Sunday, March 19, 2006

kuE's good 'ol memories

today is the last day of the petronas f1 malaysian grand prix. firstly i thought since today is sunday, i do not wanna come down here. i could have just spend times with my kids relaxing at home, watching the f1. on another thought, i was afraid that work would be a bit busy during the last day of one-week break of the school holidays. so here i am, sitting on my office chair, up-dating my blog while watching the f1 lol. it was so damn quiet people! i guess maybe people are watching the f1 too ;)

well, everytime when talking about this
f1 thing, i would always remember my good old days back then in the hospitality industry. the hotel that i was working with located near shah alam, the former venue of the gp circuit. of course back then we as the hoteliers got the advantage of serving the teams that comprised of the racers, managers, engineers etc. well not just the f1 gp people, but also the motoGP! i've met and served most of them like michael schumacher, ralf schumacher, montoya, max biaggi (his gf not just a model whose beautiful but taller than him!), valentino rossi, loris capirossi, mick doohan, who else? hmm... and many many more ;)

besides, they would always make sure that we the hoteliers would always got the VIP passes specially given by them. with that passes, we could even went in the circuit until inside the track!

there were so many stories to be remembered, but here's part of them-

story 1

i was holding the position of the front office guest relations officer (fo gro). part of my job was to request a birthday cake for our very special guest including our regular and long-term guest, via room service department. one day, it was one of the racer' from the marlboro team birthday (omigosh... i can't remember who was that). that morning, a room service staff, badli (we teased him as 'baldi' lol) called me that the birthday cake was ready. then i called the racer' room to make sure that he was there. so off i went to the room with badli. he (the racer) was so surprised seeing badli and me came to the room with the birthday cake. behind us were people from his team too. we sand birthday song to him. he was shed in tears. before badli and me left him with his mate, he gave us a carton of marlboro ciggy each. wow... i wished you all could see how happy badli was. his smiles was up to his ears you! ya lor... we have just got an imported ciggy! for me, i could say that was a bit stupid (kononnya nak tunjuk baik lor). as soon as i went back to the back office, i gave a pack each to my colleagues who smoke. such a stupid gal kan? i should have sell the ciggys to them :)

story 2

there was one year, the team that won the race (can't remember which one) was so damn happy. as soon as they stepped in the lobby, they were singing happily all the way to their room on the other building. then we heard from the housekeeping dept that the winning team had damaged most of the hotel items i.e. they broke the wall glass in the lifts, they also broke the glass window, they even threw down the big vase from the upper floor etc etc etc. the best part was their manager left a signed blank cheque with me in order for them to pay for the damages! *phew*

story 3

most of us at the front office dept would go out clubbing with the racers. not one-on-one yea... we always went in groups. some of our favourite spots were boom boom room (formerly 11la), fire, dv8, voodoo etc. just imagine people most of the times, the bills would be on the racers!

now when i saw them on tv, i dunno whether they still remember me lol because we never get in touch no more. in fact they used to give me their contact numbers and address just in case if i go there for holidays auww...

kuE's update at +/- 4.40pm:
besides watching the tv, i've just received the f1 result' via
the starbiz sms news alerts on my fon too. wah... they were so up-to-date one i tell you... btw here the result for the malaysian f1 gp-
1 - giancarlo fisichella (renault)
2 - fernando alonso (renault)
3 - jenson button (honda)