Thursday, June 08, 2006

japanese flags in the royal town

a writer from bernama wrote mainly about ipoh. from what we understand, emperor akihito and empress michiko of japan will visit kuale on 10 june 2006. they will only be arriving from sultan azlan shah airport in ipoh around 9am. roads to kuale will be closed as soon as they reached ipoh. looks like we can't go out anywhere too. from there they will be coming here right away. among their visit spots are include mckk (they supposed to do this during mckk's 100th year celebration last year), galeri sultan azlan shah and sungai (river) perak where the royal couples wanted to experience the boat ride from one jetty to another.

t-junction from north to taman bunga raya

along the road of ipd kk and mpkk

one of the landmarks of kuale- the 'jam besor'