Monday, May 14, 2007

kuE's new toy!

currently listening (one of my favourite for the time being): pecinta wanita by irwansyah.

check this out people--its my new olympus fe-230! i bought it yesterday in penang, as my own 35th birthday present ;)

well actually i didn't even thought of getting one yet. the outing on sunday was just meant for a 'jalan-jalan' on my birthday and mother's day. but tell me who can't resist not to buy anything on a trip as such huh?!! lol...

puteri and i were walking around, when we passed a camera shop on second floor (i think) of queensbay mall. i stopped there and fell in love at the first sight of that olympus fe-230. what attracted me were the features like its slim size, its metal body, about 2.5" LCD screen and also its reasonable price. what when the shop was giving special price for mother's day. i approached one of the salesgirl. i kinda more interested when i found that the camera was so light... and presto! it should be no problem at all for me to place that in my handbag, to bring it along where ever i go.

so from now on, you will see me taking pics with this new toy of mine ;) maybe on certain occasions that i will still use my nokia 6680 to snap pics like... argghhh... no need for me to elaborate, go figure! :D

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