Saturday, May 26, 2007

of astro max and cadbury

now you see it... now you don't...

this is indeed the time of the month again, where one of my good friends come once a month only hehe... thus this is also the time where i would be craving for chocolates, chocolates... and MOREEE chocolates!!!... i could finish them within minutes! strange or not... i swear to Allah the almighty that i never had menstrual pain for the rest of my life. sometimes i felt sorry to see some women who always look very hurt during period, including puteri. i know that must be very painful.

i guess some of you must have been wondering, of what's this gotta be doing with astro max? well that means, i would prefer lazying around, watch tv, while eating chocolates, than going out especially during this early stage :~)

so how about you ladies, whats the abnormal about you during period? please share ;)