Thursday, May 31, 2007


chao an (that's good morning in mandarin) people...

there's no update just yet here. at the meantime do check-out what's the latest baked from my oven here. do leave comment there before you go... cuz am damn excited to know whats others gonna say with that ;) there's even more tonight as megat's birthday is tomorrow :D

Monday, May 28, 2007

what you give you get back

do you believe in the cycle of life? tit for tat. you do something good, you get back something good and if you do something bad, you get back something bad.

i do.

maybe there's a reason why some people have more than others. the rich are suppose to help out the poor, the smart ones are suppose to share their knowledge and the strong are suppose to protect the weak.

you might think you have nothing special to give but you can always be in a position to give. be it money, knowledge, advice, experience, stories or a shoulder to cry on. Insya Allah, the rewards for you are endless. maybe not in clear form but the fact that you have MORE to give is already a big reward. rezeki.

never hesitate to do anything good but think twice before you do something bad.

karma comes and bites you in the ass!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

of astro max and cadbury

now you see it... now you don't...

this is indeed the time of the month again, where one of my good friends come once a month only hehe... thus this is also the time where i would be craving for chocolates, chocolates... and MOREEE chocolates!!!... i could finish them within minutes! strange or not... i swear to Allah the almighty that i never had menstrual pain for the rest of my life. sometimes i felt sorry to see some women who always look very hurt during period, including puteri. i know that must be very painful.

i guess some of you must have been wondering, of what's this gotta be doing with astro max? well that means, i would prefer lazying around, watch tv, while eating chocolates, than going out especially during this early stage :~)

so how about you ladies, whats the abnormal about you during period? please share ;)

Friday, May 25, 2007

miracle happens...

we were waiting for megat at his school earlier. as usual, if its gonna be kinda long, i would off my 4wd engine and wind down the window. then out of the blue i saw a chinese lady walked by. she was looking around at us. i was worried. my right fingers started to search for the left window's button, when suddenly the lady approached us and asked me, "halo... adik, you ada pakai hangbag ka?".

"ada... kenapa?", i answered. but at the same time, i started to get damn worried already.

"haa... saya kasi lu ini handbag lar", the chinese lady said, while gave me a black handbag (refer pic) thru my 4wd's window.

"oikk... pasai apa?", i asked her.

"alar adik, saya kasi you ambik lar. sebenarnya boss saya kasi punya, dua lagi. buat apa mau dua serupa, tu lar saya mau kasi adik satu", she explained.

"o ok, itu macam ka... thank you arr?", i said.

"tarak apa", she answered and left.

the chinese lady walked towards the school's main gate, joining a group of other ladies. i thought that they must be waiting for their kids too like me. puteri and i looked at each other and smiled.

what say you?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

watch your step

i was at maybank earlier when our local ocpd asked me, "so... how's that thing, ok?".

i was like, "ha ah... err... ok, thank you so much tuan".

i was stunned actually when Tuan Zakaria suddenly asked me about a discount for a summon i asked him. well its not mine occay? its my auntie's from TTDI. she received the summon by mail. it happened here in kuale about more than a month ago, just after the car entered kuale inter-change. her son was the one who drove it that time.

then my auntie did tell me about this when she came again three weeks ago. the idea was for me to get some discounts out of the RM300+ summons from the local police (this really reminds me of what had happened to kimi when her auntie asked her for a favour). but it was last week only she (my auntie) sms me the details. i asked ocpd right away via sms-

" tuan, my auntie received a summon, details ... wonder whether we could get at least 50% discount".

about less than 10 minutes later, he replied, " the car was speeding, can give RM200 only. thank you."

ok lor... at least there's still a discount there kan. but the thing is i was stunned earlier when ocpd asked me, cuz i forgot to pay the bills for my auntie yet. whatever it is, i have to ask my staff to settle it for me first thing tomorrow morning.

so my advise to everyone including myself, is to be careful when doing a favour for someone no matter who ever they may be ;) of course we do not want people to have a bad impression on us right. unless if we know that we can't help it, just say so, no harm done! correct me if i am wrong :P

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

spider-man 3

so just like everyone else we watched spider-man 3. in fact we just came back from its 5pm show at tgv, kinta city today. however i didn't bother waiting in line since i know it wont be that bad on weekdays.

spider-man 3 is the best film of the spider-man trilogy to date. in fact, it's bigger and better than its predecessors on so many levels; i don't even know where to begin. its not just all fun and games, you know. look a bit closer and sam raimi and co. are really making very acute social observations about life, love and sand.

kuE's rating: 8.75/10

how i make megat proud of me for a simple task

the title said it all -- its not that hard actually to make our kids proud of their own mother for a very simple task we did.

earlier this month i baked banana chip muffins for breakfast. megat love it (even though he doesn't like to eat banana lol...) that he requested to bring some to school. he shared some with his classmate, hakim. it seems that hakim told megat, "hmm... sedapnya". hakim was surprised of how megat's mom managed to do all those. he (hakim) even compared it with his mother. you know... kids these days. so now i know basically of how kids feel. they don't lie.

so i was at the wet kitchen this morning when megat approached me and said, "ma, i wanna the same like yesterday". ok sayang...

i packed these for him yesterday...

it was just a fried egg and buttered bread. i fried the egg in a tiny frying pan (see pic)that my dad bought in makkah many years back. once i placed the egg in the frying pan, i quickly mix the egg yolk and the egg white thoroughly. the reason was that megat doesn't like to eat the egg yolk by itself, but ok if it mixed together lol... then i covered the frying pan for about less than two minutes. check-out the tiny frying pan's cover people. my dad did it himself! we can't find a suitable cover for that pan, that's why. he's a handy man you know ;)

then i placed the fried egg on the buttered bread. this time i put a slice of kraft cheese as well. i prefer kraft than any other brand cuz only kraft cheese melted when we placed something hot on top of it. i can't deny it that my kids love it as well. the next step was to cover the egg with another slice of buttered bread. and to make it more bakery-like look ;) cut the bread crust, then cut it again into two triangles. presto! see... didn't i tell you it was easy.

megat also told me that he shared the egg sandwich yesterday with hakim. his friend praised him again and again like last time. then i guess my tears running down my cheeks a bit when megat came closer and hugged me. "ohh... i am so proud of you mom", he said :)

Monday, May 21, 2007

bloggers meet in july anyone?

the king and i musical is performing at istana budaya from 13 to 26 july 2007. it sounds interesting. maybe we could go on one of the days. tickets on self account, of course ;) then if you are up to it, we can go for supper or something. what do you think people. please email me if you are interested, so that we could work out the plan. take note that we have to hurry cuz the tickets are fast selling like hot cakes :D

Sunday, May 20, 2007

talking about brassiere

sometimes our bras, especially our bra straps, show. i think every female who wears a bra has gone through this situation. how do we feel when this happens? what do guys think of this?

i was at my usual pace during weekends whenever i stay at home. i took my own sweet time to read the papers. so when it came to pancaindera (a pull-out of mingguan malaysia), i flipped through the pages when suddenly i realized that there was something wrong about the front cover pic. i turned back to the front page. i was like, "haaa?!!... wth?".

hmm... i wonder whether you people could read my mind. it was actually the cover girl' white colour bra strap i tell you. its clearly/obviously visible. mind you she's a local celebrtiy, who was wearing a
halter top. typically, the best answer is to wear a strapless bra to provide the cleanest look. at times, though, your strapless bra may not look very attractive, or you may need more support. in those cases, a convertible bra with one clear bra strap or a matching color bra strap worn around the neck is the best solution, and still provides a nearly invisible look (click here for some great examples). but as you could see in the pic, she's like dun bother about it. don't tell me that this celebrity dunno the dos and donts of bra wearing. even the people at the paper company also the same. don't any of them aware of it before they approved it for printing. at least they do something with the cover i.e. change the pic with a better one or something argghhh... truly embarrassing!!! :(

what say you?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

perak royal wedding '07

i doubt that by now the whole nation are aware of the 'royal wedding of the year' that gonna be held here, at the royal town of perak, from 17 to 19 may 2007. the akad nikah (solemnisation of the marriage) will be done in a few hours time.

i have been asked by many, whether am gonna be there too. i know that i will be asked again and again. fyi most of the state heir' (waris negeri) didn't get any invitation. of course, a bit disappointment is there. but what to do. for those who dunno, am sure they will be some question marks in their mind. let it be. let the real stories been kept with us, safe and sound. what kuE wanna say is, "NO COMMENT".

i am typing this in blogsphere. so its kinda too risky -- dun wanna things go haywire like what happened to nila tanzil, on a blog post about the way she and her colleagues been treated during their trip to malaysia to witness the launch of floral fest 2007. she wrote of what had happened to them truthfully. instead what she got was a suspension from her job. that was all because of tengku adnan's statement that appeared on sin chew daily (click here for the english version). malaysian (not forgetting indonesian) bloggers were pissed off. well like the proverbs said, "when a door closed, other windows/doors opens”. she was lucky that she got an opportunity to be a contributor for the star, malaysia’s leading english newspaper! i know that i didn't blog about this issue happened sometime in march, but at least i knew what had been happening around ;)

so even for the above subject' matter, i still gonna say, "NO COMMENT" :D

thus... as not to turn everyone down especially bloggers whose closed with me, here's some pics taken few days ago.

15/05/2007 (+/- 3pm)
the landmark of kuala kangsar, the jam besar (clock tower).

16/05/2007 (+/- 7am)
i took this pic early in the morning, on my way to send puteri to school (at bukit kerajaan area, on the way to the royal palace).

16/05/2007 (+/- 7.05am)
while this one taken on my way to send megat to his school, after i send puteri.

"congratulations to the royal couple.
as you begin your life together, may faith and hope in Allah's love bring you every joy. and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

what the heck

since i am still in the birthday mood ;) here it is...

an email i received not too long ago. what do you all people think? is it true?

WORDS WOMEN USE (practically this is dedicated to the guys i guess)


this is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.


if she is getting dressed, this is half an hour. five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.


this is the calm before the storm. this means "something," and you should be on your toes. arguments that begin with 'Nothing' usually end in "Fine"


this is a dare, not permission. don't do it.


this is not actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. a "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing"


this is one of the most dangerous statements that a woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.


a woman is thanking you. do not question it or faint. just say you're welcome.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

butterfly every where

its showering outside. i am posting this from home while other people already at work ;) well eventually i didn't go down to my office at all yesterday. i was just relaxing in the comfort of my cooling room. maybe i needed another day break after my birthday hehe... big boss never said anything though. he saw me in my casual mode, and said nothing, that's all.what when since i put on my new butterfly quilt set on the birthday night. some of you may already know that i LOVE butterfly so much!!! i can't resist myself to leave my bed lol... cantik kan? actually i bought that many months ago at aussino in gurney plaza. when i bought it, i already decided that i would use it on my 35th birthday. fyi i am the one who don't simply buy bed linen set just like that. i will always think whether it would match my bedroom (blue, yellow and white colour with butterfly!) or not. so as you could see although i do not own much bed linen set, i would ensure that it is in good condition every time.

other than that maybe because of my new toy. you know... just like small kids who have got something new teheehee... i have been trying my new olympus fe-230 i.e. check-out all the features, read the manual, browsing thru reviews online etc.

alright lor... i guess i better get going now... ciao!

Monday, May 14, 2007

kuE's new toy!

currently listening (one of my favourite for the time being): pecinta wanita by irwansyah.

check this out people--its my new olympus fe-230! i bought it yesterday in penang, as my own 35th birthday present ;)

well actually i didn't even thought of getting one yet. the outing on sunday was just meant for a 'jalan-jalan' on my birthday and mother's day. but tell me who can't resist not to buy anything on a trip as such huh?!! lol...

puteri and i were walking around, when we passed a camera shop on second floor (i think) of queensbay mall. i stopped there and fell in love at the first sight of that olympus fe-230. what attracted me were the features like its slim size, its metal body, about 2.5" LCD screen and also its reasonable price. what when the shop was giving special price for mother's day. i approached one of the salesgirl. i kinda more interested when i found that the camera was so light... and presto! it should be no problem at all for me to place that in my handbag, to bring it along where ever i go.

so from now on, you will see me taking pics with this new toy of mine ;) maybe on certain occasions that i will still use my nokia 6680 to snap pics like... argghhh... no need for me to elaborate, go figure! :D

here's more reviews--

may 13 story

eventually i thought of posting this last night, but i was too tired ;)

we arrived home from queensbay mall in penang almost midnight. we really spent the whole day to ourselves yippeee!!!... we went out since morning you know. since it was my birthday and also the mother's day, we brought mom along this time. it seems dad got some other more important errands to run to :(

i won't tell much here as i have quite a number of pics to do the talking :D the most important thing for me is that i was so damn happy that i spent my most precious time with my two wonderful children. my loved ones from near and far called both our land-line and my mobile non-stop since early in the morning. just imagine, after two or three calls to the land-line (i answered my own mobile), megat would say this when there's another-- "okay mama, i know that's for you." lol...

here's some of the sms' that i received yesterday. i am putting them here also, just for my record ;)

Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 00:27
Happy birthday kak * ... Semoga pnjng umur & murah rezeki. God blesS u..

Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 00:52
Askm kak * sory gangu ngah malm bute ni sje nk ucpkn selmt ari lahir yg ke??, semoga panjang umur, murh rezeki, sht sepanjang mase. sy doakan kak * mendpt jodoh esok kelak.......;-) *glurp* lol...

From: PAPA
Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 05:38
Happy birthday * ! Always remember that Papa loves you very2 much! Luv Pa.

From: CK
Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 05:47
Beauty. Grace. Strength. Wisdom. Spirit. Courage. You. Happy Mother's Day! Wishing u a day filled with lots of love & happiness! :) CK

Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 08:55
kuE dear. Happy birthday and Happy Mother's day to a beautiful wonderful mom. Have a great one today.

From: +9665......
Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 03:56 (but this one received just after Leilanie's)
Happy birthday to you * . Dari kay.. Makkah @ 3.57 am..

From: INA
Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 09:11
Happy Birthday

Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 11:18

From: NOR HIDAYAH (my ex-cashier, now furthering her studies at a local university)
Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 11:46
hepy birthday kak * ... semoga dipnjang umur dan dimurahkn rezeki..and 1 more hepy mother's day..send my regards to your son and daughter and your parents..

Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 17:03
Beauty. Grace. Strength. Wisdom. Spirit. Courage. You. Happy Mother's Day! Wishing u a day filled with lots of love & happiness! :) Kimi

From: MR. T
Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 22:07
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" * .. may god bless U

Date: 13/05/2007
Time: 22:09
Hi just 2 say Happy Birthday and may you always be happy and joyfull. Oh oh happy mother's day 2.

thank you all sooo much... i love every each of my loved ones to the max! mwahh...

alright then... enjoy the slide show people. hope that you had a great weekend with your loved ones too!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

may thirteen

its my 35th birthday today! we gonna have a double celebration to celebrate both my birthday, together with the mother's day (just for the fun of it). thus i am going out soon, with my kids and mom. so wait for my up-date when i come back maybe tonight. at the meantime, do check-out my very special gift from my darling princess here. do not forget to leave some comments there to let us know of what do all you people think of that. i would also like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers around the world, a happy mother's day... ciao!

specially for all mothers...

Saturday, May 12, 2007

introducing... laksa pak ngah

the restaurant is located right behind tsung wah' secondary school.

this pic was taken infront of the restaurant. its a kampung-style bungalow, business is placed downstairs, while the owner's live upstairs ;) we have just came back from there. actually i was craving for its laksa for quite some time but seems that i didn't have time to get myself that way. so we headed straight there after i fetched megat from his full-day praying course at clifford primary school.

a view from our table...

here's my all-time-favourite, the famous laksa pak ngah since 1955, pictured here with abc special, topped with a scoop of ice-cream.

kuE's note: so the next time you all drop-by kuale, i will make sure that i bring you to laksa pak ngah' restaurant ;)

Friday, May 11, 2007

copying is certainly not ok!

click here to read more about this. so lazy to bring this up over and over again.

that's why, its not my style to simply copy and paste other graphics to post it along with my blog post. i would use my own pics that i have taken, even with my cam-fon. unless the pics were by my sister. well if i do take other people's one, of course i would mentioned it in my post too. let say if i do not have any graphics to be tagged along, i would just leave it as it is--write a post without graphic/pic, no harm done what, right? maybe some of you didn't realize it that i have a link to 'read me' down there at the bottom row on the side bar of my blog. its a blogger's disclaimer. while at the last bottom line is written this -- All images and content (unless otherwise stated) copyright © 2005-2007 kuE. All rights reserved.

besides, i do not even care whether got people wanna read my blog and leave comments or not. this is mine. i could do whatever i wanna with it. the most important thing is that i am happy. the function of this blog also is more like my own personal online diaries. fyi i used to write diaries since i was small. but i found it very awful when mom come in to my room and read it when i was in school. same thing when i started to work in sj. i was staying alone. but mom would do the same when she came to my place :( and now since we have an easy access to all this blog thingy, why on earth i should left this out right. so i burnt away all my old diaries *sob sob* as you could see, i registered with blogspot in january 2005 but didn't blog for quite some time until june the same year. its just that i couldn't figure out this blog thingy yet that time cuz i ain't a html expert. so all that while, i juz went on reading people blogs and left comments, that's all. a few blogger friends did support me like Zed and Azmi, but where are they? Azmi seems to be very silence now. oh yes... not forgetting Leilanie, one of the first blogger friends who interact with me.

YOU better watch-out cause we have all the proofs! do something if you wanna be on the safe side. its been quite some time... and we have given you enough times.

kuE's note: i would like to take this opportunity to thank Minny for teaching me of how to take a snapshot/pic of my puter screen and that's how i created the above! ;)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5 more days to go...

...for me to be 35! ;)

  • no plan yet.
  • the most important thing is to spend it with both my kids.
  • maybe we gonna travel to penang again? or maybe to kl this time (but there's an event to organize in taiping on saturday morning) :P
  • or watch spiderman 3?
  • or maybe just stay at home, while baking and cook something nice and simple with kids (its gonna be mother's day too anyway, so i guess this gonna be the more appropriate way to celebrate) :D

unfortunately things kinda stressed out these days. i bet some of you people also must be cursing me for my recent post on giving a proper credit (maybe i'll elaborate more in my next post or something if things forced me to do so). so i put on my baking glove this morning to chill myself out. i am glad i did. i felt relax. guess what people. as soon as i awoke at +/- 5am, i went to the kitchen straight away and baked banana chip muffins for breakfast, specially for my kids. to all mothers, i am sure how good and glad you would feel if we see our children eat something that we cook ourselves right. more over when they like it too...

before i forgot, today also marked as the day i posted a pic to one of my flickr groups, 24 hours of Flickr, joined by invited flickr members around the world. we were asked to submit a pic taken on 5.05.2007 and add it to the group by may 21.

"The event will be commemorated by a companion 24 Hours of Flickr book, which will contain a selection of photographs chosen from the group. Additionally, the group's photos will be featured at Flickr events around the world this summer.

Books will be sold at cost (the amount will be available in the near future) with Flickr donating $1 for each book sold to Médecins Sans Frontières up to a total of $10,000 USD.

By adding your photo to this group, you understand that it may be selected for publication in the 24 Hours of Flickr commemorative book and/or displayed at a Flickr-sponsored event this summer." --fingers crossed! i.e. wish me luck people ;)

Monday, May 07, 2007

let the good times roll

i can't breathe.
i can't focus.
i can't excel.
i can't wait for this feeling to fade away.

pain. devastated.
life so sucky.
just because i'm not crying does'nt means i'm okay.

i will overcome.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

give proper credit

i have an important message to tell everyone especially all malaysians. click here to read about it in my other blog.

this also same goes to those who have remove the blogger navigation bar on their blogs. the navigation bar is suppose to be appeared on all freely-hosted blogspot blogs. so if you remove it, its as though you claimed it as yours.

kuE's note: know what? i don’t care if you’re one of the people whom i’d gladly love to hate. if you’re offended, fine. i don’t give a fucking damn, thank you very much. if you find yourself implicated, then maybe you’d like to make some changes. i don’t know. it’s your decision. i’m just saying what’s supposed to be right because i know you’re doing something wrong. yes, i know I’m being a bitch. but i know i have a valid point here.

Friday, May 04, 2007

my heart

these two kids inspire me.

they make me want to be a better mother,

they make me want to be a better person,

they warm my heart,

they always make me smile.

have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

main nyorok-nyorok under the sun

well at first i thought i got nothing to blog about today. tadaa... here it is... at least there's something than nothing. hmm... looking at those pics, can you all guess what i was trying to tell you people. eventually i was on my way back home this afternoon, when i saw a big-size lizard on one of the shades trees. the creature was like main nyorok-nyorok (playing hide and seek) with me. at last... gotcha! i got the chance to take a pic of the creature, but its still not good enough ler... thus that's the result of me snapping the pic from far. at the same time there were two indian gardeners on the other side of the house. obviously they must be wondering of what i was doing alone there standing and looking at the tree teeheee... ;)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the day i felt like i was shopping in kl...

...but the truth is i was at queensbay mall in penang ;) the most important thing also, i didn't have to drive-in the town area as well. as soon as i reached penang island from the bridge, i just have to head to bayan lepas and within minutes... voila! i saw the mall already (click here to view the location map).

from what i understood, it is currently the largest, longest and most modern shopping mall in penang. like its tagline " it's all happening here!" , i could say that the place is really happening i tell you. besides that, the mall also located by the sea, just like gurney plaza. now... in terms of location, of course queensbay mall is much more easier, like what i mentioned earlier. although the anchor tenant is jusco, but most of whatever have in kl, are available there too i.e. shops like liz claiborne, guess, harvey norman, toy 'r us, and many more. the main point was we didn't even go to jusco lol... in fact we were so glad that the mall has its very own tgif outlet too. then of course we had our lunch there, after spending some time at borders. other than the things i love to buy/shop i.e. shoes, accessories, clothes etc., i also bought this book and this book. the reason for me to choose those books was that the recipes sounds easy and the illustrations looks yummy!!! hmm... we would definitely try to bake some soon and post about it in our other blog *drool*

our shopping trip to penang didn't stop there. then we stopped-by auto-city on our way back, just to have some ice-cream at my favourite ice-cream restaurant, swensens :D i seldom visit it ever since i came back here. i remember the last time we went to eat there was like many months ago, at its outlet in subang parade if i'm not mistaken. on other note, i would definitely go back to penang to do my shopping!!! ;)

its a holiday &...

...penang island, here we come!!!