Thursday, June 22, 2006

not in the mood

i have just came back from seeing megat in school. he never requested me to do it. but me as a woman whose also a mom, feels like only my kids could make me feel good when i'm feeling down. megat was really surprised indeed when he saw me walked-in his classroom during recess time. he was standing near chai tong who was eating. while chai tong's mom was there too, accompanying her daughter. megat forgot to bring his pocket money. thats why i quickly went there. i brought along a fillet 'o' fish burger, that i bought in taiping yesterday. megat was really happy. i knew that he was hungry by then. i love you so much darling.

before that i had some misunderstanding with my dad about work. it really makes me like being out of this world. thus suddenly i thought of megat who left his money on the chair. i straight away heated the burger, took my handbag and drove-off. i felt so relieve as soon as i stepped-on the school's compound. some of megat's senior saw me walking towards megat's classroom. i smiled at them. some of them even waived at me and said, " hai, auntie". oh, children... aren't they wonderful.

alright, that was this morning. i had another thing that really makes me feel down. i do not think whether i should tell you people about it. only certain people knew about this bad news actually including V- you know who you are. i was so lucky that i had the chance to tell V personally when we met on last tuesday. we talked- basically catching-up on stuff we missed. we just relaxing doing nothing than having some snacks, while watching our favourite channel axn or star world or star movies. well, from what had happened, i could say that i was such a fool for wasting my bloody times of more than two years or so :(