Friday, August 31, 2007

BlogDay 2007

do you all people still remember the BlogDay 2007 Event i posted earlier? yup, today is 31st august! the BlogDay! and i'm gonna introduce 5 new blogs that i found interesting to all of you here!

Blog Day 2007

  1. walk a mile in my shoes...

    wna's blog sounds interesting to me. its well written about her life. we started to know each other slowly since few weeks ago, although not much yet.

  2. abby and allan in india

    this is quite a young blog, but really useful and informative for those who want to travel to india. i found this blog while i was blog hopping. basically, a clean design with really good information, even though it is a new blog. a worth visiting blog!

  3. Quilts & ATCs

    i stumbled in to helen's quilts & atc's blog via blog hopping too. she is from UK who belong to many online groups and wanted to detail her progress with her crafts.

    looking at this blog really reminds me of one of my passions before, quilting. wahhh!!!... i just do not have the time now huhu...

  4. my mayapuri

    "let mayapuri helps you organize ur event :) "

    another local blogger, mayapuri's motto says it all. she's basically helps people to organize events i.e. weddings, birthday, baby shower etc. please have a look at her creations. they were awesome i tell you... i first knew her from my flickr photostream. and to our surprise, her sister married to my SIL shafinaz's cousin ;) what a very small world huh?!! lol...

    to mayapuri, i would like wish you all the best in your business :)

  5. Remember Laughter; The Bittersweet Life Of Mine

    eventually i stumbled in to this blog via blog hopping too. this blog author, yani from a neighboring country singapore, is a SAHM whose blessed with a wonderful husband and two cute sons. yani is rather lucky as she could travel frequently because her husband is a pilot cabin crew, just like my cousin, oyeen. don't forget to visit yani's blog and say hi to her. also let her know that kuE send you ya hehe...

happy BlogDay 2007!

link: BlogDay 2007 at technorati

kuE's note:
according to a chinese blogger, i yee, nir ofir, the BlogDay initiator (founder), said that he didn't have enough time to seed it this year. i yee also don't think it's smart to blame nir, as he said "i just initiated it... people are free to do what they want. bloggers in peru and cambodia did a meet-up/conference. other did videos... etc". well as for me, i would say that its hard for malaysian bloggers to do a meet-up on this day as it is also our national day.

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the making of... saladin

dear malaysian people,

if you subscribed to our cable tv, do tune in to channel 4 (astro ria) shortly at 2.30pm . my lil' bro just called, that he will be featured in the program 'the making of... saladin'. actually i am damn busy in our kitchen right now but stop for a while to post this hehe... most probably i will bring my baking stuff in front of the tv too! lol...

eventually there's a lot to update here. i will come back as soon as i am free ;)

happy 50th merdeka day! may you enjoy your long weekends with your loved ones.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

of merdeka eve

its merdeka's eve. i am at home, not out at somewhere. yes i am bored -- very. no surprise there. my parents are out. megat is sleeping. puteri and bah are sleeping too. haha i sound so emo. well at least i have the whole comp to myself? haha...

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this day also marked rizal's 34th birthday. hah! some of you may know that he's my ex... now you know that he's actually a year younger than me ;)

i wasn't looking for a younger man and rizal wasn't looking for an older woman, but it just happened. our relationship was unique, because it's not just built on sex, but on trust, respect and love. in my opinion, age has nothing to do with our relationship. unfortunately there was a third person stood in between us. i hate to mention of whom was it (note: NOT gf or bf or something like that).

in our seventeen years friendship, to tell you people the truth, actually we have never had a serious problem and now... we are still very happy friend indeed i.e. both of us remember each other's birthday. strange or not, but its true -- that's us. in another word, we will remain friends. one of the people in our life who could really understand us, other than kay is hairy, rizal's brother. i guess rizal would be agree with me -- that we would like to thank these people from the bottom of our heart, for the fully understanding. we love you sooo much sis and bro! mwahh... we dunno of what would be happened without you two.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3 more days to go...

50th merdeka celebration fever is here...

pics shown have been taken around kuala kangsar from yesterday and this morning. i like the one of my school, where big stones have been painted and formed malaysian flag. cute. i also like the special banner by maybank. its so unique. can you people see of how great its gonna be? this is just kuale, but i am sure the whole country is the same. so why not you tell us of whats happening around you during this great celebration too? please share.

o yes... DO NOT FORGET to watch this via tv3 tonight, at 9pm ek? ;)

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

6 more days to go...

yes! its gonna be 6 more days for us to celebrate our country's 50th national day. and when everyone are in the mood for it, i was kinda pissed-off looking at this...

hmm... why you asked? we were having lunch at a swensen's outlet in queensbay mall (again?!!)... lol. yea... the last time we went there was about two weeks ago. i guess its already in my list for one of my favourite shopping places ;)

alright, pic shown was megat's sourdough 49ers chicken. one thing for sure... why on earth they still stick those two tiny u.s. flags on the buns, when we are in the merdeka mood. ya... ya... i know its incorporated in the u.s. but i guess its not wrong right, if you would change the style according to our country's life, at least once a year. in fact i didn't even see any malaysian flag hanging in the premise. what happened guys?

some how or rather, i was A BIT happy when i got the chance to have my favourite dessert there, apple crumble. i admit. but still, look out there... our country's flag were hanging everywhere--

1. juru toll plaza at PLUS highway

2. R&R at gunung semanggol

...and many more. sad to say that i can't seems to take more pics as my oly was out of battery. dammit! i should have check the night before but i forgot :P

anyhow, i hope that the management of the local swensen's should look into this matter seriously.

p/s like i mentioned before, do not forget to watch this via tv3 on the 28th (tuesday), at 9pm. if i'm not mistaken, the telemovie's trailer appeared on tv already ;)

to my dear sheryl: sorry sis, your size were out-of-stock, except for the one white/fuschia sassari, that you already have ;) i'll try again in about two weeks.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

the proud family

gosh... i have been addicted to this -- the proud family's mix master on-line game hehe... but its good you know... try it. i guess it can make us exercise our eyes, other than relaxing our mind especially when you have piles of work in the office and need a break ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

the old & the new

we were having late breakfast at yut loy earlier today when we realized that we have something old and something new here in kuale.

the old...

here are some pics taken this morning at yut loy (also known as 'kedai ah lok' by locals). i also took pic of one of my fav there... 'roti kahwin'. its actually toasted bread ying yong using traditional bread (ying yong means served with margarine and kaya). i remember some time ago, i mentioned that i shall load pics of it. now i did especially for your viewing pleasure. btw go here to read more about the restaurant. well maybe i will type a special post on this (yut loy) next time, like how i did for laksa pak ngah ;)

the new...

guess what people. we found out recently that the latest shop in kuale is none other than guardian pharmacy! the shop just opened its door a few days ago. its located on the opposite side of the road, but a few blocks away from yut loy. at least there's something here huh?!! if you know what i mean lol... i.e. i dun have to wait till i go out of kuale to buy my toothpaste (pearl drops) no more, cuz previously its not available here ;)

of breast feeding in public


wohoo!!!... i really dunno that it was a big hot issue/topics to discuss there in the states. i am baffled that someone would view breastfeeding as a sexual image??!! it is a beautiful and natural moment between a mother and child and people that are offended should really grow up because breasts are displayed EVERYWHERE in an intended sexual manner yet breastfeeding is what woman's breasts are meant for. do people fear loosing the sexuality of the breast by seeing these images? hmm... i knew this someone whose alwiz wrote about his experiences in the u.s. so speak-up dude! btw... happy belated birthday (yesterday) to you hehe... saje tak nak wish him in his blog lol...

alright, for me, i breast fed both my kids as i truly believe that its the best way ever to feed our child especially when it contains colostrum (also known as first milk). i nursed megat the longest, till he was about 3+. he was already started scooling then, in jiang hua kindergarten. his lause (teacher) would asked me to practice to slowly stop breast feed him, or maybe to explain to megat to get it at home only. lause told me that sometimes megat would shouted 'nenen' out of the blue lol... well... it was quite troublesome in the first few months. but we finally managed ourselves ;)

well, i never nursed my kids in public places openly. i was then in kl. i also didn't go out much after my confinement, not until my kids started to eat solid food. if i do, i would normally stop-by baby room in malls, or else i did it in the car. it was much easier if i went to relatives place. they were very supportive. they let me use one of their rooms, if they do not have guest rooms in the house. all i could say is, breast feeding was great for me. o yes... besides that i was lucky that i could still keep my figure as it is ;) its all thanks to nursing my kids.

guess what people. megat never try to drink from baby bottles i.e. he drank his first water straight from the training cup! there's once way back when he saw his cousin shahriman drank ribena from the baby bottles. megat looked at him like so weird. so shahriman's grandfather asked megat whether he wanna try. megat took it from him and try to put the nipples in his mouth. not even seconds, he threw out everything lol...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

10 more days to go...

  1. 50th merdeka celebration

    it gonna be the country's most memorable day i tell you, everyone is looking forward for it. as you could see, there were promotions/offers/events everywhere i.e. here, here, here, here, here, here and many more.

    o yes people... also dun forget to tune in to tv3 on the 28th, at 9pm to watch this. alar... nothing much, just a few shots of our home and my school and a few other areas in kuale ;)

  2. BlogDay 2007

    are you a blogger? are you ready to be part of something big?
    do you want to leave a mark on the face of the earth?

    CELEBRATE THE 3rd BlogDay ON AUGUST 31st

    what is BlogDay?

    BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. on that day bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors.
    with the goal in mind, on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. this way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.

    what will happen on BlogDay?

    one long moment on August 31st, bloggers from all over the world will post recommendations of 5 new Blogs, preferably blogs that are different from their own culture, point of view and attitude. on this day, blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, unknown blogs, celebrating the discovery of new people and new bloggers.

    BlogDay posting instructions:

    • find 5 new blogs that you find interesting
    • notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2007
    • write a short description of the blogs and place a link to the recommended blogs
    • post the BlogDay post (on August 31st) and
    • add the BlogDay tag using this link: and
      a link to the BlogDay web site at

alright people, let's Celebrate!

& Spread the word...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

"sudah sampai hukum"

about 24 hours ago, all of us here were terribly shocked by the sudden death of my supervisor, N, at work. luckily we were about to close business for the day that time last night, thus there were no customers around. i guess its no need for me to describe it all. enough said that the police classified it as a natural death. N was having a heart attack. Besides that, N who was 39, also had high blood pressure and diabetes (the 3 best friends of all).

almost everyone who knows N very well, can't really sleep last night including me. even my parents and grandma. but after posting this, looks like i have to force myself to get some enough sleep. our N7 team is having some promotion thingy for 2D/1N in conjunction of our country's upcoming 50th merdeka celebrations soon. so we will be staying in grik tomorrow.

back to N's story, the funeral was held smoothly before zohor, in a nice and good weather. i wore my black abaya despite the sunny weather. it was cooling though, maybe because of the type of fabs. my dad bought it for me in dubai, after he completed his haj trip a few years ago. sorry no pic. don't tell me that i should camwhore at the funeral just for my blog :P

i tried to sleep after we reached home from the hospital last night but failed. so i sent a very simple and short sms to our other family members, relatives and friends who knows N--

fyi N 'sudah sampai hukum' b4 11pm @ work. inna lillah...

the best thing was my sister called mom. she told her that my other sister complained that my sms sounds rude. then mom obviously thought that maybe my sister dunno that 'sudah sampai hukum' was another malay/islamic sayings of saying meninggal dunia (dead) lol...

after listening to the explanation calmly, my sister was like, "ohhhhh..." ;)

so people please keep late N and his family along in your prayers too. N left a wife whose also was a SAHM and five children - four girls
aged 13 (twins), 9 years old and 11 months, also one boy aged 5 years old. during his life, N was a our most trusted employee. everyone loves to work with him. he was being loved by everyone, not just his family. that truly showed earlier today when so many people from all walks of life came to visit late N and his family. fyi our family is very closed with his' ever since our older generations. may N rest in peace...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

of menstrual pain that i dunno

"owh... i am so sorry dear, i really dunno that it was THAT hurt!", i said this to myself.

i was sitting next to KT earlier, whose lying there on our day-bed, trying to fight the menstrual pain that she's having. i kept wondering... arghhh... was it really that hurt. i saw KT pressing her abdomen with her hands like no one business! i felt so pity of her. i was like small kids you know. i really dunno of what i was supposed to do to help her.

it was real funny you see... when as soon as we got in to the house, i asked KT whether she was hungry, that maybe because she has not eat her lunch yet ;)

"tak kak... saya sengugut, sakit sangat (no sis... i am having menstrual pain, it was really hurt)", KT told me. opsss... wahhh!!!... the problem is dear, i have never had that before, thats why i dunno what to do :\

oh gosh... i was then walking in and out our patio... worried like hell. suddenly i saw grandma walked in to the kitchen *phew* problems gonna be solved. so i explained to her of why i brought KT home. she told me that last time she always drank warm water and swallowed some painkillers. ohh... no wonder i saw KT was holding panadol menstrual, that i put aside earlier.

"ohh... so ini untuk... (so this is for...)", i took the tablets and asked KT. she just nodded ;) i gave the tablets to her, she swallowed it. then i thought that she would be okay. so i asked her to lie down there and get some rest.

now i am back in my office, to wait for the time to send megat for his tuition class. i was really shocked earlier you know... when one of my staff running to me and told me that my cashier KT was fainted in the surau (prayer room). she was sooo weak. she has a bottle of water and a piece of bun with her. i thought that her stomach must be empty, that maybe i could ask her to have some lunch (it was already 3+ ). so i slowly brought her to our home.

what an experience huh?!!... stupid me, trying to be a hero hehe...

hey... how about you people. don't you wanna share some of your experiences too?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

sassari crocs: love at first sight!

we didn't go anywhere last weekend. but then we already decided to go over to queensbay mall this week for a wind-down sunday, only the three of us! as usual, we started our journey very early (this time before 9 am), so that we could get an easy parking.

one of the main reasons for us to go there were to get the latest 'in' thingy by crocs for puteri and naddy (who can't get the one she wanted in kl). so since we were one of the earliest to arrive at the mall, we head over to paddington house of pancakes first. then only we went up straight to crocs shop at level 2. although there were a family before us and there was only one sales girl at that time, to handle everything herself, i could say that she was so patience to entertain every each of her customers.

puteri smiled when she saw the white and fuchsia sassari. she immediately tried the display piece and she loves it. while i asked the sales girl for an all-black sassari in size 6 (for naddy of course). after that i asked her to take the same type of shoes in size 5. i tried them. gee... i thought they look so plain, but my feet look nice in them. i don't care, i just got to get them too. at last tadaa... i paid for four pairs! lol... including one disney crocs for megat.

i find that the sassari crocs shoe is the first croc shoe to feature a high heel. this womans wedge shoe combines
fashion with comfort, rather than those with holes. just look at the pics people... i am definitely right in my words ya? so as you could see, thats my sassari, while the two boxes in the background were puteri's (below) and naddy's. megat wore his right away! well in my opinion, i think kids are okay to wear the one with holes but not adults ;)

to my dear sheryl:
look at me sis, i have bought a pair of sassari crocs for myself too! not just for puteri hehe...

Friday, August 10, 2007

the answer and ask comment game

it is time to socialize and make small talk.......

how shall we do this?

let me explain:

the person before you has asked you a question. now being a pleasant guest you shall answer. see, small talk! now, you will want to welcome the next guest by asking a question of them.

it really is as simple as answer and ask. please remember you are a pleasant guest and this is only small talk, albeit of the amusing kind. some possible questions might be:

  • what book are you reading?
  • where did you get that lovely ensemble?
  • do you think brad pitt is over-rated?
  • who was your favourite bond, james bond?

please, keep it non-personal and ask fun questions. and yes you can come back to mix and mingle, in fact i encourage it.

question for first person:

if you were opening a restaurant based on your house specialty, what kind of food would it serve?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

driving up north?

click here to get some tips on an easy and great way to drive up north especially in perak. all thanks to the ipoh mali doc ;)

is blogging important?

if so... why?

what does blogging do for you?

kuE's note:
i have placed a poll above for you people to vote. the closing date is 8 september 2007, at 2244 hrs local time (GMT+8). repeat voters are disabled. so please help me to spread this out people. tqsm in advance.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

next charlie's angels...

i have many memories from my then favourite tv shows such as the brady bunch, i dream of jeannie, little house on the prairie, gilligan's island and many more...

also not forgetting... one of the best of all was charlie's angels. i really love that show till i had a childhood dream to be one of them lol... my family was staying in johor that time i think. i remember that i used to have this too, when i was small, that my dad bought in singapore.

here's jaclyn smith, farrah fawcett and kate jackson of charlie's angels --

then came along drew barrymore, cameron diaz and lucy liu starred in charlie's angels (film) --

now here's a very latest pic (taken earlier this afternoon by megat) of azah, siti and i --

so how? don't you think we could be the NEXT charlie's angels people? lol... (still dreaming hahahhaa...)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

with love, dear shafinaz on your birthday

sending birthday wishes
is a pleasant thing to do
especially when they're being sent
to someone nice as you
so have yourself a happy day
the kind you like the best
and then go on to have a year
surpassing all the rest
Happy Birthday... lots of love from chor!

kuE's note: pic taken from syahrin' wedding pics set on flickr ;)

currently listening to one of my fav -- atilia's! check it out people as its definitely one of the best on earth :D

Monday, August 06, 2007

kuE's 2007 do

i decided to post this, since i remember sheryl asked me about it during our last meet.

i was about to sit when i arrived, that she asked me, "eh... you cut your hair?".

hehe... yes sis... so i dunno whether you people realized it or not too in some of my post recently. to think back, i cut my hair for a new look in early june if i'm not mistaken. i went to kl maybe a few days after that and met sheryl and lich. i didn't mention anything about my hair to them. but lich did ask megat i think. megat loves my new look anyway ;) so sis, didn't you realize it that time? lol...

sometime in april when i met sheryl, lich and leilanie, leilanie mentioned about my hair which was getting longer. actually way before that, i was already thought of doing something about it but my goddamn hairdresser didn't want to c-u-t it! u know... it seems that i am suitable with that long straight hair. err... ye ke?... or is it cuz there would normally be more charges for long hair right. hehe... no lar... i am not that calcalative occay?!! i was just wanted to have a new look. its been quite some time since i have that previous look - its been years i think.

so at last i went to see my mom's hairdresser instead. tadaaa... there you are lol... i love the way she cut my hair. neat. what say you people?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

she ain't a bad girl

i am really a fan of this girl ever since she was with no doubt. even my niece safiya like her too - her (safiya) favourite is the song hollaback girl. the pop star announced that she won't wear revealing costumes during her concert in kl. so now all the 'decent' people of malaysia would know that she ain't a bad girl!

gwen stefani, who is currently on the road with her 'sweet escape' tour, is due to perform in kl next month but the national union of malaysian muslim (NUMM) students want the concert scrapped because gwen's image offends islamic beliefs.

mohamad hilmi ramli said: "her video clips promoting the event are too obscene. we want the organizers to cancel the concert, failing which we will ask the authorities to intervene". ramli also slammed malaysian mobile phone company maxis communications for promoting gwen's concert and exposing young malaysians to "moral decay".

he fumed: "maxis has been staging a series of foreign acts to make a profit and to expose our young generation to things such as moral decay."

gwen's kl show is due to take place at the stadium putra bukit jalil on 21 august.

i first knew about this (i mean, the say by NUMM students thingy) when i read auntie ena's blog a few days ago. then i thought wahh... up-todate jugak auntie ena nie ye hehe...

read more on E! online.