Monday, October 31, 2005

safety first

i just came back from the police station, had a dialogue session between the police officers (lead by the ocpd himself) and us, business people. tuan zakaria reminded us to take a thorough safety pre-cautions prior to the long public holidays plus the long term school breaks. he and his officers gave us so many tips blah blah blah...

anyhow before i left to the police station, i could see that there were so many cars already. normally i could reach there in less than 3 to 4 mins. gosh! it took me almost 15 to 20 mins *phew*

unlucky me, there are 1 or 2 items out-of-order here at work. wa lau ley... why alwiz happened during bz days. my staff called the customer service line to make complaint. one thing i hate here is that the contractor keep calling us to do this and that. why can't they just send one of their representative to solve the problem. i strictly (i repeat, strictly!) against the idea to do it ourselves with the guidance by the contractor via telephone. they thought its simple. yes, to them but thats technical problem, not our job. we had experience it before, during a long public holidays. there were no one to fix the problem. so just imagine that we had to do manual sales for the whole week! the maintenance manager came to check on our system. unfortunately that was the day when the contractor came for the first day after the holidays to fix our problem. he scolded them all. padan muka depa! what am gonna do next is to type a report on what happened today and pass it to my area manager.

o yea... megat had his graduation concert last saturday. it was really an enjoyable night, to remember. my heart beat was dub dab dub dab when the emcee announced that megat and his two other friends would present their farewell speech for that night. megat spoke in mandarin while his other friends talked in malay and english. alas... almost all the chinese people in the hall praised him for the very good presentation... hah! i took lotsa pics, will post here once i have some free time to scan them all :)

i already posted my deepavali and raya wishes to you all yesterday. here i would also like to take this opportunity to wish that everyone had a safe journey back to your respective home town and have fun with your loved ones.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

happy deeparaya...

we would like to wish all our family & friends esp blogging friends...




kuE, puteri & megat

kuE's note: pic taken during 1st day of hari raya in 2003 :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

why now?

wow weee... usually this is the time around when people (no matter relatives or friends) started to search for me and ask for raya monies envelope. i could see all those kind of fake smilies all around me. where were they before this? be cool kuE... still got few more days to go...

Friday, October 28, 2005

kuE's blogging type is...

...Logical and Principled

you like to voice your well thought out opinions on your blog.

and if someone doesn't what you write, you really don't care!

serious and blunt, sometimes people take your blog the wrong way.

but you're a true and loyal friend to those who truly get you.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

nak bodek ke ni?

a colleague kak azlina just called, to inform that there is a berbuka puasa meet with the kpdn people at the casuarina hotel ipoh. it seems that the event is only for selected hmm... hmm... (like me... whose alwiz kepochi... hahaha... no lar).

on the other hand, we received a fax this morning for an invitation to a hari raya get-together at bukit merah lake town resort (azmi & Zed, this is a good hint for you man...) on 17 november 2005. this is also a chance for us to meet and know more about our new retail sales manager (rsm), northern region who officially started working here since less than 1.5 weeks ago. anyhow all of us from n5 and part of n6 area already met him last monday at nizam's place for the "berbuka puasa bersama anak-anak yatim" event. it was a very successfull one, we were all so glad that everyone were damn happy. even though D.O. can't make it, at least the C.A.D.O. came. it was a night to remember. hope that we could do a better one in the future.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

need i say more

V (26/10/2005 2:56:51 PM): hi

kuE: alo


kuE: not as bz as u lar

V: :-P

V: apasal nak cari keje dgn i??

kuE: kena explain ke

V: only if u want to...

kuE: now tak convenient lar, staff ada dgn i now

V: ok la... just thought i'd say hi.. nanti u kata i sombong plak..

kuE: :-P

kuE: anyway... ada ke?

V: that's another long story...

kuE: like what

V: nanti la i cite

kuE: so secretive meh?

V: ada la

kuE: so when lar agaknya tu

V: nanti i call ok?

kuE: u bz lar, i know

V: ya la... nak raya la... nak tutup kedai

kuE: when is your holiday starts

V: this weekend

kuE: o ok

V: nanti i call la

V: ok?

kuE: ok boss

V: ok' take care

kuE: alrite u too

kuE's power colour is...

... GOLD!

at your highest:
you are engrossed in passions that mentally stimulate you.

at your lowest:
you seek thrills and neglect what's important in your life.

in love:
you see dating as adventure and approach it with an open attitude.

how you're attractive:
you passion for life makes others passionate about you.

your eternal question:
"am i having fun?"

kuE's note: i was so eager to try this quiz after read sheryl's.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

running on empty


Saturday, October 22, 2005

raya fever

today i was more concentrate on planning my staff' work time table. it was damn head-ache man...

thank god i appointed two new staff joined us on 1 october 2005. i fired one of the cashier in mid of september because he was on drugs and police was looking after him. he was a very good worker but one thing that he was bad on the other. so i promoted one of the staff to be my new cashier, of course on a 3-months probation basis. the effect really shown on this another staff because i could see that he dun wanna join the rest of his colleagues. he prefer to be more at the cashier counter instead. never mind, looks like there will be a counselling session one day.

thursday morning, i had to rush myself to work after sending megat to school. cracked my head to prepare the raya pre-plan arrgghhh... wa lau ley... what make me mad was that liling called me only on my way to ipoh the day before (wednesday). she wanna me to complete the form on the day itself as hq need the info asap. shit. how was i supposed to do it when at the same time i had a meeting that day. i tried to call pojie back in the office to ask him to flip through last year's raya pre-plan. of course i can't do it that way. in fact i was the one who did the pre-plan everytime. no one knows. anyhow i decided to bring back the form and fax the completed one in the morning. i think that was all because of the ASR programme that liling has mistaken us with the other area. the ASR programme for our area has been postponed to mid of november. it supposed to be started two days after i attended the briefing in prai. it cannot be carry-on as scheduled because of some technical problems. fuhh...

next i have to figure out enough stocks for the raya order. have to get this out by monday morning though.

hmm... my three friends shaidi, nizam and azah were here again yesterday for us to have some final discussions for the community programme at nizam's place this monday. they are depending on me for the VIP guest i.e. D.O., OCPD, etc. one big mistake that i've done was trusting a cousin-in-law who is working in the gomen opis. firstly i asked her to pass-on the invitation cards on our behalf eventually with high hopes. few days ago i tried to call and sms her to ask about it. unfortunately she didn't answer any of my calls or sms'. then i thought to myself, "why am i so stupid, i should have tried to do it myself instead!". so i call 103, asked for the D.O.'s office number. the operator gave me pejabat tanah's number. then on i found out from the D.O.'s P.A. that they didn't receive any cards from us. huh... my temper was damn hot that time. after that incident i decided not to trust that cousin-in-law anymore.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

al-fatihah to datin seri endon mahmood

datin seri endon mahmood passed away at 7.55am this morning.

may allah bless her soul.


kuE's note: click here to read more about her.

Monday, October 17, 2005

i've been tracked!

gosh... yes, they tracked me! i was so damn surprised this morning after i found out that my post on bebudak koleq tu is now featured in their "blogs on koleq" (check-out the koleq colour guys) page. anyhow i didn't talk bad about you all lar guys... my generations all studied there i.e. my late great-grandpa, my late grandpa, my dad, my bro, my cousin, uncle etc. so no harm kan... sometimes i always like to remember the good ol' school days where my school is one of the three famous schools here other than koleq and kelipot *smile*. guess what my mom was studying in the same school with me, married a budak koleq! my auntie too! even my cousin also. her hubby was in the same badge with my brother.

fyi my dad received an invitation card from his hockey teacher. o yea... my dad was the best hockey player then. the teacher is celebrating his 70th birthday at the pan pacific glenmarie on the 29th or 30th if i'm not mistaken. according to my mom, the teacher requested my dad to sing cliff richard songs for that special day. wohoo... way to go dad...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

kuE's balak?

i was at my desk, checking my cashier's last few days till reports. where got time? i only can do this most of the times during weekends. suddenly pojie came in, "kak ... balak kak ... datang". har?!!! when on earth i have one? hahaha... then pojie continued while pointing his right thumb to the cctv, " tak de lar... abang nizam. tu... yang kete ijau tu". eee... i thought who lor...

nizam came alone for +/- 10 mins only just to pick-up the invitation cards that i've printed for them. he left behind 4 cards for me to hand-deliver to some of the important guest' from here. according to nizam, azah is in kl now for few days. aii... shopping for raya ke kawan? ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

seven -- tagged

i have been tagged by Leilanie with a 7. thanks kawan.
here we go with 7 things thingy from kuE

seven things i plan to do (Insya-Allah) before i die:

1. haj.
2. see my kids turn into fine muslim human beings.
3. settle well before i'm old. take care of myself, look my best, generally maintain myself better.
4. make more people actually BELIEVE that you don't have to have a Degree to be successful, an expert in your field or intelligent. that's me!
5. have free time to finish all my UFOs and be the first malaysian to display his/her quilts in a solo exhibition (boleh ke ni? hehe...).
6. to become somewhat of a world traveler going to places like Egypt, Italy, Morocco, India and the UAE.
7. be very knowledgeable about Islam, and be even more consistent in my prayer timing, doa’s, and have enough time to set aside just for praying a bit extra, and increase my ilmu. amin.

seven things i can do:
(you missed this one kawan)

1. decorate. i love to decorate!

2. sew and make quilts. (ref. to no. 5 in the above answer) anyhow i'll post some of my quilt pics someday ;)
3. drive as fast as i can. i lurrvveee to do this when i drive alone
4. customer service. i am very good in this i.e. hospitality industry
5. bake a great shortbread buiscuits
6. chat on the fon with a closed one (namely friends) for more than two hours
7. temberang a bit, esp those times when i was a secretary in a building constructions company in sj hehe...

seven things i cannot do:

1. complete complex math problems
2. be an accountant
3. have an indian boyfriend/husband (i know this one quite sensitive to some, but really, i cannot do this at all!!! sorry)

4. eat seafood
5. avoid chocolates
6. left home without bringing my fon
7. participate in the fear factor programme (survivor or the apprentice: donald ok! can't wait for the apprentice: martha to be screened here anyway)

seven celebrities crushes:
(in alphabetical orders)

1. anuar zain
started when i was 12, zaman “kain pelikat”. eee… shy lor lol. cikgu razak was my music teacher. anuar used to come to his house (huhu... now this house has been demolished to one of the koleq's dormitory) during school holidays and the rest were history. now, juz biasa-biasa je.
2. bros
heart throbs during the 80s
3. cliff richard
is it because my dad sangs his songs (budak koleq, remember the wanderers? *glurp*) that i like him. anyhow he's one true great artist. no drugs, no tobaccos, nothing.
4. donny osmond
donny & marie osmond, also the osmond brothers are my all-time favs until now. i used to ask my dad to spin their cassettes (yes, cassettes) esp donny & marie all the way to balik kampung when my dad was based in kluang last time around the 70's. just imagined, the long hours journey those times plus the same singers singing non-stop! lol
5. george clooney
i like his movies a lot
6. richard marx
famous in 80s as well, that his songs are still one of the best now
7. tom cruise
i dunno, maybe because he's handsome ;)

seven things i say most often:

1. darling/sayang (for puteri & megat)
2. kewl!!
3. shit (when damn angry of course)
4. damn
5. lor
6. yea… yea…
7. plus many others that only applicable for those 18SGG++ hahaha…

seven things that attracts me to the opposite sex :

1. no body odour
2. intelligence
3. maturity but not a stick in a mud
4. looks (particularly a cheeky smile and lovely eyes)
5. grace
6. honesty
7. that indefinable 'spark'

seven people i want to do this with :

1. kay -- i dunno whether she has a blog.
suhaimi sulaiman
fakhrul imran
6. the first budak koleq who found this *ahaks* (except u Suhaimi)
7. the first budak kelipot who found this *grins*
note for no. 6 & 7: if u all know who i am, mati lar i rotfl no lar... lol. btw please let me know ok, so that i could place a link to your site/blog :)


Friday, October 14, 2005

the real truth about girls

1. gossip isnt a sin. its an art.

2. we arent ashamed to cry.

3. we must go to the bathroom in groups.

4. we have this thing called feelings.* dont hurt them. *

5. we dont wake up looking pretty. it takes time and effort. **

6. sometimes is just never quite enough.

7. we need girls nights OFTEN.

8. we hold grudges and we never forget the things you say to us that hurt.

9. it doesnt matter who dumped who or why. whenever we see an ex with another girl, it always bothers us. not

because were not over you, but because we know we used to be that girl.

10. makeup can hide so many things, like puffy eyes from crying to huge scars from a broken heart.

11. never ever ask a girl what she weighs; or imply anything about her weight being too much or too little. just don`t

do it. (kuE: i dun mind ;) )

12. never ask a girl if shes being so bitchy cause of PMS...cause other things annoy us...duh

13. as much as we say we didnt like u that much...we did

14. girls notice every little thing so be careful what you say and do.

15. our eyes are located in our heads. not our chest or butt. when youre not looking in our eyes, WE KN0W.

16. we get a feeling in our gut when things are wrong (seriously true).

17. sometimes we trust you because we want to even when we know you are lying, and it hurts.

if you agree. repost and make the subject " the truth about girls"

and if u dont repost this your going to turn into a boy over night (hahaha)if you agree repost this with (THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT GIRLS)

kuE's note: got this from here.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

harley for sale?

i really dunno about this.

shaidi, nizam and azah were here yesterday afternoon to discuss more about the programme on the 24th. suddenly dad came-in, absolutely surprised seeing the three of them. after a few chats, he asked nizam whether he wanna buy a harley davidson sporster +/- RM40K. that sounded weird as he always mentioned that the two harleys at home are definitely not for sale, as thats gonna be one each for my brother and megat. strange. "tak mau lar uncle, orang muda-muda mana ada pakai motor macam tu", said nizam. all of us just laughed. then he asked shaidi. "oikk... dah macam harga satu ----- , tak boleh lar..."

note for azmi: V has spoken-out actually. on that day itself, just when i was about to disconnect my broadband, V popped-out another and told me off. i saved it somewhere hehe... shy lor... maybe someday... btw kawan, long time you never up-date your blog. what happened?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


so damn tension... dad just walked out. had a silence fight with him. that was all because we are from the two different generations with two different thinking. he wanna me to follow his ways while i (of course) had my own certain ways. everytime he mumbling, i would just kept quiet and make dunno. when i did that he said that i didn't respect him. and when i answered him, he said that i was so stubborn blah blah blah. grrr...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


i was cracking my head, designing an invitation card for the VIPs for the community program at nizam's place on the 24 october 2005. yes, its now confirmed. five of us shaidi, syed, nizam, azah (nizam's sister) and me visited the rumah anak-anak yatim kati yesterday after a short meeting at ISO. anyhow, suddenly V popped-out via YM.

V: hey there
kuE: hie
V: how hv u been?
kuE: ok lor
V: at d !@#%* ?
kuE: yup
V: bz?
kuE: biasa lar. u?
V: been bz. doing some corp restructuring
kuE: must b damn bz i guess
V: ye la
kuE: betul what
V: of course
V: i dah pindah tau
V: i think nicer hse in bandar baru tambun
V: 2storey terrace
kuE: i thought u dun need big one
V: smaller... but nicer
kuE: ooo ok
V: how hv u been?
kuE: hmmm dtg tak bgtau pun
kuE: so far so good i guess
V: dtg kejap2 je la
V: tak nak kacau u
kuE: ye ke
V: ala.. dtg tak sempat nak apa2 pun
kuE: hi hi bye bye huh?!!
V: a'a
V: something like that.. spending most of my time in kl
kuE: ok
V: u pun senyap gak
kuE: u bz, tak mau kacau jugak
V: :-P
kuE: eee jahatnya
V: hows the puasa month been?
kuE: ok, getting more thinner. dan lar 5 days :))
V: ayo... just dont lose that sweet ass of yours... ;)
kuE: oikk... i think ade lar +/- 41kgs lol
V: got add bit more weight la
V: actually got a confession to make to u... even puasa month got to tell u
kuE: whats that
kuE: :-?

kuE: sowey puter hang
V: ok?
kuE: u wr saying sumthin' juz now
V: my confession...
kuE: whats that
kuE: :-?
kuE: :

almost 20mins sangap there. i tak heran cuz he is one of the most damn bz man in the country. well maybe suddenly he got something on there. i know... i've been to his office once ;)
what questioned me is that the c.o.n.f.e.s.s.i.o.n. he wanna tell me. what is it?!!...

kudos PDAM!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

technology wow...

i'm blogging from my cousin's place in TTDI right now. my auntie invited all her nieces and nephews to buka puasa with her family. we (besides kids, mom and grandma also followed me) would later overnight at my sis' place in KD. grandma was not in the mood to come over in the first place. dunno whats her angin this time. the best way is for us (mom and me) to keep this matter to ourselves. what when this is during the fasting month!

anyhow we reached here by 5, immediately relaxing by reading some mags. firstly i thought i would get some nap. after some time i guess of coming up here cuz i know they alwiz have something new. anyhow i continued relaxing at the couch infront of the tv. within a few mins i decided to look around. i was tremendously shocked seeing 2 PCs (1 at the family room and 1 in my cousin Z's room here) and 1 laptop, all online at the same time. i hooked here instead. suddenly my cousin N (Z's big sister) appeared from downstairs. she came towards me, smiling, while saying... "best kan... semua online sekali. mike* pun kalau dari office, sambungkan wireless ke bilik mike*, teman* rasa boleh. hmm... boleh tau, best!". yea... what a damn good idea. maybe you (N) could help when you balik kampung for raya. unfortunately maybe she dunno that i need to get a new one as my laptop is not working dammit. thats why i seldom online from my bedroom now. well N is in the IT line anyway, that makes her really a puter savvy. she was with WYWY before but got a better offer with the current company that i'm not really know.

*note: those words are from the perak state dialect ~
1. mike means you ("awak" in malay).
2. teman means i/me ("saya" in malay)

when the bough breaks

i definitely dun have the time to watch tv during the day. but after i send puteri to school this morning, i simply clicking the remote to different channels. suddenly this movie "when the bough breaks" on cinemax got me hooked! the story-line was really interesting that i decided to watch it until end. besides that maybe the actors & actresses were great in their acting. not forgetting the kid actors/acctresses were damn good too, just like real-life.

when come to the locals, almost all kids in the local films cannot act very well. this is one thing that lack in the local film industries. thats why i seldom watch local films except the one like sepet. ok lor... can't review much, rushing to kl after fetch puteri. my auntie invited all her nieces and nephews to buka puasa at her place in ttdi.

Friday, October 07, 2005

selamat berpuasa

i am damn sleepy right now. i could say that i might look like zombies hehe... i reached home at 10pm last night. but as usual i look damn fresh after shower. in the end i only got about 4 hours sleep. we wake up for sahur at 4am.

this is being the 3rd day of the fasting month. megat also trying his best but he only managed to do it until about 2pm so far. he was very happy that he will get RM1 for the last two days (50 sen each day as he completed 1/2 day only). i dunno how is he now at home. normally we break our fast at home. but yesterday i was at the casuarina hotel from +/- 10am for a meeting right up until buka puasa time. yesterday was quite fun, breaking fast with all my working collegues from the whole state. foods there were tremendously wonderful, lotsa varieties. the best among the best was definitely its well-known cucur bawang. so whoever happens to go there make sure you never missed that.

i found two postings that makes me wanna share them here with you, while blog-hopping earlier.

lastly, before its too late i would like to wish all my muslim friends around the world, selamat berpuasa and may all the good things come along the way :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

weekend up-date

i didn't have time at all yesterday to type this. u know lar... monday is the busiest day of my life! especially in the office i.e. weekly reports, banking, plus more office works all to submit by monday blah blah blah...

saturday, 1.10.05
dad went to kl with my son in the morning. they attended a cousin's wedding that nite at taman melawati i think. mom was there at sis' place from last tuesday. my daughter didn't follow them because there was "hari ko-kurikulum" in school on sunday. besides that she has to go to school on saturday too for the replacement class on the early year-end school holidays from 4 november 2005 until 2 january 2006. anyway i brought grandma and daughter to ipoh after school, saje jalan-jalan ;)

this pic was taken on 22 september 2005, when i went there with 2 of my staff

sunday, 2.10.05
send puteri to her school for the "hari ko-kurikulum" by 8. i came back around 9, after i had my breakfast and completed my laundry. megat called around 11 that he already back home. around 12, i called puteri to go back as there was nothing much already. we had lunch at home. by 2.15, we went out again this time with both of my kids. there's a petronas street smart exhibition by petrosains in town from 18 september to 16 october 2005. i guess this is the first time such exhibition held here. the responses are awesome especially among school childrens and also during the weekends. puteri participated in the colouring contest and she was one of the selected winners. kids were lucky that day because there were also special appearance (first time) by the street smart mascots of mutu, ah chong and siti (hmm... the typical malaysian names lor...). megat was so damn happy. he also followed them dancing all the way. megat even was friendly as usual with the kakak-kakak and abang-abang there that makes him got some extra gifts from them. unlucky me that i lost my cam-fon last week. if not i would have taken a lot of pics then load them directly to my account :(

Saturday, October 01, 2005

V moved

i've just read an off-line message frm V on my ym, juz after i completed the previous post. he told me that he has already moved to a double-storey terrace at bandar baru tambun (ipoh's house). it seems that the new place is more spacious and newer (got such word? rotfl). so he must has been came over but didn't let me know hehe...


this is the 2nd time i got this experience. it was so damn hard for me to browse-thru ANY site this morning. i was very happy when i got thru but... grr... s--- so this is being the 2nd time i'm, typing this story again lor...

i was doing my laundry at our backyard this morning. my grandma was there too feeding the cats, also doing some of her other daily routines i.e. water the plants etc. suddenly my son came to join us and his conversations with grandma really tickled me ;)

son : onyang, macam mana kucing beranak.
grandma : hah... macam orang ler... perut buncit tu dia beranak lar...
son : tapi macam mana onyang, depa kahwin ke (hahaha... i already laughed to myself at this point).
grandma : heh... ada ke... budak-budak mana boleh cakap macam tu tak baik.
son : hmm... mana lar cik lan tau, ingat kan depa kahwin macam orang.