Monday, April 10, 2006

disney on ice 2006

caution: although this post is not that long, but it's gonna be quite a number of pictures. be patience people unless if you use broadband hehe... i love to share them with all of you people around the world. it really shows of how happy we were yesterdy!

the weekend is over. it was one of the best one indeed. kids still dunno about my plan until when we were almost reached the stadium putra bukit jalil, when megat saw the disney on ice' banners on the street lights pole. he was very excited. well puteri as a big girl now did some right guess' earlier, but all my other beloved cousins just make dunno to her questions hehe... tqsm cousins for helping me ;)

as we all know, anything that got to do with disney productions would surely be the best. that include this one. no doubt about it. the show was tremendously wonderful i.e. the props, the costumes, everything you name it. they were absolutely gorgeous. no wonder some people still adore disney' even when they were all grown-up like leilanie (click
here) and also me hehe... i bet some of you people out there are among us too ;)

i do not have to say much about the show because "pictures paint a thousand words"-

"snow ice" (disney' version of 'ais kepal' hehe...)

a self-taken pic of us

megat as woody of toy story ;)

i like this part a lot. it makes me felt like i was in the fairy tales.

here's puteri and my cousin liyana (puteri's auntie) during the 15-minutes break.


everyone love them

puteri, megat and liyana were among the kids and adults down there, taking the chance to shake-hands with the disney characters :)

Zzz... i love this shot. they were all flatten within minutes, when we were on the way for lunch.

our very own version of nicole and paris hehe... hungry!!!

kuE's note:

1) to my dear rose- if you happened to read this, it is alright for me that you can't make it this time. i was there for one night only anyway. i'll be going back to kl again sometime next month. see ya' around yea, mwahhh... fyi i enjoyed my saturday night with my cousins
winnie, oyeen (she's a stewardess with MAS and a part-time model, also appeared in quite a number of local TV ads) and some of my former colleagues ;)

2) puteri mentioned that she could imagine the skaters feeling when they were performing the show, especially the one that didn't wear any mask. they have to smile all the way from the start no matter what. same goes to puteri when she was doing her ballet dance. it was more important for her to smile during her ballet test, if not she won't get any extra points. we will know the result (puteri's recent ballet test) within this few months.