Tuesday, October 28, 2008

high school musical 3: senior year

i don't have much choice earlier today, but given the fact that there are two die-hard HSM fans in my house, it seemed like the right thing to do. puteri is on deepavali holiday until tomorrow. while megat got a day holiday only. so off we went to kinta city in ipoh (where else) after lunch.

keep in mind that this review is coming from someone who has seen the first high school musical countless times or so, and the second high school musical at least 15. i have seen the pop-up video editions, the sing and dance along editions and listened to the soundtracks in the car for months on end.

did i mention that i have also seen high school musical on ice?

now for the review: disney did not disappoint with this one. the songs were great and the choreography was awesome. it was nice to see the two best friends (troy and chad) perform a number together, and for the young girls it oozed testosterone. set in a junkyard it provided lots of props for them to jump on and slide under exhibiting the athleticism one would expect from star basketball players, who just happen to be great singers and dancers.

it was obvious to me that disney is clearly setting up the young zac efron to be the next hearthrob for an older audience due to at least two scenes where he was needlessly shirtless.

couldn't get that one by me, disney!!

the opening preview was of his next movie called 17 again where he is an adult who turns 17 again and gets to go back to... guess where... HIGH SCHOOL!!! go figure, right?

the nasty sharpay was as devious as ever and gabriella was the ultimate good girl who left school early to enter stanford's freshman honors program. all in all it was a good movie, but i am happy that this trilogy has come to an end. let's just hope they don't get too greedy and come back with "high school musical 4: it ain't over, till it's over."

if you have a youngster in your life who wants to go, go ahead and take them. just think of it as grease, with much cooler clothes and much richer kids.