Monday, March 30, 2009

satë night...

satë night...

we brought megat to his taekwondo class only when the class was about half way started. it supposed to start from 8pm to 9.30 pm. but i have to be firm and make sure that megat completed all his school homework first before anything else. i knew that he normally would be sleepy and tired by the time he comes back. i am proud that i did so.

the private taekwondo class lead by a chinese muslim instructor, is located at jalan raja chulan along a bhp station.

its been quite some time since the last time we had satë (satay)! so tonight was a satë night for both puteri and i. there are quite a number of food stalls infront of the shop houses building that housed the taekwondo class, in one of the units. we opted to have some satë at stall number 12, for us to kill the time while waiting for megat tonight. it was +/- 45 minutes so its not worth it for us to go back, unless if we send him before 8pm.

the satë there looks very tempting, what when the seller only cook them upon order! we ordered chicken satë only as per puteri's request. its RM0.40 each.