Wednesday, May 23, 2007

how i make megat proud of me for a simple task

the title said it all -- its not that hard actually to make our kids proud of their own mother for a very simple task we did.

earlier this month i baked banana chip muffins for breakfast. megat love it (even though he doesn't like to eat banana lol...) that he requested to bring some to school. he shared some with his classmate, hakim. it seems that hakim told megat, "hmm... sedapnya". hakim was surprised of how megat's mom managed to do all those. he (hakim) even compared it with his mother. you know... kids these days. so now i know basically of how kids feel. they don't lie.

so i was at the wet kitchen this morning when megat approached me and said, "ma, i wanna the same like yesterday". ok sayang...

i packed these for him yesterday...

it was just a fried egg and buttered bread. i fried the egg in a tiny frying pan (see pic)that my dad bought in makkah many years back. once i placed the egg in the frying pan, i quickly mix the egg yolk and the egg white thoroughly. the reason was that megat doesn't like to eat the egg yolk by itself, but ok if it mixed together lol... then i covered the frying pan for about less than two minutes. check-out the tiny frying pan's cover people. my dad did it himself! we can't find a suitable cover for that pan, that's why. he's a handy man you know ;)

then i placed the fried egg on the buttered bread. this time i put a slice of kraft cheese as well. i prefer kraft than any other brand cuz only kraft cheese melted when we placed something hot on top of it. i can't deny it that my kids love it as well. the next step was to cover the egg with another slice of buttered bread. and to make it more bakery-like look ;) cut the bread crust, then cut it again into two triangles. presto! see... didn't i tell you it was easy.

megat also told me that he shared the egg sandwich yesterday with hakim. his friend praised him again and again like last time. then i guess my tears running down my cheeks a bit when megat came closer and hugged me. "ohh... i am so proud of you mom", he said :)