Sunday, December 31, 2006

the countdown begins...

i hope you all have a wonderful New Year!! i know i am going to :) look forward to making 2007 GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

salam aidil adha

we would like to wish selamat hari raya aidil adha to all muslims around the world.

kuE, puteri & megat!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

a story of our one-day-trip to penang

i have promised kids to go out for an outing quite some time ago. what when we were busy with my lil' brother's wedding etc. luckily they were so understanding towards me. actually i still have some problems to be settled at work, but like i said earlier, promised was still a promised. to escape myself from all those stressful thingy, i decided to drive over to penang. well penang is one of the best local place that i love to be, anyway. my sister followed us this time.

once reached penang, we had our breakfast at nasi kandar subaidah (it was unbelievable that i found the restaurant's own site via google. i was like, "wahh... nasi kandar restaurant also got website already lol...") in tanjung tokong if i'm not mistaken. then we headed straight to gurney plaza. i wanna get myself to an easy-way of parking, that's why it was my choice for us to go in the morning. i normally did the same for our trips to ipoh too, especially during the weekends. my sister met her friend during her half-way with us. kids and me really shopped till we dropped lol... we met again with my sister and her friend almost 6pm. her friend brought us to sup hameed stall via some rows of f&b outlets, which reminded me of jalan telawi in bangsar environment kewl...

just when we wanted to walk back to our car, we saw some trishaws. after inquiring and negotiating here and there, we hopped-on two trishaws. it cost us RM15/trishaw for 1/2 an hour. but since megat was excited enough to have more ride, we continued for another 1/2 an hour. it was really fun going around penang town with trishaw. it was proven to be an interesting experience as these trishawmen knows just where to bring us for a quick look of the streets and historical points in there. they even brought us to chew jetty village. we really love to view the other side of penang from the village. all-in-all we plan to spend more time in penang in the future maybe for some sight-seeing instead of shopping! tehee... more over visit malaysia year 2007 campaign will begin soon!

kuE's note:
pic 1 - penangites should know this place.
pic 2 - my chicken soup with plain bread-nice eaten while still hot ;)
pic 3 - self-taken pic of us on the trishaw.
pic 4 - pic taken by my sister who was riding the trishaw with her friend, behind us.
pic 5 - ahh!!... we were shouting when crossing the road lol...
pic 6 - chew jetty

Monday, December 25, 2006

the wedding in kuale on 23/12/06

caution: this post would be rather long with detailed descriptions ;)

like i mentioned in my previous post, the wedding reception (majlis kenduri menyambut menantu) here in kuale for my lil' brother and his bride went smoothly, with great weather.

before i went out to town in the morning, i told everyone to meet for our last committee meeting at home around 2 or 3pm. unfortunately the president was still in town doing her (me lor... tehee...) hair. everyone was busy preparing for some last minute thing while i was still at the saloon. well at least i called home to inform them okay. so we met at 3.30pm instead. my lil' brother, the groom who do not have to do anything also joined us lol... after the meeting finished before 5pm, i filled my stomach first. ya lor... we were the host, so we have to eat before anyone else right? so mind the first pic will you ;)

after that i straight away went upstairs to get ready early as promised. i was ready maybe around 6pm. even my best friend kay also came in on time. when kay was here already, we took some pics around the house first including the bunga telur (gifts) and dining table. fyi almost every single thing i.e. wedding dais (pelamin), bunga telur (gifts), wedding favour, wedding cupcakes (instead of the normal wedding cakes), the bridal room etc.; were done together by all the family members. btw kay and i just thought that if we didn't take the pics earlier, sure kecoh later. we even asked puteri to snap our pics together on the wedding dais. when we still have time, i let kay to eat first too. she has to help us, that's why she can't join other guest at the dining table tehee... naughty me lol... :P

guest came as early as 7pm. maybe they afraid for not getting an easy parking. anyhow luckily we have some RELA people with the assitance of PDRM's police traffic men to help us with the traffic flow. i stood right at the main road to our house to greet our guest. around 8pm, my lil' brother called me (yes, i was still holding my cell-fon i tell you; as i know everyone would be calling me to report whatvever things happened around us. gosh... we should have use the walkie-talkie kan? lol...) that they will be coming. the bride and groom came in zaf's car followed by the bride's entourage about seven cars i think. unfortunately when they arrived, we can't start the merenjis (blessing) ceremony as the VVIPs haven't here yet. he (one of the VVIPs) sms dad that the traffic from ipoh was very bad. ya lor... most of ipoh people came that night lol...

so we started the merenjis as soon as the VVIPs arrived. great... they came together in one car. when i was busy mingling with other guest out-door when suddenly my cousin abang ayi called me said that my mother was looking for me. wa lau ley... i thought what ler... i was asked to do the merenjis too together with my two sisters and zaf. it seems zaf was happily smiling all the way when he did his part tehee...

as usual, the bride and groom were ushered to the main dining table after the merenjis, followed by the VVIPs and the bride's entourage. while everyone were eating, i walked around everywhere to mingle with more guest. i saw many group of family, relatives and friends were there i.e. the groom's koleq friends, my dad's koleq's and clifford's friends, my friends etc. there were also quite a number of locals like one of the twins of yut loy's with his wife, bankers, our tailors, people from the local market etc. we were entertained by my dad's friend from the clifford primary school, uncle sabri. he sang while played with his electric guitar.

after some time, uncle sabri announced that it was time for the 'wedding cupcakes eating ceremony'. oik... my cousin (dr.) sarah whose the bridesmaid together with her husband, the best man (a budak koleq too, same batch with the groom) went MIA. i guess maybe the best man was with his koleq's friends. luckily i was near them (the bride and groom), so i was the one who ushered them to the wedding cupcakes table. wah... they became stiffed, dunno what to do. ya lor... they deserved the best treatment for that day, because local call it “raja sehari”. meaning, they were the “king and queen for the day”, one day only! so i asked them to take one each of the cake and feed each other.

to everyone surprised, there after uncle sabri asked the bride and groom to joget (a type of a traditional dance). i was like err... then i looked up. my sister was there with uncle sabri at the verandah. she asked me to proceed. gosh... so i brought the bride and groom infront of the main table. my lil' brother was like whispering to me, "chor, no need lar... no need lor...". "what to do. since uncle sabri already announced it, alar just hantam saje lar", i told them. shafinaz was tremendously shy of course. i told them this before i slowly left them together, "okay shafinaz, you start". luckily she was a traditional dancer during her school days. so she started it and followed by the groom. everyone was clapping all the way too. everyone who brought cameras took the chance to take pics including me!

after the joget, although i knew they were tired; i made them meet and greet all the guest. ye lor... bila lagi nak buli pengantin kan lol... before the bride's entourage left, we took family pics together for memories. it was definitely a night to remember.

kuE's note: all the pics were taken with my nokia 6680 unless otherwise stated. our cousin zaido was the photographer for that night as syahrin got some other wedding function in johor. if not, i am sure he would do for us too. people already booked him much more earlier lor.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

i really need to go to the spa... waa!!!...

my lil brother's wedding reception here in kuale went well with a very good weather. the thing is i don't have the energy to blog about it yet. i didn't even upload the pics from my nokia 6680.

in fact i just stayed at home the whole day. the whole body was aching. i was already felt the tiredness when i woke-up this morning at almost 8. but i told myself that i really have to no matter what. my hair need to have a thorough wash. my hair-dresser did a dry-set to my hair yesterday for the wedding function at night. so just imagine, she put a LOT of hair-spray on to my hair. as usual megat loves it so much, especially to see his mom dress-up beautifully ehem... "wow... mama, you look so beautiful", said megat as soon as i came back from town yesterday afternoon.

shafinaz's family dropped-by here in the afternoon, on their way back to kl. then when all the relatives were here, the newly bride and groom opened their presents. they didn't do it last night because they were tired. all of us also slept around 2.30am. actually i can't resist to open my eyes no more. so i went up to my room at almost 3pm, lie down and slept right away for almost 3+ hours ;)

alright people, now i really need to go to the spa maybe tomorrow... waa!!!... or who wanna be my masseur? lol...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

hari memasang kerja

gosh... how do i describe the above title. my grandmother held a simple tahlil and doa this morning for my lil' bro's wedding reception (menyambut) here this saturday. according to her, usually this has to be done before we started to do anything for a kenduri like weddings. then only, we could at least hang the curtains and such. while tomorrow the mpkk workers will be coming to fix the tents. hmm... i wonder whether other people practised this too.

for us ladies, we were already started busy preparing to boil the eggs for the bunga telur (wedding gifts). for those who dunno (especially you QC), presenting guests with party favours has long been practised at malaysian weddings. a beautifully packaged ‘bunga telur’ acts as a gesture of appreciation from the newlyweds. some people nowadays used fruit cakes, chocolates, potpourri etc. this is a way of saying “thank you” to their guests. but for my family, for generations, we still believe that giving bunga telur is more appropriate.

alright people, it's time for me to sleep now. it will be an another tough day for us tomorrow. ciao!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

today in history ~ 17 december 2006

caution: this post is gonna be rather long with lotsa pics and such. you know... i was supposed to post this on 17th, but i was damn busy to get near the pc. so here goes...

i have just reached home from penang by 10pm. i had to attend a full-day seminar in prai ler... well actually, i wanted to stay in kl for at least five to six days from the day i arrived there on friday. unfortunately i saw a fax from the company on last tuesday, asking us the whole northern region to meet in pearl view hotel for a seminar :(

the best thing was when one of the pakciks came to me and asked of why i was there. it seems my dad should come instead of me. you know what people? he thought that i was the bride lol... everyone were laughing like hell. he didn't realize that it was a male' name in the invitation card ;)

so i had breakfast with V yesterday morning at kopitiam near his office in plaza damas. the main reason was of course as usual to catch-up on things, besides to hand him my bro's invitation card for this saturday. guess what people, it was my first time there. ya lor... long time never come to kl what lol... i had nasi lemak while he had 1/2 boiled eggs with buttered toast. sorry no food pics this time hehe... not infront of V lol...

alright, let me just go straight to what i wanna post this time. there were quite a number of good and memorable events happened on this day of 17 december 2006.

1 ~ it was my lil' bro's wedding reception dinner for the bride's side at the legend hotel. like the akad nikah on saturday, the wedding planner for this event was pak abu too, who is well-known for his usage of fresh flowers. so we guess of no wonder that he (pak abu) didn't charge shafinaz anything for the hantaran (gift) during the akad nikah. that night, it was full of roses in the banquet hall. in fact i could smell roses everywhere! it was nicely done. kudos pak abu!

kuE's note: more pics can be viewed here.

2 ~ that day also was puteri's 12th birthday. i brought both puteri and megat to berjaya times square (that was my first time there i tell you). our intention was to just went there for jalan-jalan on puteri's birthday. we headed to starbucks for breakfast. since the mall has my favourite store MJ, i bought their school uniforms there. from there, we went straight to jusco 1U to buy a present for mom. we can't find what we wanted in MJ, that's why. we bought aramis life for her i.e. stefanie graf. we bought the same i.e. andre agassi' for dad on his 60th birthday last august. that's why. after that, we had our lunch at tgif. puteri even got a complimentary piece of chocolate cake, while some of the staff sang a birthday song for her.

besides that, puteri was absolutely surprised when VE sang a birthday song for her too. she was smiling all the way lol...

kuE's note:
i. sorry that the video pic was blur as we were laughing and that i was giggling too.
ii. leilanie dear, this video was the one that i tried to send you via mms ;)

3 ~ the same date also marked my sister's 34th birthday. she celebrated it with her friends during the day.

kuE's note: my sister's pic by liyin.

to celli & shafinaz, congratulations to both of you. may you two live happily ever after. lots of lurve from chor!

to my darling puteri, happy 12th birthday. luv from your mama!

to my sista, happy 34th birthday and many more years to come... love, chor!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

congratulations, S & S!

at last, my lil' brother C married to shafinaz this morning at dewan perdana felda. i would say that the akad nikah was simple yet memorable, nicely done and well organized. as usual, our hantaran (gifts) especially the personal items i.e. toiletries, telekung (prayer veils) and sejadah (prayer mat), al-quran, watch etc. were all wrapped in boxes. kinda dissappointed? nah... btw that's how kl people felt. what to do... fyi that's our real perakian style. ours were all done by my two sisters. while for the bride's side, the hantarans ere all done by pak abu, without charge, specially for shafinaz from pak abu himself. we thought, if pak abu saw ours, probably he would wonder of what were we trying to show lol...

as you could see from the third pic (top right), we were surprised with the new-style of the akad nikah ceremony. everyone were seated. in fact its all been arranged accordingly when we arrived. my brother was seating facing shafinaz's dad who did the akad himself. we were more surprised when the bride were asked to talk first before anyone else. okay lor... whatever!

kuE's note: kalau tak de gambo food, tak sah kan? kan? kan? right Kimi? lol...

the wedding reception will be held tomorrow night at one of the leading hotels in kuala lumpur. watch out for more pics here in my blog ;)

oh yes, today is mom's 58th birthday too! so on this day, mom got another daughter. i haven't buy her present yet but i already know what i have in mind though :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


i was damn bz like a bumble bee the whole day today. i only went into the bathroom for shower around 8.30am, after had my breakfast with kids. gosh... i always woke-up late during this school holidays lol... before that, i sms Mr T, telling him that i'll be there by 10am. i normally took my shower for almost 1/2 an hour or more ;) i got a reply from Mr T to make sure i arrived there on time. alright... whatever... when i was about to get ready, he called me around 9.15 am instead. he asked me to go there asap as his boss will be going out after his meeting. gosh... i thought that we were supposed to meet at 10 grr... then off i went to the local police station. i managed to drop-by my office in no time to take-along some of the invitation cards and my management diary (one-of-the-must-things that i always bring during my appointments).

when i reached the balai (police station), Mr T already waiting for me. i was even shocked when he opened the door for me (i was taking my stuff that time occay?!!). he accompanied me straight to his boss' office. the ocpd was already waiting for me in his office, while flipping through today's star. tuan zakaria (ocpd) asked me to have a seat. oh... i thought i just wanna hand-over the card. alright, i felt more comfortable then. so i handed the card to him and we started to talk. i also gave him our company's diary. as there will be some important people coming to our kenduri (the wedding reception) here next week, he promised to send some traffic police to help us to handle the traffic that night. hmm... how lucky i am! i was there for about 1/2 an hour. then i went to Mr T's office. i wrote the cards for all the ketua bahagian there with the help of Mr T. he even helped me to deliver all the cards to them. hey... i was not there to bodek or what. but the thing is i know almost all of them there and vise versa. so?

there after i went to see bank managers for the same purpose. around 11 something, i decided to go and see my hair-dresser. i was there for almost three hours plus. normal lor for me, when i am attending functions. what when am attending my lil' bro's wedding this weekend... especially when my white hair growing already.

then i went back to my work place. i got a staff to accompany me to send my 4wd for service. so he drove another car. i always make sure that i service my car frequently as i travel a lot. at the meantime, we went to laksa pak ngah (behind tsung wah's secondary school) as i was damn hungry. my favourite was of course the laksa. guess what, my mom called asking where were i. it seems that i was damn busy the whole day until they never saw me at all lol... we went back to the workshop to take my 4wd.

i went out again with mom and megat. yes as usual, we were running around for some last minute errants. i also collected our new baju kurung & baju melayu from my tailor. pheww... what a day!

i have to take my shower soon. then maybe i will do some packing before we go off to kl tomorrow, after puteri's ballet class.

kuE's note: once you are a blogaholic, you will always be i.e. me. got the hint? lol...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

blogger beta vs wordpress

i have registered with wordpress quite some time ago but haven't try any of the features. at that time, i didn't ever think about anything. in my mind, i was only thought that i could keep the same ID in wordpress too, that's all.

then suddenly google came out with this new blogger beta thingy. what i understand from my blog-hopping in blogger, most bloggers started to dislike it. most of them had started to switch to wordpress instead. well, on my part, it was a bit troublesome for me to switch from blogger to blogger beta too. i still didn't succeed until today. dunno what's wrong. since this problem arise, i checked my wordpress the other day. wow... it (wordpress) even have 'import' function. no wonder some of them who had switched to wordpress, got all their post' saved in wordpress too. maybe this is a way for wordpress to get more bloggers to switch to them. i guess i'll see what happened next. if i faced the same problem again and again, maybe i'll switch to a better one too.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

buttered toast with curry gravy

i had this in the morning. that's my all-time favourite food for breakfast especially the one cooked by my beloved grandma. what about you?

kuE's note: that's megat's hand there in the pic, trying to 'cukai' some of mine ;)

Monday, December 11, 2006

to feel blessed or not

i received this sms from a new-good-friend a while ago...

"u know what... 1st time i met u, felt kind of pity, but then i need 2 know u more closer, then i realized there is a red tape. I feel honoured when u confess 2 take me as ur good friend. Thanks. I would not forget u n love u as my beloved friend".

Mr T (unfortunately his body is not like the one from the A-team i tell you) was here in my office. earlier in the morning when i was at the court, i took the chance to sms him. i told him that i wanted to pass an invitation card for my lil' bro's wedding reception. he decided to pop-in, when he was on his rounding. we talked a bit. at the same time i also gave him the company's diary. he love it so much. he was the second person i gave the diary to, after kay.

after much thoughts, i was wondering of why many of my good friends are mostly guys. most of them like to be friend with me. it seems that i am a very good friend to be with. is it because they feel more easy with me as they know that i am NOT attached? ;)

i've been asked the same Q again and again

kuE's note: the above pic was not of a good quality, sorry. i was lazy to get my bum off my seat. so i juz cropped this from a larger pic ;)

i have just came back from nana's wedding reception at the syuen hotel. it was an another grand wedding of hers. like yesterday, the pdrm combo from bukit aman also performed, along with some cultural dances by dbi dancers. we were lucky this time to get to listen and watch a live performance of a very well-known local artist, jamal abdillah—he's an ipoh mali anyway. i guess we'll leave behind all his worst habit. but what to do as his voice was really wonders i tell you. too bad i didn't take some pic with him—shy lor... but a colleague did take the chance lol... we were served with eight or nine (sorry, can't seems to remember) course of chinese food. it was good.

as usual, when i was in that type of function, at the same time people would always asked me with Qs like— "do you have a bf already?", "when is your turn?", "do not wait so long", etc. arrghhh!!!... mind your own business lar ek? busy body!

ok lor people. i need to get some rest now as i have to be ready by early morning. dad and me have to attend a two days court case. wish me luck people!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

congratulations to nana & fitri

the wedding dinner at nana's place was so grand. there were three or four huge tents covered the house compound. there were also two stages in the middle tent—one for the wedding dais with some cultural dances and another for the pdrm combo band from bukit aman.

the best part was when we were on the way walking-out to meet nana and fitri, before we went off. the band was started to play a song, when we realized the intro so much. one of the female singers of the band was started to sing 'bole chudiyan' of the famous kabhi khushi kabhie gham. all of us (most of whom were dancing together few months ago in penang) were looking at each other. i heard one of the guys sound, "apa lagi, stage punya lar beso depan tu". ler...

kuE's note: i still remember that i promised to post our pics some time ago. the thing is nana didn't email me the pics. anyhow i am also waiting for one of my AMs to give me a copy of the CD though. maybe i'll load our version on youtube too... lol. woit! but after a second thought, cannot ler—the stage' backdrop got the company logo too! whatever it is, we'll see how. maybe pics will do ;)

alright people, good night and have a great weekend with your loved ones. i am going to ipoh again tomorrow night for nana's another wedding reception at one of the well-known hotels there.

Friday, December 08, 2006

was that really you?

i was at tiger lane, after a meeting among all the selected ones, with our AM. hah... good ones! i won't tell what was it about here. enough said that i'll do whatever i supposed to do soon ;)

so i was there at the tiger lane, on the way to meet kay at kinta city. suddenly i saw this guy in a silver kembara wanted to over-take me grr... gosh... he looks damn familiar! i was shocked, "huh?!! was that really abang sham? cannot be!".

i met kay at CB as promised. at the same time i handed her the invitation card for my lil' bro's wedding reception here on the 23rd., and also a company's diary for 2007. she likes it so much. of course, huh?!! who doesn't want a good one right especially the one from me. many were looking forward for it (the company's diary) actually. i've just collected our copies from the sales office today, after a meeting.

well, its been quite some time since the last time kay and i met. thus we caught-up many things that we've missed. i forgot to tell kay about the incident at the tiger lane. i called her when i was already on the way back here instead. well, if that was really you abang sham, and if ever happened that i met you again in person, i dunno... i'll follow with the flow lol...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

cinta the movie

(from wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

love is a basic dimension of human experience that manifests itself in feelings, emotion, behavior, thoughts, perception and attitude. it influences, underlies and defines major patterns in interpersonal relationships and self-identification. love is variously conveyed as a sense of tender affection, an intense attraction, the foundation of intimacy and good interpersonal chemistry, willing self-sacrifice on behalf of another, and as an ineffable sense of affinity or connection to nature, other living beings, or even that which is unseen.

the diverse range of meanings associated with the single word 'love' is commonly contrasted with the plurality of greek words for love, reflecting the depth, versatility, and complexity of the concept. this diversity of meanings is further reflected in the many distinct classifications of love including: romantic love; sexual desire; platonic love; religious love; familial love; true love; and the more casual application of the term to anything pleasurable, enjoyable, desirable, or preferred, including activities and favorite foods.

while everyone was busy going to work this morning, i on the other hand was busy getting ready to ipoh with kids and one of my sister. we went to watch a local movie cinta. we simply went today as we do not want to join other people during the weekends. well everyone knew that weekends are the most packed than any other day, that's why...

well for us we only watch good quality local movies like sepet, gubra or pgl. we are certainly not into all those nana tanjung, senario or anak mami kind of thingy. but p ramlee's okay—he’s an all-time favourite.

to add to the list of the good one i mentioned above, here's cinta. its about five love stories in one movie. although the movie has 10 stars, all the characters were connected to each other i.e. one of the stories was about a love between sister-brother (nanu & que haidar). nanu happened to be working together with rashidi ishak and eizlan yusuf. both of the guys got their own love stories too. there's even a part where eizlan was chasing his gal at kl sentral and at the same time he was passing-by sharifah amani, who also has her own happy-ending love story.

when the movie was just started, megat told me confidently, "cerita ni pasal cinta, tu sebab semua orang cinta (this movie was about love, that's why everyone were in love)" —point of view of a 7-years-old boy ;)

the best part was there's a scene about eizlan who went to watch pgl the musical with his gf. then i thought to myself, hmm... no wonder tiara's name was included in the credits (note: i browse the movie's site few days ago, that's how i found-out about it).

guess what people. i cried when que asked about his sister who eventually died after she sacrifies her life for her brother. that part really touched me.

part of the soundtrack that i like were from VE (not because zaf is shafinaz' brother ok?) and of course AZ.

all-in-all, thumbs-up to all the cast and crew of cinta!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

sore eyes suck!

i know that i am not supposed to say this. but what to do, sore eyes really suck! all our plans gone dammit!...

we were supposed to go to kl last friday, after puteri's ballet class in the morning until monday. we have to cancel all the damn plans. i got the eye infection from mom who got it from dad. grr... dunno where he got it from though. then kids got it too. thus puteri also didn't go to her ballet class. leilanie called me on that friday morning. she is in lumut now with her son emil from last sunday. sorry dear, i thought we were all will be okay by then that puteri was still sick on that sunday. its alright dear, maybe i'll see you all next week when i go there for my lil bro's akad nikah, insya-Allah. i plan to go off right after puteri's ballet class on friday, 15th december. so i should be arriving by evening. if you all have anything in mind, do let me know.

at the meantime, here's my schedule:
16th ~ my lil bro's akad nikah, 10am to 1pm.
17th ~ my lil bro's wedding dinner reception.

p/s : lich, you still owe me 'makan-makan'... lol ;)