Friday, May 11, 2007

copying is certainly not ok!

click here to read more about this. so lazy to bring this up over and over again.

that's why, its not my style to simply copy and paste other graphics to post it along with my blog post. i would use my own pics that i have taken, even with my cam-fon. unless the pics were by my sister. well if i do take other people's one, of course i would mentioned it in my post too. let say if i do not have any graphics to be tagged along, i would just leave it as it is--write a post without graphic/pic, no harm done what, right? maybe some of you didn't realize it that i have a link to 'read me' down there at the bottom row on the side bar of my blog. its a blogger's disclaimer. while at the last bottom line is written this -- All images and content (unless otherwise stated) copyright © 2005-2007 kuE. All rights reserved.

besides, i do not even care whether got people wanna read my blog and leave comments or not. this is mine. i could do whatever i wanna with it. the most important thing is that i am happy. the function of this blog also is more like my own personal online diaries. fyi i used to write diaries since i was small. but i found it very awful when mom come in to my room and read it when i was in school. same thing when i started to work in sj. i was staying alone. but mom would do the same when she came to my place :( and now since we have an easy access to all this blog thingy, why on earth i should left this out right. so i burnt away all my old diaries *sob sob* as you could see, i registered with blogspot in january 2005 but didn't blog for quite some time until june the same year. its just that i couldn't figure out this blog thingy yet that time cuz i ain't a html expert. so all that while, i juz went on reading people blogs and left comments, that's all. a few blogger friends did support me like Zed and Azmi, but where are they? Azmi seems to be very silence now. oh yes... not forgetting Leilanie, one of the first blogger friends who interact with me.

YOU better watch-out cause we have all the proofs! do something if you wanna be on the safe side. its been quite some time... and we have given you enough times.

kuE's note: i would like to take this opportunity to thank Minny for teaching me of how to take a snapshot/pic of my puter screen and that's how i created the above! ;)