Saturday, December 31, 2005

the last day of 2005

the count down for new year 2006 has started...

i know that you are steadily enter the new year that is showing up. wether you are alone, with the family, with your darling, at work for some of you, ill for some others, with your friends or in front of your favourite pc, i do wish you all, each one of u, whether amateur, professional, discreet or super talkative, excellent and explosive new year.
everyone must have been typed about their new year' resolution by now. i guess its not my style. ain't not gonna do that. every new year that comes is the same thing. ok lor... maybe i just wanna wish for these 3 important points-

1. get more monies for future (who knows whats gonna happened next rite)

2. puteri do well in her upsr exams this year

3. good success to megat too!

note to self
. . . and to my readership as well:

be sure to write 2006 on all you checks/other important documents.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

penang... here we come!

we were in bercham, ipoh giving some supports to our new friend. i parked my 4wd at shaidi's place and we went there together with syed. the thing was, i dunno how to get there. never been to such place anyway! azah was among others who reached there early.

we gonna meet again tomorrow for a seminar in sunway hotel, seberang jaya. shaidi and syed were asking whether i wanna go with them. when i met azah, she asked the same thing. i decided to go with azah then. ok set kawan, you pick me up at 12.30.

" ..., maybe we could go to penang after that kan? gurney plaza... eee... ", azah told me. "now still on sale kan. maybe we could go to the new metrojaya in island plaza".

i smiled.

yea... i remembered the last time i went to gurney plaza (with mom and kids) was more than a year ago. at one time, i walked outside the gurney drive somewhere along gurney plaza with puteri and megat. mom was alone in the plaza, still shopping. we breathed the fresh air of the sea. ohh... so damn soothing. that was a few weeks before the tsunami tragedy. we were at home relaxing when suddenly we heard about the bad incident in the tv news (can't remember which channel though). dad was looking at me. my eyes became big, stunned! we were there few weeks before that :(

"oh my god", said mom.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

sleep well my dear...

about the same time like yesterday, i chatted with david again. as soon as he reached home which is a four hours drive from his mom's, he attacked his puter, uploading pics and videos for me to see and watch. check-out one of the videos below-

after a while he told me that he was tired and need a rest. it was only around 9.30pm (tue) or so there and 1.30pm (wed) local time. so we decided that he should go to bed while i continue my work. not long after that, my cell fon rang. it was from a private number. my instinct thought that it must be david.

"hello... [my nick] -he pronounced it differently than locals hehe... "

i knew it!

"i cannot sleep hun. really. i have to call and tell you this before that so that i could sleep well."

"what's that abang *drool* ", i asked.

"i am so truly in love with you. eventhough we are so far away from each other, different continents, 16 hours apart, you are my only one. i am so glad that mom saw you. she even talked to you. we are blessed hun. i do not have anything to worry no more. she likes you. "

"i wanna marry you hun. this would be my second marriage (and yours too) and it would also be the last. you would be my one and only wife not two (he knows about dad).", he continued.

"okay. i wanna sleep now after a long drive. now i feel so relieve after telling you all this."

Monday, December 26, 2005


i am sooooo happy today...

happy happy happy.........................

i dunno what to say... really, i really dunno how to say this-

david was at mom's since friday to celebrate xmas with his family. i was at work and my pc was on as usual. i send my love via off-line message to david. suddenly he pops-out. we chat on ym for a while. i tried to on the vid cam. so david saw me. even his mom joined in towards the end. although i'm using broadband in office sometimes i do get dc arrghhh... so at one time it was paused. what happened? i was worried. then i realised that it was mine! restart. but still nothing. then my heart said that i should try to call david's cell fon. it took me few mins to think. i dialled and wait. no answer. err... cannot be. so i tried again. "hello...", a lady's voice answered. i was nervous. she's david's mom! we talked a bit then, "you hang on, i'll pass the fon to david". *phew*

omigosh... my hearts beat so fast. that was the first time i talked to david's mom. i dunno what i was thinking. but as far as i know that i'm really happy. he told about me to the whole family. in fact he showed my country's location to his niece and nephew. it shows that he's really damn serious with our relationships. david' the one! i knew it.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

christmas day

what i could tell everyone is that i'm lonely today, being all alone. dad and mom went to kl this morning. they have an appointment to meet shafinaz's (my brother's gf) parents for tea, to discuss about the marriage. both kids followed them. they also will be there until wednesday with my mom.

well like what i typed yesterday, christmas here and in kl are totally different. if i'm in kl by now, i'm sure i'll be joining all my friends for christmas party everywhere.

its quite a tough day anyway. i have to be on stand-by no matter what since the cashier' pos system hang the other day. it effected mine at the back office too. gosh... we are one of those who use the most canggih system. yet if the thing not function properly, everything gone. terrible.

hmmm... what else. as usual once i'm alone i would normally by take-out food. no own cook nothing lol. i just tapau-ed chinese fried rice and mee hailam from the ah lok' coffee shop or yut loy (budak koleq should know this place). they have the best pau ever. most people said that tanjung malim has the best one but i doubt saying that its not true. ok... i ate my food so late around 5pm. yeah... i finished it both all! this would keep my stomach until night ~ i didn't eat anything for dinner mannn... i've already damn full by then ;)

as usual also, i lepax at home lazily infront of the tv, changing channels dunno what to watch lol. maybe the one on tv3 at noon was nice - jaclyn victor in shanghai, asia music festival. i watched that until tears dropped from my eyes. tears of joy maybe. besides that i spend times by reading all the weekend papers excluding the tamil and chinese one of course hehe... there were few articles that catched my interest especially those in sunday mail where zainal alam kadir wrote about tsunami tragedy that happened exactly a year ago. not long after the tragedy he went or a holiday to bali. it seems that indonesia created one tv channel specially for the tragedy i.e. you could find anything related to the tsunami tragedy there. they even have a theme song for tsunami. other article that is in my sunday 'must read' list is "i say... by rina omar". hah... guess what. V knows rina. but i'm not sure about me as i can't recall much. this time she wrote about her christmas wish list which is damn logical for the nation, youth especially to be aware of. what else? hmm... o yea... i also won't miss to read dcck in pancaindera, utusan malaysia. thats just for me to read some other people's experiences in life ;)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

it's christmas eve!!!

nothing special here. its just like the usual normal long weekend holiday i guess. here, if a public holiday falls on a sunday so the country gets to have an extra holiday i.e. monday. same goes to this christmas holiday. wow weee... arrghhh... but i have to be on stand-by here though... my supervisor will be going for his four days leave from tomorrow.

i said that it's normal because the environment is totally different from my kl life before. majority people here do not celebrate christmas. so that's why i feel that this holiday is just like any other long weekend holiday ;)

i used to join the company's christmas party in both two of my work places before. it was rather fun enough to gather with everyone including the bosses. other than the vast variety of food and drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol), we also exchange gifts with each other. talking about gifts, company's christmas party is different. we do not buy gifts for everyone (die lar if i have to lol...). days before the party a person-in-charge will write all the staff name in a piece of paper each and place them in a container. each of us then need to pick a name. so we just have to buy gift for that particular name only. kinda' kewl huh?!!...

i remember once when i was working in the hotel in sj. i picked vasanthi's name. i took few days for me to think of what am gonna get her. i was in secion 14, pj fews days before the front office' christmas party. i thought that its better for me to buy the present too. i dropped at cold storage mall. after few hours of good searching, i saw a tall glass vase with about two inches of pewter embosed with flowery motif at the bottom. bought that, even asked the sales girl to wrap it for me. simple as that. during the party, my supervisor (then) sharmini saw my gift for vasanthi. this lady was really one of the best buddy i have at work. "wahhh... what you bought for her? must be a whitening cream.", sharmini asked me. kah kah kah... everyone laughed out loud. sharmini also was the most kelakar one. in fact she is still now.

sometimes it's best to remember the good old days huh. anyhow i would like to take this chance to wish everyone...

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S & H A P P Y N E W Y E A R

Friday, December 23, 2005

ym chat anyone...

this is my way of killing the time...

kuE: alo
V: hi
kuE: still relaxing?
V: sort of la
kuE: holiday p mana
V has signed out. (12/23/2005 6:51 PM)

V: off 2 perth next week
V: u?

kuE: harrr.... more souvenier..... hehe... tak de lar
kuE: saje suka usik u
kuE: a friend in jb asked me to come down. she wanna bring me to singapore. anyhow its not confirm yet.
V: cool
kuE: u like to go to perth huh
V: yup.. kg maa
kuE: o ok. how d i know, u never tell. hahahahhaa...
V: ;)
kuE: make sure u bring something 4 me hurhur...
V: fer sure
kuE: so how best tak when not working.
kuE: hehe...
V: tak best la.. org asyik kacau.. end up working also
kuE: oikk how come
V: biasa la
kuE: so basically u still working lar kan
V: sort of la
V: terpaksa
V: where r u?
kuE: why
V: just asking la... at home?
kuE: nope... office lor... supposed wanna go back early today. but since cashier' pos hang last nite during closing, i've to stand-by and wl do d EOD shortly b4 8 if not cc pymnt won't b deposited into the account tomorrow morning.
V: :(
V: ksian dia

kuE: ni yg susah using canggih system. once something wrong, everything when hay-wire.
V: yeah
V: hey.. dont want to cut it short but i hv to go.. ada dinner appointment + tak mandi lagi

kuE: ok np
V: ok. bye
kuE: byeeeeeeeee

sahabat sejati

... tidak akan membeku di kala musim sejuk,

tidak akan cair di kala musim panas,

tidak akan luruh di kala musim luruh,

tetapi ia akan senantiasa mekar seperti tibanya musim bunga

created by razarizal for kuE(?)

kuE's note: received this via sms on 22/12/05 at 2350.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

2006 is the year

i guess 2006 gives me a chance to prove myself. to prove that i am able to not only survive but excel in this overly competitive world. my objective for next year is to actually put effort in the things i do, whether it'd be family (namely my kids) and work especially, social events, or daily house chores. i will try and give my all to improve myself generally next year. 2005 is a disappointment for me, but i am going to learn from my mistakes and be even better in 2006. this blog will hopefully record my journey.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

friendship remains

this is with regards to my post here, here and here (in chronological order).

i posted those posts with a mixture of some horrible feelings. its really damn hard, u know when u faced with such a situation like this. zillion thanks to my V (hahahha... he dunno that i have a blog lol... but i've thanked him via sms though) and
leilanie for the wonderful advises. if not because of you two i know i could have been hay-wire dunno where ;)

exactly a month ago i.e. the day before i posted the first one, i received a sms from my cousin intan just after i switched-off all those buttons/switches in my office. i was about to go back. the sms was something like this: "... suami kay meninggal dunia". i was stunned, suddenly rested my butt on my office chair. dunno what to comment. those stupid thinkings were running thru my mind. i was just thought about how kay never bothered to contact me at all! well if she wanna save her money by not calling me, she could just sent sms' or make some missed calls for me to call her back. sadly to say none of the above was done. it seems that we are both good friends. ok fine. but how come she treated me that way. the most sad thing was that when i tried to call her instead, she always got some excuses blah blah blah... when this 'bad' incident came thru, my heart was terribly hurt. i dunno whether i should call her or not. i dun have her number on hand, it was in my old sim card (i lost my nokia 7250i, remember?). i know i could ask from our friend wizanah. grr... i was totally lost. that's why all those three post' mentioned above were posted. lastly i decided to continue with my journey in life as usual and try to forget about what kay has done to me.

mom knew about kay's husband death through a grand-auntie who happens to be a good friend to kay's hubby' family, i think. mom kept asking me of why i never visited kay. i just kept quiet, didn't say a single word.

to my surprise, i received a sms unnamed last friday, only number appeared ~ "hie ..., tau tak shahrom dah meninggal". my guess strike!!! i knew that must be kay. so i told her that i was not happy because i knew about the news from someone else and that it was hard to get in touch with her. besides that i also mentioned to her about the last hari raya that she never dropped-by to my place at all. anyhow i promised to contact her once i come back from kl.

as promised, i contacted kay yesterday morning. she asked me to come over to her house in ipoh after work as she is still under "edah" (alimony). yea... its not a problem for me at all. i could do whatever for friends, just name it. i sms V and told him about that good news. "hope all works out. told u so... its just a matter of time", he replied. thanks to him everything really went smoothly. i drove to ipoh in the rain. called kay once i reached ipoh for the directions. wa lau ley... her house is just not far from V's hurhur... i saw that kay looked so pale. we talked for hours and hours and hours, catching up on almost everything that we have missed. kay also even asked me to apologise her for acting as such before and she promised that she won't do it again. one thing that makes me proud, when kay like to see my face so much. it seems that i have changed a lot. according to her, my face looks much more better, fresh and looks younger than my age. awww!!!...........................

kuE's note: maybe i haven't tell this yet here in my blog (leilanie... twilight zone hehe...) ~ about eight days ago V and me have been sms-ing each other. one true story that i found out from V: he has officially quit his job (harrr?!!!...), now relaxing until year end. i did try asking him about it. he just gave a damn simple answer. "susah ler...". with that, i dun dare to ask more hurhur...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

a new baby was born

i was one of the people from nizam's mailing list i guess. received his sms this morning telling us that his new baby girl was safely born. wow... i'm sure you are so proud by this time. the last time i met with his family in cameron highlands. that time, his son was still in the stroller. anyway, congratulations kawan!

Monday, December 19, 2005

what a blast @#$%^&* !

i said last weekend was a blast because i really went all out last saturday nite. hehe... just imagine, i stop drinking as soon as i found out that i was pregnant for megat. that was like more than seven years ago! now... i did it again ;)

friends... they are the one who taught us the good, the bad, everything. thus... we cannot blame them all cuz we are the one who could decide whether the thing is right or wrong.

we had a small and simple brunch-cum-birthday-party for adik ina and puteri at my sister's place in kd on saturday. most of our immediate relatives were there. although it's a simple one but we end-up with two sets of cakes! auntie mia and family brought one set while cousin sarah brought another lol... luckily they were going to a grand-auntie's place at desa coffin (is this right, i wonder... cuz i heard they pronounced it that way) for bbq that night. so they brought along some cakes there too. anyhow i didn't plan to go along as i thought of meeting some old friends that i've never met for so long.

few days before i went to kl, i sms koboi asking about his workplace. thank god he didn't ask me back anything. well i thought since he surprised me before, then i should surprise him also. i know, from there, i could meet our other old colleagues and friends too. simple as that. anyhow koboi called me that afternoon just to say hi. i guess that was the chance for me also to know whether he was working that day. so around four something i left the house and went straight to bangsar. one thing about bangsar from the one more than 10 years ago ~ it was damn hysterical looking for parking at jalan telawi area. at least it was not that bad at bsc though. alas i found a good one after a few rounds, not far from jalan telawi 2. then i walked a few blocks from my 4wd to
la bodega, headed straight to the bar counter. i asked one of the bartender for koboi. he said that koboi went out for his break.

ok that's fine. i waited for him (koboi) at one of the stools facing inside. not long after that i heard the bartender told me, "ha... tu dia". but i just make dunno. suddenly someone poked my waist from the back. "arrgghhh... ", he shouted out loud. koboi laughed but i just smiled. "ohh... nak surprise kan orang konon. so it seems tadi when i called u were in kuale... ". hehe... now my turn to surprise you lar kawan lol... koboi introduced me to all his colleagues and his mat salleh gm. like what i guess earlier, within minutes koboi dissappeared and within 1/2 an hour some of our friends came in. before that koboi already asked me, "what would you like to have. ayor buah? vodka? beer? ayor saje? alar... saya tau lar awak... ". heyyy... please lar... i told him about my life in kampung, so much different than my kl life before kan. "alar... boleh percaya ke?", he asked. up to you lar... he was doing his jobs behind the bar while talking to me. he is really good in that line i tell you. koboi asked me again about what i would like to have. i shooked my head. within seconds, he put a glass of vodka lime infront of me while saying, "sudah lar awak...". a waiter placed a set of spanish meals infront of me. i like the mushroom. it seems that its the favourite there. when our friends came, the place became more havoc. we talked and laughed until koboi punched-out +/- 6.30pm. we then went to koboi's place at pines condo. he definitely dun wanna join us in his uniform hehe... we then proceed back to bangsar where koboi brought us to a pub (i dunno the name) somewhere infront of
la bodega. they all drank jugs of beer. i can't do that, i still gonna go back with mom at home ;) so they ordered vodka lime also for me. i guess i drank more than four or five glasses! adik ina sms me when i was there. she was in bsc with friends. i looked at my guess watch, it was 9.30. i told koboi that i cannot join them until so late. he asked me to stay for a while. i sms adik ina back telling her that i would fetch her in 1/2 an hour. "boleh ke?", koboi asked. ahhh... he saw what i typed from the back! i looked at the watch again, 10.30. so i told koboi that i really have to go. i kissed and hugged the rest of our friends. my head was a bit dz. i told this to koboi. ya lor... its been more than seven years... dun worry, i could still managed myself. koboi walked me to my 4wd. i fetched adik ina, wow... she met a mat salleh friend ;) once back, i took my shower and went to sleep.

as soon as i woke up around 8 yesterday, i asked megat whether he wanna follow me to 1u. since he wanna go also, i told myself, this time its okay because i was gonna meet a new forumer friend rose of
mckk8286 forum for the first time. i'm not sure whether rose has a blog. i stumbled into that forum just by chance because i found out that i've been tracked by camus (one of the budak koleq). wa lau ley... he's so free meh searching for blogs on koleq, huh?!! anyhow like i told them before i never talked bad about them as almost all my generations studied there. anyway back to the earlier story. i fetched puteri and my cousin at my auntie's place before we went to 1u. as soon as we reached there, puteri and my cousin went off their own way. i promised to call her after i finished with rose. we supposed to meet for brunch at tgif. 11am, its still closed. we met infront of tgif though. we exchanged gift. she gave me some goodies while i gave her the company's diary/planner. i hope that she likes it. so rose said that we should follow what megat wants so that he won't be boring later. rose came alone. so we went to mcD instead. besides me, rose entertained megat too. rose knew how talkative was megat that day hehe... megat wanted to go to toys 'r' us. we brought him there. we talked almost everything from life, work and stuff. it was not that easy because i have megat with me. i'm sorry rose, maybe we'll meet again some other time. i called puteri. we then went to a watch shop. i told her that she could choose her own present since she already a big girl now. she chose a baby pink casio watch. if i'm not mistaken the actual price was more than RM250. but since its on christmas sale, i paid the watch for RM180 only. whatever it is, at least puteri is happy with what she got. for adik ina, i bought an estee lauder miniature parfum set yesterday at 1u too.

o yea... i almost forgot this... friday night. i met a new blogger friend annamox too! read her version here. met her at mid valley. eventually i wanted to give her the same thing i gave rose. unfortunately i forgot to bring it that night. sorry kawan... we just talked a bit... hi hi bye bye lol... she was rushing to meet another friend somewhere in shah alam. its alright kawan, there's always a next time. apparently she knows kimi, leilanie's friend also. hehe... small world kan? she was browsing thru the blogs that link from mine... walla...

anyhow i sms V on friday to let him know that i was there in kl. didn't meet him. like i mentioned here in my blog few months ago, both of us knew that we cannot meet in kl, dangerous wohh... he is one of the well-known guy in the country thats why. my place is a no no too. the best is at his place in ipoh ;)

kuE's note: oftrash, if you dun understand some of the weird words let me know okay. sometimes i may type in malay too, depends on whats gonna come out from my brain ;)

Friday, December 16, 2005

my mother, my friend

queen mummy's birthday today... happy birthday, ma! keeper of my secrets, guardian of my feelings, encourager of my heart. love u very much. x

Thursday, December 15, 2005


" ..., pa apologise for being harsh. i couldn't help it in that panic situation. i hope you have grasped what i was trying to tell you and will take care of the ... better than it is. this is our lifeline - our means of survival so please take good care of it. luv, pa. "

kuE's note: received this after shower via sms @ +/- 0720

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

being happy

#1 ~ i was still at home at +/- 9.45am, with megat, getting ready after his shower. sales office called asking for so many infos about our competitors i.e. total number of them, their distance between us, their monthly sales etc. oikk... how do i figure out the last one meh... well it seems that hq need all those info for them to upgrade our place. hearing that, i was so damn happy, smiling all the way today. good news indeed... ;)

#2 ~ i've been trying to log-in to my account on maxis website for days but failed. aiyaa... the problem was just because i forgot the pin number. i was so lazy to call the customer service. so i decided to keep on trying. suddenly this morning i received a sms from maxis, giving me the pin number i wanted. wa lau ley... so i immediately log-in, and change my 'bill delivery options' via email instead of snail mail. actually i got this note from maxis; to change my bill delivery options from long time ago already. but then now only i realised that i could save RM60 per year through this latest service hehe...

#3 ~ insya-Allah i'm going to kl on friday afternoon. cousins have been urging me to celebrate puteri's birthday there. hmm... dunno whats the plan yet.

#4 ~ since i'm going to kl this friday, insya-Allah i'll be meeting with another new friend who is a blogger too! like what leilanie said to me last time, this is just gonna be like my blind-date huh?!! can't wait for the time to meet her anyway... well leilanie, if you are free and wanna join us too, let me know occay. if not, there's always a next time ;)
kuE's note: click here to read about my blind-date with leilanie and here for her version.


#5 ~ meeting another blogger (again? hehe...) this year-end. woo hooo... can't really wait for this one also :D

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

love story

"love means never having to say you're sorry ... "


Monday, December 12, 2005

not again...

oh gosh... people around me have been asking the same Q lately. why oh why...

i was at puteri's ballet friend yasmin's birthday party in karai. we were lost in the first place hehe... as soon as we reached the house, there were so many kids already. yasmin said that her mom asked me to join her inside the house.

yasmin's mom is not in a good condition. she was actually being admitted for 14 days already in the ipoh specialist centre for some kidney problem and some operations need to be done. she came back yesterday to join the family celebrating her daughter's birthday. she went back to ipoh by 6pm though with her driver. yup... that is the family of tamin generations (yasmin's mom), kinda' well known here. i believe their business has already went around world-wide.

so i went in and join yasmin's mom with another lady guest. she looks like a teacher to me. anyhow, we introduce ourselves, had some chats blah blah blah... suddenly its always come to the same old question of whether puteri and megat are my only child. then the lady asked about my age. i told her that i am 33 (never afraid to answer this type of Q anyway. what to hide rite.) . she looks damn stunned. i mean, she was really surprised. "but you don't look 33! you look younger than that", she said. i just smiled and said, "thank you". "you look so pleasantly slim; still can have more child", the lady continued. i keep on smiling at her. grr...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

how time flies...

i was damn worried when a man with sunglasses came to me earlier.

he opened the door and asked, "you ni anak ... kan? ".

"yes", i replied. "you ni siapa".

"i'm your dad's friend. mcoba. can you try and call him. i'm wan ahmad". (hehe... mcoba again?!!. yes... i live around with all those people from ages. my dad is so damn close with all his mcoba friends anyway.)

my dad didn't answer my call. so i called my mom's fon and let that man talked with her. however both of them went out together anyway. he (that man) thanked me before he went off. before that he asked of my age. he told me that he is very close with my parents since those times. when he knew about my age, he was so impressed that how times flies damn fast.

yea... time really flies so damn fast...

i went to two malay weddings yesterday! not near, but the one in the afternoon was in sungai petani. as usual i went with mom and my two kids. we started from here +/- 11.35am and it took us about 1/2 an hr to reach there. its quite easy to get to the location though. we knew that its near the hospital. so we just went along the road thank to the efficient road signs. that wedding was the wedding of my area manager's sister. and to cut the story's short, my mom and his dad was classmates in form 6 at the anderson school in ipoh. hahahah... the last time they met was during their school days. besides that, his dad was scooling in clifford school too. not just that, mom also met with some of her hometown friends at the wedding too. wahahaha... like jejak kasih lar...

then we have to rush back, send mom and megat home. mom dun wanna follow me to the next wedding in ipoh. so i went there with puteri only. it was raining heavily here. i was so afraid. you know... once you already dress-up, what would happened if we have to walk out in the rain. noooo... wahhh... how lucky we were last night. it was totally dry when we reached ipoh. we headed straight to jalan raja dihilir and looked-out for a bungalow with canopies/tents. this wedding look so grand with blue and white theme. even all the family members wore the same simple light blue songket baju kurung. while the male family members wore light blue baju melayu with the same type of songket as the sampin. the VVIPs and VIPs were include raja dihilir and his wife, menteri besar and wife, all the datuks and datins, corporate leaders etc. not forgetting the dancers were from DBI. its the wedding of my work friend's sister. the father is a 'datuk' with four wives. the family are so huge, they live together in one roof. but too bad i heard that he left the first wife just like that with no any good reasons ~ she was not well. moreover one of that datuk's children with the first wife was not well too, needed operations. the first wife was the one who donated one of her organs. how sad. i don't even like to hear this kind of story.

Friday, December 09, 2005

think young

most of the shops at kinta city already closed. i was still waiting for my gifts to be wrapped by the shop lady at lovely lace. actually i already went to the shop earlier to buy the gifts that i wanted. i left the gifts there for them to wrap it for me. then i went to mph where puteri and megat were there, searching for a birthday gift for puteri's ballet friend. about 9.45pm, we went back to lovely lace, the shop lady still haven't finish wrapping my gifts. puteri and megat just waited outside. i dun want megat to break another stuff cuz he used to do that last time. i have to pay them more than RM30. anyway i bought two items yesterday i.e. one for a friend's sister' wedding this saturday night and another is a birthday gift for my mom. the one for my mom are so cute that i bought another set for myself. hehe... it's always like that. if i find the gift that i bought for someone nice and i like it too; so i just buy another for myself ~ 1 4 u n 1 4 me lor... i know mom will like it also as she's so into butterfly like me! the only thing is hers are green (her room is green) while mine are blue (my fav colour, also the theme colour of my room). well... i waited there another 1/2 an hour. when megat felt that i've took so much time there, he went in and mumbling to me for being so long there. i just asked him to wait for a while. hmm... i am a nice lady. i didn't even scolded them for making me waiting there. at least they kept saying the magic words that makes me cool down... the shop lady went out of the counter and gave the stuff that i bought personally to me and said sorry again and again and again...

suddenly when the shop lady saw megat, she was stunned, her eyes popped-out lol. no lar... she looked at me so deep inside my eyes.

"why", i asked the shop lady.

"this is your...".

"son. o yea... this is my son".

"your son? are you sure".

"yes", i told the shop lady.

"your first one?".

"nope. he's my second one, 6+. the first one is a girl, 11 years old, outside there", i replied while pointing my right thumb to puteri.

"ohhh... so wonderful. i thought that you are not married yet. oh my god... how old are you. 20's?".

i just smiled at her. then she talked mandarin to another girl in the shop, telling her about me and how that she was so surprised when she knew the actual me.

"so how old are you", the shop lady asked me.

"30 plus. err... 33".

"oh my goddd... i thought that you are 25!".

i smiled at her again before we left the shop.

well oh well... do i really look that young? i always put myself as a young lady anyway. i believe that it's good if i practise it that way... feels, think and live young! anyhow i've used to people who asked me questions like that especially when i go out with puteri. people always mistaken us as sisters. one thing funny... there's once when puteri went out with her wan chik and cik wah to one of the shopping malls in kl. it seems that the sales girl thought that puteri is my sister' daughter. when they left the shop, my sister told puteri jokingly of do not walk along with her anymore next time. she asked puteri to only go out with me instead lol...

we went to ipoh in the afternoon yesterday to watch
the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. 3.05pm show was fully booked so i bought tickets for the next show instead. as usual megat was so talkative while watching movies, asking me so many stuff. anyway i really should have gone straight home and written this posting instead of the following day (now) however, i am sure i can still describe accurately just how phenomenal this movie is. obviously, for those of you that have read the books, this movie brings back memories of a simpler time when we were kids (which i presume is when most people read these books). the movie sticks close to the original story penned by c.s. lewis – known for this series as well as various books on christianity.

this flick has something for everyone. the soundtrack is amazing and made the hair stand up on my arms at times. special effects are top notch – recreating narnia with all its characters including mr. tumnus – a minotaur, the great aslan – the king of narnia as well as other mythical creatures including centaurs, phoenix(‘s?), chimeras, unicorns, etc. the young actors portraying the young hero’s and heroines of this story are not only talented but simply delightful as well. simply put – go see this movie. you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

pissed off

"From : RIZAL < ......... >
Date : 07/12/2005
Time : 13:22

Hai, apakabo? Dah santap. Abg free 3 hari, akak o-station. Sudikan lah contact.

translation: hai, how are you? had your meal. i'm available this three days, she went out-station. please contact.

no way mannn...

okay okay... i admit that i used to love him so much before, eventhough i knew that he's already married. he's my first love. one lousy incident that happened few years back made my feelings totally changed on him. i've made up my mind that i won't make him my specials anymore. i told him that it was no use for me to love him cuz he's not mine. but rizal never wanna listen to me. i was at dad's place in bukit pelandok when suddenly one day i received a call from an unknown number. i saw the code that its from the southern area but i didn't recognize the number. what the hell i still answered my bloody ericsson fon (then). a lady scolded me for disturbing her marriage life blah blah blah... my heart was boiling like mad!!! i didn't say anything. then i just hang-up the fon once she finished. i swear that i didn't feel anything with rizal no more since then. full stop.

it seems that he loves me so much. please... if you love me then do not disturb me like this. i dun want your other half to blame me. it's not my fault!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


before you think of saying an unkind word
think of someone who can't speak

before you complain about the taste of your food
think of someone who has nothing to eat

before you complain about your husband or wife
think of someone who's crying out to God for a companion

today before you complain about life
think of someone who went too early to heaven

before you complain about your children
think of someone who desires children but they're barren

before you argue about your dirty house; someone didn't clean or sweep
think of the people who are living in the streets

before whining about the distance you drive
think of someone who walks the same distance with their feet

and when you are tired and complain about your job
think of the unemployed, the disabled and those who wished they had your job

but before you think of pointing the finger or condemning antother
remember that not one of us are without sin and we all answer to one maker

and when depressing thoughts seem to get you down
put a smile on your face and thank God you're alive and still around

life is a gift of GOD
LIVE it...
ENJOY it.....
CELEBRATE it.......
AND FULFILL it.........

Monday, December 05, 2005

she made us proud

i knew about this great story thru my fon via the star sms news alert, yesterday evening. wow... worth the RM5 mann... i didn't even have the time to read newspapers so i browse the internet to read more on our nicol david.

click here to find out about her success.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

99 posts


have hardly known what to blog since i came back from the community programme yesterday... amazing what such a damn good response. i was supposed to do some other stuff but ended up being a camerawoman lol. with a normal nikon camera (dunno what model) in my hand, i snapped pics here and there, when suddenly a guy with green shirt came to me.

"excuse me, you nie
kan... i rasa i kenal you lar... i keje sama dengan you kat subang dulu, hotel err...".

"nanti, nanti... you nie... betul ke?", i asked him.

"betul lar... i tau", he said.

"hotel? hmm...", i wondered.

suddenly, both of us were shouted together, "holiday villa! ".

"ahh... yes! ", that guy said.

oh my gosh, i told myself that this guy makes me confused lol. i tried to look into his face to figure out of whose that guy actually. but it's kinda hard because he never took out his sunglasses and his cap.

"okay, okay... ini shaiful kan? front office, sama dengan i".

"har... pandai pun! ". he just smiled. yeah... he's still the same old shaiful, then i remembered.

"ok lor... i banyak keje lagi", i told him. he just shooked his head agreed and we walked apart.

most of the time anyway. some things you just can't explain, you can merely puzzle over for awhile. simple things can make you happy, but then complexities creep in and make you ponder. it just takes one element in an equation to completely alter the existing state of affairs.

but i'm rambling... it's been almost one year for me on this blog and what i'm typing now is gonna be my... 99 posts!

Friday, December 02, 2005

banjir in the royal town

i am rushing to complete some stuff for a meeting at shaidi's place at 3pm i.e. after friday prayers. suddenly i thought to myself, arrghhh... no way... i have to post this before i go there!

it was last night when i was playing scrabble with puteri. suddenly the house-fon rang and puteri answered it. puteri told me that it was for me. so i looked at the clock, it was already +/- 11pm. i wonder who was that. my cashier called asking whether they could close shop early. then i thought, wahh... this must be something wrong. he told me that some houses around talang area already flooded. o yea... then i realized that its been raining for a few days here. pity the people there.

this morning one of staff told me about what they saw last night. it sounded really scared. people staying in double-storey bungalow cannot come out from their houses. the tar road gone. the polo field (golf course) was like full of dirty waters etc. one thing strange, the perak river was damn fine. i dunno how's everything now because i haven't gone to the town yet. maybe i'll find out more about the talang area condition on my way to ipoh shortly.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


woohoo... it's december. we are heading towards the end of the year. december is said to be the most enjoyable month of the year. there are so many birthday presents to buy especially for my mom (16th), my sister and puteri (both on 17th). not forgetting my cousin (19th) and also my grand-auntie (can't remember this one).

christian' around the world will be celebrating x'mas on the 25th. while most of the people will be busy on the 31st night to celebrate the new year 2006.

unfortunately there were so many problems encounted here on the first day of the month. we have to do manual sales from +/- 9pm yesterday. it was drizzling, suddenly the POS hang. my staff called me when i was relaxing at home, all alone watching tv. my dad went to seremban yesterday hmm... dun wanna talk about that. anyway i went down, tried to fix the ISIS system but failed (chewah... macam lar pandai sangat lol). so i called khalil of sapura to let him know. he advised me to make a report first via ML but he could only come and fix the problem this morning. fulamak... this one is the one that i don't like. we have the best system in the country but once corrupted, it would make us gone up-side down ;)

dad already back by 2.30pm, bringing home mom, puteri and megat too. oh... how i missed my puteri and megat sooo much. puteri looks a bit taller. next who knows that she would be growing-up as big as me. thats not impossible as people always thought that we are sisters anyway :)