Thursday, October 30, 2008

malaysia may ban yoga for muslims (?)

i am quoting a radically surprised news from msn news— “Malaysia may ban yoga for Muslims: cleric

hey... whats up with that? i have just thought of starting! i even already have a pilates mat that i can use for yoga also.i know its kinda good exercise... :(

who doesn't know that yoga is from india. but in other way its a form of good exercise and alternative medicine.

from what i understand, the most important benefit of yoga is physical and mental therapy. the aging process, which is largely an artificial condition, caused mainly by autointoxication or self-poisoning, can be slowed down by practicing yoga. by keeping the body clean, flexible and well lubricated, we can significantly reduce the catabolic process of cell deterioration. to get the maximum benefits of yoga one has to combine the practices of yogasanas, pranayama and meditation.

regular practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation can help such diverse ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, digestive disorders, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, chronic fatigue, asthma, varicose veins and heart conditions. laboratory tests have proved the yogi's increased abilities of consciously controlling autonomic or involuntary functions, such as temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure. research into the effects of yogic practices on HIV is currently underway with promising results.

according to medical scientists, yoga therapy is successful because of the balance created in the nervous and endocrine systems which directly influences all the other systems and organs of the body. yoga acts both as a curative and preventive therapy. the very essence of yoga lies in attaining mental peace, improved concentration powers, a relaxed state of living and harmony in relationships.

through the practice of yoga, we become aware of the interconnectedness between our emotional, mental and physical levels. gradually this awareness leads to an understanding of the more subtle areas of existence. the ultimate goal of yoga is to make it possible for you to be able to fuse together the gross material (annamaya), physical (pranamaya), mental (manomaya), intellectual (vijnanamaya) and spiritual (anandamaya) levels within your being. you can read more of the benefits of yoga here and here. alternatively, more about it can be found massively online.

looks like i just have to get going myself from a number of books or cds on yoga that i have bought. thus i have also found many good and informative yoga sites. now no one can interrupt me! we'll see... :~)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BookSwim—Book Rental Service

BookSwim Gift Card - Rent books Netflix-style is the first online book rental library club lending you paperbacks and hardcovers netflix-style directly to your house without the need to purchase! Whether it's New Releases, Bestsellers, or Classics, we've got over 200,000 titles to choose from, with free shipping both ways! Read your books as long as you want—no late fees! Even choose to purchase and keep the titles you love! BookSwim is considered a "green gift". Trees are saved when books are shared; the very nature of book rental. BookSwim also plants a new tree for every gift card sold to help offset the production of paper.

Since Christmas season is coming, you can get a virtual gift card. Its a perfect gift for those who love to read. In fact they are giving incentives to customers who purchase gift cards from now until December 31, which are as follows:

—You will get $5 gift card for every $50 gift card you purchased. Similarly, you will get $20 gift card for every $100 gift card you buy.

—They are also giving away a $299 Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player for 2 lucky winners. One gift card purchased are entitled for one entry.

—You're helping the environment by having a tree planted in honor of your gift. Your tree helps balance out new book paper production through a partnership with Eco-Libris.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

high school musical 3: senior year

i don't have much choice earlier today, but given the fact that there are two die-hard HSM fans in my house, it seemed like the right thing to do. puteri is on deepavali holiday until tomorrow. while megat got a day holiday only. so off we went to kinta city in ipoh (where else) after lunch.

keep in mind that this review is coming from someone who has seen the first high school musical countless times or so, and the second high school musical at least 15. i have seen the pop-up video editions, the sing and dance along editions and listened to the soundtracks in the car for months on end.

did i mention that i have also seen high school musical on ice?

now for the review: disney did not disappoint with this one. the songs were great and the choreography was awesome. it was nice to see the two best friends (troy and chad) perform a number together, and for the young girls it oozed testosterone. set in a junkyard it provided lots of props for them to jump on and slide under exhibiting the athleticism one would expect from star basketball players, who just happen to be great singers and dancers.

it was obvious to me that disney is clearly setting up the young zac efron to be the next hearthrob for an older audience due to at least two scenes where he was needlessly shirtless.

couldn't get that one by me, disney!!

the opening preview was of his next movie called 17 again where he is an adult who turns 17 again and gets to go back to... guess where... HIGH SCHOOL!!! go figure, right?

the nasty sharpay was as devious as ever and gabriella was the ultimate good girl who left school early to enter stanford's freshman honors program. all in all it was a good movie, but i am happy that this trilogy has come to an end. let's just hope they don't get too greedy and come back with "high school musical 4: it ain't over, till it's over."

if you have a youngster in your life who wants to go, go ahead and take them. just think of it as grease, with much cooler clothes and much richer kids.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

how to create a signature under your blog post

its been a month or so since i have been putting a kind of signature in almost all of my blog post' like this—

now before i start my so gonna called
tough saturday*, let me share with you people of how to do it.

  1. create a signature—i am so sorry that i have forgotten of where i got the link that i created mine, cuz i did it as soon as i found it while browsing online. then i just saved it under .jpeg in my thumb drive, with thinking that i will find a way of doing this signature thingy one day. alas...

  2. .gif file only and make it transparent—open a photo editing program i.e. photoshop. open your signature file. amend the size as you required, then save it under .gif file.

    *take note that the way you SAVE this image is very important! if you have a transparent background to work with, then in order to maintain that look, you have to save it as a .gif image. if you have not chosen to use a transparent background, then it’s okay to save it as a .jpeg .

  3. uploading image—you’ll need to upload your image to an image hosting website such as .

  4. sign it!

    • in your template page, find this line of code:

      please be aware that the above code is specifically for . unfortunately for other blog service provider, you are advised to check with them of where you shall placed the following code.

      then paste this line of code into your html:

      change the capitalized IMAGE to the actual URL or DIRECT LINK for the image you want to use.

      voila! you have got your signature done.

      the above instructions allow you to include your signature graphic on every post you write and publish. you do not have to manually add it once you have followed that instructions.

    • but for me i prefer to sign mine in each post manually cuz that way, i'll know/remember of basically when i first started practice this. it won't be that troublesome though. i just have to copy and paste the code whenever i wanna create one.

  5. complete—preview your template. if you're happy with the result, save your work.

congratulations! now you have a custom signature to give character to each one of your blog posts!

do not feel hesitate to email me for further queries or clarifications. i would be much glad to help you in any way i could... god willing.

Friday, October 24, 2008

teaching kids the true value of money

last two weeks i brought megat to a local bank to save some of his raya money. its been like four years i practice this with him— we count the raya money together, brought half of it to be saved in the bank and i let him keep half of it. when we were at the bank, i taught him of how to write the form himself. besides that he also took his own number queue and met the bank teller himself. i guess this way megat can learn the process of saving/using money along the way. what when i heard the bank teller had a quick conversation with megat and gave him some encouragement on saving money— " haa... bagus adik simpan duit dari kecil, senang nanti nak belajar bila besar. spend, jangan!" wow... thanks a lot dude!

well since this year he got quite wholesome than the previous years, i managed to convince him that we kept 3/4 of it in the bank. while megat shall keep the balance. like last year, from that money that he kept himself, he bought some hot wheels toys, books and such. so far alhamdulillah... megat understands of how important the money is that we shall start to save it from young.

teaching kids about money involves several aspects. first, kids generally learn about the face value or denomination of money. kids learn that money can be exchanged for goods, such as when a parent might explain that in order to get a toy that the child may see in a store, or on TV in a commercial, they (or you) must exchange money for the toy. a little later on usually, kids learn that when they receive money, they can save that money up to buy something they want. they may not have enough money at the time, but if they save up money they receive, one day in the future they may be able to buy that certain toy or item.

unfortunately, this is where a child’s education about money sometimes ends, even into adulthood.

the “real” value of money, in essence, is that it can represent future opportunity and freedom. money should not only be thought of as a vehicle to purchase things, but as having value to allow one to make choices in life that one would otherwise be unable to make without it, have the means to take care of oneself or family, and have the freedom to make choices that being in debt does sometimes not allow us to make. often, we are constrained by financial obligations and all of those things we must have and save up for, that we do not realize we are limiting opportunities and the freedom of choice when it comes to our lives that financial freedom can bring us. not having enough money can limit our job choices, where we live, and what we do with our lives.

how do you teach kids about the value of money ?

  • start them saving early—give them an allowance starting at a young age, and get them used to saving money—just for the sake of saving.
  • teach them not to save just to spend—if they save money for things, instead of saving for their future, it will be difficult for them to realize the freedom money can give them in the future. making them save a percentage, and not taking every cent in the piggy bank to buy a new toy or game, is a good idea.
  • stress the importance of choice and freedom—saving money for education, experiences, etc., as opposed to materialistic things. it’s not always about things. sometimes having money in the bank allows you to do things you would not be able to do without money.
  • use real life examples—explain that if they buy the new ben 10 toy, they won’t have any money left. this will limit their choices in the future.
  • let them make mistakes, but point them out so they learn from them. it’s OK to let them make mistakes, but try to teach something when they do.
  • teach them to be generous—all the money in the world won’t buy friendships, relationships, or love. while money can be an important tool, relationships with people are more important in the grand scheme of things.

have you started teaching your kids on saving? what method do you use? care to share some tips here?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

WhiteWalls Art Gallery

Are you fond of art? Or do you know someone who loves art? Give them some canvas wall art this Christmas season!


offers different sizes of canvas wall art. They have these dimensions: 12"—24", 25"—48" and 49"—72". They also have other artworks such as metal art, abstract, Van Gogh art, modern and contemporary styles.

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WhiteWalls offer very fast, free shipping on all their artworks. And be sure to check back on their site every morning for their "Steal of the Day" art specials. I hear that they sell out fast. ;)

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i like to move it, move it...

i am sure some of you people must have been wondering of what's up with the "i like to move it, move it with madagascar 2!" marquee up there since last night. its a non-standard HTML markup element type which causes text to scroll up, down, left or right. well its all because of nuffnang whose giving away more premiere movie screening. i came out with that quick and simple idea with an instant. i was just trying my luck though. i thought of bringing megat.

madagascar: escape 2 africa is the sequel from madagascar. i remember that i went to watch it (madagascar) with megat. but i didn't write the review last time ler plak... blerk! well here's something than nothing of what i can remember—

“there are all sorts of things working against this film. the most notable is the fact that a certain standard has been set by "finding nemo" and "shrek" and if it isn't one of those films, the critics jump all over it like paparazzi on a starlet accidentally flashing some nipple.

the movie centers on four central park zoo animals who accidentally leave their comfortable confines and find themselves in madagascar where an egotistic lemur seems to rule. however, it should be about the penguins who set everything into motion. the penguins are clearly the most interesting characters in the film. everyone wants more penguins. unfortunately, penguins are not much fun to animate, i'd guess, so we get to follow around four considerably more boring characters: alex the lion, marty the zebra, melman the giraffe and gloria the hippo.

the penguins set everything in motion by tunneling out of the zoo and giving marty the idea that the wild would be an interesting place to be. marty escapes with a plan to get to grand Central station and head for connecticut. the rest of the characters escape too, hoping to get marty back, but they're captured. this prompts the humans to put them all on a boat to africa, but their boxes fall off the ship and they all end up in madagascar.

ironically, it's when the story gets to madagascar that the movie stalls badly. the primary story element concerns alex's starvation and his increasing interest in taking a bite out of marty's hindquarters—hardly life-affirming, metaphorical stuff. has there been a successful movie about one character wanting to put his mouth on another character's ass? like most of the animated features that people simply don't take to, "madagascar" is more about the technology behind the animation than it is about the story. it's fine to look at the pretty colors, but when the story doesn't work, the movie is a failure.

there you go ya... its better late than never *glurp*

now we shall wait and see for the part two of the movie...


talking about “move it!”, as you could see one of the main reasons that i captured the screenshot of my blog is because of my new blog lay out. chantek kan? as far as i could remember, i had used the previous blog design for almost two years or so. meaning my blog also got to move it ya... what when i got it done with the help from jess of delicious design studio, about last two days of ramadhan just in time for raya hehee... according to KNizam, this is the seasons of blogs/web sites changing lay-out (?).

in fact i am in the mid of getting my blog to make another move very soon wohoo!!!... sorry ler i won't give you people any hint. let it just be a surprise! :~)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

seeing cheap!

I've been fortunate enough to blog about this web site of a very affordable prescription eyeglass provider, Zenni Optical, again and again. If you don't believe me, do browse my July archive because you could see that I blog twice about this. As I am into saving the environment so much, that I fully recommend this websitewhere at you'll find a wide assortment of prescription eyeglasses at prices even a grade-schooler can afford, some even as low as $8.00 a pair. In addition to its $8.00 metal-alloy and plastic frames, Zenni Optical also offers a low-cost $9.95, $12.95, $15.95, and $19.00 line of frames. The company is able to provide these affordable options because it sells its products directly to you, cutting out the extra cost of a middle man or a retail store. It also relies more on word-of-mouth promotions than on a huge advertising budget, which further reduces the cost.

All glasses at Zenni Optical come with thin, 1.57 index lenses; an anti-scratch coating; UV protection; polished, beveled lenses; a carrying case; and a microfiber cleansing cloth. Upgrades to this basic package can also be purchased from Zenni Optical. For example, you can choose to add lenses to your frames that automatically darken in the sunlight for only $39.00, or you can choose to just have the lenses tinted for $4.95. Bifocal lenses will also cost you more at Zenni Optical.

Ordering glasses from Zenni Optical is easy. Simply click on the glasses you want and fill out your prescription information. You can order as many glasses as you want. Each purchase is backed by Zenni Optical's guarantee that the prescription will be correct and the lenses clear. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the glasses within four weeks of receipt, and Zenni Optical will refund 50% of the purchase price.

Chicago Tribune also did some write up about this.

This is a sponsored post.

Monday, October 20, 2008

a perfect gift!

are you looking for nice gifts for your friends and loved ones? i can give you some idea about that. check out; they have a perfect gift that you can give to your family and loved ones. they have cool personalized flash drives. there is no minimum orders and you don't have to worry about the shipping cost because it's very affordable.

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Personalized Flash Drives

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  1. the new brag book
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  8. build customer loyalty
  9. network and be remembered and,
  10. for the person who has everything

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Friday, October 17, 2008

friday's blessing

as mentioned earlier in my baking blog, megat and i baked some cupcakes last night, to be given to his classmates as a raya treat. megat was so excited about it. so am i. more over i was so eager to know of how would the kids react. so i let megat brought my oly to school with condition that i would come during recess time to take it back.

so these are the results—

how glad am i to see the happy faces of the children. group pics been taken by megat's class teacher lause lim. according to megat, he was a bit shy to be in the pic though. take note that megat is still in school. his school hours will be ended at 1.05pm.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

join the Samsung Innov8 Run!

i got an exclusive invite from BlogMob to join the Samsung Innov8 Run! hmm... but do not expect it to be that easy... because as a blogger, of course i have to blog about this event. if i am lucky enough, i will be part of the chosen one ;)

as soon as i read thru the email and understand it well, i was like— "i want! i want!" the event will be taken place on 1 november 2008 at 9am. the starting point is at Samsung Service Centre, PJ.

the Samsung Innov8 Run is a fun team event in which team members' drive around Klang Valley area solving clues with the help of the Samsung Innov8 phone. they will use features like its awesome camera, GPS maps and other cool features. now tell me who doesn't find this fun huh?!!

besides that, Samsung also are giving a chance for us to walk away with a Brand new Samsung Innov8 mobile phone!

for more info visit the BlogMob website— or to know more about the Samsung Innov8 Run.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

jusco, wake up! and do something...

about two weeks ago, i was walking around jusco kinta city with megat when suddenly i saw a butterfly picture frame. i was kind of excited though, as you know, i love butterfly so much. so i picked it up to have a closer look when i spot a typo/printing error (?) at a message there with just a glance… “HAPPY BIRTHADY” —blerk!

what is so shameful ya for such a big company can have a simple mistake like that? halooo… you can have millions excuse, but that should not be excusable. you can’t blame the supplier. you as a dealer can dispute the product, not until the supplier correct their mistake. or better still; do not place the item on the gondola. i really hope that something could be done here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

what a relieve...

Malaysia cuts retail fuel prices to ease inflation

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Malaysia's government announced a fresh cut in retail fuel prices Tuesday to ease inflation following the recent fall in global crude oil prices.

The pump price of gasoline will be slashed by 6 percent to 2.30 ringgit (66 U.S. cents) a liter from Wednesday, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in a statement. Diesel prices will be reduced by 8 percent to 2.20 ringgit (63 U.S. cents) per liter.

It was the biggest of three consecutive price cuts after the government hiked gasoline prices by a shocking 41 percent and diesel prices by 63 percent in June to curb a runaway subsidy bill.

"Because the global crude oil price has clearly fallen in recent times, the government has made the decision to speed up a cut in retail fuel prices to enable the public to enjoy the benefits sooner," Abdullah said.

The government has been struggling against public frustration over the rising cost of living. Inflation stood at 8.5 percent in August due to high transportation and food costs.

kuE' say:
i felt so good that i left the car’s fuel tank at critical level not until tomorrow. you see, for someone’s who's very much concerned into environment thingy, this is surely very good news for us. what when i had made a great move to wait until the next day. what a relieve... what a great saving i had... i am so happy even if it's not that much. in other words, we must know of how to save whatever we can. at least there's something than nothing right. i don't care whether this involved politics or not, because i don't vote... *opsss* what about you people?

kuE' related post:
to refuel or not to refuel

of why i love staying in kuale so much...

this is one of the reasons of why i love staying in my hometown so much apart of there's no bad traffic jam compared to the city—

yut loy's roti kahwin & kopi 'o' peng

ya i know... i know... i have posted so many pics of roti kahwin and kopi 'o' peng here in my blog already. go here to know more about roti kahwin. its best eaten when its still hot hmm... yummyyyyy...

i was there last thursday with megat around 4+ pm, while waiting for puteri whose at her math's tuition and my mother whose renewing dad's HD road tax at the post office. the queue was damn long so we decided to wait at yut loy instead ;) besides that was the first time we went there since raya. just imagine, how would you feel if you can't have something that you like especially food for more than 30 days. the shop closed at 6pm the latest. we didn't tapau (take-out) any cuz like i said earlier, not just for roti kahwin but almost all the food there are good to be eaten while they are hot.

so... eventually (believe it or not) both megat and i ate 5 sets (2 pieces of bread per set) of roti kahwin (RM8.00) and we drank iced milo (RM1.80) and kopi 'o' peng (RM1.20) respectively; that make up a total of RM11.00 .

as you could see, yut loy's customer are from many races not just chinese. even when we were there, the restaurant was mostly full of malays and indians. the restaurant's most hit is the 'pau'. that's what i saw most of the other customers ate that time.

now make sure you drop-by yut loy (or 'ah lok' as known by the locals) when you are in town!

kuE's note:
this post doesn't mean that i don't miss kl life ya... especially my old job in the hospitality industry warggghhhhh!!!... but to tell you the truth here is more relax :)

disclaimer: the opinions expressed here are entirely based on my personal taste buds and may vary for others. the reviewer also declares that she has not received any monetary or non-monetary compensation from the restaurant for writing this review.

to refuel or not to refuel (?)

i don’t know how far the trueness of this statement is—that the country’s fuel price will be dropped tomorrow.

last night i had the plan to refuel the car’s fuel tank this morning, after sending the kids to school, since the refuel indication already appeared from sunday. government had lower petrol and diesel prices by 10 sen end of last month. so as soon as i knew about this, i told myself that i do not have to refuel full tank. why not right? tomorrow’s onwards price would be cheaper, god willing… then wait for tomorrow! we’ll see…

now i only have about 6.12L (RM15) where the current petrol price is RM2.45/L to be use up until tomorrow.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

shopinggggg!!!... for jewelry & watches, the SHOPwiki way...

SHOPwiki is a retailers first choice when it comes to advertisement and it’s a shoppers first to find better deals on the net. SHOPwiki uses a combination of a web crawler, sorting techniques and a data extraction algorithm to seek product information from online shopping websites.

shoppers get unbiased results on numerous products as SHOPwiki crawls more than 180,000 online stores. and that’s not all when it comes to your shopping search you can do a simple product search or narrow down your search results using a number of available variables, including price, special features, brand and retailers too.

lets check this out— many of us mostly do an online search to look for jewelry and watches. this search can be very exhaustive. take the case of jewelry you would find. jewelry in itself is divided into a number of categories:
  • engagement and wedding jewelry suitable for those memorable times
  • women's jewelry
  • men's jewelry

similar is the case of watches too. start shopping for a watch you will find that watches are not only the instruments of measuring but also play an important role in your wardrobe as an ornament and pricely possession. watches can be segregated based on occasions, places, features, ahh... the list is endless.

thats why SHOPwiki brings you buying guides whether it is jewelry, watches or any other product which helps you to analyze all the aspects. most important of them are price, quality, fashion, function. apart from these, its SHOPwiki buying guides gets in to design and technical details of the products to help us select the best product for us.

so people... whenever you would like to go for shopping don’t forget SHOPwiki especially when you are hunting for jewellery and watches!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

misunderstanding is nothing but way to better understanding

understanding is the baseline of friendship. friendship which stands on the foundation of understanding is difficult to collapse.

two friends interwoven in friendship hardly misunderstand each other. i used the word "hardly" because "never" would be an exaggeration. a time does come when misunderstanding crops up, but friends never let the wild grass grow and ruin their so-carefully cultivated garden of friendship. this is the sign and identity of lifelong friendship. a misunderstanding can never stand long in friendship.

in friendship. it so happens that one tends to accept the other as he/she is, with the shortcomings. even if two friends have different view about a particular topic, they tend to listen to and adjust with other's view point, thus leaving no place for any sort of misunderstanding.

sometimes misunderstanding helps the friends to come closer. thus...

misunderstanding! when it comes and when it goes is hardly noticed! though it's a transient phase, it may be sometimes more painful than lifetime pain. this pain makes two friends realize the importance of the other in their life. that's why i say, "misunderstanding helps friends to come closer!". correct kay? ;)

you may be friends for a long time but you never realize the importance of your friend in your life unless a misunderstanding crops up. take for instance two friends who know each other for quite a long time. they share their feelings, love etc. by some means, a misunderstanding crop up and the two friends lose contact, they do not call up each other, do not talk to each other or do not see each other. this transient phase of misunderstanding is heart-felt. during this phase, they miss each other and run for patch up. it's during this transient phase, that lots of things, facts develop.

in short, a better understanding develops out of misunderstanding.

when friends have, amongst themselves, any kind of misunderstanding they cannot concentrate in their work, not even routine work. they tend to get irritated on any small topic. it seems as if something is biting their heart, unknowingly tears accumulate in the eyes and these tears clear all the dirt, the misunderstanding is solved.

two friends who come out of misunderstanding resemble the gold, which comes out of fire. 'that' gold is more shining and more pure, as impurities die off in fire.

thus, misunderstanding is nothing but way to better understanding.

"friends, successfully coming out of misunderstanding, hand in hand are replaceable and more true in friendship."

"no mind can ever think of any idea to break their friendship. because of friendly misunderstanding, friends come close to each other, know each other well enough which prevents the recurrence."

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

i share because i love you


free handbags. one every hour for 24 hours.

run! it's the real deal people!

you are all welcome...

kuE's note:
weekend post will still be up and running very soon. there are quite a number of cute pics i wanna post here :D

Monday, October 06, 2008

an email from Josie

the damn CPU got blown off, thus i was not be able to go online over the weekend. that means there are quite a number of pictures to be told in my next blog post. so make sure you watch out this space for more post soon ya... i was lucky enough that they can fix the CPU by today itself. i guess if not because i called them first this morning, i don’t know whether they shall take their own sweet time again like before. at the meantime, i was kind of surprised when i saw an email titled “Mrs. N C Partridge”, as soon as i open my inbox. i quickly clicked that one first before any other. Josie, Mrs. Partridge’s daughter who’s living in australia was kind enough to write to me. she thanked me for the thoughts i wrote about her late mother. i ought that she found my blog while browsing online. thank you so much Josie for your feedback. i really didn’t expect that you would read it—

Mrs N C Partridge‏
From: eckselke

Medium riskYou may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Saturday, 4 Oct, 2008 1: 38 PM

I was quite touched to read what you had written about the news of my mother. Both my parents were dedicated teachers, and my mother always made sure she delivered, as headmistress, the very best for the girls to receive an all rounded education in Kuala Kangsar. Her greatest joy was when she met old girls, and as you described, she would bump into them almost anywhere in Malaysia and even overseas.

My mother would then love to share her latest interests, and as you mentioned, the test for a gemstone works all the time. Water will normally run off coloured glass. I am not so sure about the relief for migraine though – the tip we know is to press firmly the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger.

My parents were not selected by parents of newborn to be godparents, within a baptism ceremony. But later on, parents of single adults in particular would affectionately ask. Kuppamah however was special in that my mother saw a need to provide a home for her, and that is exactly what happened. Kuppamah stayed with us until she left our home to train as a nurse in KL. She eventually graduated with a group of her GEGS friends. There was no doubt that she could secure a job as a registered nurse, and she went on to raise her own family - all of whom are successful in their own career paths, and she is now a grandmother herself.

It was sad and difficult for us to have to face this part of my mother’s journey in life, particularly as we are a small family. However, it was a long life filled with great accomplishments and undeniable love not only for family but also for relatives, friends, colleagues…. and her schoolgirls. In each and every growing girl, she saw an educated woman using her talents in a unique way and finding joy and happiness in life.

I thank you for your thoughts put to words, and wish you well.