Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what we did yesterday—

it was a public holiday, for prophet muhammad's birthday (maulidur rasul). get the updates of the nations' celebrations here

i slept like a sleeping beauty, woke up late, so no morning walks for me. well maybe it was still not too late but i prefer to go early in the morning while its still dark duh!...

we didn't do anything actually. we just opt to wind down by jalan-jalan in kinta city. we reached there just on time for a simple lunch at mcD as requested by megat. then i was so damn happy when kay called a little while later after lunch. only He knows of how excited we were since its been quite some time we didn't really meet up for a chat and coffee or something.

our tea time @ big apple donut & coffee

after some window shopping, we decided to stop at big apple (official website here) for some coffee and donuts.

our tea time @ big apple donut & coffee

each of us got a plain donut each for our beverages. but megat and i got an extra each of the alien and choreo donuts respectively hehee... tell me of who doesn't lurve oreo right? ;)

our tea time @ big apple donut & coffee

+/- 31 years and still going...

besides kay and i missing each other, we also have some small business talk to do. well i guess i will blog about it once everything is owh-kay... :~)

so how did you people spend your long weekend? care to share with me? ;)

p/s i know that i accepted quite a number of sponsored post' recently, and i bet there are many more to come! please bear with me ya... as these are all the matter of getting some extras to keep going with the bad economics down turn :( so have you people seen dolphin blow bubbles? make sure you check it out here ya...