Saturday, June 10, 2006

a quick get-away

after having such a wonderful day at sunway tambun last week, kids were asking for another great holiday together. this time we went for a 2D/1N stay at bukit merah laketown resort.

at first we thought of going on friday since puteri does not have any ballet class this week. her extra classes in school were only from monday till thursday anyway. but suddenly the other morning i remembered that i was invited for an indian wedding reception here on friday too! so off we went there within an hour after puteri's extra class on thursday. we knew that the place must have been busy especially during the school holidays. that was what we were looking forward to. if not the place would be so damn quiet. we reached there almost 2pm. we were starving. so we headed straight to the coffe house for a buffet lunch, that was okay. a friend managed to get us a 3-bedrooms apartment at their lakefront villa. he also gave us a complimentary wetpark combo package, that include wetpark, orang utan island, ecopark and a choice of chairlift or skycycle.

we checked-in to our apartment after lunch. kids can't wait to get into the water that time. i hate to make them dissappointed. alas i asked them to get ready. believe it or not we were already in the waterpark by 4pm. the best thing was their mama also changed into her swimming gear. that makes a life-guard questioned megat.

"sape dengan adik ni (who is with you)", the life-guard asked megat.


"ye ke".

"ya", megat assured him.

"bukan kakak?". alamak...
not again hehe... i just kept quiet. didn't want to bother the guy. megat just looked at me and smiled.

we were there for more than two-hours i think. puteri said that she was hungry again. this time we went to the food stalls at the marina village. we didn't go back to our apartment since then. we spent our times there by wandering around. we missed the sunset cruise because it was drizzling, afraid that it was cancelled. we waited for night cruise then at 9.30pm. we cruised through the orang utan island and back. we stopped at the ecopark. we had a great time visiting the ecopark at night.

i woke-up at 8am the next day. wow... i really had a good nice one. so long i never had a complete 8-hours sleep you know. we had our breakfast at food stalls in marina village too. it was raining heavily. eventually all of us got wet eventhough we were sitting in the middle area! grr... should i complaint this to V :

while it was still raining, we enjoyed ourselves at the games area. we managed to ride the day cruise at 11.30am to orang utan island. the orang utan island is an eco-tourism attraction where these primates roam about freely. visitors will be able to observe the orang utans in their natural habitat as they are bred as part of the rehabilitation and preservation process to prevent them from becoming extinct. we stopped by at the ecopark again using the same complimentary package that my friend gave me. if you love animals then you should not miss this. we did watch the animal show at 12.30pm. its fun though. at pet park, visitors are allowed to feed the animals like deer, hamster, rabbit and such. kids were delighted to see the tortoise. this reminds me of my pet tortoise on-on when i was small. i cried when it ran-away after i took care of him for few years. his size was way bigger than an adult's palm. that memories makes me willing to buy a pair for both puteri and megat, without them needed to begging me so much. we went back to marina village by chairlift. we had our lunch at none other than mcD in taiping as requested by my beloved kids.

all in, it was an enjoyable and memorable vacation. even more precious was the family bonding we shared during the holiday.

i hope that you enjoyed the above slide with pictures taken during the holiday. i guess its a good way to up-load a number of pictures without any hassle.

i will also be loading another slide that shows pictures of the indian wedding reception that we attended last night. that was the first time for the kids. while several times for me. the best thing last night was that i met my former english teacher in primary school mrs silva. she still looks the same as before ;)

kuE's note: sorry people. my entry this time is rather long yea. i guess its all up to my mood. sometimes it could just be so quick and simple like this one ;)