Wednesday, November 30, 2005

winter in vancouver

i received this video from david via email this morning. juz would like to share it here with everyone ;)

it's end-month already?

how time flies damn fast. i felt like first hari raya was just few days ago but then its almost a month already.

i have already signed the pay-check *phew*. now i could take a deep breath and browse thru the net for a while. anyhow there's still a lot more things to do. reports... reports... reports... all to be submitted by 7th. besides that, err... so many lor... dammit!

yesterday i went to shaidi's place. there were a short discussion with some of the committee member of the N5 task force. i didn't go for shopping just yet because the pay might be coming out today only hehe... so i went to coffee bean (again?) to meet a german friend oliver. he is working in ipoh. we had some quick chat just to catch-up on some stuff that we missed. we might be having a dinner together on friday.

once i reached home, my dad asked to go dinner with him at the rest house. okay... so i drove there and he just sat on the passenger's seat. as soon as we entered the coffee house, everyone were looking at us like one kind only. "alo... that is my dad lor...", i whispered in my heart.

Monday, November 28, 2005

sunday surprise

my staff passed me a note yesterday morning. it said, "to: ... please call. 012-... K". i was wondering... blurr... dunno whether i should be happy or not because in my mind i positively thought that it was from my truly friend kay. i also dunno if i should call the number written on the paper. it took me about 15 mins to decide. i was damn surprised when a guy's voice answered. i told him that i want to speak to "K". he said that i got the right person, then he laughed. "lar... koboi ler, awak tak ingat ke... (lar... koboi ler, u dun remember me?)". lol... i was laughing too. then i remembered that koboi is my former colleague from the hotel that i worked in sj last time. he was a bartender then and he is still a bartender now, working in bangsar. he used to work in places like modestos rohas perkasa, brannigan etc. he was here from friday, visiting his sick grand father. since i dun have anything to do, so we promised for a meet-up in the evening somewhere in ipoh. he fetched me around 5.30pm. but as soon as he arrived my house, he moved to the other side. he asked me to drive his proton satria instead with excuse that he was a bit tired. we talked non-stop all the way to ipoh, catching-up on our up-dates ;)

eventually we dunno where we were heading. then suddenly he mentioned about movies. hmm... he is still the same old koboi that i know who loves to watch movie so much. so i drove straight to kinta city. we headed for tgv, then only we decide of what movie to watch. we chose to watch
the exorcism of emily rose, using the complimentary passes that my sister gave me. last week my sister send me more passes via snail mail. i shared them (the tgv complimentary passes) with my staff too where i gave them 2 passes each. about the movie, the exorcism of emily rose, it's not as scary as i thought it would be---not really a horror movie either. i'd say it's more of a psychological-court case-freaky movie with religious connotations on some of the dialogue. but overall, it's pretty good!

we went straight back home after the movie. but then we stop somewhere in ipoh town to fetch koboi's brother. thank you so much kawan, for dropping-by and do keep in touch yea... hmmm... how nice huh?!! although i live in my kampung (hometown) now, i would still get friends coming to visit me sometimes ;)

Sunday, November 27, 2005


all home alone last night. parents went to kl for the mcoba royal gala 2005 (annual dinner). so megat followed them too. but then mom and megat will stay in kl until next week where puteri also will be coming back with them. puteri's extra class starts on next monday, 5 december 2005.

i was so happy and makes me keep moving on when david called me yesterday morning. but i was having my shower that time. i checked my "missed call" list. then i called him back. well, bank opened 1/2 day so we cannot talked long :(

hmm... luckily hari raya mood is still on. i went to the sambutan hari raya aidil fitri bersama polis daerah at ocpd's house yesterday afternoon. very good response there. once i arrived, one of the police officers usher me to the VIP tables and asked me to have my meals there. i was like... o ok... my grand uncle, tok mansor and his wife were there too. i also met bankers and some other business people that i know. but it was strange that i never see any of my competitors face hehe... anyhow the food... wow... so damn great that i don't have to eat dinner hahah... before i left i met with the ocpd tuan zakaria who was in light brown baju melayu with sampin koleq (i remembered that before i go there, when i wanna say goodbye to dad, he told me that tuan zakaria was budak koleq too) and some of his officers tuan hasbullah, tuan nazri etc. if can, i would have snap some pics of tuan zakaria lol. but shy lor...

V sms me yesterday asking about my problem. its not that easy lar kawan. thank you for asking anyway. he also went around for hari raya open houses, juz like me ;)

since no one at home, as usual i glued on the tv box for hours. i was watching fashion luminaire on astro prima this morning. during ads, it was mentioning something that makes me interested to go. that's the penang island jazz festival. uhh... how i love jazz so much. i wanna go... but who shall i ask.

o yea... before i forgot i wanna tell something that make me shocked hehe... not that really shocked lar... its about my friend nizam that i met during our meeting last thursday. he was 1/2 an hour late. ok that’s fine. he asked me to take down the minutes as the secretary-in-charge has an appointment with her doctor. that’s fine too. suddenly when he wanted to use his fon, my eyes was like... arr... then i thought in my mind, "oh... my god". his new fon is exactly like my new one,
nokia 6680! hehe... wonder whether he realize it or not. well ok, that’s one thing. then when the meeting almost over, nizam was looking for extra cups. maybe he was kinda thirsty cuz he talked so much also. when he can't find any, he juz took mine. so i told him, "ehh... tu teman punya lar...". "tak pe... bukannya mati pun", he replied. then he immediately poured some tea in the cup. i wondered if other people realized that. i knew shaidi was looking at me and smiled ;)

Friday, November 25, 2005

bad friday

juz came back from the police station. dun wanna say much cuz pics said a thousand words.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


my mind still not that good. everything went upside-down. can't explain it all yet cuz i am rushing for a meeting at ISO at 1530.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


wow… it was so damn hard for me to wake-up this morning. it was raining the whole night u know, so i felt so good in the cooling weather from outside with more cool feeling from inside my air-conditioned room. anyhow I woke-up before 7 to pee, went downstairs to drink some water (2 glasses hehe...), and then went back to bed! if i’m not mistaken, i continued my sleep then for about half an hour hah! the picture here was captured from my eye-view, still laying in bed this morning hehe…

i guess that was all because i felt so damn depressed. in fact am still am. as usual, i talked to V about my problem. i have been telling him from the last two days in a row actually. he gave his opinion, but grr… i dunno how… shall i hear some ideas from friends of the same gender. ahh... what to do. i posted about my point of view on
good friends yesterday. my depression this time is in sequence with yesterday’s post and most importantly the post on ‘friends’. it is about my story on paragraph 2 of the ‘friends’ post, kay is the one that married and like simply forgetting me :(

oh god, please help me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

a good friend

A Good Friend

A good friend
Everybody needs one
A good friend
It's so hard to find
A good friend
So take my advice
Get yourself a good good friend

You can find a good friend walkin' to school
All you got to do is follow the golden rule
Do unto others as you'd have 'em do to you
And believe it or not before you are through
You've got

A friend will always stand up for you in a fight
Call you on the telephone every single night
Write you a letter when you're far away
And like gum on your shoe, stick by you day to day

A friend will always help you spend your last dime.
(Thanks a lot!)
And beat you at monopoly every single time
(Go to jail?)
He'll eat up all your cookies when he comes for lunch
(Oatmeal raisin)
Wouldn't it be great to have a whole big bunch of

A good friend
Everybody needs some
A good friend
They're so hard to find
A good friend
So take my advice
Get yourself some good good friends
Can't live without them
Get yourself some good good friends
Ones you can count on
Get yourself some good good friends
They'll keep a secret

Get yourself some good good friends

every once in a while i come across something or the other which reminds me of my distressing past. i don’t enjoy these minor eventualities but i think of them as serving a purpose and reminding me of what i went through, the mistakes, and what i shouldn’t be repeating. they upset me, perhaps momentarily, perhaps for a day, perhaps even for two. who has not come across a ‘bad day’. amidst these mists of emotions and confused thoughts, i end up hurting someone, usually someone who meant me no harm and was probably just trying to help. it tries the ties of friendship and one knows that a good friend gives another the space to be themselves. i have so much to say about friendship, but i have no idea where to begin. i feel so experienced on the ‘what nots’ i have no idea about ‘how tos’. why is it that people behave like they know you inside out one day and like you are a complete stranger the next day? what is the reasoning behind it... not confronting the person at hand about some personal problem just breeds misunderstanding. i don’t understand friendship and i never have. most people i have come across thought it was god’s gift to man/woman but i think it’s a nuisance. people, so-called ‘friends’ have given me nothing but grief and something to think twice about. from what i gather, that’s not friendship.

some of my thoughts on friendship, they might be other peoples thoughts also, but they are what i BeLiEvE in. ..

- friends are there for you when you least expect them to be
- friends are the people who are there for you when the world turns its back on you
- friends are the people who think you are in the right when the world thinks you are wrong
- friends are the people who tell you the truth knowing that a lie would hurt less
- friends are the people who defend you even if they believe what you’re doing is not justified
- a friend allows you to make mistakes
- a friend never says ‘its ok’ when its not
- a friend knows when its not ok
- when something (unfortunate) happens to you when you least expect, friends are the people who will turn to you without even hesitating a moment and ask ‘are you ok?’ or say ‘cheer up’
- honesty is the foundation of a good friendship, or any relationship for that matter.
- laughter is an essential element in friendship but it is not the only one
- good friends know when to empathise and sympathise and when to leave you alone
- friends know when to talk and when to listen
- and when to advise

kuE's note: this is in reference of my post on 'friends'.

Monday, November 21, 2005

isn't this cute?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

a sunday outing with my HERO...!!!

just got home from seeing the new harry potter and the goblet of fire flick, 10.45 showing.

i'd have to say that i very much damn enjoyed the movie, the best one yet. however, i must also say that there was much left out to fit the story into a lean two hours and roughly thirty minutes.

there is absolutely no dobby or winky (both of whom were crucial to the plot, but the work arounds were decent).

no S.P.E.W.

the movie starts out at the weasly house instead of the dursley's.

they don't show any of the actual quidditch world cup, and instead of sitting with the minister of magic harry and co. sit on the very top of the insanely large arena.

only one classroom scene, which couldn't be cut for obvious reasons.
only one scene with sirius.



the dragon scene was so damn fantastic. megat even hugged and closed his eyes to me when it comes to the scary scene at the grave :)

i highly recommend this terrific fourth harry potter movie to both fans of the books/movies and those who have never seen or read any of it. well worth the tgv ticket prices (RM6.00 and RM5.00 for adult and child respectively).

okay, okay... enough about the harry potter movie. at least i got to watch it on a sunday, at last!

i already told megat about my plan yesterday but didn't tell him of what movie that we gonna watch. forget about the chicken little, cuz he already watched it with his cik wah, wan chik, chor (puteri), wanna and pah nabilah during the third day of hari raya. in the first place i tried to call the tgv kinta city to make a phone booking before hand. this is a box office movie man!!! but unfortunately the girl said that for the time being they accept phone booking for all movies except harry potter. wa lau ley... even my complimentary tgv tickets that my sister gave me are not acceptable for this movie. thats not a problem anyway. so i have told myself that i need to get there as early as possible.

i woke-up after 7 but only started to get megat ready after 8. at the same time david called all the way from vancouver! i was so damn happy although we managed to talk for a short while. we missed each other so much. i need to be in ipoh asap anyway. so we only left for ipoh around 9.10. reached there less than 25mins as usual. told megat that we need to buy the tickets first. huhu... so we straight away rushed up there and *phew* lucky me! then only we went for breakfast at mcD (megat's choice, of course).

as soon as we came out from the movie, megat begging me to go to the mph bookstore. he has been collecting this jackie chan magazines. so i bought for him that and a chicken little activity book. i didn't buy any books as i still have piles of them not finish reading them all yet at home. i just flipped through some quilting magazines. huh... maybe just reminding myself of the good old days that i concentrate on my quilting hobby. i always hope that i would get back into this someday... yea... someday... but at the end i bought something for myself. guess what?!! its the simply pilates mat kit box including a cd! hehe... have been longing to start this months ago. i will try to squeeze it in somewhere in my daily schedule anyway :)

fyi i never do any exercises at all. but it was truly amazing when i managed to climb the great wall of china in beijing with my auntie right to the top, last august. my auntie is 53, went for jogging every morning. she also keeps fit by going to aerobic class maybe once or twice a week. so it was definitely a very simple thing for her. me? well, my average weight is normally around 41 to 43 kilos. i don't have any tips, basically i eat whatever i wanna.

here's what my 9 important points that i practise anyway.
1. never skip breakfast, its the most important meal of the day. the best breakfast meal is the post cereal. believe it or not, i ate this almost everyday during sahur!
2. drink lotsa plain water daily. doctors advise us to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. but for me, i usually had mine much more than that, maybe like more than 10 glasses? i brought a long my own bottle of water whenever i go out also, just afraid in case i cannot find any.
3. i will always make sure that i never missed my extra daily supplement of vitamin B, C and E tablet (all-in-one) every day that i normally take after breakfast.
4. no no to soft drinks, caffeine, sugar and junk foods. i use to be a terrible addict of coffee but i have stopped that more than a year ago. i have been drinking ovaltine malt without milk since then. whatever it is, i would still drink some caffeine type drink whenever i go out meeting friends etc. once in a blue moon okay what... arr?
5. i never say no to chocolates, alhamdulillah i managed to maintain myself like this. i guess in this case, lots of water really helps.
6. i eat rice at least once a day. that means, if i already eat rice for lunch, i won't do it again during dinner. also, if i eat nasi lemak (which i do only once a while, NOT every morning) for breakfast, i'll make sure to eat less rice for lunch/dinner.
7. i seldom eat dinner. like item no. 4, once in a blue moon only.
8. i will make sure that i will sleep at least 2 hours after i had my meal; especially like item no. 6.
9. last but not least, the most important thing that i practise from my younger years is to kempiskan my tummy whenever i walk. hehe... this one kinda' tricky one huh?!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


thumbs up to my new nokia 6680! i took some pics on thursday during the hari raya makan-makan at bukit merah laketown resort. i tried to post it online but then i forgot that i haven't do the configuration setting for my fon. i did this so often with my previous nokia 7250i (that i lost few months ago) but of course the quality was not as good as this new one. so i email maxis yesterday to ask for the instructions. one of the customer service people called me a few hours later to confirm with me of the email. and within minutes, i received the five pages instructions via email. hmm... i definitely lurvee the quality of the pics :)

your private island

today is 3rd saturday, no hassle no hurries as the bank is closed today. my laundry was still in the machine. then i decided to see whats on tv. i was sooo damn lucky this morning when i switched it on a few minutes after 7.30 on astro ria (i knew there should be some good programmes on saturday morning specially for women i.e. cooking, fashion etc). there was this 1/2 an hour programme called 'your private island'. whats more fantastic that it showed this couple enjoying their holidays in pangkor laut. they stayed in pangkor laut resort. fuhh... their trip look damn nice that i told myself that i have to get there someday for a break! but with who huh?!! duhh... i could always go there alone and enjoy good therapy all by myself ;)

Friday, November 18, 2005

advise from leilanie

i copy and paste this from the comment box of leilanie's blog.

"Dear KuE,
My advise - start her with NST UPSR pull-out.
It is published ever Monday. Ask her to do the exercises diligiently, and you must help to mark them. You need to explain why she got the answers wrong and do not take the right answers for granted. She needs to understand the subject-at-hand (and not to memorise the answers).
I started this with Emil only in July, though. I'm sure it'll help Pu3, too."

kuE's note: tqsm kawan. click here to read more about leilanie's son' success.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

my puteri & upsr 2006

upsr 2005 exam results that came out yesterday really makes me nervous. i dunno why. its not that i kave a kid that sat for the exam. my puteri only will faced hers next year. in fact my heart-beat started to beat so damn fast already. when is this gonna end? *phew*

i read leilanie's post this morning regarding her son's achievements. congratulations kawan! double kudos to emil too for the 5As. puteri is in kl now enjoying her school holidays. i just finished talking to her on the fon. she told me that my auntie nabilah (puteri's grand-auntie) got 3As and 2Bs for her exam. congratulations to you too, nabilah.

i never send puteri to any tuition class but i supports her by sending her to the extra classes organised voluntarily by her school teachers. besides that i bought (and will still carry on to buy) work books for her. we do it together unless i asked her to revise some of the hard stuff with her teachers in school. i also started to check-out links on upsr topics. i know this is hard especially for a single mom like me. whatever it is we'll prove to everyone that we could do it. anyhow from years ago, i've promised puteri that i will bring her for a holiday in down under (yes... australia) if she could do 5As. insya-Allah ;)

this is a special message for my puteri... good luck & all the best for your upsr 2006!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

yea... i'm back!!!

yes... i arrived home almost 10.30pm. started almost 6.30pm frm KD. lurvee driving during the chill cooooll weather tho' juz like last nite, so damn goood man... more cool when it started to rain. so i drove damn slow like 80-90 km/h. hmm... when talking about driving, that always reminds me that i still owe Zed "my don't drink and drive experience" ;) one day k...

anyhow if not because there's a discussion between parents and teachers at puteri's school this morning, i would have still be in kl by now lol. there will be some extra classes for puteri starting next month. this is a good initiative of the school teachers. puteri still in kl, enjoying her holidays. she will be facing the upsr exam next year, so thats why she is enjoying herself now.

i went to kl last saturday with megat and mom. for my kl trip this time, basically there were two important reasons i.e. first we went to cousin shanaz house-warming bbq party at putrajaya and the other, i met a very special friend for the first time! i didn't take any pics at shanaz's place. i dun have digicam. i also lost my purple colour
nokia 7250i few months ago :( taraaa.... i still managed to put-up some pics of the party here with the courtesy from my cousin nivin. tqsm my dear.


...and we took a pic first while waiting for the rest ;)

girl cousins (complete)

front row from left: sarah, shanaz & liyana. back row from left: illa, ida, ina, nivin & me.

alright... banking at rhb sj yesterday morning was really sucks. things that could be done within minutes, took them hours to settle. grr... so i decided to do the banking stuff at the other bank in pj next time instead. at least i have another good excuse for me to drive down to kl again lol.

anyhow my most important "to-do list" yesterday was my lunch-cum-blind date with a very special friend. guess who?!!... hehe... i dropped-off megat and mom at MV (hehe... midvalley lor..) then i drove straight away to jalan raja chulan. i parked my 4wd at the weld basement parking area, walk across to the opposite building. gosh... i forgot the name of the building tho' lol... our meeting point was at the coffee bean. i didn't see any sign of her so i joined the queue. suddenly she sms me that she was on the way down, so i decided to just wait for her outside the shop. i sat on one of the chairs when my staff called for some problems back home. suddenly... ah ha... leilanie walked right infront of me. i smiled at her and quickly end my fon conversation. we walked in, ordered some food and drinks (ya lor... lapo hehe...). we chat while eating our lunch. i felt so damn excited meeting leilanie for the first time. at one time, i dun feel like eating anyway because i was so truly damn EXCITED!!! but at the same time, my stomach was singing damn loud, so i decided to eat too rotfl... we talked about everything... our life, family, work, blogs, Zed (hehe...), etc etc etc. i tried to take pic of leilanie using my new nokia 6680 that i juz bought on sunday in 1u. unfortunately its not captured. i dunno what have i done wrong. i am so sorry kawan. hmm... that was the fact that i didn't read the user's manual yet lol... luckily leilanie brought along her digital camera too. looks like i'll post the pics here after she email me the pics as promised. i am soooo sorry again, kawan.

kuE's note:
i) pics at shanaz's bbq party taken by auntie mia, using cousin nivin's nikon e4300.
ii) 16/11/05 ~ added pics of leilanie and me, using her digicam. read her version here.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

yesterday, today & tomorrow


first bf rizal was in town the whole week but we didn't meet *phew*. he was so damn eager to meet-up wz me but dunno lar... i dun have the guts at all. at first he wanted to come over to my office during the friday prayers time. what the hell man... what would people say if they saw him with me during that time i.e. my office is wz glass-walls. then he suggested a place. hmm... lucky me that megat merengek. he was alone at home with my parents, puteri and grandma went to kl with my cousin on thursday. so i used that as an excuse for not meeting rizal. a few years back, i was so damn mad when rizal's wife called me and blaming me for disturbing her marriage life. blimey... who disturb who occay?!!!... i never called rizal. since that incident, i have promised myself not to get in contact with rizal ANYMORE repeat... ANYMORE. that woman (i called her "woman" since she called me!!!) never knows that rizal was the one who kept calling me and trying his best to see me if he comes back to hometown. in fact there's so many damn things that rizal complained about her. dunno whether its true or not but like i promised before, i juz make "dunno".


i've juz reached here in KD about 2 hours ago. supposed to depart from home after subuh but dunno why... suddenly listened to dad who asked me to go after 9am, after he settled some of the banking stuff. grrr... if he go, never think about us at all pun... anyway, we will be going to cousin shanaz's place at putrajaya for her house-warming party tonight. her house is not far from her sister sarah's house, maybe just a few blocks apart i guess.


can't wait for tomorrow... meeting someone special (insya allah). V supposed to join us but he sms me this morning that he forgot that he has to attend a raya open house. never mind, there's alwiz a next time ;)

Monday, November 07, 2005

a raya with V...

i didn't have nothing much yesterday at first cuz i remember of V's sms that he is coming to the northern region on the 4th of hari raya. i was at my office when suddenly i received a sms from V at +/- 11.24am. he was on his way to alor star. after a few sms' here's what he thought... "just passed behrang. that's why i asked if u were in ipoh... kalau nak beraya dgn i ke...? traffic quite heavy so i thought i'd take a break... mana la tau ada org boleh urut neck i ke...?" *glurp* its confirmed that he wanna meet me so i told him that i would be out in an hour.

as soon as i was passing-by the tunnel V called saying that he already reached ipoh. he went to kinta city to get our lunch. but then before that he send his clk230 to a car accessories shop to fix his audio system that was out-of-order. so he waited for me infront of the coffe bean shop. he directed me to his new house in bandar baru tambun which was a damn easy straight roads from tesco, first time there though. i guess its a damn new area, double-storey terrace houses. i dunno which one is better. although that one is more newer and spacious, i prefer the old one better ~ a single-storey bungalow in bercham.

anyhow i went to the toilet as soon as i reached V's place. can't stand lor... of the damn hectic traffic. it took me almost more than 45 mins than usual 20 to 25 mins. whatever it is the interior design of the house would make whoever goes there feel so relax as he decorated his place just like a resort style with fully air-conditioned. its not strange at all for me as one of the famous resorts in the country was his idea (or maybe more?). we had deli-france take-out that V bought earlier while watching a nice movie on star world. grr... can't seems to remember the name of the movie lol...

he asked me about my sms asking for a job with him. that was about 3 weeks ago. it was a damn hard thing to explain. it got somethin' to do with my fights with dad that makes me felt wanna leave and work with V. "black magic!" thats the main reason initially. we tried to confront each other. surprisingly, just few days before he got my sms, he quit his job and he dun have any office right now. he said that he thought to himself, "apasal budak ni... mesti got something wrong somewhere... i pun quit my job, suddenly dia nak keje dgn i plak..." lol... anyhow now he knows that its all because of the black magic thing. "so now, sume dah ok lar...", he asked. "yeah... sort of.", i answered with a smile. it seems that he was so damn fed-up with the kl projects that he decided to quit. so now he would concentrate on the other projects out of kl. that really confused me. i was not dare to ask him furthermore yet. never mind, maybe next time. after i finished my meal, he asked me to massage his neck hehe... i'm petite i tell you my man... got bones only lor... lol...

we then proceed to his bedroom upstairs after the movie finished. we lepax there together. V voluntarily did a full body massage on me. he really makes me felt on top of the world. we had a nice great time then. i dunno whether i should describe it here ;) we had our shower before we went off, left the house after 4.15pm. i dropped him at the car accessories shop. as usual, there's always something for me... this time a hari raya hamper. V continued on his way to alor star. it seems that if his work completed before 3pm today, he might go back to kl immediately if not he will be going back on tuesday instead.

well, it was really a day to be remember for both of us!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


writing down my thoughts about you
is the only thing i can do

my love for you will never end
you'll always be a part of me
as long as time keeps on passing by...

for its all about you...

will you ever know how much i love you?

created by kuE for

Friday, November 04, 2005

definitely a must!

remarks: i've told myself that i have to post this before anything else!

yes! yes! yes! at last its confirmed that the movie that i'm waiting for memoirs of geisha will be here in january 2006. i saw an ad on a billboard on one of the building in ipoh last few nites when i went there to buka puasa together with my staff. sad to say, i still haven't finish reading the story book! like what i promised myself before here, i will still try my very best to complete the book ;)

1st day of hari raya...

...yesterday was damn busy as usual, like those years back. my staff didn't have time to sit even for a second. i (of course) helped them to fight too! lol... fight with the customers... hehe... rotfl... no lar... where we could fight with customer, no way... i mean, i also "turun padang" to join my staff with the busy situation. anyhow i sent my staff to perform their raya prayers while i stand-by at the cashier counter alone. it was damn silent then but as soon as people finished their raya prayers, it was damn busy non-stop till to-date.

girl cousins

L-R: liyana, ina (squeeeeeeezed), ida, sarah, nivin, illa, kuE (and one missing shanaz).

taken by basheer(?)

special guest

clockwise from left: auntie mia, enda teh, auntie mek, my mom & me.

megat & auntie mek

i went back at mid-day as relatives kept coming to our house. everyone from near and far were here. my staff also came after they have finished their work. not forgetting my god-mother auntie mek (pronounced mik) who came all the way from ipoh just to visit us for hari raya along with her dot dot dot and dot dot dot, in two other cars. i could say that it was her unofficial trip as there was no official protocol or what so ever. as usual, my sister came with her digital camera when we were at the dining room with auntie mek. "ahhh... this is the hardest part when ina is around", auntie mek said after a few bites of my sister's home-made muffin, followed by a quick laughed by all of us. before auntie mek went off, she gave the kids duit raya. guess what she created a new category under "unmarried" that make my unmarried sisters, brother and cousins also got the chance to receive duit raya from auntie mek and thats including me! lol... ;)

yea... my sister took most of the pics yesterday. i'll update them here after sunday 6 november 2005.

since visitors non-stop coming to our house, my sisters and cousins including me went to our grand-auntie's house later in the evening. we just visit her for the sake of meeting her for hari raya. we then adjourned to another grand-auntie's (late grand-pa's sisters) house around there too. then the last house that we went to was my dad's youngest sister. really had a heavy meals there *phew*

since we are in the millenium years, i also received lotsa raya sms'. these were part of them:

31 Oct 2005 21:55
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. dari zilhaziq

3 Nov 2005 08:26
Selamat Hari Raya...!!! Raya kat mana? Other fon KO. Balik t'ganu later. maybe 4th raya going up north... Will let u know... V

3 Nov 2005 09:48
(kuE's note: sentimentalnya bunyi...)

4 Nov 2005 15:32
Selamat Hari Raya. From Akiko.

... plus many many more. sometimes i wonder that no one seems to care about the traditional way of sending the hari raya cards anymore. for me, wishes thru cards are more meaningful. but i myself didn't have the time to do that this year. so i didn't buy any single greeting cards from my favourite gift shop memory lane. anyhow i still have to dig some from our old stocks. this is because i still received some raya cards and i have to reply them, namely to auntie gai. she was together with us during my beijing trip last august. in her card, she told me that she will be joining her son who is an accountant to riyadh (insya allah) in october 2006. i also got one card from my first bf, rizal who is now based in ipk jhb (hmm... wonder whether sheryl stumbled into him there lol...). well no matter how i will definitely reply all the cards that i have received.

kuE's note:
8/11/05 ~ uploaded 'girl cousins' pic.
9/11/05 ~ added more pics.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"malam raya"

its already +/- 4.09pm here on the eve of hari raya (eid mubarak). i need to get off early but i have to wait for my 2 staff who are at the MBB to change more of RM10 notes. malaysian people are rich what, all make payment using big notes... hah! no lar... its early of the month. on the other hand its double celebration for us rite? i.e. deepavali and hari raya. malaysia is a multi-racial country.

i am going to bring part of my staff to seri malaysia, ipoh for buka puasa tonight. half of them already went there with me yesterday. i also brought along puteri and megat together with my grandma. my auntie (her hubby passed away few years ago) and her three children reached here last nite. also my two sisters and a younger brother.

anyhow despites the busy-ness (got such word meh?!! hehe...), i asked my staff to send me to my hairdresser and i called him to fetch me when i finished. i dunno whats my puteri and megat's re-action as i haven't go back yet. i know megat will like it. puteri prefer me to have a long hair. i do wanna some changes sometimes ;)

my mom called when i was at the saloon. it seems that everyone are going to buka puasa with me too! so i called seri malaysia to let them know of the additional people coming. wow... looks like tonite buka puasa would be more havoc lol.

back at home, grandma cooked all the food by herself i.e. rendang pedas, rendang dinding and ketupat to name a few. she likes to do all that herself, without the assistance from anyone else. her cooks are the best i tell you!

again i would like to wish everyone "selamt hari raya aidilfitri". be safe on the road and always think of your loved ones.