Friday, March 06, 2009

of physical exercise...

i have just came back from my morning routines. normally i do that during weekends (both saturday and sunday) only. but now i decided to do it daily with effective yesterday. owh... how i feel so good and refreshing... i also joined a group of ladies for line dance at the tepi sungei, after my walks at the bukit residen. well i found out that they actually meet everyday except sunday.

when i was walking up the hills today, i walked by a nyonya (old chinese lady) with bicycle. i greeted her. the nyonya smiled and asked, "lu jalan solang saja ka? (you walked alone only?)". i nodded. doing my exercises alone is really not a big deal for me. i saw some ladies especially malays who went with friends, but they seems to gossip more than doing their exercises. what's up with that?

in some occasions, people would quoted me: "dah slim pun, nak slim lagik?". walaweiii... its not the matter of wanting to be slim or not occay?!!... i wanna lead myself to a healthy life... that's the most important thing... blerk!

i started doing this kind of exercises myself seriously on the first weekends of this year. then recently i thought its better for me to do it everyday instead. the hardest part of an exercise routine is getting started. once you've established a regular pattern of exercise, you'll find yourself following it. so, how do you get started? well, first of all, consult your doctor. your doctor can recommend the specific kinds of exercise for your own individual needs. generally, however, these guidelines should get you going. pssttt... i didn't get any advice from any doctor :)

first of all, exercise will only become a habit if it's fun! pick something you will enjoy doing. if you like being with a group of people, try a team sport like basketball or soccer. you don't have to be a super athlete. anyone can exercise. social activities like dancing and mall-walking are also good. if you're more of a loner, try bicycling or swimming.

don't kid yourself. be honest about what you realistically think you can do. if you have always hated to climb stairs, step aerobics probably isn't for you. maybe a walk around the neighborhood would be more pleasant. many people today are walking toward fitness.

consider your current state of physical fitness. if you haven't exercised in years, you'll definitely want to start with some modest activities. as you get adjusted, you can increase your activity.

consider your schedule. are you a morning person? then plan to exercise in the morning. if you're addicted to your snooze button, plan to exercise in the evening. start with just a small block of time, maybe fifteen minutes. as you get into your routine, you probably won't mind increasing to twenty, and then thirty minutes. for me, i did 6 rounds of walks up and down the bukit residen for about an hour non-stop. in order to be effective, you'll need to repeat your exercise routine 3 or 4 times per week.

will you exercise at home or at a fitness center? selecting a fitness center can be a challenge, but you may find the community support motivational. will you need any special equipment? the variety of exercise equipment available for purchase today can be overwhelming. be sure to buy the proper equipment.

finally, take it easy. make sure that you exercise intelligently and cautiously. follow some guidelines for beginners. exercise should improve your health, not risk it.

if you're still making excuses, at least try some of the tips here. these simple, realistic activities can become the first step toward a healthier tomorrow. or better still, go here to loose weight faster, god willing hehee... and now i am off for my second shower of the day *winks*