Sunday, January 29, 2006

past vs present

chinese new year. it is just like a normal day. doing nothing, only relaxing at home. then off to work for something to be done. besides that i prefer to be on stand-by during this busy hours and days. so i guess today is definitely fine.

not like last week- exactly a week ago.

saturday 21/01/06 - i brought kids and cousin sarah's indonesian maid to watch
memoirs of a geisha. its first time for susi. sarah and baby followed her hubby whose working in austria. they cannot bring susi because she's not yet a year here. so they decided to leave susi with us until sarah comes back in end may or early june. she will be working then in one of the hospitals either in putrajaya or ipoh. while the hubby will be there for three years if i'm not mistaken.

hmm... the whole movie is like a fast-forward version of the book & some scene are tweaked and missing. the scene where she has to cut her own leg before seeing dr crab, the cut was supposed to be done by mameha's cook. in the end i was expecting to see new york where sayuri got her own tea-house but it stopped until she and the chairman met. anyways i'm glad they make it into a film. wish they make it into a drama series so every scene from the book can be viewed exactly. a freak accident happen during the film. the climax where sayuri asked pumpkin to bring nobu but instead she brought the chairman while the general feasting on her.

some of you might recall when this movie came out, there was controversy because most of the main actresses were chinese, which degrades the whole “authentic” factor. i had a hard time getting over that fact. for the first part of the film i just couldn’t get over the fact that the star was someone that i know pretty well from other chinese movies. it’s just hard to try and immerse yourself in the japanese culture when you know something is there that isn’t exactly “right”.

the scenery and cinematography wasn't that bad, it's just that i felt like the whole movie was fast-forward and some parts are missing. all actor and actresses rocks. gong li. zhang zi yi, ipoh mali dato' michele yeoh were excellent! chiyo san was so cute. ken watanabe was hot.

this is one of the best movie i've ever watched. the ending, the story line and also the flow of the story were excellent and brilliant. my personal rating for this movie is 9.75/10.

sunday 22/01/06 - everyone went to my god-mom's place in pj except grandma and susi. bad. we were having a farewell lunch with a karaoke session (?) for ayah muda whose family gonna migrate to medan. everyone were in their smart-casual outfit. i was just in my green blouse with a matching skirt from east india, that i bought before last raya. as soon as we reached there, salam-salam with cousins, uncles and aunties. once went into the house, i met one of the most important person in my life, my god-mom. as usual she looked stunning, younger than her age. sorry, so shy to take pics with her hehe... after i salam and kissed her hand, she held my hand. "wow... you look so beautiful and gorgeous today", she said. oh wow... i really didn't believe it. she really said that? i just smiled to her. then she usher me to the buffet table and asked me to eat, while she has to attend to others too. okay that's not a problem at all. everyone really enjoyed themselves. enda puan (my god-mom) has been persuading all the younger generations including me, to sing. none of us were into it lol... thus our uncle ayah chu started to sing an oldies. nice song but can't remember the title though. then followed by my dad and ayah muda. still, no one of the young generations wanna sing. suddenly abang rezza sang, requested by his dad ayah muda. his voice was damn good mann... he sang the malay version of winter sonata. hmm... everyone knew why he's so good in singing. i can't mention it here sorry.

suddenly i saw dad answered a call. he looked worried. he rushed to somewhere outside that he could hear well. i didn't think that there's something bad. so i continued talking with some of my cousins. paused. dad called mom. they were discussing. my heart was beaten fast this time. it was a bad news from grandma. someone went to the house' compound and did some black magic stuff. the lady was so damn shocked when she knew that there were someone at home, when all that while she (the lady) thought there was no one at home. she (the lady) was wrong. well we suspect that someone asked her (the lady) to do that. gosh... why on earth we have this kind of people on earth. they can't see us doing well. dad told about the story to my god-mom and the rest. then we went straight back home.

before that we gave my sister her birthday presents. i bought her new estee lauder pleasures exotic. it was on offer with a small bottle and a nice bracelet watch that i used that very same day ;)

i was so scared. someone has been watching us, our whereabouts. that was why i got the flu. it was really bad. but i still managed to do my usual routine. what when kids need to go to school.