Thursday, March 16, 2006

i ain't a F1 driver :D

oh gosh... i was driving to ISO as usual yesterday, with my way, my style. until i didn't realize at all that i have been watched!

as soon as i reached there exactly at 2.30pm, i went straight up to the meeting room. some of my colleagues were already there. a few minutes later, another colleague, abang lan came in. he smiled to me. then he turned to the rest of us and said, "eh... fuiyoo... *tut* (my real-life nick name, of course) drove so damn fast mann...
kalah i! ".

"wheyy... where got?", i told him.

"alar... don't lar...", they all teased me together lol. hehe...

kuE's note: hey people, that's me, relaxing on my bed before shower. i was just came back from ipoh that time ;)