Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the day kuE' twitting all the way...


tweet! tweet! tweet!...

hey people!... especially to my blog readers: did you all realize that i don't blog frequently lately. but anyway some how or rather you could still look for some updates on me via my twitter accounts here. it can also be found on the left side bar of this blog. the screenshot of my twitter page below showed some of the latest updates—

kuE' twitter

so what is twitter? why do you use it?

i felt like one of the last people to start using twitter, even though i know there are so many people who still don’t know about it. most of my friends and family have a myspace account though. i don’t have a myspace account and they don’t have a twitter account, because they don’t really know about twitter (or don’t understand it) and i don’t really care for myspace. for me, myspace is for children... hah!

since i’ve had a twitter account, i started to understand what it can be used for. i don’t have a lot of followers, but i don’t feel that i need a lot of followers. although, that may say “hey! i’m popular!”, but that’s not why i use twitter.

i first started to use twitter to see what all the buzz was about and then realized i could follow the same people who blog that i subscribe to in my rss reader. then, i found out i could also use twitter to update whenever i published a new post on my blog, possibly grabbing more interested readers (i don’t get a lot of traffic through twitter this way, but it’s still worth a try).

twitter is also a great way to get help for anything like bloggers, computer problems, etc. i kind of think twitter could possibly take the place of rss feeds, because you can also hear about things in the news and a lot of bloggers use it to announce when they’ve published a new post on their blog.

check out this video that explains what twitter is. video by leelefever.

i think twitter is what you want it to be.

now it’s your turn. why do you use twitter and has it helped you in anyway?

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