Wednesday, December 31, 2008

on the last day of 2008...

i have been out with my life diamonds since this afternoon. our first stop was straight to collect puteri's tickets that she won. we had lunch there as well.

starbucks @ borders, the curve

after much thinking of where to head to then, we decided to come over here at the curve (again!). lucky us that we managed to get an easy parking at ikano earlier. there was a road closure until tomorrow, at the one going in to the curve. i guess its all gonna be ready for the countdown tonight. we could see that a stage has been set-up for the purpose. this time we were chilling around starbucks outlet in borders. about an hour or so ago, both my kiddos have left me here alone, to join puteri's boy friend (a budak koleq i tell you...) who came here to jalan-jalan with them. at first of course he thought of strolling with puteri alone, but me being a concerned mother, asked her to bring megat too! *glurp* the last i checked a few minutes ago, there were having some meals at mcD in cineleisure :)

now as for me, probably i shall have some splendid moment all to myself at urban retreat here at the curve *winks*

so what's everyone up to for this last day of 2008. i do not have the time to post any this year's reviews and what's not. i also don't think i will make any new year's resolution, as its quite tough to make one! anyhow maybe i will do it when i am back on track next week. at the meantime, happy new year! see you all in 2009...

puteri has collected her tickets!

puteri has collected her tickets!

its been exactly a week since puteri won a pair of tickets for mamma mia! the smash hit musical at istana budaya (official website here). finally a customer's rep from the bank called puteri this morning to collect the tickets from him. so off we went there this afternoon, had lunch at a secret recipe's outlet around there as well. tqsm for the tickets! especially to sheryl, if not for her who invited us there... :P

we know that we gonna enjoy the show this sunday at 3pm. looks like we will only go back to
kuale after the show ya... and the kiddos will start schooling the day after.

its nothing much to worry about the school's preparation though as we have already bought the school's stuff i.e. uniform, shoes etc., about a week after we came back from
our kuching holidays. i guess its only the matter of resting times before the school starts. i know i know... its gonna be quite tough for the kiddos also us parents, as you people could see we have been lazying around the school holidays for quite some time. now is the time for us to readjust our daily schedules hehee...

*kuE' blogging location: starbucks outlet at borders, the curve.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the day a car theft happened at the curve by one of their own' security people

i was so comfy sitting right here at the curve's starbucks since about 1/2 an hour ago, when suddenly a chinese man who sat besides me really make me stunned with a call that he made via his mobile phone.

he spoke malay language on the fon very fluently. from my ear-peeking to his fon conversation, i understand that he has just lost his car today to one of the curve's security department' staff itself. my oh my... looks like kuE' has been kaypochee-ing on people a lot these days lol... from the sounds of his tele-conversation with the other party (must be the curve's security department), i really felt kinda worried at the same time as well as the chinese man has been asking them to meet him here to discuss more about this issue. it seems the chinese man saw and remember of which security man who stole his car. he (chinese man) also told the other party that the security man admitted his fault anyway and demanded the chinese man to make a police report if he dares as, "siang atau malam sama saje(?)". the chinese man sounded damn angry and mad (who won't right).

i could say that it was quite a long argument with some islamic phrase by the chinese man himself like, "lailla ha illallah" or "masya allah" and many more. he also told the other party this before he ended the conversation: "harap kan pagar, pagar yang makan padi! security punya orang sendiri yang curi kereta saya!"

the chinese man continued to browse online via his laptop but i don't think that he was up to it. he switched off his laptop and walked off, after he completed his mobile fon conversations. i guess his next destination is must be directly to the police station to make a report on his lost car. doesn't this mall has cctv? i hope the chinese man can solve his problem asap. poor him! arghhh... i should have asked his permission for me to take his pic and placed it here together with this blog post!

Monday, December 29, 2008

of why kuE lurves to lepak in BSC than any other malls—

i know i know... i ought to post about the great and successful "potluck with redmummy" event that i went with megat last saturday evening. at the meantime maybe you can read about it on redmummy's blog itself. congratulations dear!!! may you have more great one to come. i will try my very best to post my version very soon :)

as you could see people, BSC (view the official website here) is one of the oldest shopping mall in klang valley, other than subang parade, BB plaza and lot 10. i love to frequent all those malls since my younger years when i first started to step my feet in kl. and since then my most favourite one is always BSC!!!

oh why BSC? i guess its a very nice place to relax, chill and what's not... very nice ambiance i could say, not too crowded like any other, especially after its major revamped done recently, i like... they have improved their services a lot including the security wise, they are everywhere in the building i.e. parking area, lobby entrance and also on every floors. good job there!

i am right here at TCB&TL outlet, outdoor area. i feel so blessful. you can see many foreigners who like to come here as well. besides that, you could also see many celebrities like to be here too!!! i was here with a black friend yesteday. we had an early dinner at chili's. i saw rockybru! i didn't take pics ler plak, cuz i left my oly in the car. on the other hand, my friend dunno that i am a blogger ler... and juz now, the ever famous dancer azanin was sitting alone, a few tables away from me. while the day before, i was here with megat right after potluck with redmummy in putrajaya. my black friend joined us as well. see... kuE was in BSC three days in a row! hehee... also not to be forgotten, one of my MUST-go-place whenever i go to kl is right here in BSC!

now tell me people, do you like BSC too?

will somebody tell me why—

is it my dell' or TCB&TL' fault that i can't get easy access to the internet world direct from here. i am right now blogging from its outlet in BSC. and thanks a lot to la bodega! i dunno they have a wifi service... great!

the same thing happened on
christmas eve, where i caught the wifi from starbucks at the curve instead from TCB&TL itself... blimey!

so anyone can tell me of what went wrong here?

kuE' note:
pic above was taken two nights ago, when i was here as well :) actually its been three days in a row, i lepak in BSC. a blog post on this will be coming out very soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

of how kuE spend her xmas eve—

the day i was browsing from TCB&TL, but using wireless from starbucks!

its nothing that exciting happening today. i am actually relaxing at TCB&TL, the curve outlet with puteri, watching people walking around here on christmas eve' night. wifi service from here kinda s*cks tonight, and guess what people... i tried to get connected through starbucks connection instead! hehee... so if any of you are a frequent visitor to the curve i am sure you know of how far it is between CB and starbucks right? and i am so lucky that i chose to get myself a dell inspiron 1420. i will write more about this new gadget of mine when more time permits *big grin*

as for now, i would like to take this chance to wish everyone to have a very good and enjoyable xmas— don't drink and drive, do think about your loved ones! mwahhh...

*this community service message is brought to you by kuE!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the day we got the tickets!...

yes! yes! yes!... puteri won a pair of tickets for mamma mia! the smash hit musical at istana budaya, kuala lumpur wohoo!!!... she sang a part of gimme! gimme! gimme! at the cast' special appearance in damansara heights this afternoon, and voila!... she was one of the 10 lucky winners to get the tickets. while some of the lucky ones got the chance to win an autographed cd via lucky draws.

mamma mia the musical

then there were some autograph signing and photography session with the cast of mamma mia! and of course we didn't let go the chance including yours truly ehem...

mamma mia the musical

this is all thanks to my dear sheryl for inviting us today. we really had a great time. thank you so much sis from the bottom of our hearts mwahhh...

mamma mia the musical

potluck with redmummy!!!...

howdie!!! people... fyi i am blogging from kuala lumpur. it's hard to get blogging here unless from places with wifi facilities, as my sis' new place in denai alam got no internet access wargghhh!!!... now you people know actually of how so many things for me to blog, but yet there are so little time for me to blog :(

whatever it is, let me spread this out first—

  • what? potluck with redmummy
  • when? 27 december 2008 (saturday), at 4—6pm
  • where? taman putra perdana presint 1, putrajaya
  • fees? no fees, but all attendees are required to bring a dish of food to be shared among the group.

and this is the map to the venue—

so for those of you people who are interested to join the above event, do send in your details i.e. name, blog url, nickname (if you are not redmummy' silent readers), type of food that you gonna bring, number of pax coming and your mobile number to; or better still, click on any of the above images for more details.

i have submitted my details myself although i am not sure yet. the thing is i can come insya allah… but NO cupcakes ler… wargghhh!!!!!… cuz my sis’ new place in denai alam got no oven and what’s not for baking yet huhuu... btw that’s the only thing that i’m good at, at the moment hehee… but anyhow i will try my very best to fit this in to my schedule this saturday, insya allah...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the day 14 years ago—

i became a mother to a cute baby, now a beautiful princess *wink*

My Special One...

When you were a little girl
We did so much together
Come rain or shine
It mattered not the matter

Now that you have grown
We still have so much fun
I want you to know
You are my special one

Happy 14th Birthday...
Puteri!Justify Full


kuE' note:
i printed the above poem in the birthday card i made for puteri.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

personal touches make handmade gifts more precious

i was at kinta city with my hero megat yesterday to look for some birthday cards for our loved one's upcoming birthdays, when i told myself that maybe i shall just made my own birthday cards this time as i haven't make them for quite some time. maybe some of you people dunno that i just love arts and crafts. it was so nice that i found three types of brown theme rose' wrapping paper by a.e.i.o.u., at mph; specially for puteri, my sister and mother. anyhow, their birthdays are very closed to each other anyway.

i was more than happy when i saw fragrance papers with rose patterns (ref above pic, on far middle end) at jusco. that papers were meant as lining papers. i chose cream colour and paid them right away! owh... by that time i already can't wait to get started then. as you could see from the above pic as well, the one that i chosed for puteri was actually meant for weddings. thank god that i got some creative minds when i folded the brown colour lines, then... voila!

the word 'wedding' was already hidden in the folded brown lines (above, right). i made cut-out letterings out of white sticker papers to make the word 'daughter', 'sister' and 'mama'. but end up i decided not to use the stickers for mama as i find that its already good as it is.

for the inside of the cards, i printed some suitable poems for each of them on a piece of white A4 paper. i cut them accordingly (the size should be a bit less than the main cards) using paper cutter and stick them on the cards.

now take a look at the below pic people. doesn't it look familiar to you i.e. like a store-bought card maybe? *glurp*

and the following card was meant for mama—

actually all those birthday cards are to be given during puteri's surprise birthday makan-makan tomorrow night.

so don't you just love handmade gifts people. i do. in fact, i should say i really prefer handmade gifts.

it's not that i don't like and appreciate other gifts. it's just that with the handmade gifts i know how much time and effort has gone into making them and they, therefore, become more precious to me.

i love giving handmade gifts now as a matter of choice. however, when i was younger and times were tough the only way i could afford gifts was to make them.

Monday, December 15, 2008

what we did last weekend...

we were there at the red bungalow for rantai revelation art event 2008. i understand that it was their third year. congratulations! but one thing... we arrived at +/- 11.30 am, unfortunately it didn't looks like that it has been started yet at all when it supposed to be on from 10am to 10pm. we passed a gate with no parking sign placed in front of it. so we wanna enter another gate ahead but was asked by a guy to use the 'front gate' ler... my sis was already cursing. some more the booth' were like not ready on time... blerk! if not because we were there to support our cousin yaya (links here and here), hmm... figure it out yourself ler duh!...

yaya's photography works were placed on the second floor of the two-stories old mansion red bungalow, i like... wonder whose the owner. some people were kinda surprised to find that i like old kind of houses better than the modern one. ya i guess cuz i was brought up in the estates you see. those times, when my dad was with uniroyal, the old mansion bungalows were huge. in fact quality wise, its much more better than nowadays. correct me if i am wrong. besides that, grandma's old house used to be the traditional type as well, made of timber with concrete stairs at the compound area in front of the house. i am sure those of you people who have kampungs would know this kind of house.

rantai art event

we spent some hours at the rantai event to let the kiddos learn more about arts. we were trapped in the red bungalow in the mid of the day as it was raining heavily in kl. luckily the girl brought in some sandwiches *phew* thus tayangan gambar bergerak (short movies) slot that was supposed to be screened at 7pm, was brought to earlier time that afternoon. megat only understands "what happen to the green". he really can't figured out of what's "maxim gorky" and "sunyi" were all about. anyhow, good jobs there dudes!

there was actually some film education talk by pierre andre later that day. we don't wanna wait for another hours! so we walked out of the bungalow around 3pm, when it was already drizzling. we headed to klcc for some late lunch at the lawn. seems like there are many f&b reviews from me that need to be posted :)

regards to the rantai' its a good effort actually for young people of malaysia to promote arts in many ways in one place. there are still many rooms to be improved ler... especially your timing. don't take it for granted that we are in malaysia... you know what i mean... so i guess if your timing and set-up can be done on time, otherwise i am sure the response would be much better.


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Saturday, December 13, 2008

what happened to our blogspot?

i wanna do some auto blog post when i found this on all blogspot' blogs site including mine—

i found out the other day that some of the blogs on blogspot have been removed. that happened to all blogspot' bloggers worldwide. NOW WHAT?

btw i will be at rantai revelation 2008, insya-allah. ya! this means that i will be back in kl to rock the city wohoo!!!... so besides our interest in arts, basically we gonna be at rantai art event to give some supports to a cousin though... she is exhibiting her photography works there. make sure to say hi if you happened to see me occay?!!...

alrighto... looks like either i have to get going to finish up some packing (luckily puteri can do hers already), or i will need to catch up for some extra sleeps first :D


Thursday, December 11, 2008

dell™ inspiron™ 1420 (?)

should i? should not i? hmm... am thinking hardly of getting this. i have read and browse many good reviews on dell' overall including their customer' rep services. what say you now people? :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

THE tick!

the tick

megat made us laughed earlier today at queensbay mall, in penang! well read on to find out of what had happened—

our last stop before we went back home was to order some pizzas to be tapau-ed. so while waiting for it to be ready, we walked to memory lane shop located just a few steps across.

then megat told me calmly while pointed to our right, "mama looked! the mall here has adidas, and tick also got".

i was like puzzled— "tick?", i asked.

"ya... tick!", megat repeated me. by this time, puteri and i were already looking at each other, then we both moved our view to the shop next to adidas'. we really can't help it then but laughed-out-loud hehee...

so can you people see of what we were laughing about? :D

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emotional changes

a feeling of suppression and as if their in a ferret
a feeling as if they were living in another realm
wishing they can nullify the pain
if only the parents felt any remorse
the parents think their not but truthfully their miserly
the children wish their parents felt emote but deep down they know their stagnant about it

some of the parents try to deny but are yet covered in seethe
the only way they could sleep at night, by telling themselves their kids were being incessent
in the morning the child is skeptical sees the parents with laud
as they see him and speak with censure

the main feeling of recluse and recession
they look at themselves and see engraved scars
when they go out the feeling of diffidence hits them
as an enormous amount of acting hits the parents like they have no idea why their kid is acting like that

when the child gets older they have feelings of disperse
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

LooK wHO we bUmPEd inTo!!!...

hot fm team at sunway pyramid on 6 december 2008—

hot fm

sleep is the best therapy

i reached home late sunday night. so meaning i didn't do much on hari raya aidiladha... what i did was tido (sleep)!!! wahhh... best you know...

there is a good question everybody asks: how many hours of sleep are required to feel well? the answers may alter. according to the statistics people require from seven to nine hours to be in shape. however there are people that state that they feel exhausted and worn out even after a nine-hour sleep. on the contrary we have individuals who may be quite content with a three-hour sleep. these variations are explained as difference in the genetic codes. to prove that the older the nation gets the less it sleeps, scientists held a simple test. they compared the average length of sleep in the nineteenth century with the length in twentieth. the result showed that the duration of sleep has been 20% reduced. modern society now sleeps half an hour less than it used to do two hundred years ago. technical innovations that are destined to make our lives easier make us stressed out and take time from us. there is no living human that does not like sleeping. sleep is extremely good for the immune system and for the state of the body in general. yhere was a good rule in my family when i was a little kid. When someone was sound asleep, nobody had a right to wake him/her up, unless there was a fair reason to do so.

seems quite possible to plan rest and work, but daily problems surround us every minute. parents and children wake up early to get to the kindergarten, to school to work and million other places. there are some professions that require their holders to be at work late at night and those poor people go there every day. students usually sit up late with their current tasks assignments and prepare for future tests. for some people life starts after dark when clubs, pubs, casinos, cafes attract people that enjoy such an atmosphere. sometimes they start their new day after having only a two-hour sleep or even having no sleep at all. such mornings do not bring anything pleasant but headaches, exhaustion and aggression. this rhythm of life does more harm than brings pleasure. lack of sleep also causes obesity, says canadian scientist. if the body demands rest, let the brain rest also. sound sleep is a gift. nightmares are even worse than being awake. if a person remembers dreams after the night, this means that your brain was not resting and what you have as a result is constant headache and broken nerves. live a healthy life and take care of yourself and others around you and you.

so normally after i had that much sleep i needed, i awoke in the middle of the night just like currently. and what i do to past the times— blogging of course. i found out that i have been tagged by WNA... hah! i still owe the one by syd that was way in september *glurp* then one by hani as well *phew* i will see maybe i fix a day to do all those hiks... at the meantime, what i only wanna do is to update some of my previous blog post' with pictures!!!...