Friday, December 23, 2005

ym chat anyone...

this is my way of killing the time...

kuE: alo
V: hi
kuE: still relaxing?
V: sort of la
kuE: holiday p mana
V has signed out. (12/23/2005 6:51 PM)

V: off 2 perth next week
V: u?

kuE: harrr.... more souvenier..... hehe... tak de lar
kuE: saje suka usik u
kuE: a friend in jb asked me to come down. she wanna bring me to singapore. anyhow its not confirm yet.
V: cool
kuE: u like to go to perth huh
V: yup.. kg maa
kuE: o ok. how d i know, u never tell. hahahahhaa...
V: ;)
kuE: make sure u bring something 4 me hurhur...
V: fer sure
kuE: so how best tak when not working.
kuE: hehe...
V: tak best la.. org asyik kacau.. end up working also
kuE: oikk how come
V: biasa la
kuE: so basically u still working lar kan
V: sort of la
V: terpaksa
V: where r u?
kuE: why
V: just asking la... at home?
kuE: nope... office lor... supposed wanna go back early today. but since cashier' pos hang last nite during closing, i've to stand-by and wl do d EOD shortly b4 8 if not cc pymnt won't b deposited into the account tomorrow morning.
V: :(
V: ksian dia

kuE: ni yg susah using canggih system. once something wrong, everything when hay-wire.
V: yeah
V: hey.. dont want to cut it short but i hv to go.. ada dinner appointment + tak mandi lagi

kuE: ok np
V: ok. bye
kuE: byeeeeeeeee