Saturday, June 10, 2006


arigato gozaimasu ;)

we stood by the road-side around noon. the emperor of japan was in the same limousine with the regent of perak (the first limo- far left) while the empress was with the sultan's daughter raja eleena (right). the emperor was so nice. he opened the car window and looked at the people of kuale while waving at them.

sayonara... we hope to see you again HERE ;)

kuE's note: i met a new friend zetty from ipoh that afternoon. she and her family were on their way to a wedding. thus they have to stop for a while as the polices have blocked all the road access to give way to the royal entourage. guess what people. zetty asked me about my age. she was shocked when i told her that i was 34. she's only 21. she kept asking me to tell her the truth lol. she thought that i was in my early 20s hehe... ;)