Sunday, January 08, 2006

everyone already 'temen'

ahahahhahahah... i'm sure some of you were wondering what's that word (above).

'temen' - pronouned teh-min; is from some local dialect that means no energy or sort. i know in indonesia this word temen means friend (teman for us in malaysia).

so in the above clause, it was referred to my family. i posted about puteri's flu yesterday. before that, mom and megat also had theirs. luckily megat recovered just before the school started. now looks like dad and me also getting the virus. i saw dad sleeps all day. while i could feel that my body is so damn hot now, feeling so cold, dun even have the guts to switch on the air-cond at the lowest temperature. pity adik illa though. she came alone this morning for the hari raya haji holidays. unfortunately everyone looks 'temen' lol... well oh well... juz afraid that she ought to bring back the virus to kl when she go back this tuesday ;)