Tuesday, January 30, 2007

kuale will be a part of le tour de langkawi '07!

here's some up-date about the latest event in kualei was kinda surprised this morning when i saw streamers of le tour de langkawi '07 (2-11 february 2007) hanging on the streets in town. more surprisingly when i saw some of the company's logo on the streamers. wa lau leyy... i thought to myself, "aiyaa... how come i do not know about this at all. i was also wondering whether ISO is aware or not". then as soon as i came-in to the office, a staff handed me a letter from MPKK, signed by our district officer (DO). it was about this sunday's event—5 more days to go. looks like i have to reschedule our product's preplan for this weekend to a maximum quantity ;)

o yes... fyi people, kuala kangsar is being included in this year's stage 3 of the event, from here to cameron highlands. this event has also been recognized on the international calendar since 1996, if i'm not mistaken. alright people, that's it for now... ciao!

i was with hitz.fm people too...

date: 27 january 2007
time: 11am -- 2pm
venue: la bodega, bangsar shopping centre (bsc)

as soon as we reached kl on saturday around noon, we headed straight to bsc for a charity event organised by hitz.fm morning crew with some other hitz.fm people and local celebrities helping them. i saw j.lo, maybe more later after that cuz we joined them for about 45 minutes or so only. i also met datuk shahrizat and the cute-bubbly dj azura whose now with hitz.fm.

some of you may not know. we heard about this event on hitz.fm (of course) when kids were getting ready for school. the morning crew, rudy and JJ were calling people to donate some things for school-needed-children i.e. school uniform, stationery etc. for the johor flood victims. megat was so excited that he wanna help. eventually we wanted to go to my nephew daniel's birthday party on saturday evening. so we thought that the event was just nice for us to join too. in fact i was so glad that i could be at lydia teh's book talk also.

megat gave JJ three pairs of his last year' school uniform. while puteri gave some of her stationeries. they (my kids) were so proud that they were also part of many malaysians who helped childrens in johor, who needed helps more than us. mama also proud of both of you, my princess and prince mwahh... by the way, enjoy the pics taken during the event ;)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

i was @ honk! talk

date: 28 january 2007
time: 3-4pm
venue: borders, the curve

that's lydia teh, author of the book honk! if you're malaysian doing her talk ;)

lydia, signing my copy of the book that i bought in ipoh a few weeks ago

picture time! (taken by puteri)

i had a great time at the curve today, especially during the honk! book talk by lydia teh herself. the event already started as soon as puteri and i arrived, at approximately a few minutes after three. we (puteri and i) were spending our time at the flea market earlier, that's why. we did see some boys honking their way around there at the flea market earlier with a note in their hands. i was not sure whether people could read it as it was rather small. alright, back to the talk. it was at this moment when lydia talked about blogs, bloggers, on-line friends etc. i was definitely shocked when lydia mentioned about me— "i believe maybe there's someone here called kuE?", lydia said. then i thought to myself, "ya lor... maybe she realized my face from the blog (she saw us walked-in ler...) hehe... besides, i did email her last week, asking for her whereabouts during the weekend". so i raised my left hand while smiling. kinda shy huh?!! nah... then she asked me a bit about myself. she also told everyone of how we knew each other ;) hehe... thanks lydia. i hope that we could meet again someday. i was also glad that we managed to have a bit chat during the autograph session ^_~

kuE's note: please read my review of the book here ;)

kuE's up-date on 30/01/07: lydia blogged about this event here.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

what am gonna do this weekend

i know its too late already. alright, let me post this first. then i'll go straight to bed. the thing is we are going to kl in the morning. my cousin is inviting us for his son daniel's 8th birthday party at 4pm (actual birthday was on 15th january, if i'm not mistaken). puteri and i baked cupcakes for the birthday boy.

as soon as we arrived kl, looks like we'll be heading straight to bsc, meeting hitz.fm morning crew. megat wanted to hand-deliver his old pairs of uniform to them. we heard that they are organizing a school-needs-campaign there at la bodega from 11am to 2pm; for the johor flood victims especially school kids. so come-on down people, let us help those who needs more than us! also i would like to call upon all shopaholics—why don't we all shop for school stuff this time.

on sunday, for sure i'll be at the curve before i drive back home. i like the flea market there. besides that, i'll be at borders too. who knows maybe i could ask lydia teh to sign my honk! book. i understand that she will be there from 3 to 4pm. i email her the other day to ask for her whereabouts. fuyoo... hehe... we'll see what's gonna happened ;)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

kuE's guestbook on slide.com

kuE's note: i am just trying out this new feature by slide.com. you are all welcomed to add yourself. actually i already have my own guestbook in the blog. the only problem is that probably all you people didn't realize it— scroll-down and you could find it on the side bar ;)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

when RDH went on his casual way

i had brunch and chit-chat session with Mr T at rest house. we sat at a square table for two facing the sungai (river) perak, when suddenly i heard a familiar voice. i turned around. i was damn shock when i saw my uncle, about to sit at a table behind me. since he saw me too, i had to approach and salam him. Mr T also salam with him. before Mr T could asked me, i already told him that that was RDH. Mr T was shocked indeed, juz afraid if RDH complained to Mr T's boss that he never been greeted properly. wa lau ley... i told him that its not his fault cuz RDH was in his casual outing hehe...

kuE's note: am posting this via an email to blogger, using my nokia 6680- juz trying out this feature while waiting for megat ;)

kuE's up-date at +/- 4pm: yes! yes! yes! i checked and found-out that i managed to type a post with my fon. what a wonders of technology could do to us in our modern life, huh?!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

it's illa's birthday today!

today is my youngest sister illa's 32nd birthday. at first mom and i thought of going to kl to have lunch with her, besides to bring the birthday cupcakes that i baked with puteri last night. unfortunately she (illa) has to attend a whole-day training. so we cancelled our plan. for the cupcakes, my dad will bring it tomorrow instead when he go there for his appointment.

to my dear adik illa,

i just would like to wish you a very happy 32nd birthday! may your days be filled with laughter and joy.

hugs & kisses,

kuE's note: more pics of the birhday cupcakes can be viewed here.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

happy 40 to V!!!

its V's birthday today! i sms him a birthday wish this morning. maybe i'll make a surprise call for him later. it seems that he didn't celebrate, just had dinner with a few staff last nite. he also mentioned that he's starting (the 40s) slow. hey, life starts at 40 dude... cheer up! lol...

alright, that's it for now. i am finishing some stuff here, going back shortly. puteri is waiting for me, for us to bake birthday cupcakes for my sister's birthday tomorrow. ciao! ;)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

an open letter for kimi

to my dear kimi,

i know that this is lonngggggg overdue... but whatever it is, to tell you the truth we, especially i had a blast meeting you for the first time exactly a month ago.

i was almost reached kl that evening when we got in touch with each other more via sms/fon (hehe... i understand that it was damn dangerous to use our mobile-fon while driving. what to do, we are malaysians meh... ;) ). since you were stuck in the traffic-jam, i thought i would do some shopping while waiting for you at the curve. its one of my favourite shopping mall as parking there was damn easy. at the same time i was nervous too of whether you will like me or not :| i was at tribeca boutique when you called me. sorry dear, i have to get myself a matching orange sarong for an orange blouse that i bought at the same boutique; during my previous kl trip. i wanted to wear it for my lil' brother's wedding in kuale (orange colour clothes theme ler... dear). i guess it was alright since it took you not long to wait for me right. i was with my kids and grandmother.

so we walked to italiannes. i told the hostess that someone is waiting for me. then she told me that there was a lady sitting alone inside. then i thought that it must be you. we walked in, while my big round eyes was looking for you. as soon as i saw you, i was like—what? was that really you? "my...", i thought to myself. i kept thinking when i stood near you, "the kimi that i saw in the cyber world, looks O-K (hehe...) but this kimi is very much beautiful". hmm... what when you wore that red baju kurung that evening. red really suits you, dear. i really cannot trust your pics in the blog. sorry to say that maybe you are not that photogenic, as in reality, you look much more better, gorgeous! like i said earlier, we really had fun meeting you. i hope that we could do that again with the other angels. who knows maybe we could have our first gathering with all the seven of us together some day. i have met leilanie few times anyway. but i was lucky that night when we met nah too, on our way out of the restaurant; who happened to be having dinner with her family. well dear, other than makan-makan, who knows maybe we could all go out for some get-away-holidays or something. what say you?

oh yea... before i forgot, thank you so much for the wonderful gift. it was tremendously beautiful... i love it so much! you already knew what i like as though that we've already known each other long enough.

until then kimi, take care and all the best in whatever you do. i hope its still not too late for me to wish you a happy new year 2007. best wishes to you and your loved ones!

hugs & kisses,

Sunday, January 14, 2007

heading to a healthy-lifestyle

seeing at the above pic and quote, i'm sure you would wondering of what both of them got to do with each other huh?!! lol...

sungai perak is one of my favourite place to wind down; other than island and beaches. if you have the time, you are truly welcomed to experience it too. the feeling is so good that no one could describe it. come visit me people! 2007 is the visit malaysia year.

we went strolling by the riverside this morning as early as 7am. we should have went there much earlier. but you know lar... it was a bit hard to ask the kids to wake-up that early during weekends lol... anyhow we did have cereal for breakfast before we went out. i could see many people were doing the same, mostly malays and chinese. my oh my... i dun see any indians. why, huh?!! fyi with effective this year, this is what i am intend to do with my kids. i could also say that its one of my new year resolutions—to lead to a healthy-lifestyle. i met some of the people that i know there including Mr T. i find that he likes to exercise during most of his past-time. around 7.30am, there were a group of people already filled the laman budaya. from what i understood, there will be some free aerobic session on every sunday morning. i joined them from far ;) it was rather interesting though. what when they included the pocho-pocho dance at the ending part. well Mr T was surprised to see that i knew how to do the pocho-pocho hehe... see the legs lar lol...

we dropped-by at yut loy on our way back. i knew kids were tired including me. all three of us had iced milo with roti kahwin—toasted bread ying yong using traditional bread (ying yong means served with margarine and kaya). gosh... i should have taken some pics of the roti kahwin ;) nevermind... one fine day ya...

kadang-kadang, orang yang paling kita sayanglah... yang paling susah untuk kita sayangi (sometimes, the people that we loved so much, are the people that's so difficult for us to love).

now about the above quote, it was from the movie cinta (love). at first i didn't realize it when i watched the movie last time. i only did after i bought the audio-cd of the movie last week. fatimah abu bakar was the one who said it. nice. i like. its so meanigful too.

kuE's note: i snapped the above pic this morning, edited using fd's Flickr Toys.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

my review of honk!

thanks a lot to DNAS who was kind of reminded me about this book honk! if you're a malaysian by lydia teh. after i read D's post, i knew i heard about the book somewhere. then i thought to myself that i should get one for myself too. thus when we went to ipoh last weekend, i make sure that i grabbed the opportunity to get my copy of the book too from mph kinta city. fyi people, whenever we go there, mph is our must-stop.

as some of you may know, i am actually still reading gypsy masala at the moment. but since i found the honk! book very interesting from the reviews of many others, i temporarily stopped reading gypsy masala. i quickly glance through and started reading honk! that night after we came back from ipoh. up till now, i am reading the 16th essays if i'm not mistaken. i would read it whenever i have the time. the book really describes about us malaysian.

here's something happened to me recently—i attended an official opening at a friend's place in gunung semanggol last thursday. the function supposed to start at 9am. i, as one of the task force was the first one to reach there by 8am i tell you. even our AM arrived around 9 (?). so as usual lor... dily dely here and there... at last it only started around 10.15am grr... lydia, MRT (malaysian rubber time) huh?!!

here's another that happened quite some time ago in klang valley—marvin, a chindian friend was waiting for some friends including me at mcD in subang parade during fasting month. since he was early and rather hungry, he bought the big mac value meal. once seated, he unwrap the burger. when he was about to open his mouth, he saw many eyes looking at him especially malays. those malays already got their food placed in front of them but they were waiting for break fast time. wa lau ley... they thought marvin was malay rotfl... marvin really looks like a malay guy ler, tan skin. he was shocked indeed when he saw almost everyone were looking at him. then what he did next was he held the burger in one hand, and he took-out his cross-necklace that he was wearing but hid inside his shirt, with his other hand. he smiled at them. then only they do their own thing. malaysians no matter what race, do kind of key-poh-chee ;)

alright what else? oh yea... the 'leng chai' thingy—experienced that, done that! lol... ;)

i also recommended this to my local friend Mr T. i would lend him mine of course after i finished reading it. in fact he came to my office the other day. so he asked me to have a look at the book for a while. he already laughed, when he flipped-through the book—he's a fast reader i tell you. he assured me to pass the book to him after i read it. next in line would be puteri. she just told me this morning that she also wants to read the book. i'll make sure that she write her own review in her blog.

all-in-all, i could say honk! really provided an open-eye to every malaysians. i would say that everyone (yes, everyone) should read this. go and get a copy now from your nearest mph bookstore. maybe next time the publisher could print it in other languages too—malay, chinese and tamil version; so that really everyone could read this. what do you think?

kuE's note:
1. i simply took pic of the back cover of the book though as people always showed the front cover—juz wanna do something different. cool... huh?!!
2. do visit lydia teh's blog and enter a contest that could win you some of her books + some books from her book shelf.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

tentang bulan

*tentang bulan means about the moon.

we went to watch tentang bulan during the weekend at none other than tgv, kinta city. looks like that was the first movie we watched for 2007. i remember when we wanted to watch cinta last time, kids especially megat already excited about this movie when they saw the posters etc. too bad it hasn't started yet that time.

i understood that the producer of this movie was david teo. i knew that i do not watch the kind of movies that he produced. but since this one featured child actors as the leading roles and the synopsis kinda interesting too; i thought why not i gave it a go. besides, if my sista thought it was ok, then it should be okay for me too lol...

like asyraf NEMESIS faiz said, "it's a must see!!!". i dunno why... when i saw those kids, they really reminds me of my childhood scenario. i would like to call upon my sister Rose, CK and the rest of the angels to bring your family to watch tentang bulan too. i know your kids will love it. like i said earlier, it would reminds us of our childhood years, especially those lived in the urban areas. hey... those without kids could go too ya, for some fun time.

just to tell you all people a bit about the story, its about five very close childhood friends, each of which possess unique characters and behaviour. everytime they see a full moon, they dream of 'going to the moon'. their friendship is tested when a pretty new girl, zurina, enrols in their school and has every boy falling for her. hey... aren't this familiar? lol...

one thing slack about this movie, were the props or maybe the technical stuff. i agreed with casesensitive. blimey... why, they thought it's a small things that nothing much to look at. it does! occay?!!... if regards to the story-line i would give the production people maybe 3.75 out of 5. what say you?

kuE's note: pic courtesy of mSTAR Online.

Monday, January 08, 2007

megat is 7+...

...thus, he was so proud of it. here in the above pic (taken after i fetched him), he can't wait to show me his newly-bought sports t-shirt that he folded himself, after his PE class this morning. your mama is very proud of you too megat!

kuE's note: did you notice the cinta's audio-cd soundtrack on the dashboard? i bought it during our weekend-outing in ipoh. its definitely a 'must-have' for me, to add to my own cd collection. i'll blog about it (the ipoh trip) in the next post.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

wow... congrats syahrin!

what a very good way to start your new year... wohoo... way to go... congratulations again, dude!

guess what people, check-out the news-stand right now and you could see syahrin's work been published in the latest issue (january 2007) of malaysian tatler. for those who do not know, syahrin is a pro-photographer-friend (click here to view his photography site). he was also the official photographer during my lil' bro's wedding in kl, for both akad nikah and wedding receptionclick here to view pics of the wedding by syahrin.

kuE's note: pic by syahrin himself.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

RM100 gone, for a good deed (?)

gosh... i am about to go home, but i have to post this first. both my kids are waiting for me. i am bringing them to town shortly.

this morning i read DNAS' post with sorry. i know its hard for her as i faced a same kind of situation at my former work place before... duh!*...

about 1/2 an hour ago a guy from ipoh came in to my office. he is supposed to have a brain operation (i think) next week at assunta hospital in pj. the operation would cost him about RM50,000. he showed me all the supporting documents from the hospital. also some letters from schools in perak that donated some monies for him. it seems that he needed another RM500. many times he told me that i could give him what ever amount i wish to as 'derma ikhlas'. this is my weakness. i can't see all this kind of thingy. what when he showed me his sad face. so i told him that i'll donate RM100. i took-out two pieces of RM50 note from my blue butterfly wallet placed in my hand-bang. i handed the money to him. he thanked me few times. before he left, he wrote-down his telephone number in ipoh. he asked me to contact me if i ever have any problems (?) oikk?...

to ghazali bin idrus (tel: +6055284546); i really hope that you told me the truth, that i have not been conned. if you are, i wished that allah will bless your life with happiness always. god bless you!

to whoever attached with assunta hospital (sorry naddy, when the guy mentioned about assunta, suddenly my mind was thinking of you. what a co-incidence, huh?!!); maybe you could help me to track this guy. i only wanna make sure that he is not a liar.

*kuE's note: actually i got a funny story about this word—duh. never mind, i'll post about it someday. gotta go now people... ciao!

sekolah atas bukit

i am sure some of you people may wonder of why this lady still blogging at this hour huh?!! bloggaholic is one thing. well actually i slept very much earlier around 8pm—too tired i guess ;) then i woke-up again in the middle of the night. i thought to myself that i should up-date my blog. weird? nah... i have used to it. i will get back to sleep as soon as i complete this anyway.

everyone still enjoying the last day of school holidays, also last day of the long-weekend holidays. for me, i have already started to start my day at 4.50am. but normally i rewarded myself for an extra sleep during the school holidays though ;)

puteri is in form 1 this year. she goes to the same school like her mother—smk raja perempuan kelsom also known as sekolah atas bukit (school on the hill) by locals. like koleq (yes, budak koleq should know this school better. not forgetting the cliffordian too ehem...), our generations studied at rpk except one of my sister. in fact, we (puteri and i) were there this morning. puteri attended the orientation session with the other girls, while parents were in the hall for some briefing by the school. guess what, some of my teachers are still there. even the present hm, cik hajjah nazipah who started since few months ago, was also my discipline teacher. i know there's also en mohamad, my maths teacher whom we called 'walking plywood-board' last time tehee...

the school really provides a lot of memories for me. not just that, it also was the residence of jww birch who was the first british resident in perak, resides here in kuale. maybe some day i'll post more about the history of my school. i studied there from 1985 to 1989. just hope that if any of my school friends read this (other than kay of course), please contact me here or here.

during the makan-makan this morning, i didn't join the other parents. but i walked-around the school compound alone instead. i almost cry you know huhu...