Thursday, May 17, 2007

perak royal wedding '07

i doubt that by now the whole nation are aware of the 'royal wedding of the year' that gonna be held here, at the royal town of perak, from 17 to 19 may 2007. the akad nikah (solemnisation of the marriage) will be done in a few hours time.

i have been asked by many, whether am gonna be there too. i know that i will be asked again and again. fyi most of the state heir' (waris negeri) didn't get any invitation. of course, a bit disappointment is there. but what to do. for those who dunno, am sure they will be some question marks in their mind. let it be. let the real stories been kept with us, safe and sound. what kuE wanna say is, "NO COMMENT".

i am typing this in blogsphere. so its kinda too risky -- dun wanna things go haywire like what happened to nila tanzil, on a blog post about the way she and her colleagues been treated during their trip to malaysia to witness the launch of floral fest 2007. she wrote of what had happened to them truthfully. instead what she got was a suspension from her job. that was all because of tengku adnan's statement that appeared on sin chew daily (click here for the english version). malaysian (not forgetting indonesian) bloggers were pissed off. well like the proverbs said, "when a door closed, other windows/doors opens”. she was lucky that she got an opportunity to be a contributor for the star, malaysia’s leading english newspaper! i know that i didn't blog about this issue happened sometime in march, but at least i knew what had been happening around ;)

so even for the above subject' matter, i still gonna say, "NO COMMENT" :D

thus... as not to turn everyone down especially bloggers whose closed with me, here's some pics taken few days ago.

15/05/2007 (+/- 3pm)
the landmark of kuala kangsar, the jam besar (clock tower).

16/05/2007 (+/- 7am)
i took this pic early in the morning, on my way to send puteri to school (at bukit kerajaan area, on the way to the royal palace).

16/05/2007 (+/- 7.05am)
while this one taken on my way to send megat to his school, after i send puteri.

"congratulations to the royal couple.
as you begin your life together, may faith and hope in Allah's love bring you every joy. and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. but the greatest of these is love"