Sunday, April 23, 2006

weekend in kualer...

yes, we spend our weekends in kualer this time.

on friday...

puteri showed me a paper from school. she has been selected as one of the 15 students to join a free
upsr workshop organized by a 'someone/organization'. this workshop will be held on every sunday until end of august, including school holidays. hmm... its definitely a no-time-for-play girl.

on saturday...

i brought my puteri and megat to the water sports festival along the sungai (river) perak. that was one of the 'must' yearly events held during the sultan's birthday. unfortunately the sultan was not around that day. his place has been replaced by his son, the
raja muda dytm raja dato' seri nazrin shah, along with raja di hilir, raja kecil besar and raja kecil tengah.

as usual almost all the rakyat (people) of perak were there to meet their beloved raja-raja.

one of the 'must' sport that day was the
perahu rowing contest between the 'oxford and cambridge of kualer'- clifford school and mckk. clifford won, as expected ;)

kuE's up-date on 26/04/06: no wonder koleq always lose, check out about this here hehe...

btw here are some pics-

a view from far

can you spot the team in black? that's koleq's.

it was already almost 6.45pm when we left the place. puteri and megat look so damn tired, including me. so we headed to the new kopitiam in town before we went straight back home. kinda' nice place tho' ;)

my point of view from inside the new kopitiam

on sunday...

first sunday of puteri's upsr workshop. can't lepakking no more lol. anyhow, of course i'll find time for friends and leisure.

surprisingly out of the blue moon, my god-father whose also winnie's dad, dropped-by just to say hi ;)