Friday, September 30, 2005

1/2 an hr...

i have already called the maxis centre to report about my stolen fon. my line will be blocked in 1/2 an hr. before that i tried to call my number. after a few tried someone answered but there was so damn silence on the other party. so i told whoever that was, "saya mau saya punya sim card saja sebab banyak important numbers ada dalam. kalau u mau saya punya fon u boleh ambik tapi kasi balik saya punya sim card. kalu u tak mau cakap, kejap lagi saya mau potong itu line". still, so damn quiet there. i talked in chinese accent because according to a friend a chinese answered in her language, when he called my number this morning. eee... geram betul!!!

nizam and her sister came about 1/2 an hr ago to return some of my promotion items that they borrowed. "wheyy... kawan, still got more stuff not return lor... plus some hutang-piutang..." lol. never mind lar... maybe during our meeting next week on the 5th or 6th. i found out that nizam didn't call me before he came. so i told them about my fon and gave azah puteri's fon number for the time being while i get my new sim card.

almost 1/2 an hr after i send puteri to school, she called and asked me to bring her back as she was not feeling well. she was having some head-ache and vomitted. her teacher helped her to wait for me in the office. but that time i was helping megat getting ready for his kindy. then puteri has to wait for about 1/2 an hr also.


i lost my fon!!!

it was yesterday, maybe at jusco. earlier i went for a meeting at nizam's place. then i went off to kc to get some faber-castell colour pencils for the school activity on sunday. when i wanted to start my car then only i realised that my nokia 7250i gone! arrgghhhhh..... i was like lost on my way back while listening to my fuyoo! cd so damn loud hehe...

luckily i could borrow puteri's cute panasonic a100 for the time being. the thing that i hate so much is that i need the sim card. all the very damn important numbers are all inside there. grr... what i need to do next is to ask maxis to block my line temporary.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

frm beijing wz love

i juz wanna share this another pic that i took yesterday. this one came out late on maybe there was something wrong with the mms feature on my fon. fyi on we could juz upload pics that we have taken frm the camera-fon to the site easily via an email addy given. o yea... check-out the jade bangle and hrc's key-chain :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

up-date on W's case

err, complicatednya story ni... So, sapa yang curi sebenarnya? heheheh...

to answer testedDNA's Q (refer prev post' comment), i can guarantee u 101% that W was not the one. that asst manager simply wanna create stories. i guess maybe there's sumthin' she's not satisfied with W that makes her still wanna stand still on her damn idiot statement. no commom sense at all!!!

lucky W came to see me at about 5.30pm. i just reached home half an hour earlier from sungkai. there was an invitation for a community programme at a friend's place there. half way from ipoh i dropped-by at another friend's (shaidi ~ now i typed name cuz there's too many initials of 'S' lol) place so that we car-pool together. shaidi is a married man. he only knew about my livehood as a single-mom maybe late last year or early this year. same to my other working friends too. so now the guys alwiz like to tease me especially all those uncles. on the way to sungkai, we talked about the definitions of having a second wife (for men) or husband (for ladies especially single mom like me :) ) and/or by just having a girlfriend or boyfriend. for shaidi, he would rather to stay with a girlfriend than to marry another. as for the dosa, that could be placed a side hahaha... thats shaidi's opinion NOT me! lol. it seems men who married more than one has to be fair and square to all his wives. shaidi don't think
that he could do that thats why. fyi the pic above was me at +/-0815, waiting for shaidi at his place. janji melayu betul budak tu! lol

btw back to W's case... she told me that the company's area manager A, dropped-by at their place this afternoon on her way to lumut. prob she was so damn fed-up of the stupid case too that she asked the asst manager to pull back her report so that they just close this case. but she (the asst mgr) was so damn stubborn that she dun wanna do that unless W pull back her report first. all of us behind W certainly not agree if W would do that because she has been picked up by the police officers from her work place! just imagine what the public (who were also the company's customers) would describe that scene. anyhow for sure i'll up-date more when i have the news from W.

a working friend nizam called me earlier that there will be a meeting tomorrow at his place at 1pm about the community programme during ramadhan month this coming 19th october 2005. "alar... lunch kat dataran je lar...", he said. ok lor... we had a mesyuarat tergempar meja bulat this morning in sungkai. we were shocked when our am (area manager) told us that the next chosen place for a community programme in our area this year is nizam's. *phew* lucky not mine! lol... touched wood mannn hehe...

Monday, September 26, 2005

business ethics

this is being the second time i type about a bad incident that i’m going to tell it off here. i already wrote about the whole thing last saturday evening but unfortunately my broadband was dc just after I click ‘publish post’. grr… maybe because of the bad weather that evening.

anyhow here’s the story like.

i was sitting quietly in my office, finishing my paper works. suddenly i saw my former cashier W came in (my office full of glass wall). at first her appearance didn’t surprise me at all because her bf M has just been promoted as a cashier here. but then i suspected that there must be something wrong as she was sobbing through. so i asked her from my office itself. she pushed my office door while peeking thru and said that there was nothing wrong. within seconds, she already sits in front of me. this time maybe she can’t hold it anymore that she continued crying. she has been accused of stealing!

she slept in the workplace’s hostel on friday night together with two assistant manager’s S1 and S2. she went to sleep only after +/- 3am. according to her, their personal belongings were placed in the same room that the three of them slept. as soon as they woke-up the next day, one of them realized that a camera and some monies were missing. besides that, they also found out that their bags already been moved out to the next room. W wanted to view at the time on her bf’s handphone (she borrowed M’s because hers is not working) that was placed in her bag. to everybody’s surprised, W’s bf’s handphone also missing. one of the assistant managers S1 tried to call the number but failed. the worst thing here was that no thorough investigations done but S simply accused W who was the master mind behind all this. the way S1 work was not professional at all. the company is such a well-known one in the country but it was not professionally managed. it seems the manager K said that they have reported this case to the other area’s police station. why there and not here, as though here do not have one.

W asked for my opinion. so i asked her to make a police report too about her missing fon also on another issue that the management whose simply accused her of stealing. its not a matter of the material stuff here but through the people’s eyes who would look bad on W and her image too. i asked my cashier F to accompany her. when I called F later in the evening to find out about it, F said that the police officers asked him to go back and they would bring W later that evening to her workplace as they need to questioned other people involved too. amazingly W’s colleaugues including S1 and S2 were surprised when they saw W came that evening accompanied by some police officers. the truth turned out that the management actually haven’t make any report yet. thus they also went to the police station to make their reports too. another worst thing here was that K (the manager) was already been M.I.A. from 4pm that evening until to-date.

this morning W dropped-by to see me here on her way to the police station with her parents. i could see her face so calm and happy. she told me that her uncle and her brother are going to help her through this case, no matter what. her uncle even wanna bring her to the utusan malaysia’s office tomorrow so that the whole nation would know about the company’s bad management and let them faced the bad situation later on. way to go W! we are all on your side. well this morning W also thanked me for advising her to make the police report asap that day. i just smiled. as usual we salam and she kissed my hands before she went off.

i got a call from ASP N in the afternoon, asking about W. before that one of his officer came here to bring M to the police station, that they questioned M too. they tried to twist and turn their questions so that M would say that W was the ONE!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

RM1 coin

"terima duit syiling seringgit tak?", a man asked us this afternoon. we just hangguk-hangguk and smiled.

still on the money issue... chewah... quite talkative jugak i today huh?!! padahal keje pun tak abis lagi lol. anyway since this issue came out in the tv news on 5 september, also on the papers the day after, people just throw-in their RM1 coins to the cashiers. they don't even bother of what the circumstances that we would faced later on. if we do not accept the RM1 coins, u know lar, people would start complaining here and there. who knows next thing i will get a call from hq, asking me to write an explanation letter. thats what we called the lifestyle of the malaysian people. power to the people!

other choice is for them to go to the nearest banks and just exchange their money with no extra charge, simple as that. but like i told you, malaysian people chose to dump all their RM1 coins to us! huhu... anyhow i advised my cashier to accept whatever monies that the customers gave them except the fake one of course. grr...

ain't no rich!

i was having my lunch with my daughter this afternoon when she told me something that made my meart burst lol no lar...

i use to give puteri duit belanja of RM5.00 every monday for the whole week i.e. RM1/day. she told me that there was one monday, when her friend saw her took out the RM5.00 note from her pocket. her friend told her, "eee... kayanya". my eyes became more bigger and fully rounded. then i asked puteri whether she explained to her friend that the money supposed to be for five days. luckily puteri did. phew... kids these days... their mouth are so damn laser man!!! blimey they thought i'm rich? no way, we are just okay lor... not so bad.

hmm... talking about money thing, i received a letter from puteri's teacher last week to ask for some sponsorship of a number of hampers for the school's hari ko-kurikulum on this coming 2nd of october. it seems they were looking for me because that was my former school and that i could help. but they dunno that i'm supporting both my kids myself ahhh...!!! then i thought to myself, never mind lor... since that was my school. yea... ok i'll do it for MY SCHOOL.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

memoirs of a geisha

i was so damn excited while surfing just now. i found out that a new movie memoirs of a geisha", based on a novel by arthur golden is releasing in december 2005. dunno how about here? wow this is something not to be missed. i am for sure would be one of the first going to the tgv for this. one thing funny here is that i admit that i bought the novel thru mph on-line order in october 2003. i even signed the book and started reading it. too bad i still have not finish with the book! rotfl. well i know the main reason was that because of my damn tight schedule since august 2003. i really dun have the time to sit and complete some of my novels that i already bought from mph months ago. just imagine, by 9pm i already felt so sleepy. so when do you think i could read huh?!! i starts my day at +/- 5am right up till night; no day nap. as soon as i found out about this new movie just now, i thought to myself, "no way... i have to have one of my biggest mission of my life that is to start reading all my new novels, starting with "memoirs of a geisha" ". what i could do maybe to spare some time i.e. at least +/- 1 hour before bedtime for my reading pleasure. i'll let you know the updates from time to time :)

alright, back to the movie... one of the cast is none other than our very own ipoh mali born michelle yeoh. i myself like to watch her movies very much like tomorrow never dies and crouching tiger, hidden dragon to name a few. how lucky she is to be in the hollywood scenario, acting alongside famous actors/actresses there, also acting under the direction of the very well-known steven spielberg. what i could say here is that michelle is ain't other siti nurhaliza but in the acting business hehe...

gosh... gotta get back to work. still haven't ready the papers that i have to bring along tomorrow afternoon. am going to prai for a briefing on "asr". whats asr? maybe only certain people knows. dad is not coming as usual, so i'll be driving there myself. gotta check for the right direction with my friend later. it seems dad has to attend a court case on thursday, meaning that he will be going to kl tomorrow too. ini satu, tak de bala cari bala. i know, that case has been created by his former s----- w---. grr... she is really a perempuan mata duitan! we heard that she already remarry another, so whats she wanna some more?!! i really dunno why on earth got some women like to ruin other people's life like that.

a day in the life

blimey... when i was just about to click the 'new post' function, i saw that our load juz came in. looks like i gotta come back later :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

5 don't when u go sleeping

i've just received this from a friend at and wanted to share it with all of you here. i totally agree especially the last one hehe... read on...
  1. DON'T SLEEP WITH WATCH Watches can emit a certain level of radioactivity.Though small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time, it might have adverse effects on your health.
  2. DON'T SLEEP WITH BRA / UNDERWARE Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. Well the same goes down there for guys..... imagine having a prostectic part. So go to bed without it.
  3. DON'T SLEEP WITH PHONE Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged. Though some of us will use phones as alarm clocks, but please put the phone as far as possible. Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you, switch it off first.
  4. DON'T SLEEP WITH MAKE UP People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run. Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing and problem in perspiring. You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.
  5. DON'T SLEEP WITH OTHERS' WIFE OR HUSBAND You might be addicted and it is contagious...huhuhu..

mind your own business

i scolded a girl with tudung last sunday at my son's school during a colouring contest. i think that event was in conjunction with the merdeka day celebration. i didn't understand much of what the mc said because mostly everything was in mandarin. there were some kids from other kindergartens too. also there were some malay parents accompanying their kids. i really don't like the way they stared at my daughter and me, as though wanna eat us. i was juz wearing a non-sleeve blouse with a pants while my daughter was in her blouse and skirt. why they think they wore tudung that they already good enough? i don't believe in that statements at all. excuse me... not all girls/ladies wearing tudung are good okay?!!

i was really mad at that girl. here's the story like... i was sitting alone waiting for my son to finish colouring. there's also an old chinese lady besides me. my daughter was walking infront of me while that girl was on the other side. suddenly i saw her mouth moving (although i cannot hear what is it actually) saying something to her sister like... "ohh... melayu bukan cina". i was damn angry. so i waited for a chance to call her. as soon as she passed by me, i tapped on her shoulder and asked her to follow me to the side. i asked her of why she said such bad thing infront of people. i also reminded her that doing so was bad no matter directly or indirectly. i also told her off, "kalau awak nak bagitau kat mak awak tentang saya tegur awak, bagitau lar saya tak takut. kenapa, awak heran sebab dia tu putih. bapak dia cina sebab tu lar!". she was so shocked looking at me. she then said sorry to me of what she has done. i reminded her again, "okay lain kali jangan buat lagi".

wa lau ley... so young girl already knows how to tease/talk/gossip about people. wonder what would she be when she grows up. thats why i don't like to employ gal staff working with me. i know that their mouth would move more than their work! not my style man...

Monday, September 12, 2005

weekend break-away

it was really great being up there at the cameron highlands over the weekend. i went there last friday, back on saturday evening. it was supposed to be for two nites but unfortunately my son has to attend a colouring contest on sunday morning. there were four of us ~ grandma, both my kids and me. i planned that just after i went there the last few months ago. this time specially for grandma's 78th birthday and at the same i could bring my kids there too.

wish you were with us! that was my second time i think, both on my own! i never got the chance to go holiday anywhere during my childhood. don't ask my dad as he never bothered to do so *sigh*. thats why now, i would try my very best to bring my kids around and spare some time with them. i do not want the same thing happened to them. the sad thing was that my dad asked me to come back early, worried that mom would left alone that day. wa lau ley... not my fault. why he left her then if he really concerned about her. my dad was not around that saturday ~ his usual excuses of went to kl :(

okay... back to the trip. we stayed at the strawberry park resorts. i only took one pic there hehe... thats a pic of some of the food that i took from the buffet breakfast table (my sis' style lol). although the room rates were not inclusive of breakfast, we decided to have one there as we don't think the local restaurants are as good as ours. it really tells when we went for dinner on friday at one of the mamak restaurant somewhere in tanah rata area. the food were really sucks and the bills came out to almost RM40.00!!! pity my son who was really hungry, that he didn't even finish his chicken rice. so he shared my cheese nan. its true of what i heard about foods there ~ terrible and expensive, maybe acceptable to hotels or well-known restaurants. thats also what make us went to dine at secret recipe for lunch. fuhh!... they open just after i left there the last in june.

both my sisters drove all the way from kl and joined us after breakfast. they really surprised grandma and kids. we met at tanah rata. my sister parked her car there and we went down to cameron valley together. the scenery there was so damn nice. as soon as we reached the tea plantations, my kids and me went straight down to the estates to view the tea leaves ourselves. further down, there was a very cooling waterfall from a small streams. grandma and my sisters waited for us while having some tea at the company's shop. i bought some boxes of tea for my staff as soon as i reached the shop. by 11.30 one of my sister already asking us to go out from there as more people kept coming and the place were getting crowded.

my sister took her car when we went back to tanah rata. we continued our journey up to brinchang. we stopped-by a few strawberry farms on the way up. we had our lunch before we carried-on to visit the butterfly farm. lastly we dropped-by some vegetable shops. that was grandma's favourite. she bought lotsa vegies there. we finished about 3.30pm. we then drove all the way back via kampung raja and thru the new road to simpang pulai, while my sisters went back to kl using the same road. i wished to come back some other time for a really good holiday.

o yea... maybe u realise that there's no other pics than the tea plantations huh?!! lol. well i used my nokia 7250i. i guess there must be something wrong with my mms features. i still couldn't get the other pics till now arrgghhh...

well, where's next anyway ;)

note: all pics taken by me except the last one taken by my son, all using my nokia 7250i :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

cameron trip?

i was sooo mad at dad! mom told him that i plan to bring grandma to cameron highlands for her birthday this friday. my dad was extremely against this idea with reasons that the journey is so dangerous, also the weather that is very bad these days. he doesn't even know that samy vellu has bulit a new road from simpang pulai (?).

anyway mom just called me saying that she called one of my auntie in ipoh to tell her about this. both of them laughed by my dad's kekolotan. i'll continue later. gotta pick-up my son, dun wanna him to cry no more :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

inner bonding

yea... i'm gonna go back early today!!! well promised my son that i'll try to finish work at 5 but looks like it gonna be in 5 mins after i complete this ;)

i was about 5 to 10 mins late in my son's school (he finished at 12 noon today until wednesday, practising his mandarin speech for the school concert). he was crying when i went there to fetch him. oh dear... he is sooo manja thats why.

ok, yesterday we did go for bowling in the morning. we had breakfast at home anyway. my cousin called just before we went to ipoh, to confirm about her daughter's birthday. thank god she called cuz we didn't receive her card before, only today! so after bowling, we went to mph to bought some presents. then off to mcD in ipoh town to join my cousin for her daughter's 5th birthday. most of her guest were our own relatives. my cousin is a single mom too! the difference is that she has a daughter only :) we really had fun during the party.

gtg 6 o'clock already! here's some of the party pics...

buta gambar?!!

grr... this morning i was damn mad at this old man. i was on my weekly routine of changing water for my money plant in my office. so as usual i went to the ladies toilet. as soon as i wanted to go in there, an old man came out while trying to button-up his pants. damn it!!! don't tell me a picture sign also a buta huruf can be a buta gambar?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

my dad

we are supposed to go for bowling this morning but my dad asked us to go tomorrow instead. it seems that he is going to kl today and only be back tomorrow morning. the difficult thing was to think of other plan to convince my son. so i promised to bring him to the playground this evening. also maybe going out for breakfast at mcD tomorrow (?) *gosh*

he thinks i dunno whats he up to huh?!! he would tell everyone the same thing whenever its the time for him to go out at least once a week. he would say kl but actually he went to seremban, the second part of his other half. hahaha... is this correct lol. this really makes my heart broken once i knew about this myself few months ago. unofortunately i didn't record the date damn it. well its good to know something that we don't like ourself right rather than we knew it from someone else. fuhh... it really hurts.

i just came back from a few days off. i saw something weird that morning in my office' trash bin! some typed papers were hand-schredded. i took them and tried to join them although i knew that it may take some time. i'm a big girl lor... within a few joined i could already figure out what was that all about. i was about to cry but try to stop there as i knew i would be facing my staff later also the publics. i really cannot cope with my jobs that day. i don't dare to ask my mom as i'm not that close with her than my dad. i was so angry with him as he never tell me about this thing. so i decided to ask V. i sms him first, telling that i got something to tell. i was afraid if i would disturbed him. but then he called me. so i told him about the whole thing happened that morning. V advised me to ask my dad slowly and be calm as he knew that i am much more close to my dad than his other kids. i never did!!! until now. even he never tell me about it himself. too scared to tell or what?

once i reached home after work that day, i quickly went up to my room and hid the papers that i found under my pillow (like those dramas lol). i just kept the bad news to myself that day. the next morning i went to my mom's room. she just finished performing her prayers while crying, from what i could saw from her red eyes. so i thought to myself that this must got something to do with what i found! i asked her, "ma, why you cry". she replied "err... takde takde". i didn't questioned further, went out of her room left her alone.

i came back to her after i send both my kids to school. i told her about the incident as short as possible but right to the point. she just cried while saying, "betul lar tu". she could saw my angry face. she told me not to ask dad anything, let it just be. she also advised me to act normal and as a god daughter to treat my dad as good as possible, not to bother his personal life. other than that, she asked me to take a very good care of the business.

what i could say is... deep in my heart i am so angry of what he have done. i was so fortunate that i found the papers first after my dad left the same office that same morning. luckily my staff didn't clear my office yet as the supervisor only started work at 10.30 that day!

i remember that he alwiz not satisfied if i never tell him about my personal life. well how about him right. he was the one who taught us all this type of secretive thing. whatever it is, i love you so much papa...


wa lau ley... i just found out that gubra (no official website for this one yet) by yasmin ahmad was shot here too!!!! how come i dunno, huh?!! can't wait to watch it anyway. fyi my bro was the music editor for her previous movie sepet :)


yes yes yes... i've added! who ever wanna know when i updates my blog, you could do so from now. its just simple. type in your email addy in the box provided, click 'subscribe', walla... you will be informed via email. isn't that so easy.

next step is for me to figure out how to add my friends/most read blogs.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

my... oh my...

i was sooo damn shocked after i unsealed an envelope from maxis earlier. guess what. my dd's total sms bill was RM157.20! while the total fon calls that she made was just RM11.97 instead. she just joined me here and i already explained to her (again) whats the do's and don'ts. i also told her that she supposed to understand our situations. well, i dunno whether this is my fault *grr...* of giving her a supplementary line for her birthday last year. she promised to follow my rules anyway *phew*

o yeah... i had some quality times with both of my kids yesterday. in fact i didn't even touch my workload, let juz my dad run the show :)

by +/-0915, we already reached ipoh, had breakfast at the coffee bean. actually kids wanna eat at mcD. oh no... kids these days alwiz want mcD! i have to convince them that the coffee bean also have some good breakfast meals i.e. my son's fav of scrambled egg. fuhh...

we then headed to the ipoh bowl, played three rounds of games for almost two hours. it was second time for dd and first time for ds. it was really fun to have some great times like this. ds even asked for more next time during weekends. alright son, we'll c...

the tough part... dealed with kids not to buy anything as we went out yesterday just to have some fun together. in the end we end up of buying some toiletries at guardian (thats fine), also new pair of shoes for both of them at timberland. hmm... luckily the malaysia mega sale carnival is still on till 4 september 2005, that ds and dd shoes were worth buying for 70% and 30% respectively hehe... looks like these ones are for raya! actually i was eagerly interested on one of the boots there, maybe i'll come back ;)