Tuesday, March 07, 2006

a surprised one

i have just had my lunch, preparing to get back to my working papers when suddenly a message from another trading area manager (TAM) stunned me.

"do you know winnie?". oikk... why on earth he asked me this.

"of course, *tut* (her full name). she's my cousin and god-sister, working in *tut* hq. why.", i replied.

"she's in class wt me 2day".

"ohh no wonder out of d blue moon that q pops-out. plz send my regards 2 her, frm cousin *tut* ".

well i guess maybe that TAM is in subang/kl right now for some course or training. all the best dude!

kuE's note: wonder what's that TAM re-action when he knew that winnie and me are related. i'm very sure that he's gonna tell the rest soon hehe...