Tuesday, June 27, 2006

ain't not in straight line

i am so glad that i have such a good and lovely friend like V around. especially when i'm facing with some personal problems recently. he was in ipoh for a short trip this morning. he sms me, but then he called me too to ask about my conditions. its hard to talk on the fon anyway. so we might be seeing each other for coffee or something when he comes back on thursday. he has a meeting in kl tomorrow. if not, he could just wait until his next appointment-cum-work.

Monday, June 26, 2006

he apologized

"i am not perfect but i know i love you and it will never happen again", he said.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

not in the mood

i have just came back from seeing megat in school. he never requested me to do it. but me as a woman whose also a mom, feels like only my kids could make me feel good when i'm feeling down. megat was really surprised indeed when he saw me walked-in his classroom during recess time. he was standing near chai tong who was eating. while chai tong's mom was there too, accompanying her daughter. megat forgot to bring his pocket money. thats why i quickly went there. i brought along a fillet 'o' fish burger, that i bought in taiping yesterday. megat was really happy. i knew that he was hungry by then. i love you so much darling.

before that i had some misunderstanding with my dad about work. it really makes me like being out of this world. thus suddenly i thought of megat who left his money on the chair. i straight away heated the burger, took my handbag and drove-off. i felt so relieve as soon as i stepped-on the school's compound. some of megat's senior saw me walking towards megat's classroom. i smiled at them. some of them even waived at me and said, " hai, auntie". oh, children... aren't they wonderful.

alright, that was this morning. i had another thing that really makes me feel down. i do not think whether i should tell you people about it. only certain people knew about this bad news actually including V- you know who you are. i was so lucky that i had the chance to tell V personally when we met on last tuesday. we talked- basically catching-up on stuff we missed. we just relaxing doing nothing than having some snacks, while watching our favourite channel axn or star world or star movies. well, from what had happened, i could say that i was such a fool for wasting my bloody times of more than two years or so :(

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

it's been a while

wow... its been quite some time since my last post here in my blog. that shows that i was really busy than usual. normally, i could at least post something short or long depends on my availability.

i was in kl on last sunday for my lil bro's engagement at dewan perdana felda. since i'm going to taiping shortly for an appointment at zoo taiping, i leave you all with some pics of the function. enjoy people!

as usual, girl cousins never wanna be left out in taking nice and great pics. here's us (except cousin sarah) with the 7 hantaran (gifts) from our side. as you could see, all the gifts were wrapped- fyi thats the original perak wedding tradition i.e. all gifts are to be wrapped nicely especially the personal things like clothes, handbag, toiletries etc. shafinaz's family members were surely surprised ;)

puteri and megat with the lovely couple

shafinaz's side brought 9 gifts, while we brought 7

here's one of the unique one from shafinaz- a tray of heart-shaped chocolate with my lil' bro's initial on it. cute kan.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

get well soon, my dear safiya

as usual, i did my once-in-a-while routine to check on puteri's fon this morning, after i re-arranged her wardrobe. i guess its not wrong for me as a mother to do it on my kids. its definitely my rights right people.

it was on puteri's bed. i saw that there's an unread message received at +/- 0015. i click it. i was surprised when the message was from my cousin sarah in austria. her daughter safiya has been admitted to the children's ward of dehydrating because of vomitting so many times. they are supposed to reach klia on thursday +/- 3am with grandma, just on time for them to join us for my lil bro's engagement this sunday. now i dunno how is it gonna be like. with help from Allah the allmighty, i pray that safiya will be in good condition. i love you so much mwahhh...

kuE's note: the above pic has been taken on 21 may '06 in prague, maybe by safiya's dad. they were on their way down praha tower.

Monday, June 12, 2006


kuE's note: this is just a test, blogging from my fon nokia 6680. i guess this is all thanks to my mobile-phone service provider maxis for being the best in providing this service. maxis would always be my #1 choice. i registered for maxis3G for quite some time. the best thing was when i tried to browse blogger site from my fon before, it said that the site could not be accessed ie i could view but i can't blog. i dunno why. finally i was so happy when i tried to browse the site just now. i could click all those buttons easily as normal, like how i use my pc yippeee!!!... now i could blog from anywhere and whenever i wanna except that i can't post pics here ;)

Saturday, June 10, 2006


arigato gozaimasu ;)

we stood by the road-side around noon. the emperor of japan was in the same limousine with the regent of perak (the first limo- far left) while the empress was with the sultan's daughter raja eleena (right). the emperor was so nice. he opened the car window and looked at the people of kuale while waving at them.

sayonara... we hope to see you again HERE ;)

kuE's note: i met a new friend zetty from ipoh that afternoon. she and her family were on their way to a wedding. thus they have to stop for a while as the polices have blocked all the road access to give way to the royal entourage. guess what people. zetty asked me about my age. she was shocked when i told her that i was 34. she's only 21. she kept asking me to tell her the truth lol. she thought that i was in my early 20s hehe... ;)

a quick get-away

after having such a wonderful day at sunway tambun last week, kids were asking for another great holiday together. this time we went for a 2D/1N stay at bukit merah laketown resort.

at first we thought of going on friday since puteri does not have any ballet class this week. her extra classes in school were only from monday till thursday anyway. but suddenly the other morning i remembered that i was invited for an indian wedding reception here on friday too! so off we went there within an hour after puteri's extra class on thursday. we knew that the place must have been busy especially during the school holidays. that was what we were looking forward to. if not the place would be so damn quiet. we reached there almost 2pm. we were starving. so we headed straight to the coffe house for a buffet lunch, that was okay. a friend managed to get us a 3-bedrooms apartment at their lakefront villa. he also gave us a complimentary wetpark combo package, that include wetpark, orang utan island, ecopark and a choice of chairlift or skycycle.

we checked-in to our apartment after lunch. kids can't wait to get into the water that time. i hate to make them dissappointed. alas i asked them to get ready. believe it or not we were already in the waterpark by 4pm. the best thing was their mama also changed into her swimming gear. that makes a life-guard questioned megat.

"sape dengan adik ni (who is with you)", the life-guard asked megat.


"ye ke".

"ya", megat assured him.

"bukan kakak?". alamak...
not again hehe... i just kept quiet. didn't want to bother the guy. megat just looked at me and smiled.

we were there for more than two-hours i think. puteri said that she was hungry again. this time we went to the food stalls at the marina village. we didn't go back to our apartment since then. we spent our times there by wandering around. we missed the sunset cruise because it was drizzling, afraid that it was cancelled. we waited for night cruise then at 9.30pm. we cruised through the orang utan island and back. we stopped at the ecopark. we had a great time visiting the ecopark at night.

i woke-up at 8am the next day. wow... i really had a good nice one. so long i never had a complete 8-hours sleep you know. we had our breakfast at food stalls in marina village too. it was raining heavily. eventually all of us got wet eventhough we were sitting in the middle area! grr... should i complaint this to V :

while it was still raining, we enjoyed ourselves at the games area. we managed to ride the day cruise at 11.30am to orang utan island. the orang utan island is an eco-tourism attraction where these primates roam about freely. visitors will be able to observe the orang utans in their natural habitat as they are bred as part of the rehabilitation and preservation process to prevent them from becoming extinct. we stopped by at the ecopark again using the same complimentary package that my friend gave me. if you love animals then you should not miss this. we did watch the animal show at 12.30pm. its fun though. at pet park, visitors are allowed to feed the animals like deer, hamster, rabbit and such. kids were delighted to see the tortoise. this reminds me of my pet tortoise on-on when i was small. i cried when it ran-away after i took care of him for few years. his size was way bigger than an adult's palm. that memories makes me willing to buy a pair for both puteri and megat, without them needed to begging me so much. we went back to marina village by chairlift. we had our lunch at none other than mcD in taiping as requested by my beloved kids.

all in, it was an enjoyable and memorable vacation. even more precious was the family bonding we shared during the holiday.

i hope that you enjoyed the above slide with pictures taken during the holiday. i guess its a good way to up-load a number of pictures without any hassle.

i will also be loading another slide that shows pictures of the indian wedding reception that we attended last night. that was the first time for the kids. while several times for me. the best thing last night was that i met my former english teacher in primary school mrs silva. she still looks the same as before ;)

kuE's note: sorry people. my entry this time is rather long yea. i guess its all up to my mood. sometimes it could just be so quick and simple like this one ;)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

japanese flags in the royal town

a writer from bernama wrote mainly about ipoh. from what we understand, emperor akihito and empress michiko of japan will visit kuale on 10 june 2006. they will only be arriving from sultan azlan shah airport in ipoh around 9am. roads to kuale will be closed as soon as they reached ipoh. looks like we can't go out anywhere too. from there they will be coming here right away. among their visit spots are include mckk (they supposed to do this during mckk's 100th year celebration last year), galeri sultan azlan shah and sungai (river) perak where the royal couples wanted to experience the boat ride from one jetty to another.

t-junction from north to taman bunga raya

along the road of ipd kk and mpkk

one of the landmarks of kuale- the 'jam besor'

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i ain't a virgin no more

suddenly this morning i thought of my best friend kay who called me on sunday.

kay : *tut* (my real nick-name), you remember my friend whose with me when we met last friday.

(i went to kinta city with kids, after the
tambun trip last friday. kay, with her colleague passed-by us when we were eating at secret recipes.)

me : yea... why.

kay : she thought that you are 'anak dara' tau.

me : ha?!!

kay : yes... i'm not kidding. she was so surprised when i told her that the two kids who were with you are your children.

we were giggling. then we continued our conversation more on the fon.

this reminds me of an incidence in tambun last week too. i was accompanying megat floating along lost world's
adventure river. when suddenly we came across a group of guys. i heard some of them asked megat, "dik... boleh mintak fon number kakak (can i ask for your sister's fon number) ". megat looked at me. i just kept quiet. we continued floating along the river :P

i always faced this kinda problem especially with those people who saw or met me for the first time. strangers also would guess my age as an early 20s gal. what do you think people. you could have a look at my latest pic

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


the devil's day?

let's watch the this day very carefully. i have a feeling a lot will happen. but shrouded in secrecy.

Monday, June 05, 2006

first and last

i was so terribly out of my mind since last friday, the day i brought kids to lost world of tambun for the second time. the first time was on the first day of 2006 if i'm not mistaken.

i had a very bad head-ache. i even felt like throwing-out. why? its all because i went on the
stormrider. before that i tried on the swing chair ride that i really had fun riding it with my kids. unfortunately when i was in the mid of riding the stormrider, my head was spinning around like hell. i even heard megat told his chor that he was afraid if mama gonna throw-out. so i closed my eyes and bent down huhu... as soon as i got down, i told myself that i wont be going on that 'thing' no more- so scary man. tell you what people- that was my first time riding those kind of thingy. that also gonna be my last!

from there, i quickly dipped into lost world's natural spring-fed pool. arrgghhhh... i felt so relief, so relaxing there.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

megat's 7th birthday

megat turns 7 today! unfortunately i had to attend a company seminar in sunway hotel, seberang jaya with my dad and a staff this morning. i kissed and hugged megat before i go this morning. but then he continued his sleep. whatever it is i have explained this to megat since last week. luckily he is already big enough to understand the situation. also lucky me that the function only held until lunch time. at least i could spend the other half of the day with my kids.

i asked dad to dropped-by at
secret recipe in auto city, seberang jaya. that was my first time there actually. hmm... no wonder its called auto city- shops there only sell vehicles and f&b lol. i bought a lemon cheese cake. too bad by the time we reached home, the toppings melted. ahh... who cares. its the love that matters. two of megat's cousins joined us in the evening. you could see them in the pictures, so cheeky and naughty ;)

we just had a very simple celebration this time. my grandma (megat's lau po-po), one of my sister and an auntie and her family are in europe that's why. anyhow my sister did call me when i was still in sj. maybe she thought that megat was with me. but later she called puteri's fon, to wish megat happy birthday. maybe someday i still need to plan another celebration with other family members and megat's friends. that's what grandma has been thinking. anyway we'll see how...

megat already started receiving birthday messages and gifts from few days ago. my dad bought him a digital camera on tuesday. he (dad) gave it to megat straight away after he came back that day. dad really had no patience at all, can't even wait for the big day.

yesterday, we met
leilanie in ipoh. we were a bit late, as we only went there after puteri finished her extra class in school. they waited for us at the parking area outside kinta city, while eating kuaci, i tell you. we then went to a coffee shop in canning garden. we didn't manage to eat ipoh hor fun as the stall already closed. sorry dear, probably because of our lateness. before we adjourned, leilanie gave megat his birthday present. megat can't wait to open it on the actual day you know. he remembered leilanie's advised to only open it on megat's birthday. he even placed the wrapped gift besides him when he slept that night. sweet huh?!! megat told me that he unwrap the gift this morning. thank you so much dear. megat loves the book so much- 366 amazing facts. puteri also received something from leilanie- two butterfly hair clips. she really loves them so much. she even wore it right away. for us, i gave leilanie the shortbread biscuit that we baked the night before. i understand that she loves shortbread!

as usual, we never forget to take lotsa pictures. here's some of the pics taken by leilanie's hubby fariz using my nokia 6680 except the second one, taken by me. please
click here for more pics by leilanie.

we didn't go back yet after that. we headed back to kinta city to get some baking stuff. at the same time, we looked for megat's present. he chose it himself this time- cars dirt car track (pic above).

to my darling megat, happy 7th birthday. mama loves you sooooo much!!!