. thus i stumbled in to his february 16th post just now about his 5th years in malaysia. so for someone from welsh, who likes our country more than his actual home, it was such an awesome post indeed. the post should be forwarded to all those malaysians who kept on thinking of migrating elsewhere and think that malaysia sucks so much XD

Sunday, February 22, 2009

of working on a sunday...

it’s a sunday. some people on my facebook list told the whole world (via status) that they were tired because of piles of work they have to complete. why are they complaining? i ought that they can’t finish it during the work days that they have to work extra hours or days. i do not think it’s that bad as most of them were sitting happily in air-conditioned rooms while doing their work— i have been there, done that, so i know.

what about mr. postman on motorcycles that i saw this morning. i assumed that they have to work on a sunday as well since there were lots of mails to be sent out. besides that they still have to work under the hot sun no matter what. so what’s up with that?

dolphin blowing bubbles

you have to watch as this dolphin blows bubbles then swims to them and… well, i won’t tell you what he is doing— you’ll just have to watch the following video to see for yourself!

so what do you think... isn't it amazing people?

dolphin bubbles

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

of typing your blog post' title right

actually i came across this many times already. i realized that besides writing good blog topics or issues, your blog post' titles and contents are important as well. out of a sudden i could see my blog' traffic shoot up. sad to say that the widget didn't do much help. i found out about this from my sitemeter instead.

for an example, my recent blog post on "blogging & law" that i posted this morning must have made nuffnang decided to place eLaywer's leaderboard about the conference on my blog. thank you so much nuffnang mwahhh!!!...


eventually, not long before that i got some infos from my sitemeter that most of the traffic came from! and by the search words of 'elawyer law conference 2009' wohoo... how kewl is that huh?!! what's more when my related blog post' link was on the first page ;)


kuE' current status: smiling from ear to ear

p/s please bear me for the existence of the cny' scrolling marquee. the 'floating widget' has been longed gone. i took it out on the day after chap goh meh. unfortunately i didn't manage to take out the scrolling marquee' html code, as i seems can't find it liao... wargghhh!!!... how come one ler... i searched for it for so many times already. anyone there of any help?

"blogging & law"

this will be a very quick post. i have just did some house chores, more after fetch megat from his mandarin tuition at 10 am. earlier in the morning of course i went out for my usual weekend activity of strolling by the tepi sungei (read about it here). this won't distract me at all eventhough kid's schedule are kinda tough. the most important thing is for us to manage the time well.

please click on the above image for more details

alright people especially to all you bloggers out there, actually i wanna let you all know that law society of university malaya will be co-organizing an eLawyer law conference 2009, themed “blogging and law”. nuffnang will be one of their online media partners. way to go nuffnang! details of the upcoming conference are as follow;

theme: blogging and law
date: 14 march 2009
time: 9.30am – 12.30pm
fees: FOC
venue: auditorium tun mohd suffian, um law faculty

some of the topics that will be discussed are:
  • is it against the law when i link to other blogs?

  • what should I do if someone claims that i have infringed his or her copyrights?

  • do i have rights to ask someone to remove the link to my blog?

  • can i use pictures found in other websites or google images?

  • if i found out others have defamed me in their blogs, what should i do?

if you are interested in attending the above conference, you are required to R.S.V.P. by sending your details (name, tel, email, occupation and organization) to on or before 10 march 2009. registration: the admission to this conference is FREE.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

the day i have been recommended to watch "conversations with other women"

an online friend of (+/-) 3+ years or so, ken, from l.a. (as in lebuh ampang? hehee... nah!) recommended me to watch "conversations with other women". it seems that the meetup with rizal recently really reminds him of that movie... hah! unfortunately too bad that its an explicit movies i do not think it can be released here. furthermore its actually of a 2005' production, and it has been released in cinemas in november 2006 anyway hmm... unless if ken can find a way to send me a copy of the dvd ;)

conversations with other women


an encounter between two people with a shared past and conflicting futures is played out on a split-image screen in this offbeat drama. an unnamed man (aaron eckhart) and woman (helena bonham carter) are enjoying drinks and cigarettes in a hotel room after attending the wedding of a mutual friend. at first, the two seem to be playing a flirtatious game, as he cheerfully but confidently advances toward her, and she seems at once attracted and put off by his bravado. their pas de deux is shot and edited in split screen, with his image appearing in one half of the divided frame and hers appearing in the other. as time wears on, the man and woman begin crossing their appointed boundaries, and in some sequences one half of the frame represents the present while the other shows us events in the past. we learn that the man and woman had a tempestuous affair when they were in their late teens, and both are now committed to other people i.e. she has a husband, while he has a steady girl. how will the experiences of their past affect their present, and are they willing to betray their lovers for an evening's pleasure? 'conversations with other women' was the first feature film from director hans canosa. ~ mark deming, all movie guide

conversations with other women official site

masjid & makam dato' panglima kinta

i was in ipoh yesterday morning to bring my mother to meet her brother. at the same time she mentioned that she wished to visit pom's (my late grandmother, who was also mama's mother) makam (grave). pom died on 15 august 1983. i was about 11 years old then. the last time mother went there was so many years ago before she flied to makkah for haj.

believe it or not people, that was in fact my first time going there. i didn't even know of where is pom's makam before this... how bad. its located besides masjid dato' panglima kinta, near sungai (river) kinta of course. masjid dato' panglima kinta is located at jalan (road) masjid. the easiest way to get there is to travel along jalan sultan iskandar and head towards old town. just before crossing the bridge over sungai kinta, turn left and you will see the mosque. the nearest landmark is ipoh water front (formerly people’s park) across the river. according to the man who look after the place, the mosque has just been repainted last week. look at that people, isn't it beautiful, just like buttercream! hehee... so i guess i was lucky enough and didn't let go the chance to take quite a number of pics.

masjid dato' panglima kinta

"this mosque was the first in ipoh and was built in 1898 by dato' panglima kinta mohamed yusof in memory of his first wife who passed away in the same year. the most unique feature of the mosque is its original architecture. behind the mosque is the madrassah kamaliah, the first arabic islamic religious school in ipoh."

masjid dato' panglima kinta

and as usual, yours truly never let go the chance to camwhore hehee... pic taken by mama. bear me for not wearing any hijab as the trip was unplanned. by the way the mosque is listed on the heritage map like most other establishments along the kinta river.

makam dato' panglima kinta

makam dato' panglima kinta's family

makam dato' panglima kinta

that's where my late pom's remains has been buried

makam dato' panglima kinta

my late pom's makam

kuE's note:
when we were on the way back, suddenly i thought that the mosque will be a great project for puteri. i remember she told me that she has to write an assignment about a heritage building in the country that is more than 100 years old hmm... at least there's something other than koleq ;) if she is okay with my suggestion, maybe i will be back there very soon insya Allah...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

butterfly laptop sleeve

the laptop sleeve that i ordered from dzaliqa, a simple but stylish sleeve specially for my dell inspiron 1420 has finally arrived this morning! owh... how i lurve it so much. i chose the fab myself, a black and white butterfly (my fav!) print fabs by ikea that i found out from DNAS here... lovely!

for those who dunno, i lurveeeee butterfly so much, that's why. check-out more of my favourite butterfly stuff here.

this sleeve is perfect for traveling with your laptop. on the other hand it's just a light-weight sleeve, there's no room for anything else but your laptop.

it's designed to travel light, you can take it under your arm but you can also use it to better protect your laptop in your backpack or sling bag. the sleeve will protect your laptop from damage and will make sure it doesn't get dirty.

if you have a notebook or laptop and are looking for some extra protection you should consider this. it's a pretty simple but professional looking bag. it's made from cotton fabs lined with matching plain cotton fabs as well and padded with wadding. hence it is washable, it should last for years and at a very reasonable price it won't break the bank.

my laptop sleeve

front view

my laptop sleeve

back view

my laptop sleeve

isn't this gorgeous, complete with velcro flap. you have the choice to choose this type or the one with zippered top.

to order this custom made laptop sleeve, just e-mail dzaliqa your laptop specs (width, height, depth). the price starts from RM45 excluding delivery.

p/s dzaliqa has been featured on the star youth 2' here.

my laptop sleeve

i tell you what people... to tell you the truth i actually can sew. it's one of my great passion. go here to view some of the quilts that i have made. if so, why bought then, you asked? well like i mentioned here, i love handmade stuff. sometimes i do not mind to buy them instead. i know how much time and effort has gone into making them and they, therefore, become more precious to me. correct me if i am wrong(?).

*links related to this post: i'm still here! by dzaliqa.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

of raising a teenage girl

i dropped off puteri at yut loy at 4 pm yesterday, to meet her boy friend aman a budak koleq, the same guy that went jalan-jalan with her and megat on the new year's eve. eventually aman and puteri are just friends, nothing serious. they fetched megat (the school is located just a few steps away from yut loy) at 5 pm then went back to yut loy while waited for me to come over.

it's not true if i say that i am not worried of puteri knowing or going out with boys. teenage girls all want freedom. having once been a teenage girl and now having my own teenage daughter, i can honestly say that nothing could be more true. i can also proudly say that my teenage daughter consider me their best friend and i am touched with such an honor. teenage daughters want privacy and life without restrictions. we as parents must be able to reason with them. no i am not saying give them what they want. just enough to let them understand we are listening. i believe that teenage girls should have male phone calls at 14 years of age without the dates. at the age of 15 they should be able to go on dates as long as we drop them off and pick them up. preferably the movies, bowling or skating. at age 16 they can go to parties as long as there is a parent present.

it is not easy raising a teenage daughter. young ladies have so many emotions and worries along with puberty and hormone issues. you must listen too there needs in life as well as advise them to become respectable young adults. teenage girls worry about if a boys are going to like them or if that pimple going to get any bigger. we as parents must remember that we were once teenagers as well. so we must put that into prospective when it comes to raising a teenage girl.

most teenage girls are not looking for a friend in a parent. this is the time that our attention is needed the most. we as parents need to be able to understand their mood swings. there is always a situation that needs to be resolved, and it is easily expressed by a sudden unexpected mood swing that teenage girls face. they have so many peer pressures that they face on almost a daily basis.

p/s i introduced EmailCashPro on this blog the other day. basically you will be paid by just reading emails. so what are you waiting for people. go and register yourself now here.

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  17. FTP Accounts
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

of heading a healthy lifestyle in kuale...

despite the havoc in kuale last week, i decided to still go for my normal mornings routine on that weekend, but just a lil' bit late around 7.30 am. i would normally reached 'bukit residen' (resident's hill) by 6.45 am, accompanied by megat. i could see the truth kuale people heading their healthy lifestyle as usual. we did this from the first weekends of 2009 until to-date.

so for this week, i only went this morning because megat has to go to school yesterday to replace the cny holidays. i didn't bring my oly this time. all the pics here are part of the pics that i have taken on a saturday, last two weeks instead. there's not much difference with last saturday's scenario though. so enjoy...

we started our first round walking up and down the 'bukit residen' as early as 6:55 am. we saw my auntie yan, walking so fast than anyone else...

of heading a healthy lifestyle...

some of the scenery that we could see along our way is my beloved high school, the one of ever famous among kuale schools other than mckk and clifford *big grin*

see how wonderful my weekend mornings routines from the following pics—

of heading a healthy lifestyle...

the first pic above showed the view on my 6th rounds. normally i took about an hour to complete the 6 rounds of walking up and down the hill of bukit residen. but today, i managed to made a self record of 55 minutes! then down to the 'tepi sungei' (river side) we went... can you see the poles on the third pic? that's one of the games people played during 'sukan ayor' (water sports) on the sultan's birthday every year. you could also see the sayong bridge on forth and fifth pic. on the last pic above, there's an area at the tepi sungei called 'laman budaya' where you could see a group of woman folks of kuale doing line dance, and on the left under the gazebo was another group of people doing falun dafa (falun gong).

of heading a healthy lifestyle...

falun gong (法輪功) is a spiritual discipline founded in china by li hongzhi (李洪志) in 1992. it has five sets of meditation exercises and teaches the principles truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance (真,善,忍), as set out in the main books falun gong and zhuan falun (轉法輪). the teachings deal with issues such as "cultivation of virtue and character", "moral standards for different levels", and "salvation of all sentient beings." the books, lectures, and exercise materials have been translated into over 40 languages and are available on the internet free of charge.


here in kuale, you can join falun gong free-of-charge on every saturday morning from 7 to 9am. the teacher who teach falun gong in kuale, is also a teacher in smjk(c) tsung wah.

for the line dance group, they meet on saturday mornings as well. they dance to many types of tunes from cha-cha, joget, chinese songs, pocho-pocho and many more.

by the way there was another group of old folks doing an exercise (refer third pic above). but i am not sure of what is it called. they carried a small stick each. is there any of you people who can help me here?

and as usual, bloggers are ain't called bloggers if we didn't cam whore right? hehee... so here's some pics of me (trying hard to do yoga pose') —

of heading a healthy lifestyle...

and look who i met during my usual morning walks last two weeks— mrs wong who taught us english. she is now 70+, staying with her husband in talang. it seems her son asked mrs wong to stay with them in penang. but mrs wong and husband prefer to stay in this peaceful kuale... so her son just make do to come and visit her once in a while :)

of heading a healthy lifestyle...

so what do you think people? ain't life in kuale good enough? i wonder of where else you can get this type of a healthy lifestyle with very nice people around you.