Thursday, March 30, 2006

no honk please...

i was a bit mad at an indian guy this morning in puteri's school. i was just mentioning about this last week during the school's anuual pta meeting. i highly stressed to everyone no matter parents or teachers about local people's driving etiquette. this is because i could see people were driving their vehicles in school area/compound like no one business, didn't even care about those kids who walk or cycle to school. alright, i admit that i drive damn fast BUT only on highways! when it comes to school matters, i could automatically change my driving style.

i was still at this usual corner this morning although puteri already walked-in the school. the reason that i was still there because i was giving ways for the school kids who walk. suddenly this indian guy from my left side honked me loudly. so i showed him the situation infront of me. he doesn't understand. then i wind-down my left side 4wd' window and told him, "aloo... boleh sabar tak? kita kena lar bagi budak-budak sekolah jalan dulu. you ada paham tak?". wow... kuE so brave meh? he kept quiet. a lady saw me with surprised lol. that incident also reminds me of
zuhri's post- 'start with the pebble under my feet'. hmm... a good one indeed. but for me, i do not think that indian guy knows about all this manners or moral values thingy ;)