Monday, June 05, 2006

first and last

i was so terribly out of my mind since last friday, the day i brought kids to lost world of tambun for the second time. the first time was on the first day of 2006 if i'm not mistaken.

i had a very bad head-ache. i even felt like throwing-out. why? its all because i went on the
stormrider. before that i tried on the swing chair ride that i really had fun riding it with my kids. unfortunately when i was in the mid of riding the stormrider, my head was spinning around like hell. i even heard megat told his chor that he was afraid if mama gonna throw-out. so i closed my eyes and bent down huhu... as soon as i got down, i told myself that i wont be going on that 'thing' no more- so scary man. tell you what people- that was my first time riding those kind of thingy. that also gonna be my last!

from there, i quickly dipped into lost world's natural spring-fed pool. arrgghhhh... i felt so relief, so relaxing there.