Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SocialSpark is neat!...

well people... i've been hanging out over at SocialSpark for almost a year now (mid of april) and i've found it to be a real neat place! i love that i have the opportunity to make a little extra money by posting about the different topics offered by the advertisers. along with all the great "jobs" available, there is also a chance to visit new blogs and meet new bloggers. i've come across several blogs that i just love and i'm pretty sure i would not have even found these blogs if we both were not part of SocialSpark.

socialspark profile

i also like the design of the profiles at SocialSpark. they are easy to navigate and and are chocked full of information about the blogger and his/her blog. even though i can check my stats through my host, i go to my SocialSpark profile because it's quick and easy. because i'm such a glory hog, here's my SocialSpark profile... check it out and leave me props and comments pretty please!

even though i really like SocialSpark, there is one thing that i would like to see changed in the future. when i got a notification for a post to write, i would like to have a link to that "job" so i could easily click the link and find out the specific details i need to complete that job. right now i have to sign-in and search for the job, but it would be nice to just be able to click through... it would save time!

if you have not visited SocialSpark, you really need to do so... i think you'll find it a neat place too!

go here to request for an invitation. when you have sign up, make sure you claim your blog. once you have done so, please let me know :)

do not feel hesitate to contact me for further queries and clarifications. i would be much glad and happy to help you as much as i could.