Sunday, April 29, 2007

of me being a minachi

like what i mentioned before, i was at damai laut with kids. we arrived there yesterday around noon. as soon as we settled down, we had our lunch at one of the resort' f&b outlet first. then off we went to the ballroom. but half-way there, kids were bored. they went to the room, while i was still there at the ballroom, checking some stuff on the last-minute preparation for the night's event i.e. rehearsal, sound check, decorations etc. i can't concentrate on the tele-match that evening. too 'gabra' i think lol... i was hoping that everything would goes on well and smoothly as expected. i was sooo relieved when the event ended great *phew* everyone were happy and congratulate me for my hard work. the theme was glamour nite. but for our N7 group, we were all clad-in bollywood attire, including our AM. i didn't take any pics at all during the event. i was too busy. maybe a friend whose one of the emcee, did call us to take pics together after the event. i will get her to email me the pics. other than that, yes i know the cameraman did take some pics of me. that would be later too. at the meantime, i guess some pics of me cam whore will do. as you could see, i was in yellow saree with beads and sequins that really suitable for our event. some were surprised that i had the guts to wear saree (???). told ya... who cares whether i had to hold the walkie-talkie that night, to talk with my committee. i still wanna look good and dress-up as usual. on the other hand, some of them whose open-minded, were so impressed with me. they even teased me of being sexy ler... some said i missed my flight rotfl... etc... what when they knew that i tied the saree myself ;) ok lorr... not too bad for a first-timer :)

i slept late the night before we went to damai laut. puteri and i were baking cupcakes for my newly-wed cousin charlie. read about it here.

we check-out from the resort before noon. and by the time we reached home, charlie and the rest of our family and relatives still at home. they had lunch here before they went back to kl.

my brother and SIL were here too over the weekend. the best thing was that my brother didn't even realize that our cousin was having another wedding reception in kuale, other than the ones in jb and kl lol... my brother arrived on friday night, for the koleq's OBW (old boys weekend) from 27 to 29 april 2007. great pics can be seen here and here. hmm... so fast ler dia update.

o yes... here's some pics that i took around the resort this morning.

i was accompanying megat at children's pool, when i saw rainbow behind me, quickly snapped this...

here's me, relaxing... i was having my monthly period. if not i would have go in there first lol...

another pic from my view on the left. up there was a block of the resort rooms.

i really had a great time there. i also would definitely go back, especially when i didn't have the time to try their samsara spa. i saw it when i went there with my friends a few weeks ago. well every time i saw places like that, i always thought that i really gotta find some time for myself (huh?!!...). maybe because of the nice and beautiful environment with great balinese style soothing pipe-in music--my kinda style, suits me well.

all-in-all i could say that my weekends were filled with full of laughter and joy. how about you.

oh my god... malaysia will be on holiday this tuesday and wednesday again. what's your plan. i just hope that everyone will have a great week ahead. ciao!

Friday, April 20, 2007


i received a surprise email via my email. alright, some of you who have been following my blog, may remember this post about the end of my relationship with D. that was in november last year. that time also, only He knew of how terribly hurt was i.

back to this surprise email, it was dated 17 april (about three days ago). it says that i was "invited by gunner who wants to talk with you using the new yahoo messenger with voice". then i looked for the sender's email. gosh! its him. ain't no doubt straight away my mind thought of what is this all about :|

i thought that maybe he remember my birthday. we broke off during his birthday month. and that my birthday is just around the corner. are all these got anything to do with each other or how? grr...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

hard decision

we (except dad) went to sitiawan today for my nephew's birthday party. i was surprised when i saw oyeen there too. her husband joe already flied back to abu dhabi. while oyeen and daughter will be here until 29th. the last time we met was like a year ago. how time flies so damn fast... that after a year, i could say that her baby is already one year old, being a march baby. even oyeen went for a hair-cut till shoulder length. she looks more cute and beautiful. actually i thought of doing the same (cut my hair) ever since many months ago but sometimes i was confused whether is it alright for me to go for a hair-cut or not. what do you think people.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

wish you were here...

and here...

firstly, i was at swiss garden resort & spa damai laut this morning with some of my colleagues. we parked our cars at shaidi's place and we left for damai laut together. we were there to reconfirm all our requirements, besides paying 1/2 of the deposits for our group. no doubt i like the place very much from my first sight. its gonna be worth what we are paying for. i would really recommend this place to everyone no matter for family day (like us), honeymoon, relaxing etc. i definitely can't wait to get there very soon! we had lunch at the resort' coffee house under cik syura's (event manager for our group) ent. tq gal! then we saw a local actor while we were outside the ballroom. actually i dunno him much but i think that he always play the role of 'bad guy'. it suits his look anyway wakakaaa... i guess probably he was going around a hotel tour like us too lol... btw i ain't like cedric who simply approached a local actor that he met recently. hey, why not read the post here, then you will know. sorry ler dude... that's not me unless he was AZ ;)

as soon as i reached home, i brought puteri and megat out. at first maybe i wanna bring them to have some dinner at kat kopitiam and buy some butter for puteri and i to bake cupcakes. we didn't realize of anything happened in town until we saw so many people around, with a higher traffic at night. we saw panjut (oil lamp) at clifford, that was still being fixed. then only we remember that tomorrow is the sultan's birthday. so for two nights from tonight like previous years, normally there would be a panjut competition, as one of the perak's april events near sungai (river) perak. usually people from outside kuale also would come down here to witness such events. lembah (other name for river side) as i saw tonight, was just like having a fiesta.

sorry... i got problems with my cam-fon that i can't post the pics that i have taken. the night pics here taken by puteri with her sony 4.1 mega pixels cyber-shot. as per the pic, you could compare that the left one was by clifford school, while the right one was mc'. the difference between the two pics was that, clifford almost ready with their panjut. unfortunately not for the other one. that was the main difference between kampung school-boys and elite school-boys lol... alright people, go figure what i was trying to tell you all about :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i am so damn lucky gurl

i was at old town kopitiam near ipoh padang yesterday, for lunch-cum-briefing/meeting with my sub-committee members for the family day's gala award nite. we were enjoying our time for hours, eating, discussing, laughing like no one business. when i wanted to drive-off, i can't start my 4wd. luckily my heroes all were still there. so i left it with shaidi.

i followed siti from taiping. the thing was we didn't go back but went to parkson instead. i thought we just wanted to ease our mind by just walking around there, window shopping. we found that some of the individual shops there were newly refurbished. until we dropped-in voir. we were impressed with all the nice and cute accessories there. i end up buying two pairs of earring and a matching necklace for my butterfly earring. cute kan? while siti bought herself a pair of stone heart earring with matching necklace too. other than that, both of us also saw a nice light green skirt and grab one each ;) well as you could see, other than shoes, this is my kind of therapy too! nothing to worry about my 4wd, as its in good hands lol...

so later i will get one of my staff to drive me to shaidi's place. i have another meeting to attend at ISO (ipoh sales office) at 2.30pm today.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

wind down day for gurl

hmm... well, i guess no one knows this before except me. now let you people be the first to know ;) fyi i am being called 'gurl' also, by my beloved-long-time best friend V.

o yes, first of all, let me say sorry to leilanie for not being able to join you all there. like i told lich before, i won't go if V couldn't make it hehe... :) no lar... the main reason was that i have a few trips to ipoh to attend to starting tomorrow. i also have to find time to make some trips to lumut before the big day. i have to ensure things run smoothly. i just hope that you could understand my situation. probably next time k?

so since i have already brought kids out yesterday, i took times out all for myself today. i was here...

i always felt so relax whenever i was there. i managed to take only one good pic this time. when i was about to take pic of another corner of the house, i heard the sound of him walking down the stairs. thus, the pic was shaky. so i quickly switched my cam function in my fon off lol... some other time i guess ;) the house is with fully-aircondition, just like in hotel rooms or resorts. nice. great place to wind down. so glad we met. as usual we catch up on stuff we missed in our life. the last time was few months back.

before we depart, i kept reminding him about my 35th birthday, that will be coming very soon ;) he knew very well of his task! lol... hint: pressies!!! hehe... he also teased me of going to join him in the club-40 soon too. hey... not yet dude... five more years to go occay?!! lol...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

the day i bought another pair of shoe

like what i wrote in my recent post, i never really talk about this passion of mine in my blog. now, tadaa... here i am... just bought more shoes today!!! ;) fyi i will wear this one for our family day's gala award nite, to match the dress that i just bought today too. well, i do not wanna tell you people of what am gonna wear for that nite yet. wait and see occay?!! if not it won't be a surprise anymore kan? :D btw click here to get some hint hehe...

on another note... while browsing thru the net recently i discovered that atilia already came out with a new album entitled sangkar. looks like am gonna add this to my cd collection soon!

Friday, April 13, 2007

the day a month from now

i think sometime in my late 20’s, i began to really enjoy my birthday. i think that it had something to do with the fact that it was right around that time that i felt the best in my own skin. i began to enjoy being myself, and have enjoyed perfecting that every year. it feels really good to live. now, 35, for some reason it’s the first time that i feel a sense of dread? is that the word? not quite sure. i’ve never put much stock in numbers but for some reason 35 resonates. so, i ask you, those who stumble upon this post, or those who for whatever reason find what i write here in my little blog interesting, to let me know what you think. what does 35 mean? for those of you who are younger, what do you think 35 may mean to you or does mean to you? what about those who are older than 35, what was turning 35 like for you? was this specific birthday ‘important’ in some way? i’m really just asking for myself.

i think that if one were to guess my age, 35 wouldn’t really be the age that was guessed. i have a bit of a younger type of energy. but still, what does that mean? what is a younger energy? and does it really matter?

yes, i am pensative right now.

i want some feedback, really. from what i understand, a lurker is a person who happens to read all the stuff that is written in various different sites but doesn’t participate, meaning comment. i would like to put out a special call to all my own special lurkers, all of those who read my blog but happen to have stayed in the background, to comment on this one. i only put you guys on the spot cause i have a feeling your insight is what i’m looking for :) now, those of you who have posted in the past, please feel free to also participate, as i love to hear from you guys no matter what.

just a thought. walk on the wild side lurkers, and share some 35th birthday stories, thoughts, ideas with me. inspiration is needed!

by the way… my birthday is on may 13….just for your info... i still can’t hide it, gotta celebrate ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

of glams and walkie-talkie

this is with regards of my previous post. just imagine people, how ler... we are supposed to wear as glamour as possible. but then, i, as the event manager, of course have to make sure that everything is in good order that night. what when we are going to communicate with each of the committee via walkie-talkie ;)

i was in ipoh again earlier today for our trading area meeting. we took the opportunity to discuss about what we gonna represent for the "gala award night". our team including our area manager agreed to come out with bollywood theme. well, little india at ipoh old town, here i come... who cares about the walkie-talkie man... i still wanna dress-up lol...

now whats in my mind is whether i should wear sari...

what do you think people?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

of shoes' addict and event manager...

shoe addict!!! that’s what i am! i love shoes and i can’t resist myself to buy whenever i go shopping. i am a very easy-to-deal-with customer. i never hesitate when it comes to the things that i wanna buy (regardless of the price) as long as i have the money :P sometimes i tend to purchase the same style just different in color :D
i know i never mention about this in my blog. i used to have a really big obsession with shoes, but i have tapered down over the years. i love a store that has a huge shoe area. i can spend hours in there, really! now, how am i glad that i have started back my addiction, as i could manage this with my time whenever i go out-station for work or leisure. like earlier in ipoh today, i ended buying shoes :P
i bought two pairs of shoes that will be added to my shoe collection :D

i could say that the shoes are extremely reasonable! comfy and very fashionable. i am thinking of having my own shoe shop in the future, since i love SHOES! FYI, this is my way of therapy when things gets rough for me :P

on the other hand, as described in wikipedia, "the event manager is the person who plans and executes the event. event managers and their teams are often behind-the-scenes running the event. event managers may also be involved in more than just the planning and execution of the event, but also brand building, marketing and communication strategy. the event manager is an expert at the creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed. this includes event design, audiovisual production, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and, of course, client service. it is a multidimensional profession."

yes... during our northern region 2's family day committee meeting earlier this evening, it was agreed that there should be a committee for the 'gala award night' just by itself. so that the event would be run great, smoothly and nice as expected. for that, i had be chosen as the event manager *phew* they said that i am suitable as i am the most kaypoh-ness. ye ke? lol... (the thing is, they dunno that i had many experiences on this before many years ago when i was in klang valley shh...). alright then, i have to start to get myself busy. either this friday or saturday, some of us will be going to the resort to discuss with them and reconfirm everything i.e. food tasting, banquet hall, arrangement, beach games etc. wish me luck people!

Monday, April 09, 2007

meeting sheryl, lich & leilanie

my 2D/1N weekend trip to kl this time was so packed i tell you. i only managed to leave kuale around 5.30pm yesterday. everybody already left much earlier. i left behind because i was one of the committee at a community event in aulong, taiping for that very morning. so i had to come back here first. the most important thing was that i haven't send my 4wd for service hehe... once that completed, then only i felt safe to travel. i decided to dress-up right from here and go straight to shah alam, for my cousin charlie's wedding last night. thanks a lot to leilanie for the direction ;) sorry no pics of the wedding, no mood ler... anyhow all i could say that it was a great one, having sultan of pahang as one of the royal guest, with slides about both the bride and groom prepared by charlie himself. well congratulations to both of you charlie & yatt. may you be blessed with much love till the end of time.

i woke-up very early this morning, although it was sunday. i already had plan to bring my puteri and megat with my nephew shahriman to watch disney on ice' 11am show at bukit jalil. click here to view pics of the show that i have taken. i had to send shahriman to his uncle's (my cousin) place before i go to the curve for my next appointment.

sheryl and lich already waited for me at tgif. i was of course with puteri and megat. unfortunately puteri was shy, juz like when i wanted to go for the penang blogger meet last time. as soon as we got in, she make an
excuse to go to the washroom, but then she disappeared. we thought that maybe she was shy with lich around lol... not long after that, leilanie joined us. tadaa!!!... hmm... surprised or not you all hehe... i plan not to tell either three of you :D someone must be 'terkezut beruk' rotfl... we really had a damn great hours anyway, being only known each other thru blogs. that's the wonders of blogging!

after so much of talking, then it was cam whore time!!! all pics taken by megat with my nokia6680. hey people, guess what... i only knew about this word (cam whore) when i was at the penang blogger meet ;)

tremendously sweet leilanie

hmm... aren't they cute

i love this pic (p/s those 3 boxes were lich' fruitcakes all the way from ipoh mali, courtesy of kay and i, which was a moment to remember)

smile!!!... ;)

we left the place around 5.30pm. thank you (again) lich for the treat. hey dude... leilanie asked me whether sheryl and you are girlfriend and boyfriend hehe... i dunno... you better answer that lol...

o yes, before i forgot... to leilanie, tqsm for the butterfly t-shirt, love it! to sheryl, i love a dozen of the pink roses, tqqq mwahh...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

disney on ice 2007

kuE's note: i am a bit tired now, juz want to post those pics first. i even do not wanna say much ler... as no doubt the pics really say a thousand words i.e. how wonderful the event was, just like the one last year'.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

enough of mawi

i brought megat to see a local barber. he has been using the uncles' (two indian man) service since he was small. as soon as we got in the shop, i told one of the barber roughly how megat wanted - "tepi dengan belakang, bawah, number two, atas cacak". a man who has done his, approached megat on his way out. he asked whether megat wanted to cut his hair like mawi. megat just kept quiet. oh no... enough of him! those time yes... when megat was still small, i asked the uncles to cut the whole megat's hair with a number two razor. simple as that. but now, since he has already growing-up, he knows whats best for him ;)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

meeting kay

*phew* at last i managed to sign-in to blogger after more than an hour trying grr...

i arrived home from ipoh about 2+ hours ago. but i had damn difficulty to sign-in here. arrgghhh...

i attended a meeting with my other friends at ipoh sales office. it was about our family day on 28 to 29 april 2007. its gonna be held at
damai laut' swiss-garden golf resort & spa. i have never been there. from gan's presentation, we found that its a wonderful place. anyhow, we will see ;)

i contacted kay as soon as the meeting ended. the last time we met was in december, during my brother's wedding. kay waited for me at old town white coffee, behind tesco. it was my first time there. love the place! i definitely would recommend this place to you. the prices are reasonable too.

as you could see from the above pics (clockwise from top right) :
1. a view from my seat - on the left was the kitchen and the one on the right were boxes of white coffee for sale
2. kay's iced ipoh white coffee and toasted bread with kaya and butter
3. us
4. mine - ice-blended ipoh white coffee with ipoh chicken hor fun.

we really had a great time. you know, after so long never had a damn good talk :D

guess what people... both of us will turn 35 soon! our age difference is only seven days. kay will be going to perform her umrah from 6 to 15 may 2007. so that means she will be there in makkah on her birthday. but whatever it is, we plan to celebrate our 35th birthday together here; after she comes back. wohoo... can't wait. i know its gonna be great to spend some of our quality time there.

o yea... i am persuading kay to register for her own blog. yippeee!!!... at least we would have something in common also. do not forget to check kay's blog progress out very soon people... chewahh... kuE already started to promote this hehe...

one more thing before i forgot - lich, i have ordered three boxes of your favourite fruitcake with kay. i will bring them with me on saturday. see ya!

Monday, April 02, 2007

meeting sheryl & lich

aiyaa... i hate it when i got something to blog about but doesn't seems to have some spare time for it ;)

anyhow i was in kl for a day-trip last thursday. i went there just to send both my grandmother and mom. they went to jb on friday together with my two sisters and auntie for a cousin's wedding. that means i will come down to kl again this weekend for charlie's another wedding reception (groom's side) on saturday night. while on sunday morning, am gonna bring puteri and megat with my nephew shahriman, to watch disney on ice, 11am show at bukit jalil. i have bought the tickets way in january at music valley in greentown, ipoh.

so back to the story of my trip on last thursday, i had the chance to have lunch with sheryl and lich. we were supposed to meet at chilli's in klcc but since it was full, we met at aseana cafe instead. i was late. sorry ler... it was damn long time that i didn't get into those traffic-jam thingy, that i was cursing myself to be around the city especially during the peak hours. it was fun though i tell you. that was my first time meeting lich. we were laughing like hell when he told us about the day he met my mom few weeks ago hehe... sorry lar dude... i just can't stop laughing lol... the best part was when sheryl and i kissed goodbye. he was asking/teasing (?) me whether i wanna kissed him too. hey... i dun mind at all ler... its just a small matter. even i did the same with all my long time kl friends (including my former colleagues), no matter males or females. tu lar... dun play-play with me ek? thanks for the lunch anyway, although you were teasing me to belanja you in the first place. hey... tak gentleman ler kan, if you didn't belanja us, kan? ;) i will be there again during the weekend. if you are free, just hola!