Thursday, October 29, 2009

of twitter @replies, mentions & RT...

seeing a tweet by a local twitter friend @SpicyGuy and a reply by @TheBackpackr (appendix 1; click on the pic for a larger view) earlier today, makes me wonder that maybe some twitterer still dunno much of how twitter works. you don't have to copy and paste the whole tweet and RT (retweet) it ler dude...


appendix 1

all tweets containing @username are collected for you, accessible by a link in your sidebar (see appendix 2; number 1 in blue). click on your user name to see all replies made to you, and mentions of your user name.

replies and mentions must use the user name in order to appear in the original person's replies tab. all replies and mentions will appear excepting replies from people you've blocked.

please note:

✓ people will only see replies in their home time line if they are following both the sender and recipient of the update.

✓ people with protected accounts cannot send replies to people who aren't following them, and mentions won't be seen by non-followers either.


appendix 2

so as you could see in my own example above (appendix 2), i clicked @Reply to @SpicyGuy instead of mentioning him. then i just tweet my reply. this way, @SpicyGuy's tweet can be seen under 'in reply to SpicyGuy' (number 1 in red). whilst when you scroll over there, you could see the direct link (see number 2 in red).

and when you click number 1 in red, you will be brought to this page (appendix 3) where @SpicyGuy's tweet can be viewed individually:


appendix 3

if you find this interesting enough, go here to learn more about this.

RT or retweet, essentially forwarding another person’s tweet (normally an interesting one) on to your twitter friends.

to link to a tweet, click below the tweet on the date/time it was tweeted. this will take you to an individual page with that tweet only. you can then shorten the link and post it in your tweets. otherwise you can just copy paste the tweet and add the prefix RT @whoever. go here to find out more about this.

charter on demand...


If you’re using Charter digital in the United States then you’ll surely love this post. Not many of you know but having Charter digital means that you also have Charter on Demand. And the thing is that you don’t have to pay extra for it because it’s free.

This means that you won’t have to check TV schedules to see the time of your favourite show or when your children’s favourite cartoon starts. Charter on Demand has 6,000 movies and shows to watch at any time you want. And if you’re a busy person and you just missed your show or movie you can easily watch it for free the day after and avoid the fuss or going to a rental to get the movie you missed or waiting for it to arrive in your mailbox.

This is also great for parents. Children probably don’t understand TV schedules or just don’t have the patience to wait for their favourite cartoon to come on and start screaming, crying and so on. With Charter on Demand you can easily do your chores while your children are on the TV enjoying their cartoons no matter what day or time it is.

You can learn more at and you can also get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

shu la jin...

this blog post has actually been sitting in the draft folder for more than 3 weeks! *phew* and since its kinda an interesting one, i must say that its better i post this good information for everyone no matter what.


shu la jin is a form of exercise that has been founded by madam chin sau ying. eventually i knew that my line dance group has been doing it almost everyday as a form of warming up before our line dance routine. i didn't join them anyway as i normally opt and prefer for a breeze walk up and down the resident's hill near my former secondary school. then only walked down to laman budaya to join them for line dancing.

i only became more aware of this kind of exercise when madam chin dropped-by recently to introduce and promote it to kualè people.

madam chin brought a lady who looked so healthy; that no one could ever imagined she used to be a stroke victim if she didn't tell us of her past story. she practiced shu la jin and look at her...


they showed us some newspaper cut-outs written about the exercise.

rules and regulations of shu la jin exercise:
  1. only madam chin sau ying, being the founder and master of shu la jin, shall have the sole right to appoint her assistant instructors.

  2. appointed assistant instructors shall fully understand the objective of shu la jin.

  3. learner are expected to co-operate by helping each other to enjoy good health and love and to perform charity.

  4. learner shall not be selfish or greedy and shall instead devote themselves voluntarily to promote the exercise of shu la jin.

  5. learner shall seek permission from madam chin sau ying prior to carrying out any plans or activities concerning shu la jin.

  6. learner shall not conduct any private business or activities within the compound where shu la jin exercise is held.

  7. nobody is allowed to collect money in the name of shu la jin unless the collection is meant for charity donation and such collection is approved by madam chin sau ying.


it was just so happened i brought my oly along that morning. more over i guess an introduction of this shu la jin exercise via a video that i managed to capture would be much helpful~

if you like this blog post and are interested to know more about shu la jin, do email me or leave your comment in the comment box; and i would be much glad to get my friend to pass madam chin's contacts to you.

where will you be going for your holiday?

I understand that the spring season will be there not too long from now in another part of the globe. While here in the country, year end school break is about to start in a few weeks time.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

hiatus, no more?...

nah... i can't promise. and i dunno. i am blaming maxis broadband for all this trouble. their connections speed were damn bad for the past 2 weeks or so. no need lar for me to explain all in details here. the thing was that i almost lost a good paid post earlier today. just imagine people it took me about 9 hours to try to submit the blog entry. that's how bad it is you see. i understand that i qualified for more such post. thus maxis will get it from me if ever i lost these opportunities (again)!

i have indeed quite a number of blog entries in line. but since i faced this problem, i had no mood at all to blog. even this screen now looked half dead... blerk! need i say more?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

the truth about infant formula...

I remember that I wrote about the ever great benefits of breast milk depending with infant formula sometime this month (read my October 2009 archives). I am so lucky to be one of the many mothers in the globe who breastfed their children, even though I am petite *big grin*

I believe that no infant formula can substitute breast milk. Infant formula is a safe alternative to breast milk, but more people need to know the truth behind this breast milk substitute, especially when coping with guilt.

I don't condone those mothers that opt to use infant formula. They have different reasons for doing so. Most mothers that tend to use formula buy the more expensive brands thinking that they're giving their babies most of the benefits of breast milk. Infant formulas are all actually the same whether it is the most expensive brand or the store brand formula.

According to Dr. Barbara Levine from Weill Cornell Medical College, buying a heavily marketed, expensive, brand-name infant formula from a big pharmaceutical company does not get your baby any closer to human breast milk than a store brand formula. She also said that mothers can choose to supplement their breast milk with any formula because all formulas are regulated by FDA and nutritionally equivalent.

This message is set to become even more important for many mothers in the United States because of changes in the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program with effective 1 October 2009. For those who don't know WIC is a food and nutrition program to help pregnant women and families with young children. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for WIC provides nutrition education, nutritious foods, breastfeeding support and information. The foods provided through WIC are a good source of essential nutrients. WIC improves the health of it's participants and promotes lifestyle changes. WIC participants have longer healthier pregnancies and fewer premature births. WIC is a short-term program designed to help families in the US build healthy eating and living habits that will last a lifetime!

A new WIC initiative aimed at increasing breastfeeding rates among families reallocates funding for all currently provided foods, including infant formula, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables. This program could mean a reduction of up to 20 percent in infant formula subsidies; parents who previously had most of their formula paid for by WIC may now have to purchase formula on their own.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience"

Holidays. Now tell me of who doesn't lurve holidays these days right. It really can take us all out of our stressful, hectic mind. What if it can be entirely born of and you do not have to worry a single cents about it at all hah! Blissful...


To those of you who dunno, I have just came back from KL two nights ago for Mamat Khalid's up and coming 'Estet' movie function. Now can I just don't have to unload my luggage and think about of what I should bring to Singapore!!!...

Ya... I guess I have mentioned this many times before. Since I missed the chance to attend IZEAFest 2009, now I really hope that I have more chances at Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards! And the best thingy is that I can visit Singapore too; a not strange place for me during my childhood life. That means I have never been there for such a looooong time.

My father used to be an estate manager with UniRoyal in Johor, like Kluang and Simpang Renggam when I was small. So as you could see, he brought us all to Singapore almost every weekends! And most of our relatives and friends didn't surprise at all when they saw us wearing well-known brand clothes. Obviously those were all bought from Tangs...


and Isetan. These are the two places that I am not gonna miss if ever I am lucky to go to the lion country.


Other than that I am afraid I am not really sure of other unique places in Singapore that I should visit. It's really been years for me since the last time I went there. I know Singapore has changed a lot. Anyhow from what I heard Sentosa Island is part of the good places to wind down there. I understand that it was once a fishing village known as Pulau Blakang Mati. It later became a British military fortress until 1967 and was handed back to the newly independent Singapore Government. And today, Sentosa is Singapore's premier island resort getaway with multi-faceted appeal, teeming with events all year round. Great!


Next in the list maybe the world's largest ferris wheel, the Singapore Flyer. From my research on Singapore, I learned that it made its first spin on Monday, 11 February last year. It offered passengers a bird's eye view of the city-state as well as parts of neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia *phew* Well, can I just go there once during the day and another at night. Then this way, I can have simultaneously a different kind of view everytime. I could also be proud of myself to witness the very nice and unforgettable view of Singapore and the surrounding areas from up there.


A hometown friend Razak who is now residing in JB did point out to me about Little India. Ya I think I remember that. Then there's also Arab Street. He told me that the highlight of this trip would be a meal at the Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant (purple shop in the pic below), home of the best "murtabak" in Singapore. This landmark Indian-Muslim restaurant opposite Sultan Mosque has been serving nasi beryani, murtabak, roti prata and other dishes for over 100 years. Wow!!!... kewlness! ;)

Thank you so much Razak for the great information. Unfortunately Razak can't provide me much about Singapore even though he goes there almost fortnightly. He eventually went there for business matters only. Nevertheless he can't never miss the murtabak place hehee...


So far I am already very excited enough thinking about having a holiday in Singapore. But I still do not have much idea in mind yet. What ever it is, I have a valid Malaysian passport to travel anytime...


On top of that, my bum is really like steaming hot now... See... I can't wait to start my wonderful journey to Singapore!


C'mon Nuffnang, count me in please, pretty pleaseeeee...

p/s Take note that all the Singapore pics above are linked to its individual sites. So if ever I get to go, I will definitely take pics of the beautiful city myself!

“Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience”

Saturday, October 10, 2009

my show & tell of "estet" video clips & book launching...

it was a simple, fun and great event indeed. no doubt about it. so i thought its best to get on with a show and tell...


upon guest arrival, we were greeted by these 2 pieces indian music instrumental... i am so in lurve with it, sooooo soothing and relaxing. click on the pic to watch the video of it that i recorded.


so while i was waiting for my blogger friend to join me, i snapped here and there as usual...


see... even the beautiful high ceiling also! *glurp*


and finally here's my guest, ayuuuuu!!!

the guy on white behind ayu is a poet i think, but i can't seems to be remembered his name ler plak... ayuuuuu!!!... oh you know why i shouted for ayu. that's because she's very good in spotting celebrities in a split second; oh my... i.e. we were chatting then suddenly she was like, "awie!" then not too long after that, "eizlan yusuf!". wahhh... mak oiii... ;~)

p/s tu ler, the other day when i asked in my fb/twitter of who wanna follow me to istana budaya; no one seems to be interested! haa... so i guess it was definitely ayu's day. sampai sanggup anto i balik to my place after that i tell you... :~)


among the guest, obviously


kak jib, executive producer of naga vxs. when kak jib was at the shooting set in kualè, she was sweating like hell, working hard. but that evening she looked sooooo ayu ler plak... ;)


"estet" book has been officially launched in a simple event...


abang mamat presented his speech


launching of the movie's video clips. both of the video clips entitled 'ayuh kawan' and 'cahaya kemenangan' will be aired on tv soon. so they hope that by the time the movie will be screened at the cinemas in december, movie goers could sing along to the tunes in the cinema too! oh btw that's awie in red cap.


then they introduced us to all the cast starting with awie. dah macam in a classroom plak when they had to stand up once they were being called hehee...


with ayu


spoilt ler... cuz of all the flashes from other cameras too. but anyhow i just wanna placed it here too to show you people of how fun this "estet" team.


more... check-out the chinese guy (bottom right) who looked exactly like smashpop! at first i thought why ler he don't wanna talk to me lol... tup tup he's actually one of the supporting actors hehee...


this one is ayu's "photography" work lol... it's of farid kamil's red nike shoes.


with the hero farid kamil


and jasmine michael, the heroin


with both of them


checking out the book, or just acted for the camera hehee... the book will be sold at RM25 each starting next week, at all major bookstores nationwide i.e. mph, kinokuniya. aiyaa! why ler i forgot to ask abang mamat and ajami to autograph it. then maybe i should have create a contest on my blog kan kan.


with kak jib, who radically thought that no one wanna take pic with her. don't be like that ler kak jib. ayu and i are bloggers and we lurve to camwhoreeeee... ;)


soru time!!! and they have tosè you... best! but the gravy was damnnnnn hot i tell you. sorry for the left hand; simply wanna show-off my jade bangle from beijing hiks! *winks*


soru² ler... but ayu still busy taking pics


SM was so lucky that day to win the lucky draw's grand prize of nikon coolpix s230 digital camera. he was so lucky ler... abang mamat was just teasing him, tup tup its SM' number that came up! lol...


with some of the supporting actors. see kak jib, i can snap pics with anyone! :)


press conference. i called this as a 'koboi' style pc *glurp* hehee...


and finally, with the man himself, mamat khalid

so please everyone, support local film industries. i only go for the good one of course. what when the shooting was done entirely in kualè hah! ohhh... i really can't wait to watch the movie then.

i would also like to thank ayu for being there with me. and for helping me to snap lotsa pics that day. don't forget dear, block your calendar for the premiere screening occay? ape² belakang cakap ar? hehee...