Thursday, January 12, 2006

stupid fool day

yesterday was really my first bad day for 2006. i have to do things like as though i dun have any other stuff to do grr...

i felt so tired because i dun have enough sleep. my big eyes were like zombies... so no big eyes yesterday lol. my bed was ready for me to jump-in but unfortunately not myself. it was really hard for me to go to sleep the night before. i was worried about what's gonna happened yesterday. that's how i would always be like if i'm so damn nervous of something. gosh... my mind was really miserable, dunno what to
do. i tried to read, or maybe do some house chores (in the mid of the nite? lol...), etc but failed. everyone already fast asleep except me. almost 1.30... i opened my chest of drawers, took my sewing kit box (?). yes i'm good in sewing. i think i've mentioned this wayyy months before. i will post my show-n-tell session some day here. btw i ended up hand-sewn megat's school badge on to his white shirt. yup... haven't fix it so far yet although school already started more than a week ;). i did one only anyway, within 20 mins! i used white quilting thread instead of the normal cotton thread. i decided to do so because i thought that the quilting thread would be much stronger than the other one. it would look much nicer too. try it i tell you... you won't regret it. after i have completed that, then only i felt so relieves that i needed my sleep. it was 2 something!

i still woke-up at 5 as usual. puteri's school declared tuesday and wednesday as the holidays for hari raya aidil adha. not megat. he is in the chinese school, remember. so he just got one holiday. for me its not a problem at all. the most important thing is their education. megat still went to school anyway even though he is still not that well. i handed his mc to his class teacher. at the same time i told her to excuse megat for his p.e. lesson this time. although megat do not have to do anything, he asked me to accompany him during that hour. well of well... he is sweet mama's son... i waited for a while, after he went back to his class. suddenly my fon rang from an unidentified number. i mean, i dun recognized the number as its not in my list. gosh... it was from asp nazri! he wanted to reconfirm on the hearing date for THE case. and to my surprised, it was supposed to be at 8.30am yesterday. i looked at my guess watch. it was exactly 8.25! now? "taiping?", i asked him. "no no... here" *phew*. lucky it was here but still... my heart beats more faster. after i hang-up the fon, i called dad to let him know. he... as a tempered person was mumbling blah blah blah... so i told megat that... "police called mama. tok and me have to go to the court. so later if i cannot make it for your recess time, you have to eat yourself okay darling". megat just hangguk-hangguk.

once i reached home, i washed my face. i quickly put-on some make-up and perfume; changed to my black jacket suit. i wore it with my dark blue esprit camisole that i just bought in gurney plaza few weeks ago. by 8.50, we already reached the court compound. i drove my 4wd this time as per dad request. maybe not to show that his volvo was around. we sat on a bench with a policeman outside the court room. i was damn nervous, really... my eyes were watching other people walking around. the policeman (kpl rahman i think) talked with dad. while my right hand slowly took my fon from my denim guess hand-bag. i already put it to silence from home actually. so its nothing wrong with that. my fingers were quickly sms-ing my closed relatives and friends about my feelings that time. gabra giler u...

here's part of the replies that i got. tqsm friends for your support-

RAZARIZAL 11/01/2006 09:20
banyak bersabor dan tenang serta fahamkan soalan. jikalau tak faham atau tak jelas, minta ulang. jawap dgn tenang (this one really shows like it came out from a policeman's mind lol).

V 11/01/2006 09:21
gud luck. buat muka kesian sikit... (err... how huh?!!) he he. salam aidil adha.

ROSE 11/01/2006 09:21
u attend hearing apa dear? keep cool eh ;-)

SHAIDI 11/01/2006 09:46
sabo je... (yes sabo je ler...).

while my area manager asked me to keep him up-to-date. shaidi called me this afternoon anyway. we talked a bit about the case, also about my experience yesterday. he gave his full supports mann...

asp nazri came while i was busy sms-ing. he smiled at me. i just smiled back to him. i was the only female there, shy lor... it was almost 10, someone from the court room came out and called our name (my dad and me). blimey... he just wanna make sure that we were there. suddenly dad and the police man showed me to two guys who were walking around outside the court room. i saw two ladies and a girl were with them when they walked in. must be one of the guys' family. i was shocked when dad and the police man told me that those two guys were one of the culprits. gosh... they are free. that's what worries dad (and me also now). more gabra ler... not long after that, asp said (he is the police magistrate if i'm not mistaken) asked us to wait at the witness' waiting room with him. he asked us a few questions, just to rectify that we are giving the same correct answers. it seems that he wanna call three people that day i.e. the police photographer, dad and me. i saw two police woman as well. both of them were the one who received and typed our police reports. wow they have to be one of the witness too? waiting in disguise.

10.30 my staff called. it was about megat. my staff told me that someone told him that megat cried during recess time. gosh... maybe he forgot of what i told him in the morning. so i asked my staff to go to school with mom, to bring megat back. 15 mins later, my staff called again. megat dun wanna go back. pity megat. i just stay calmed. more waiting. when it was almost 11, we were told that the hearing has been postponed to a later date tba. grrr... what a waste of time!

later i make sure that i fetched megat on time. he was 'merajuk' actually. i bet that. it was really a tiring day. i was already sangap by 8.30 :P