Tuesday, January 03, 2006

first day

today is definitely not the first day of the year 2006. its the first day of schools lor... as what i understand from david, its the first day of schools for vancouver too. sorry, i'm not sure whether its for the whole canada as well. he can't comment anything here because he dunno that i have my own personal blog. in fact we have one together. maybe i'll tell this personally to my closed ones like leilanie, rose, sheryl etc. this is damn important as david really cannot know about this at all!

anyhow megat looked so damn nervous this morning. that was his first day of school in standard one. as usual, he would asked me so many q like why he has to wear the singlet, why can't he not tug-in his white shirt blah blah blah. hmm... i guess rose knows what i meant kan kan kan huh?!!... megat used to wake-up early so 6.30 is ok for him. besides i've already informed this to him wayyy months ago. he was so excited when i gave him a RM1.00 note for his duit belanja. i didn't wait for him in school. he just requested me to go there during recess time with excuse that, "i dunno how to use my money yet". i know its hard for him to cope with the new environment. its different from his kindy life. i told him that previously alan che che would served everything for him and the rest of his school-mates during makan but this time he has to find his way all by himself. i bought
buku wang saku for him and puteri, in order for them to learn how to save money from now. megat didn't write his yet. i promised to teach him after i come back.

for my puteri, she managed everything herself. puteri is a big girl now, just turned 11 last 17 december. what i'm most afraid of is the upsr exams for her this year *duh*. i would definitely try my very best to help puteri to venture into her standard six life all year through. may she would be blessed with flying colours :D

awrite... didn't go anywhere yesterday. already told kids much more earlier that we need at least a day rest before they start schools. so its really a stay-at-home day yesterday. maybe i brought puteri to the local saloon in the evening for few hours, for us to manja ourselves there, just the two of us, mother-and-daughter ;)

our weekends were packed!

saturday- since bank opened 1/2 day, i still went to office to settle a few stuff. so tup tap tup tap... by 10.15, we left to ipoh. once reached kinta city (maybe +/-10.40, we headed straight to
tgv. the first movie in-line was afdlin shauki's baik punya cilok at 11.05. ok lor... besides its 'U'-rated.

sorry to disappoint you guys but there will be no spoiler. but yet, i feel like to leave some few pointers regarding this movie. the comedy was simply hillarious; i almost laugh in tears especially the knife dodging training scene between awie and harun salim bachik.

the storyline depends on flashback scene to explain each character life in the past and believe me there’s lot of it. aben played by afdlin shauki even imitate cat ruffedge by dressing up like him and also have the same hair style. there’s also a bookie character (don’t know the actor name) speaking pure kelantan-english slang. now that’s really something to be heard.

unfortunately there something wrong with the flow of the story or what we call as the x-factor that makes the movie this good into something boring. and the mood is not consistent enough to generate excitement and feel to the movie. there are also many gaps in the humor that result in dull moments. i rather not explain, you have to watch yourself. we even skip king kong just to watch this movie.

thereafter, we went to mph. i love to browsing around the bookstore and encouraged my kids to do the same. we got some books from there too. then we went to jaya jusco to get puteri and megat's school stuff.

sunday- i wanted to get up as early as 5.30 or 6 to complete some chores before we went out again that day. but then i ended up woke at 7! ;) anyhow... we left home much more earlier around 9. this time we went straight to kinta city too but we just went there for breakfast at coffee bean.

we left there almost 11 for
lost world of tambun as promised many weeks ago. i got our tickets last friday, printed from my very own samsung ml-1710 laser printer. well, i bought it on-line via sunway online ticketing service. blimey, its my first time there too! when we got there, i was so damn surprised to look at the ticket prices on the banner- RM21.00 for adult and RM16.00 for children under 13 years old. i was not surprised looking at the prices whether its expensive or not i dun care because i have already promised my kids. i was holding my tickets of 1 X RM17.00 for adult and 2 X RM12.00 for children. i was wondering whether i paid the right amount. then i thought to myself, never mind just q-up, we could figure that out with the staff later. so when its my turn, i showed the tickets to the cashier. she confirmed with me that i wanted to go in that day (the expired date of the tickets was 30 june 2006 i think). she then passed me my receipt and three tags for us to go in. we had to scan the tags. once we entered, megat was like, "wow... best nye mama. lain kali kita boleh datang lagi!". yea... we can my dear. we went to the changing room and change our out-fit. people were looking at me one kind only when they saw me wearing my swim-suit grr... like megat said, the place was really awesome! we really had fun there until we didn't realize that we were there playing with water for almost five hours plus. after our first meal at coffee bean earlier, we only had our next meal maybe at 5.45 at the ipoh garden's pizza hut. according to puteri, that place is much more better than bukit merah lake town resort. well i dunno because i've never been to its theme park yet. puteri and megat went there (bukit merah) before with cousin sarah and her hubby.

our last-minute of holiday together was really a good one. we will do it again next time. earlier plan was that i would spend my last weekend of 2005 in jb with a blogger friend. she wanted to bring me around to singapore as well. but i've to forget about it since i had to attend a seminar in seberang jaya on thursday evening. never mind friend maybe some other time yea...