Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wanna win USD20 PayPal?

i want! i want! i want!...

but hey... you can win this too! remember i post something about twitter last week? so have you registered yet? cuz raging tech (RT) is putting up a “just for the heck of it” contest that got something to do with twitter.
  • contest ends on 30 april 2009. no late submissions will be accepted.

  • contest prizes:
    1st prize: USD20 paid via PayPal,
    2nd prize: mystery prize(?) for most creative tweet.

  • no prize substitutions, this contest void where prohibited by applicable laws.

  • winner will be chosen at random from entries. 2nd prize winner will be chosen based on most creative tweet.

there are the three simple ways to enter this contest—
  1. follow @ragingtech and tweet about this contest on twitter and link to this blog post directly. here’s some example text if you need it:

    raging tech

    —but your text must be good enough in order for you to get a chance for winning the 2nd prize for most creative tweet! be sure to include @ragingtech and the #ragingwin if you want your submission to count.

  2. leave a comment on this post, and be sure to fill out the form with a link to your blog together with your valid email address.

  3. blog about this contest — post at least 100 words or more blog post about this contest, and be sure your blog has trackback or pingback enabled, or leave a comment here with the direct url to your post.

see... didn't i tell you earlier that this is sooooo simple? get more info about this contest here.

SocialSpark is neat!...

well people... i've been hanging out over at SocialSpark for almost a year now (mid of april) and i've found it to be a real neat place! i love that i have the opportunity to make a little extra money by posting about the different topics offered by the advertisers. along with all the great "jobs" available, there is also a chance to visit new blogs and meet new bloggers. i've come across several blogs that i just love and i'm pretty sure i would not have even found these blogs if we both were not part of SocialSpark.

socialspark profile

i also like the design of the profiles at SocialSpark. they are easy to navigate and and are chocked full of information about the blogger and his/her blog. even though i can check my stats through my host, i go to my SocialSpark profile because it's quick and easy. because i'm such a glory hog, here's my SocialSpark profile... check it out and leave me props and comments pretty please!

even though i really like SocialSpark, there is one thing that i would like to see changed in the future. when i got a notification for a post to write, i would like to have a link to that "job" so i could easily click the link and find out the specific details i need to complete that job. right now i have to sign-in and search for the job, but it would be nice to just be able to click through... it would save time!

if you have not visited SocialSpark, you really need to do so... i think you'll find it a neat place too!

go here to request for an invitation. when you have sign up, make sure you claim your blog. once you have done so, please let me know :)

do not feel hesitate to contact me for further queries and clarifications. i would be much glad and happy to help you as much as i could.

Monday, March 30, 2009

satë night...

satë night...

we brought megat to his taekwondo class only when the class was about half way started. it supposed to start from 8pm to 9.30 pm. but i have to be firm and make sure that megat completed all his school homework first before anything else. i knew that he normally would be sleepy and tired by the time he comes back. i am proud that i did so.

the private taekwondo class lead by a chinese muslim instructor, is located at jalan raja chulan along a bhp station.

its been quite some time since the last time we had satë (satay)! so tonight was a satë night for both puteri and i. there are quite a number of food stalls infront of the shop houses building that housed the taekwondo class, in one of the units. we opted to have some satë at stall number 12, for us to kill the time while waiting for megat tonight. it was +/- 45 minutes so its not worth it for us to go back, unless if we send him before 8pm.

the satë there looks very tempting, what when the seller only cook them upon order! we ordered chicken satë only as per puteri's request. its RM0.40 each.

wanna order the famous and best pau?

mcoba's obw 2009 is about 17 days away, but yut loy' already started taking orders for their famous ever pau including mama's—

yut loy

the morning i put on the wrong footwear...

it was only after megat got down from the car, i realized that something was not right. what's more when i wanted to move my right foot from the break to oil paddle hmm... no wonder ler... cuz i felt that both my feet were so light waakakakaaaaa... so i quickly drove back home to change my shoes from this—


to this—


grr... what's wrong with me this morning huh?!! well unless it would be a good sign then it should be ok for me hehee... :D

for those who dunno, i normally go for my physical exercises i.e. morning walk and line dance, after i send the kids to school. i believe that we don't have to come up with a big sum to exercise at the gym or something. sometimes their fees are too much! do correct me if i am wrong.

you people can just go for walking/strolling will do. for the timing, it depends on the individual. for me, i prefer to go in the morning for the cool fresh air. read on about the benefits of walking here.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

earth hour 2009: my view

half of my sunday was kinda packed with my daily morning exercises to start it out. then followed by a closing session of my former secondary school's 3D/2N PMR academic camp. puteri was involved actually. and now only i could post some updates on how i spend my earth hour 2009 as mentioned earlier.

we went to ipoh to visit an auntie, then it was dragged to earth hour. to sum it up, i don't think DBI was into the earth hour thingy. i didn't see most of their buildings switched off the lights. not even starbucks outlet! anyhow i dunno what has been happening back in kuale...

earth hour 2009: my view

first things first: ensure all the lights were off before we went out!
"good job gurl..." ;)

earth hour 2009: my view

pre-event dinner at aunt hap's place

earth hour 2009: my view

pic of megat taken at 8.35 pm and a minute later, with flash on and without one respectively

earth hour 2009: my view

self-taken pic at 8.41 pm, without the flash light

earth hour 2009: my view

unfortunately most of the shops at first garden were not that aware of earth hour!

earth hour 2009: my view

pics around ipoh city, clockwise from top left: (1) ipoh... no earth hour meh?; (2) jalan raja di hilir; (3) further up along jalan raja di hilir and (4) thumbs up to shell! this was taken at jalan sultan azlan shah. i parked the car by the road side for a while with the hazard lights on, to take this pic :)

earth hour 2009: my view

kinta city said NO-NO to earth hour, but only certain outlets participated i supposed including this coffee bean. i saw the MID and lights were off, except some lights at the counter.

it was sad when we passed thru ipoh parade earlier, we could see that the starbucks outlet there were happily operated with the lights on! walaweiiii... what has been happening to its ipoh outlet? i thought starbucks have proudly said that they were joining the event. gosh! i should have dropped-by there and ask instead lol...

earth hour 2009: my view

whatever it is... believe it or not i am so happy to get myself this skirt at RM7.50 ONLY (after a 70% discounts) at jaya jusco... aiyooo!!! bestnyeeeee... and it matched the shoes that i was wearing ;)

earth hour 2009: my view

we reached home just before midnight, and it was dark...

so what have you people been doing during earth hour. care to share it with me?

earth hour 2009 in KLCC...

haiya people... i have just arrived home from ipoh about an hour ago. so how did you spend the earth hour 2009? i will blog about mine soon. at the meantime do enjoy this great video of the event at petronas twin towers in klcc, as recorded by acefarren

and here's another by LessThanPerfect

while this is a video when the tallest building in malaysia turns on its lights after earth hour, thanks to natalie of hitz.fm

please email me if you wanna share your links about earth hour 2009, no matter where you are in the world!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

restoran kak bitah

guess who ate +/- 2.5 pieces of roti canai this morning?

restoran kak bitah

me! hehee...

we dropped-by this local restaurant, restoran kak bitah after we had our usual morning workout today. that's actually one of our selected place for roti canai. we lurve to eat roti canai there because it will be served hot, crispy and importantly tasty! hmm... yummy!!!... its only RM0.80 each. the secret was that they kept the ready-made one in a vacuum container, not like most of other places where we could see that the roti canai were left opened on the work table. so to KNizam: that's another malay's roti canai that you could find in kuale.

restoran kak bitah

this restaurant is located along jalan taiping, right opposite an indian temple.

Friday, March 27, 2009

24 hours to go!!!...

just a reminder that tomorrow night is EARTH HOUR!

i think its great for awareness of global warming. sure, an hour isn't going to save the planet, but it will make some difference. my lights will be off for sure!

mama asked me to bring her to ipoh to visit a sick aunt tomorrow, so i will probably be there till earth hour. maybe we can drop-by starbucks if we are up to it. i understand that they are giving 20% discounts on beverage items during that period liao! weee...

before we go out, we are going to switch EVERYTHING off (probably at the mains maybe to save going round switching clock etc... off) and then keep some candles in the car, as well as some more candles around the house.

have you registered? if you do, you go in the draw to win a toyota prius :D

what will you be doing tomorrow night?

what will you be switching off?

how to place floating image icon on your blog...

i remember sometime early this year i recommended 'floating icon' that i learned via AdiWidget.

guess what people. the thingy is actually called "floating image icon". i have found out of an easy way to do it from here. eventually the html code provided on the site is for floating 'top-of-page' icon. but i altered it a bit to fix my requirements.

floating image icon

so today i will show you how to add floating image icon with direct url at the right side of your blog. you can see this button at right side of my blog. this hack useful if you wanna promote something from a specific links. it always maintains the same position. if you click on it, it will take you to the url you wanna your readers to read i.e. in my case, i placed the links about earth hour 2009 and nuffnang music bash 2009. this saves your visitors from an unnecessary hassle of searching it.

  1. login in to Blogger dashboard

  2. go to Layout

  3. click on Edit HTML

  4. under Edit Template, tick on Expand Widget Templates

  5. template sample.ppt

  6. copy and paste the below code in above opened editor before /body code. replace the texts in red with yours... then voila! you did it!

  7. floating image icon-html code

now isn't it kewl people? let me know if you need help by emailing me or leave some comments in the comment box.

by the way have you people registered with EmailCashPro yet?

"EmailCashPro is the FIRST Get Paid To Read Emails Site in Singapore and is now expanding its reach to Malaysia, Philippines US, UK, Australia and other parts of the world.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

'copy & paste' fb status(?)...

i was happily awoke as usual in the morning, still in my room, i first checked stuff on my dell. i clicked my fb' news feed when i saw this from someone on my list—


then i was like walaweiii!!!... that's sooooo me. suddenly the smart me remembered that, "heyyy... i wrote that last night before i went to bed"—


i really dunno of what to say here. i doubt that its a co-incidence thingy. as far as i could remember he's actually the one who requested me to be on his friend's list on fb although i can't figure out of who he was. i found out that he knows one of my (young) uncles. so probably he saw my uncle and i interacted in fb blerk!...

p/s people on fb dunno that i blog except puteri, kay and most bloggers i know like tim, robb, johnny ong and marcus and also some others. in fact, this revolves real people in my whole life. you could see of what i meant here. and the main point i started to blog was that i could still write my journal online without the worries of people reading my written journal instead.

so what say you people?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the day kuE' twitting all the way...


tweet! tweet! tweet!...

hey people!... especially to my blog readers: did you all realize that i don't blog frequently lately. but anyway some how or rather you could still look for some updates on me via my twitter accounts here. it can also be found on the left side bar of this blog. the screenshot of my twitter page below showed some of the latest updates—

kuE' twitter

so what is twitter? why do you use it?

i felt like one of the last people to start using twitter, even though i know there are so many people who still don’t know about it. most of my friends and family have a myspace account though. i don’t have a myspace account and they don’t have a twitter account, because they don’t really know about twitter (or don’t understand it) and i don’t really care for myspace. for me, myspace is for children... hah!

since i’ve had a twitter account, i started to understand what it can be used for. i don’t have a lot of followers, but i don’t feel that i need a lot of followers. although, that may say “hey! i’m popular!”, but that’s not why i use twitter.

i first started to use twitter to see what all the buzz was about and then realized i could follow the same people who blog that i subscribe to in my rss reader. then, i found out i could also use twitter to update whenever i published a new post on my blog, possibly grabbing more interested readers (i don’t get a lot of traffic through twitter this way, but it’s still worth a try).

twitter is also a great way to get help for anything like bloggers, computer problems, etc. i kind of think twitter could possibly take the place of rss feeds, because you can also hear about things in the news and a lot of bloggers use it to announce when they’ve published a new post on their blog.

check out this video that explains what twitter is. video by leelefever.

i think twitter is what you want it to be.

now it’s your turn. why do you use twitter and has it helped you in anyway?

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Monday, March 23, 2009

too good to be true...

i didn't blog at all yesterday but when i checked my blog's statistics, i found out that i still have visitors coming to my blog—


isn't it too good to be true people...