Wednesday, December 21, 2005

friendship remains

this is with regards to my post here, here and here (in chronological order).

i posted those posts with a mixture of some horrible feelings. its really damn hard, u know when u faced with such a situation like this. zillion thanks to my V (hahahha... he dunno that i have a blog lol... but i've thanked him via sms though) and
leilanie for the wonderful advises. if not because of you two i know i could have been hay-wire dunno where ;)

exactly a month ago i.e. the day before i posted the first one, i received a sms from my cousin intan just after i switched-off all those buttons/switches in my office. i was about to go back. the sms was something like this: "... suami kay meninggal dunia". i was stunned, suddenly rested my butt on my office chair. dunno what to comment. those stupid thinkings were running thru my mind. i was just thought about how kay never bothered to contact me at all! well if she wanna save her money by not calling me, she could just sent sms' or make some missed calls for me to call her back. sadly to say none of the above was done. it seems that we are both good friends. ok fine. but how come she treated me that way. the most sad thing was that when i tried to call her instead, she always got some excuses blah blah blah... when this 'bad' incident came thru, my heart was terribly hurt. i dunno whether i should call her or not. i dun have her number on hand, it was in my old sim card (i lost my nokia 7250i, remember?). i know i could ask from our friend wizanah. grr... i was totally lost. that's why all those three post' mentioned above were posted. lastly i decided to continue with my journey in life as usual and try to forget about what kay has done to me.

mom knew about kay's husband death through a grand-auntie who happens to be a good friend to kay's hubby' family, i think. mom kept asking me of why i never visited kay. i just kept quiet, didn't say a single word.

to my surprise, i received a sms unnamed last friday, only number appeared ~ "hie ..., tau tak shahrom dah meninggal". my guess strike!!! i knew that must be kay. so i told her that i was not happy because i knew about the news from someone else and that it was hard to get in touch with her. besides that i also mentioned to her about the last hari raya that she never dropped-by to my place at all. anyhow i promised to contact her once i come back from kl.

as promised, i contacted kay yesterday morning. she asked me to come over to her house in ipoh after work as she is still under "edah" (alimony). yea... its not a problem for me at all. i could do whatever for friends, just name it. i sms V and told him about that good news. "hope all works out. told u so... its just a matter of time", he replied. thanks to him everything really went smoothly. i drove to ipoh in the rain. called kay once i reached ipoh for the directions. wa lau ley... her house is just not far from V's hurhur... i saw that kay looked so pale. we talked for hours and hours and hours, catching up on almost everything that we have missed. kay also even asked me to apologise her for acting as such before and she promised that she won't do it again. one thing that makes me proud, when kay like to see my face so much. it seems that i have changed a lot. according to her, my face looks much more better, fresh and looks younger than my age. awww!!!...........................

kuE's note: maybe i haven't tell this yet here in my blog (leilanie... twilight zone hehe...) ~ about eight days ago V and me have been sms-ing each other. one true story that i found out from V: he has officially quit his job (harrr?!!!...), now relaxing until year end. i did try asking him about it. he just gave a damn simple answer. "susah ler...". with that, i dun dare to ask more hurhur...