Monday, March 31, 2008

i ain't a teacher

i was in red baju kurung this morning for a function in school, with pearl necklace, white handbag and matching white shoes. some of the school children (especially those in year one) who doesn't know me yet thought that i am a teacher!

"assalamualaikum cikgu. cikgu cantik...", greeted them, when i walked by ;)

oik... ada ka? lol... so do i look like one anyway people hehe...

well, luckily both puteri and megat backed early today. i had another shower after we reached home around 2pm. this time i wore pink baju kurung. i know its seldom teachers in school saw me in that type of attire. like this morning, when i salam with one of them, she told me, "you look so cute...". cute ke? hehe... i normally wear my jacket suit or something ;) i had all those during my office life in kl many years back. so rather than i keep them in my wardrobe, its better for me to wear them for any special and suitable occasions right.

alright. about the PTA AGM at puteri's school, all the members agreed to appoint me as one of the committee members. and now that i am holding two different positions in two different schools, i am sure that i am gonna be a bit busy for the financial year 2008/09.

basically, planning and promoting PTA programmes and events is one of the most important responsibilities in a PTA. the PTA works to support the school's educational goals, to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, to enrich the learning experience, and to enhance the mutual understanding among the parents, and teachers. for the past years, both of the school's PTA have been playing a very important role in supporting education, operation, and administration, as well as safeguarding students and organizing community events.

with that rather good explanation, i dunno of why there are still some parents who do not have the initiative to attend PTA AGM. its only done once a year! so what's up with that. that's a very good time for parents and teachers to discuss things together. some even pull out when their name been selected for one of the nominees for the committee member, yet not even voted that time. don't they realize that we are doing this for our generations. we want them to succeed. so what's with me whose still the PTA vice president of my former primary school right? puteri do not study there no more. i do not even have kids there also. one thing that's always wandering around my mind-- i studied there before, and that i love my school so much. i want to help the teachers to make our school proud and succeed in whatever we do. i had received feedbacks that those are not monetize job (?). excuse me... i have given my reasons above, and that's about it. i do not need money to help the community. i look for my side income elsewhere, i.e. ventured into paid post for this blog and my baking blog too ;)

so what say you people?

program nilam

i have just came back from my former primary school (also puteri's) *phew*

what did i do there, you asked? since i am the PTA's vice president, i have been invited to join them this morning during the school's weekly assembly, with the president; followed by this launching ceremony of "Program NILAM 2008" for the school. i am sure those you malaysian mothers with school-going kids know about this programme. if you dunno what is it all about, then i dunno what to say ;)

so basically its the country's level programme to encourage school children to read. just imagine people, according to the national library's survey, the ratio of locals who read books to-date are two (2) pieces only! thats certainly not something good to be heard :(

the programme at the school has been launched by en mohd suhaimi b. hj. zahir, ppt, pegawai teknologi pendidikan, pkg talang. read more about this programme here.

about my position as the PTA's vice president, i have been selected for the same position again for the second time (on last friday, for the financial year 2008/09). for those who dunno, previously it was for the year 2007--09.

o yes... some of you may wonder, since my former primary school sk datin khadijah is an all-girls school, why on earth there are some boys there in the pic right. well they are some students from the special kids classes. i was so glad to know that the school has about more than 10 classes now compared to two only (sometimes 1.5) during my time ;) they are so special, yet that i cried every time i saw them. in fact i think the teachers who teach them are indeed truly amazing too.

where else i will be at my former secondary school this afternoon for their PTA AGM :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

警 察, 老 虎, 手 枪

i was at the family room, watching dunno what on tv when suddenly i heard the sound of the boys, echoing from the dining room-- "jǐng chá, lǎo hǔ, shǒu qiāng".

then i was like, "oik?!! what are they playing? that surely sounds like good for a video recording hehe...". i also thought that maybe its just something like our kind of "one, two, som...". what say you people--

translations: police, tiger, pistol 8)

kuE's note:
the other children in the video with megat were megat's cousins didin, shahriman and puyin [pôo yǐng/ผู้หญิง (that's little girl in thai, as her mother is from there)].

wash & blow in kuale

i have just came back from puteri's school. her school finished at 12 noon on friday. while megat at 1.05pm, but he will only go back at 1.35pm, for extra class. thats how chinese school here i.e. year three kids already have to attend extra classes in school. well its not a problem for me at all, as its for their own good also ;)

i dropped by the saloon earlier to get them to 'wash & blow' my hair. believe it or not people... its been almost a week since the last time i did it cuz i was so damn busy ler... *glurp* :~) luckily i have to attend my former primary school's (also puteri's) PTA AGM at 2pm, if not... hmm i dunno ler... hehe... one of the sisters at the saloon asked of the place i am going after that. hah! can you see that people? she's very much aware of my style already-- always wanna do my hair nicely whenever i am heading for any special functions or sort.

so can you people guess of the cost i have paid for the 'wash & blow' session only? RM9.00!!! yea... u heard me... i paid them RM9.00 only ;) i asked one of the three sisters of the damage that i should pay. first she told me that it was RM10.00; but then she quickly reconfirm it with her elder sister. after that she turned back to me and said, "RM9.00 saje lah". i was like, "owh ok... tq!".

look at that people-- how on earth you could get that price for a 'wash & blow' session in kl huh?!! tell me. well maybe that price is for a regular customer like me. but anyhow RM10.00 still cheap right. correct me if i am wrong 8)

i used to be very regular at thomas & guys when i was staying in subang before, so i know. beside, prices in klang valley are well known to be a boom! whatever it is, i dun care lar... as long as the local' are good too! take a look at my today's hair people, not bad right? so how much do you pay for yours?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what is life?

people like to say, as if it were obvious, that life is hard to define. this is misleading. life has properties that clearly distinguish it from everything else.

firstly, every living thing is cellular. in other words, it is either a single-celled creature or a creature composed of biological cells. every cell is bounded by its own outer membrane and contains a full set of instructions necessary for its operation and reproduction. furthermore, every cell uses the same operating system: "DNA makes RNA makes protein". DNA is a long complex molecule that contains the cell's instructions. it is transcribed into RNA, another long complex molecule similar to DNA; and then the RNA transcript is translated into protein. there are hundreds of billions of different proteins used by living things, but all of them are made from the same twenty amino acids, the "building blocks of life."

revamping the blog layout

just a warning. i'm revamping the blog layout so if things seem wonky or missing or scrambled for the next little while, that's why. i wanted something would reflect the supposed oldeness of the blogge, even though the blogge's not that olde... you know what i mean.

hopefully it will be sorted out soon. don't worry though, soon it will be a great new look, with the same craptacular content hehe...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

omg... what's going on here? grr...

i do not wanna elaborate more, as everything lilian mentioned here were all sooo true. go and read it yourself people. need i say more? grr...

btw... i love comedy court too. they are so damn hilarious i tell you hehe... i have first been introduced to them by my dad ;) so for those who dunno, do check it out people... i am sure you gonna be hooked also... hah! one of my latest favourite is this one ~!@#$%^&*() ; which already have about 347 comments to-date. i mean, they dun just can make people laugh, but they can sing very well too. view more of their latest hits here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

the indon clans story

my grandmother's late elder sister married a guy (decease) from medan. that's how roughly we attached to the indonesian heritage a bit ;) unfortunately i have never been there yet. even kechik is likely knew more about it than me! lol... cuz she traveled there often. read more about her java travels here. i know i know... the places there are damn beautiful. ya i am sure i will stepped there someday.

so i was asked for trips there by our medan relatives earlier--"ha... kuE enggak pernah lagi jejak kaki ke medan. bila nya mau ke sana?" hehe... we met at my cousin ijoe's wedding reception at bukit chandan [that's where the masjid (mosque) ubudiah and istana (palace) iskandariah are located]. the akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony) was held last weekend at the bride's family place in gombak. i didn't go cuz i was so busy with my own agenda hehe... only mother, grandmother and some aunties went there. gosh!... i didn't even have the time to blog about my previous trip to kl, also with the school holidays :)

alright, back to ijoe's wedding reception, its just a simple one where only closed family and relatives were there; the spread of their indonesian food were so
scrumptious i tell you, all done from a gotong-royong by the indonesian clan--i like! o yes... do check out my plate, as it may looks familiar? if you don't get me, go here. that means it was indeed a truly kampung (village) style wedding.

my favourite pic this time is the above, of megat with his cousins shahriman and didin. view the rest of the pics in the slide below--

to ijoe & nita,
congratulations! may both of you live happily ever after...
love, chor!

hello Olympics, bye bye kittens!

obviously, when you're hosting a party you want your place to be relatively clean. dishes washed, dirty clothes in the hamper, pizza boxes in the trash, etc. and when you're hosting a party the size of the olympics you have even more to worry about. like dangerous cats.

though, the solution is easy. just cage them up and transport them to death camps on the outskirts of the city.

Thousands of pet cats in Beijing are being abandoned by their owners and sent to die in secretive government pounds as China mounts an aggressive drive to clean up the capital in preparation for the Olympic Games.

Hundreds of cats a day are being rounded and crammed into cages so small they cannot even turn around.

Then they are trucked to what animal welfare groups describe as death camps on the edges of the city.

The cull comes in the wake of a government campaign warning of the diseases cats carry and ordering residents to help clear the streets of them.

kuE's note:
read more
here. take note that i dun dare to copy and paste their "disgustingly cruel" pics here in my blog--thats just not me :( but if you want to, just go to the link. some of you people may know that i am truly into saving the environment right, so obviously i hate those people who have done such thingy to animals. shame on you chinese!

yeah. that's not good.

i'm willing to bet that not every cat killed is disease ridden. though, the government seems to have done a good job at scaring the citizens into believing that all cats must die. even their pets that spend their days indoors, and are perfectly healthy. hopefully, the rest of the cats don't band together and overrun the olympic village.

since i have known about this terrible news, i would always think that our cat pussy is so lucky, whenever i look at him. you could see the difference of him from the last video i loaded about six months back. pussy now has grown to a very healthy male kampung (village) cat. fyi he (pussy) never eat any other food, as he only goes for cat food ;) puteri did try to place a fish in front of him. but he just sniffed it out, then walked away lol...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Invasion of Territory


what an honour to be given this space for me to invade Kue's territory..*LOL*

i haven't got much to say, yet... *wink*

i think everyone's crazy busy these days..

well, m off for the weekend for some family time cum shopping.. must get some stuff to make the cup cake tier ive promised Kue since.. err.. forever?




kechikkk!!!... tqsm dear, for being my guest blogger this time. i really appreciate it. at least my blog will be brighten up a bit hehe... ;)

kuE! @ 10.40pm

btw do check out my other guest bloggers' post as follow--

Thursday, March 20, 2008

thor's day

its maulidur rasul' (prophet muhammad's birthday) today. sapura people was here this morning to install and upgrade some new stuff to our ISIS system. that means i was still working when other people don't :(

luckily daddykin's koleq' friend uncle pepe dropped by the house with his ferrari... auww!!!... thats really make my day *wink* as soon as they went in to 'the green room', i quickly asked megat to snap some pics of me with the red ferrari--

tell me who doesn't love that car i tell you. but talking about the speed! argghhh... that will surely make our heart explode lol... dad told us of his experience with uncle pepe's driving many years back hah!...

this reminds me of a porsche that i saw in pavilion last weekend--

those are of course, really nice and great machines ya, but anyhow i dunno why that i still lurve this one no matter what hehe... ;) so what say you people?

have fun and win cash

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

link meme of 2008

i was tagged by kechik to do this meme... here it goes!

i have randomly selected five (5) of you below to be tagged and i hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. you will have to tag five (5) other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list.

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  1. Picturing of Life
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  5. Simple Life
  6. Life is beautiful; Life is love
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  11. Good things in life…
  12. …the Guru-Guru life…
  13. ezooone@seweng
  14. little miss kechik
  15. kuE

~~ End Copy ~~

i am tagging Sweettooth, Minny, jlshyang, DNAS and Ween ;)

kuE's note:
i think this is my first meme of '08 hehe...

kinda silence

i was in the city over the weekend i.e. 3D/2N from last friday. there were in fact so many great things i did and enjoyed and there were so many to tell also ;) unfortunately as the sayings said, we shall only plan...

megat was sicked for two days, thats why. so me as the mother has been taking care of him. thus... i didn't even go to work also for the last two days, maybe just dropped by in a while to check things out. o yes... i have just came back from seeing megat in school anyway. besides that i also send some buns for him. we met during recess time. pity megat, that he still looks weak.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

guess where exactly is kuE now

hello and good morning to all the people around the world... i think why not we play some guess-ing game on this wonderful saturday morning! ya? ;)

i am having breakfast alone (hah!) at this most happening place in the city. hint: KLites should know this place very well. leave your answer in the comment. if you are right, we will make a date during my next visit here, for me to 'belanja' you here also.

fyi i was here in kl for shayna zaid's show at bar savanh in plaza mont kiara :)

alright then, till see you in my next post... i wanna enjoy my breakfast hehe...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

maybankard visa debit card

i was watching the news on local tv earlier, when i found out that maybank has just launched their maybankard visa debit card! then suddenly this came out from my mind. what happened to my application huh?!! its been more than two weeks already. i guess if its too difficult for them, maybe i'll just have to go for this new maybankard visa debit card instead. this is important for me. go here to find out the reason. what say you?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


i decided to check out Buzzfuse today to see what it was like, and i think i like it. it allows people the chance to promote their sites to a whole new audience. all you have to do is share it with a few friends and you’re promoting your site on their site. of course, your friends could find that annoying, but it might actually convince some of them to visit your site. if it works, then i’m all for it, but if it doesn’t work then it might not be worth the time ;)

this doesn't only help you for blogging but also for business purposes. for those you people who has a business online can try to gain more business referrals and customers by getting more web traffic. Buzzfuse can help--it will help you generate not only viewers but also more income.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

surprise is not a surprise

late last night i received quite a number of the star sms alerts informing the results of the country's 12th election day. surprise or no i.e. ministers like samy vellu and shahrizat have been defeated by the opposition parties. this really show that the "rakyat" has spoken! whatever it is like my bah wished, i do not care of who wins, as long as we live in peace and harmony ;)

on the other hand since there are too many places, i guess its enough for me to include screenshot result for kuale area. go here for more.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

today in history...

  • international women's day
    i am certainly glad to be in this circle as there is a special day declared for all women around the globe.

  • malaysia's 12th election day
    with regards to the above, although i didn't vote for the election day, i was so proud of myself for bringing and helping my 80+ years old grandmother to do it. we left the house about 7.45am and reached the school' gate within minutes only. tsung wah' secondary school is very near with our house i tell you. its located on the other side of the back road. for those who dunno, laksa pak ngah is located behind the school. many people were already there at the school' gate especially the older generations. they look so excited and happy, including bah (the name we called our grandmother). i know their feelings. what when people like bah never missed to vote ever since the tunku abdul rahman era. unfortunately this grand daughter of hers never try to do it for her whole life ;) alright ler, maybe for the next one onwards insya allah... i did ask bah of her hoped for this day. she said that she do not cares of who gonna win, as she only hopes that our people will live in peace and harmony, thats all. great one there bah, way to go!...


with that, i am so glad that this day also marked this post as my 555th' post in the blog ;) wohooo!!!...

alright then people, its time for me to sign-off for now. we gonna get ready to go to ipoh for my small cousin's 2nd birthday. how time flies so fast ya... baby natalia nadine (or boo as the family and friends called her) has grown to a very cute little girl now. i will see whether i can load her pic in my next post. they are back for holiday from abu dhabi early this week. if you are happened to be in my list on FB, i am sure you bumped into my auntie oyeen sometimes ;) opsss... did i say she's my cousin in that 199th' post hehe... she's actually my auntie lol...

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Friday, March 07, 2008

the other day' stories

i reached home at about 5.30pm yesterday from a quick one night kl trip. i am so sorry that i didn't tell some of you. it was just a last minute plan with my sister. she has two tickets for harry connick jr [ehem... yes ween, he is sooo damn adorable in person i tell you ;) ], at dewan philharmonik petronas.

i only managed to meet my beloved sis S for lunch at tgif in pavilion. i am so glad that we met sis, i missed you sooo much! all the best for today's op ya? i know that everything gonna be alright.

i arrived pavilion very early to catch jco donuts for the first time and bought 2 dozens! hehe... ya it was my first time occay? and since i know that there's always long q, that's why i decided to get there early. puas hati! so i called my aunties back at home and asked them to come to the house around 5.30pm. hmm... what a wonderful experienced to enjoy the great donuts together with your loved ones ;) i simply loved it! yummy...

i got sober the night before but everything was alright, nothing to worry, as i know of how to develop myself well :) you know... its always like this when i bumped with some good friends in kl, thats kind of a normal thingy. before that was a really wonderful event for me--

lucien barbarin & i

i was one of the audience at harry connick jr and his big band 'my new orleans' tour. well some of you may not know that i can go with their type of music too. takes megat-- when i told him that i wanna go to the show, he asked me, "mama, you also like harry connick?!!" lol...

it was really a great one! harry is damn good looking for a 40 hehe... he's funny too! he really can make people laughed. he teased a couple who came late (their seats were at the front row) when he was about to sing, "hey you two... why you are so late. you forgot that the show started at 8.30 is it?". hah! ambik you... that was an event by international celebrities. so if you don't know, please bear in mind that they are very punctual with their timing. in fact earlier, harry told everyone already (while pointing his finger to the two empty seats) that, "i am sure that those two people gonna be embarrassed when they come in later during the show".

as you could see, my sister helped me to snap a pic of me with lucien barbarian, a well known trombonist who performs along with harry. lucien was there at the merchandise booth after the show. owh... if only harry was there too lol...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


harry connick jr anyone?

at the meantime let me have some relaxing hours at urban retreat. my turn is in about 10 minutes ;)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

alhamdu lillah...

only He knows how happy i am at the moment. now some of you people may be aware of how true it is of my statement on the karma thingy!


i will be coming down to kl mid of the month for this--

so say hi if you happened to see me there occay?!! ;)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

love is...

...missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

p/s don't you think this one' related with this post? ;)


btw people, my blog is approaching 555th' post soonnnnnnn!!!... i.e. meaning this one is the 550th ;)

clifford (again? lol...) on a saturday

i blog one about them yesterday! well there's quite a number of post on malay college here. so why not once in a while i post something about clifford too right? ;) today is their school' sports day anyway.

i have just reached home from sending puteri to her friend's house, that's just located opposite clifford school's field. mom followed us as she wanna buy "biskut lutut" (knee biscuits, because of its shape) for grandma. the best thing was, after we dropped-off puteri there, i, dengan selambanya suddenly make a u-turn not far from the traffic light (got double lines also you know hehe...) and stopped by the road side, besides clifford school's field gate *glurp*

both mom and i dropped by there for me to snap this pic--

clifford school' sports day

me being crazy or not... but you people could see that the boy with trumpet (standing on third row, far left) was happily swinging his body, as soon as he realized that i was about to take their pics lol... saje nak tunjuk laku ke dek? hahahhaaa!!!...