Wednesday, September 29, 2010

yoga & me

as tweeted earlier this week, i started to follow "yoga for you" on zee tv (astro #108) from monday. its an excellent program for exercises and different ayurvedic cures. although its only 3 days now (yes, i practiced yoga 3 mornings continuosly myself) but it has helped me a lot in my daily life...

i understand that yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit. this five-thousand-year old practice is believed to provide inner peace, increased body awareness, strength, flexibility, and other health benefits.

practitioners should have enough knowledge and understanding of the various yoga principles. they should keep in mind that yoga is a serious discipline. also considered as a philosophy in life, the goal of yoga is to achieve balance between mind and body.

yoga involves an overwhelming number of forms, styles, exercises, and poses. each has its own unique features and benefits.

get relaxed with shavasana or corpse pose~

it is done at the end of all asanas, pranayama and other kriyas for 10-15 minutes daily.

explanation: 'shavam' in sanskrit means a corpse and this asana resembles the position of a dead person. this posture is basically meant for relaxation after doing any other difficult asanas.

direction: lie flat on the back with the legs straight, palms facing upwards. let the body be as comfortable as possible. the head and back should be in a straight line.

kuE' footnote: the best part about doing shavasana for the first time was when i 'accidentally' went in to a quick sleep (or nap) i guess... and when i realized it, i wondered of why i was lying straight on the exercise mat with my hands nicely placed by my side... hiks! i told this to mom later then we both laughed like 'syaitooonnnnn' ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

a fine day


after all the rain, the sun
shines on hill and grassy mead;
fly into the garden, child,
you are very glad indeed.

for the days have been so dull,
oh, so special dark and drear,
that you told me, 'mr. sun ☼
has forgotten we live here.'

dew upon the lily lawn,
dew upon the garden beds;
daintly from all the leaves
pop the little primrose heads.

and the violets in the copse
with their parasols of green
take a little peek at you;
they're the bluest you have seen.

on the lilac tree a bird
singing first a little not,
then a burst of happy song
bubbles in his lifted throat.

o the sun, the comfy sun!
this the song that you must sing,
❝thank you for the birds, the flowers,
thank you, sun, for everything.❞

Saturday, September 25, 2010 ~ the marketplace for pots & planters

People who care about beauty and aesthetic will agree that planters play certain role on decoration perfection. Many public places have those artistic planters for their little trees and flowers bushes. The planters work so well in matching the beauty and adding the sense of aesthetic itself. They are worth to buy items. Planters suit both the indoor and outdoor space. They bring beauty.

Now don't look no further as shares the same idea. is an online store that sells pots and planters. ePlanters brought High End Planters to the Internet marketplace at prices equal or even lower than the others since 2004. At ePlanters, we can find detailed product information such as the weights, dimensions, colours, and all other characteristics of the product. We can also see high quality pictures of the products so that we can examine the details and features.

The planters listed for sale at ePlanters are divided into several categories, to make it easier for us to find what we are looking for. We can browse the list of planters by the planter type, location, colour, material, size, and shape. Under the mentioned categories, there are several sub-categories. In the Planters by Location category for example, we can find sub-categories like Indoor Planters, Outdoor Planters, and Garden Planters. On the other hand for Window Box Planters, we can find them under the Planters by Type category.

ePlanters is not only selling many types of Decorative Planters, the website also has a variety of accessories like deck rails, hanger arms, plant cameras, watering cans, rain barrels, composters, and many more.

ePlanters has a No Hassle Return Guarantee. If we are not satisfied with our purchase, we can return or exchange the product within 30 days of receipt. This kind of guarantee can rarely be found in other companies.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

cupcakes: store bought or homemade?

in case you don't know, we (that's my kids and i) love to bake; even though, we don't often have time to do so. when we make cakes and cupcakes, we also like to make homemade butter cream icing. in fact, i can't even remember the last time i bought frosting in the can at the grocery store.

now this being said, just because we like to make frosting doesn't mean we are good cake decorators or good at frosting cakes.

here are our homemade cupcakes for my dear son megat's hari raya party in school today. forty-eight butter cupcakes with butter cream frosting on top. megat loves his mommy's cupcakes, so much that he asked to make them for the party. for a child his age, he has an amazing understanding of what it takes to make the food we eat, and i'm so proud of that.


this morning megat marched in the school proudly carrying the cupcakes, and all he could say over and over again was "my mom made cupcakes!". then i thought no mothers won't feel great hearing that statement from her children...

as for me, i believe store-boughts are stale, greasy or/and dry, empty of excitement and full of beurk.

at least when you bake your own you know what's in them! i would eat a handmade cupcake before i eat one bought at the grocery store. except for the ones made in cupcake shops.

one of those generally accepted ideas is the idea that the only acceptable treat to send to children's school/group parties is a homemade one. generally, only homemade treats (particularly cupcakes) are seen as a sign that a mother cares enough to send the very best. there is often a hint of contempt in the voice of anyone who talks about "those mothers who run down to the store and pick up store-bought cupcakes".

the first question to ask is why would any mother buy store-bought cupcakes when she could make them herself? the answer to that is not necessarily that she is too lazy or too busy for her child's party, although both of those answers are also possible ones. another answer to that question, though, is that anyone who has ever brought a child by a bakery case and seen his or her eyes light up at the sight of particularly adorable, fun, or beautifully decorated cupcakes or cookies know how nice it can be to offer a child a particularly special and professional decorated cupcake or cookie. let's face it: its a rare mother who can turn out a cupcake that looks anywhere near as great as a bakery cupcake. homemade cupcakes are often a little tilted or lumpy. their frosting isn't usually as artfully applied. often its just spread over the top of the homemade cake in a pretty unimpressive, unimaginative, unprofessional way. moms who want to send something very special may believe that letting the professionals do the cakes really nicely is the more caring and special thing.

the second question to ask, of course, is why would any mother make cupcakes herself when she could "just go by them". one answer may be that she enjoys baking from scratch. most moms, i'd venture, do not bake those homemade cupcakes from scratch, though. most use a mix and a can of frosting, which does kind of take the "homemade" out of homemade; but which still shows a certain amount of enjoyment in making something nice for a school or group party. many moms may make the cupcake-making event one to share with children, who can help. others may prefer to mix up the batter once the children are asleep.

besides the basic motives involved with each mother's preference there are also unspoken messages that homemade and store-bought cupcakes can send.

for example, store-bought cupcakes may say, "my mom can afford to buy 25 high-priced cupcakes from the bakery." store-bought treats can even say, "my mom cares enough about other people's children that she wants their mothers to know the batter wasn't stirred by a five-year-old with a cold. my mom is a perfectionist and wanted to send something really special to the party."

what do homemade cupcakes say? they may say, "my mom loves to make things for our parties," but they may also say, "my mom couldn't afford 25 bakery cupcakes. nobody guarantees that the kitchen in which these cupcakes were made would pass health codes. my mom thinks we, school children, care more that she made these cupcakes than about how special the cupcakes really look." at the same time, homemade cupcakes may say, "i'm so proud that my mom made these cupcakes."

in reality, cupcake-baking moms may have all kinds of other things to do but prefer to make the time for cupcakes. bakery-shopping moms, on the other hand, may be doing other nice things with their children and may simply believe that nice cakes from a bakery are a nice treat for a holiday party.

so children, which do you prefer: bought or homemade?

my advice: love and love big! stop being afraid of being “less than”, a bad parent or being rejected for loving the right person. BE BRAVE AND LIVE BIG!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


RepairPal provides impartial, fair price estimates, the most comprehensive auto shop directory, an expert insights and advice from certified mechanics. That means that you don't need to burn your eyebrows in thinking where, when and how to fix your auto's. Repairpal's repair shops were located in different locations/places in the US.

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If you live in Chicago, go to this link: [Chicago auto repair] for directions and more infomation. Have your autos checked and make sure that they are in good conditions to prevent problems in the future or worst when you are driving in the middle of the road.

Whats more when you are an owner of Toyota Camry. I am sure you don't want your 'baby' to be in trouble. Just submit your questions and expect that an expert will give you an advise about it, even though to check engine light!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

double the winning!...

regards to my winning of the limited edition "octo" soft toy from CIMB Malaysia the other day, i am so proud to show you people that i have received it today ye!... and surprisingly PLUS 2 X RM20 Starbucks Malaysia voucher.

tqsm guys! i really dunno that i won the starbucks coffee voucher too as there was no announcement i think kan, or you all wanna surprise me; err... btw aren't i supposed to receive 2 "octo" instead of 1(?).


and here's my "octo" already sitting with my two favs: the green one was a birthday gift from puteri when she was small and i can't seems to remember of where i got the other one *glurp*

so people go and 'like' CIMB Malaysia fb page now; who knows that you might win something too! ツ


there's another thing i would like to comment here: i bet bankers are not into saving the earth at all huh?!! why on earth that you all packed the gift in two separate courier envelopes. you should have just placed them in to one package when you know that the recipient gonna get more than one item~ besides helping to save the mother earth, more importantly you all could keep the extra courier charges for another thingy hmm... jmtc.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SeaSide Resort in North Myrtle Beach


pic courtesy of

Seaside is a condominium resort and oceanfront hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; offering luxury accommodations and services. As a premiere boutique resort this Myrtle Beach hotel takes pride in their spacious 4 star rooms and the professional services their staff provides. How I am so looking forward and considering for a place like this... besides playing a few rounds of golf.

Myrtle Beach is a wonderful vacation location.

While SeaSide offers a wide variety of room types and can accommodate just about any group size from a couple looking for a weekend alone to the corporate gathering with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom suites available for 100′s of guests. Myrtle Beach Accommodations feature private balconies, fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator, microwave, oven and appliances and daily housekeeping services. Great!

Most importantly the lush grounds offer wireless internet access so that I won't be left out with the current home and world news. They also offer a state of the art fitness center so I can keep up with my workout while I am on vacation. I understand that some of the best shopping, dining and entertainment are within short walking distance of their central location and you can have a game of golf at a number of local courses.

If you’re looking for a special vacation like me then consider booking your Myrtle Beach hotel reservations at SeaSide Hotel.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

the day i feel so lucky...

i was kinda surprised just now to find out that i am one of the five lucky winners to grab 2 limited edition Octo soft toys... ye!


pic courtesy of CIMB Malaysia

'like' CIMB Malaysia fb page now, who knows that you might win something in 2 days time too! they are giving away 2 gifts every 2 days to five lucky people.

all you need to do to join is click on their CIMB Assists tab on fb page or click here ( and fill in your details together with the exact phrase given. if you are one of the first 5 people to submit, you win automatically!

i also dunno of why they are doing this~ everything will only be revealed next week... ;)

earlier this morning i was smiling from ear-to-ear though when i found out that my paypal money increased: i received some payments from blogsvertise... wohooo!!! what a lucky friday for me...

and there will be more sponsored post coming its way very soon... :))

Thursday, September 16, 2010

kuE' article in starmag...

hey, people... in case you didn't know yet, an article by yours truly has been featured on last sunday's starmag (page SM2):


although i haven't blog about it yet but i did tweet anyway. that's a good thingy i like about social media; where i could just type kinda short note on that 'mini-blog' first, and i will blog about it whenever i have the time. kewl, huh?

so as you could see there's no case of copy-paste. the name written in the starmag both print and online version is me. regards to this matter, that is why i never place my facebook link here in my blog. fb to me is only for family, relatives and closed friends only; and that includes bloggers that i really know.

kuE is my blogger name. i explained about it here. and basically i started this blog as an online diary. then along the way i have been offered to do sponsored blog post. that's where i started to write more than personal stuff: when some local bloggers can be proud of being famous locally, my blog is well-known by overseas agent ehem... and now you people should know by now of why i write in english. i have to maintain it this way though. this blog has given me quite good side income. anyhow what if i say that my income is more with them rather than here... hah! no doubt joining nuffnang is the best thing a local blogger could ever experienced.

i guess the fun of being a blogger will never ends...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Next Dream Vacation: Kissimmee, Florida~

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was first been introduced to Kissimmee, in Florida, I really do not know of what to expect. But believe it or not people, I could guarantee you 100% -- it's the place that everyone have been looking for a great vacation. In other words, Kissimmee, also known as 'The Heart of Florida' is a one-stop vacation place for everyone.

And the best thingy is Disney World located right next door!

Basically, a day at one of Orlando's fabulous theme parks is a day like no other. I am very sure kids and adults alike too gonna love the theme parks in Central Florida. They are all going to be enthralled like others.

While at Universal Studios, you could imagine and soar above Hogwarts with Harry Potter, swing above the streets with Spider-Man, battle aliens alongside Agent J, help Shrek save Princess Fiona and create mischief with Bart Simpson *phew*

And there's more to venture at SeaWorld Orlando that takes families below the surface and above their expectations, while immersing guests in the mysteries of the sea, from up-close animal experiences and awe-inspiring performances to the next generation of thrills like Manta, a nothing-like-it-in-the-world experience that blends up-close animal discoveries with the thrill of a flying roller coaster ride.

Alright to all daddies/golfers out there, when nothing else matters but you and the ball, no worries; you could still swing your way there too where year-round warmth means that golf season lasts for 365 days. Whether you’re an aspiring pro or a duffer, you’ll find courses that will beckon you to return again and again.


pic courtesy of Kissimmee Tourism

And for all you people like me, what else could we ask for... if retail therapy is something that cheers your heart, you will love Kissimmee... the heart of Florida. In fact there are so many choices of products and brands to choose from Boutiques & Antiques, Farmer & Flea Markets, Outlets, Shopping Malls and also Specialty Shops. There so many of them I tell you...

So now what are you waiting for people. Visit this site to get to know more about this place and start planning your way to a dream vacation to Kissimmee...

Visit my sponsor: What's Your Kissimmee Story?

Monday, September 13, 2010

clean water for a healthy world

WaterAid america together with megree are hand-in-hand to bring awareness to the impact of lack of clean water has globally.

i was told that 4000 children die each day due to illnesses from lack of clean drinking water.

so to make sure the water you drink is clean and safe, the most important thing is don’t drink water straight from lakes, rivers, streams, or springs. there's a whole range of things. there's certainly a bunch of parasites or some people call them protozoans. there's bacteria, nasty viruses and there's all sorts of other toxins that can be in the water — you can't tell by looking.

sometimes there's no choice what you drink. a young couple got lost on a bushwalk, and found themselves drinking from puddles in a creek bed — not good.

because you cannot be sure if your tap water is safe, you may wish to avoid tap water, including water or ice from a refrigerator ice-maker, which is made with tap water.

you may also wish to boil or filter your water, or to drink bottled water. processed carbonated (bubbly) drinks in cans or bottles should be safe, but drinks made at a fountain might not be because they are made with tap water. if you choose to boil or filter your water or to drink only bottled water, do this all the time.

my advise is better to ensure that your household will never be out of supply of filter boiled water. i use the water for drinking, cooking, or making ice.

boiling is the best way to kill germs in your water. after the boiled water cools, put it in a clean bottle or pitcher with a lid and store it in the refrigerator. water bottles and ice trays should be cleaned with soap and water before use. don’t touch the inside of them after cleaning. and for the sake of cleanliness and a healthy living, i prefer to clean our water bottles and ice trays myself.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

does anybody ever send greeting cards through snail mail anymore?

it's coming to the end of ramadhan: where are all the raya cards?

i have only gotten one! my dad received three, not so bad huh?!! normally, i would have a pretty full basket by now ─ at least 15 or 20 cards. i am trying not to take it too personally ツ


it is reported that it has been shaping up as a no-no year for holiday cards. even the post office has noticed a significant thinning of the usual torrent of festive envelopes. there are two principal reasons: technology and the economy.

well i am probably not the best one to ask as to what good manners are as i have my own unique opinions about such things, but for what they are worth…

i never open ecards because of computer viruses, trojans, adware etc and wish people would not send them as then i feel bad for not opening them to see what they had to say.

i know, i know i am into saving the environment so much but for some reasons i hate ecards! i am very sentimental and i love to save all my cards. i have cards from my parents and siblings from when i was a child. they cheer me when i am down and remind me of them and the good times. i believe sending an ecard shows a lack of caring. it is very easy to click a button and send multiple ecards. i usually spend a lot of time picking out just the right card for my friends and family, and then handwrite an apopropriate message. soon nobody will even remember how to write a letter. the texting, email, is convenient, but does not replace snail mail.

and whether you all realized it or not, with the existence of facebook, things became more easy-peasy for some people~ they post related graphics/pics on their page, then just tag people on the friend's list. don't you think it's kinda rude? well at least i think it's more appropriate if you post the pics, wishes or whatever without tagging anyone. and it's up to own individual if they wanna leave comment(s)/reply(ies) to your post.

anyhow i do appreciate the e-mailed holiday letters i have gotten in lieu of a physical card this year, but i find that sitting at my netbook to read them feels more like work than raya pleasure.

ecards emerged as a cheap, convenient alternative to traditional paper cards in the mid-1990s. at the time, most ecards were free of charge and virus-free. these days several major card companies charge for their electronic greetings. meanwhile, experts are cautioning receivers of online cards to take care before opening them, lest they end up with a nasty surprise.

as for snail mail, i don’t get a lot of raya cards this time around, because i don’t send any. on the rare occasions that i do send one, it is either handmade or particularly lovely, sent with a letter too. i would LOVE to receive one like this ─ i love the concept of snail mail art and am now thinking i should get out there and do more of it this coming years.

receiving cards is a mixed bag. i appreciate that anyone thinks of me at all, but getting a non-descript card with just a signature in it seems to me a waste of money and paper and postage and fuel to get it to me, and it ends up in the trash (then i feel bad for throwing it out immediately) unless it is lovely to look at or has a personal sentiment that makes me display it for pleasure for a few weeks. i always think to myself, why bother with this ritual unless you can make it meaningful?

of course, snail mail greeting cards will never be out of fashion. in fact, i love to receive greeting cards through snail mail. it's still simply the best compared to electronic greeting cards.

Monday, September 06, 2010

the day i transferred funds from PayPal to my bank account~

this guide is written under the assumption that you already have a PayPal account and also a usable bank account to put funds into.

in february 2008, i got myself a PB visa electron card in order for me to withdraw my PayPal funds easier. i only realized it just now when i wanted to transfer my PayPal funds to the card: apparently besides send and receive payments in malaysia, we could also withdraw from our PayPal account to our in-country bank account or to a u.s. bank account. i was more than happy when i will be charged with a minimal fee of RM3 (for transactions of less than RM400) only. moreover it will be FREE if we deal with RM400 or more transactions. take note that i have been charged at RM20 previously. so now i saved RM17 geddit(?)!... in addition, withdraw to a credit, debit, or prepaid card are allowed too.


(click on the above image for a larger view)

if your desired bank account has already been linked to your PayPal account then you can skip this paragraph, as this is a guide for linking your desired external bank account to your PayPal account. after you have successfully logged in and at the main page, navigate to the "profiles" tab by clicking on the link. the profiles tab should be on the extreme right under "auction tools". then you will be presented with a list of options about your personal details that you can change. under the "financial information" column, there should be a link named "bank account" under "credit/debit cards". click on that and you will be presented with a table of all the accounts that are currently linked to your PayPal account. there should be a few buttons under the table called, "make primary", "remove" and "add". the "make primary" button allows the user to set a default bank account to use if they have multiple linked accounts, if not the only linked bank account will be automatically set to primary. click on the add button and then you will be prompted to enter your bank account details. a word of caution here: you MUST enter ALL details as they appear on your bank account statement, if you misspelt your name or any other detail your transfer will bounce and a fee be charged. depending on where you are in the world there are different methods for confirming and verifying your bank account.

if you want to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your nominated bank account, navigate to the "withdraw" tab which should be between the "add funds" tab and "history" tab. you will be presented with an options table. transfers from PayPal to ANY US bank are FREE for ANY amount and takes around three (3) to four (4) working days. transfers to non-US bank will incur a fee if the withdrawal amount is below a certain threshold. it will take a bit longer for transfers outside of the US five (5) to seven (7) working days. its not a matter for me, as like i mentioned earlier the fee is very low than to transfer the funds to a debit/credit card. when you are ready just click "transfer funds to your bank account", enter the amount, choose your destination and hit "continue" then confirm it.

you can now transfer funds between your bank account and PayPal account with ease. let me assure all new users of PayPal, the process is absolutely safe and in the unlike event that anything adverse do happen to your account, the staff at PayPal are very helpful. so a word of advice for new PayPal users out there, it's preferable to access your PayPal account from your own personal computer at home, the risk of your information leaking out is far less than using a public computer.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

are you moist enough?

being a busy mom of 2 growing-up kids, both in primary and secondary school isn’t that easy. sun lights can age you, she always wanna look her best, and fatigue can dull your skin. here’s how kuE manage to still look fresh, and vibrant after all that WHEN she give you advice on how to take good care of your skin, you listen. and listen well~


i have always been praised for having vibrant and young, healthy-looking skin. on top of that i also have always been mistaken as my dd puteri's sister... hah! even fellow blogger friends i met at the nuffnang sharing session at modesto's capsquare recently was shocked at first though, when i mentioned that i was the eldest in the group :)

well i believe in and actually apply lotions on my skin—is something special for me. taking care of my skin is a top priority. i always make sure i get to clean and moisturize my skin because you never know when age is going to catch up on you. for me, having great skin is important because it’s a sign of being healthy. i never sleep with make-up still on my face. i wash my face day and night and whenever i feel it’s needed.

i like to keep things simple. aside from eating healthy, getting enough rest is a must for me to ensure that i get healthy, glowing skin. and as you could see, line dance is part of my passion now. i in fact is promoting line dancing as an alternative exercise activity-it is much more fun than sweating at the gym!!!

honestly, because of my busy schedule, the only time i get to pamper my skin and body is during bath time, which takes about an hour and a half at most. of course, this is the time i put on the lotion afterwards. i make sure i get a lotion that smells good and leaves no greasy feeling while making my skin soft.

when i get time off, i enjoy a good book in my room.

vaseline, a skin care and hand & body lotion brand in business for more than 130 years across the world, proves its leadership as the skin expert with the launch of the vaseline amazing skin communication campaign – a global campaign that invites everyone to take a look at skin the way we do: up close and personal. with the launch of the campaign, vaseline also introduces its new body lotion range catering to different skin needs, with variants like total Moisture, healthy white, intensive rescue, and aloe cool and fresh.

first, a look at the background. there are many of us who do not realise how amazing skin is: that is shown by how many of us only see skin as a small part of our daily needs, and only give it the minimum of nurturing, or not think about it at all. but skin is part of the body, and it is grown and developed with us from the time we are born until now, protecting us from the weather, and allowing us to touch and feel the rest of the world outside ourselves. it also provides protection for the whole body.

from what i understand, with this in mind vaseline is launching their communication campaign with the theme ❝celebrate amazing skin❞, to challenge us to take care of our skin by giving it the best treatment to meet its needs, to make every one of us feel comfortable with our skin, because vaseline believes that everyone’s skin is amazing. our skin can be a reflection of who each of us are as a person, and can express us for ourselves. that is how amazing the role and the function of skin is - it allows us to enjoy our lives.

vaseline knows skin very well, it is an expert in skin moisturizing and it always makes our skin look amazing.

i want to make sure that when people touch my skin, they’ll feel how smooth and flawless it is.

unlike other brands, vaseline does not expressly tell users to keep away from the sun. on the contrary, vaseline will make you feel safe because it is there to moisturize your skin whenever it gets exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. what makes vaseline stand out among the rest is its non-greasy feel and its vitamin E. plus, the lotion would leaves an amazing scent on your skin.

i hope people realize that true beauty lies beyond beautiful skin. being beautiful for me is having that inner peace and true happiness which reflects in your aura. i only want the best for me.

getting—and actually keeping—my glowing, vibrant, and healthy skin is indeed as easy as one-two-three. it’s simple: eat healthy, get enough rest and exercise, cleanse your skin and apply your favorite lotion for that moisturizing touch ❤