Wednesday, June 21, 2006

it's been a while

wow... its been quite some time since my last post here in my blog. that shows that i was really busy than usual. normally, i could at least post something short or long depends on my availability.

i was in kl on last sunday for my lil bro's engagement at dewan perdana felda. since i'm going to taiping shortly for an appointment at zoo taiping, i leave you all with some pics of the function. enjoy people!

as usual, girl cousins never wanna be left out in taking nice and great pics. here's us (except cousin sarah) with the 7 hantaran (gifts) from our side. as you could see, all the gifts were wrapped- fyi thats the original perak wedding tradition i.e. all gifts are to be wrapped nicely especially the personal things like clothes, handbag, toiletries etc. shafinaz's family members were surely surprised ;)

puteri and megat with the lovely couple

shafinaz's side brought 9 gifts, while we brought 7

here's one of the unique one from shafinaz- a tray of heart-shaped chocolate with my lil' bro's initial on it. cute kan.