Saturday, June 30, 2007

the day we had a splendid saturday

megat's actual birthday was on the 1st june. since it fell on school term beak, we could only organized his birthday party today. other than that, there were wedding receptions to attend to on both last two weekends. nevertheless as long as its held after the actual birthday, then its ok for me. no harm.

we have guest came from far and near, like as far as cameron highlands. yes! chin came. tqsm friend. some of them can't make it cuz their kids got replacement class on saturdays. sorry can't do nothing cuz we have plan this for quite some time back.

so as usual at our kids party, people would expect to have a separate eating place for both kids and adult i.e. kid's food catered by mcD, while adult's food has been catered by a local caterer EJ catering (whose also one of the caterers for raja nazrin's wedding). for the birthday cake(s), we baked them all by ourselves -- click here and here for pics. i was so glad that they like them all so much. some even surprised that i did all the cakes myself ;) the best thing was that we served all the kids with a cupcakes each, right after they sang the birthday song, which they did in 3 languages -- malay, english and mandarin. we placed some of the cupcakes at the adult' buffet line as well.

megat also received a lot of presents. i was so glad and happy indeed seeing everyone enjoyed themselves. guess all the hard works paid! enjoy the pics people. i wanna have a good rest now. nite nite... mwahh...

p/s i have just put megat to sleep before i post this. he was tired. he thanked me for everything. he also mentioned to me that he really enjoyed himself today.

Monday, June 25, 2007

of bali and pink & white

last weekend was the most hectic one i guess. we went to kl for one night only. while both weddings that we attended were at night *phew* unless if the one on sunday was during the day or maybe we stayed there for few nights then everything should be okay. to add-up to that, it was not on school holidays some more :(

23 june 2007 (saturday)
zaf & jaja's wedding reception at dewan perdana felda

this was dubbed the wedding full of glamour where its attended by most local celebrities like ruffedge, adnan abu hassan, ezlynn, and many more. some also that i maybe knew they were celebrities but i dun really bother of their names and what they do lol... so we just... smiled ;) so end up basically there's no pics of any of them. i was not that haddup ler... to approach them and ask for pics UNLESS if its AZ lol... i knew he's somewhere but dun wanna ler... i was a bit shy some more that night hehe... about VE plak, only lah and wife were there.

o yes... it was bali theme this time with pak abu as the wedding planner also, who did for my brother's wedding too. as you could see, pak abu is well known with his works using fresh flowers... so the hall was smelled with bunga melur (jasminum sambac), nice.

24 june 2007 (sunday)
azrina & daniel's wedding reception at dewan perdana felda

ina is my cousin, whose married with a perak guy also. her wedding was full of pink and white. nothing much to say here... like the saying pics say a thousand words-

what is your vision for malaysia

"Malaysia will celebrate 50 years of independence in 2007. In celebrating this milestone, the government has planned a celebration with the theme “Celebrating 50 Years of Nationhood” in an effort to create patriotism and the nationalistic spirit amongst Malaysians.

Yayasan Harapan Kanak Kanak Malaysia (YHKM) with the collaboration of ten (10) other Non Governmental Organizations representing various children’s causes will also participate in celebrating Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary through a special, unique campaign called ‘Our Vision for the Nation’, the objective of this campaign is to ensure that the vision and hope of children will be heard by leaders of our country and shared amongst Malaysians.

These photographs will be made into a montage in the form of a Malaysian flag to be raised on 31st August 2007. The children's vision will be compiled and presented to the nation's leaders." -- vision of the nation.

megat and i were walking through the level 2 of 1U, new wing on last saturday when we bumped into vision for the nation booth. some of you people may know that i am kinda generous when its come to charity thingy -- its all explained here ;)

well there we were... as you could see from the above pic, they will take pics of the kids, apart from receiving donation from the publics. those pics will be made into a montage in the form of a malaysian flag to be raised on 31 august 2007. besides that the children's vision will be compiled and presented to pak lah, insya-allah. we have done our part by donating some monies. how about you? come on people... let us all help with only a minimum sum of RM3.


with regards to the 50th merdeka celebration this year also many are busy doing their part. one of them includes a production house people whose been here in kuale for quite some time to complete a drama on that. there were at puteri's school last saturday for the same reason too.

while the team was here in our place today. i snap the attached pic when i wanted to go out for a meeting in ipoh, with some members of our task force this morning -- check-out the flags hanged at the porch people :) from what we understood the drama will be screened on merdeka day this year via tv3.


guess what people. both puteri and megat didn't go to school today! we arrived from kl only this morning around 2+ am. unfortunately we can't go in as i left my house key in my luggage, which was with my dad. mom and him was driving wayyy behind us. we went in once they reached home at about 3.30 am. by the time i changed, washed my face etc., went to bed, it was already 4.30 am. i didn't even realize it when the alarm clock rang gosh... i was stunned when i saw that it was already bright outside. i rushed to puteri's then megat's room to check on them. it was too late by then. hmm... everyone in the house awoke late too -- the production team people already waited for us outside lol...

well i was there to attend wedding reception both on saturday and sunday night. and the best thing also was that the venue was at the same place -- dewan perdana felda ;) (i will load the pics in my next blog post).

earlier we arrived kl by 2pm. megat and i had lunch at waffle world. i simply wanna try my luck when i sms naddy after i finished my meal. i wanted to hand her something. not long after that, we met, but only for a short while. we managed to have a quick hi... hi... bye bye... i hope that you like it! not forgetting rose and sheryl too!... -- thanks to lich :D

Friday, June 22, 2007

not that way

this is just something to share-

i was on the way to send megat's favourite home-made egg sandwiches earlier, when i passed-by the hospital and saw a white kancil (pictured above) went into a wrong way :~)

actually i snapped the above pic after i saw megat. eventually i could just went on the straight road via mckk, as i need to get some butter. but i simply turned back (now with my oly ready), also with hope that the kancil was still there ;)

hmm... how ler the driver went into that way. i guess he/she must be:
1. drunk lol... ;
2. using his/her mobile phone while driving; or...
3. drove more than the speed limit of >60 km/h (which is normal for most rural area) at the sharp corner.


talking about koleq, wahh... guess what people. our newly installed king, sultan mizan will be there tomorrow for their speech and prize giving day. in fact the main area in town also are full of malaysian flags by this morning, including our place :) unfortunately i can't go there tomorrow. i bet that i will be in kl already by then.

have a great weekends with your loved ones people... see ya!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dear rose...

sis, all this while you kept quiet. suddenly this morning you surprised me with this belated birthday package via pos laju -- a butterfly red handbag, a butterfly ring and a butterfly birthday card (see pic).

at first when my staff handed me the package, i asked her of whose the sender. then she told me that its from rose. i was kinda curious whether its the rose (you) i knew. i looked at the package and thought to myself, "hmm... she wrote my full name! and how on earth she knew my address too?". yes sis, how did you find out my address? surprisingly there were tears running in my eyes. my staff looked at me. i smiled. she left me alone in my office. i quickly unwrap the package. by this time, i was already more surprised when i saw the things that you sent me, that all of my favourite item -- anything butterfly! tqsm sis... you don't have to... really, anyway they are all lovely... actually i was speechless ;) whatever it is i will definitely wear the butterfly ring this saturday during zaf's wedding reception in kl. its really gonna go along with my dress for the bali theme, in beige colour. insya-allah i will upload the pics here in my blog. who knows, i might be taking pics with AZ ;)

"the best thing about having a sister was that i always had a friend."

hugs & kisses,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

malaysians like free items

with effective this morning, we gave away 50 pieces of Kosmo! for free to our customers from +/- 10 am. this is the brain idea of our trading area's task force team. we will be doing this on tuesday mornings ~ "tuesday morning special", as this day is kinda slow.

the best thing about our malaysian people is that they like free-give-away stuff. like this morning, at first some customers refused to accept the papers that i wanted to give them. but when i told them that its a complimentary copy from us, wahh... so fast they showed their hand, wanted to take the papers from me lol... didn't i tell you malaysians like free items? :P

Saturday, June 16, 2007

it was zaf & jaja's wedding!

the akad nikah (solemnisation) ceremony was held this morning at the bride's family place in ipoh, with one lafaz. sorry people... no pics for that... but here's some pics of the tonight's reception at cempaka sari hall, silveritage galeria. enjoy!

i wish you two all the best Zaf (my SIL's brother) & Jaja on a wonderful wedding! the road of love is long and tough, but to stick it out: there is nothing in this world more rewarding! God bless you both!

Insya-Allah, see you again in kl next week ;)

Friday, June 15, 2007

the truth lies here

reference to the credit thingy, i just got off the hook with rizal. we were discussing about this issue. rizal advised me not to do anything but keep all the related documents that he asked me to print, in a safe place for future reference.

do take note, i posted this here cuz this is my main blog. i will place a link in my other blog too.

here's what happened from the start in a chronological order:-

11/12/06 - T posted some of her latest wedding cupcake pics on her flickr album.

03/04/07 - the 'Copy Cat' (CC) posted pics of her wedding cupcakes on her fp, that was exactly like T's.

15/04/07 - i left a comment on CC's fp, telling her of where i am from. unfortunately i didn't realize that time that the cupcakes been copied from T but i make dunno.

04/05/07 - then i type another comment that those were actually like T's, the CC should give some credits to T.

05/05/07 - i sent an email to CC (that by this time CC has deleted my latest comment), that read:-

hie CC,

as a malaysian, i am rather disappointed with your kind of attitude. i knew that u have deleted my last comment on your fotopage. unfortunately i have made a copy, exactly after i posted the comment, as i knew that this gonna happened.

from your pics, i really could realize it that u were copying T's design. unless u placed a credit for her there, we won't bugging u. i am sending a copy of this email to T too, with a copy of my last comment.

sadly to say, i knew u have even blocked my ip address.

lastly, a word from a malaysian too, please be truthful. do not make us a shame because of you.


06/06/07 - i found another fp while browsing the net, that surprisingly belonged to CC too. now i saw that she has posted (dated 4/06/07 13:55) a pic of her police report, claiming that she has been accusing by me. she put some black lines on the police report, maybe thought that the words were p&C. she wrote the post in red... fine. what makes me angry was CC's last paragraph on that post on her fp that reads:-

"Saya tak pernah nak cari gaduh atau musuh. Agaknya sebab tak ada laki yang nak melayan kegersangan, maka nak meroyan merata tempat. WTF. If you still want to continue the game, then we will proceed with legal action."

proceed ler, who cares. now from my email (on 5/05/07) and her post (4/06/07), we could see there were so much different i.e. i was just giving warning to her, while she was worst - talked bad about people. WTH. if not because of this (her bad words), i won't have write this post.

what a co-incidence that rizal sms me that morning, just to ask about my health. i took the chance to tell him about what had happened in my reply to him, including the above statements about CC's 4/06/07's post. rizal asked me to print and keep all the documents in a safe place. i did.

14/06/07 - i was smiling all the way after i came out from shower, seeing sms from rizal that he has a copy of CC's report. then he sent me a copy. i could read the full contents of the report including whatever CC tried to hide in her pic of the police report posted on 4/06/07 ;)

15/06/07 - while i was on the fon with rizal just now, discussing about this issue, at the same time i was browsing-thru the net as well. and i was not surprised when i saw that CC has changed her post dated 4/06/07 to 1/01/08 13:55 . her trick was that to let her viewers know about this issue. fine... let it be. this is also another main reason that i decided to type this post. like i mentioned before, karma comes and bites you in the ass!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

3-in-1 !!!

its been nearly three days i didn't blog, hence the title ;) juz like that beverage huh?!! so this is basically what i had been up to in these three days :D


we were already at the curve by 9.30am! well if you had read my shopping-related entries before, you could realize it by now that i like to be there at the shopping mall as early as i could. one of the main reason was that for an easy parking. i even can choose the one very near to the entrance.

my sister thought that we were early. unfortunately there were many more who reached first before us. to prove that was when we were walking towards ikea. my sister suggested us to have breakfast at ikea. the response was tremendously good i tell you.

i decided to get some stuff from cold storage i.e. biscuits, chocolate and such; since i can't find like those in kuale ;)

we headed back to the curve, strolling down to the flea market. its one of the reasons that i wanted to stay until today and not yesterday. and luckily i did! i found a nice and cute white case, with blue transferable stone for my new digicam (refer pic), while my sister bought the one in pink. we send my sis back to her place thereafter, before we headed straight back home. hmm... the next trip must be more days to be reserved for shoppiinnngggg!!!... that ain't never enough for us ladies lol...


i had lunch with sheryl and lich at chili's, klcc. we waited for them from 12 noon. but its alright, that we got a place before hand right. i sms sheryl the table number, then she came at about 1+ pm in a nice green baju kurung. wow!!! you really looks damn beautiful sis. i was only in my blouse and skirt when i saw sheryl's appearance that i thought, no wonder, as it was friday hehe... anyhow she just reminded me as when i was in my office life in kl before too.

lich came not long after sheryl. we exchanged gift blah blah blah... thank you so much for the belated birthday gift. you don't have to... really. and megat was so proud that he got you the cute dolly that resembles 'auntie sheryl'. guess what people... megat surprised lich with his 'cepu emas' (a bag of gold?) question!!! hehe... he's not satisfied with your answer ler dude lol...

we continued our mother-son outing to MV where i met another loved ones at chili's (also/again?). i won't tell much about him just yet. maybe some other time. what i could say is that we really had a great time meeting each other. sometimes we just hoped that kuale/kl are just minutes away ;)

the day before yesterday

i arrived kl before 11 am on thursday. sorry naddy, i knew that i can't get there on time. that's why i asked you not to wait for me. thats also an excuse for me to have a meet-up with sheryl (and lich). well there's always some other time...

i dropped-by my sis' place for a short while before i went out again to meet a friend somewhere at the curve. but before that i managed to take this pic (left). what ler the lady was doing. well yea... that pic showed that she was feeding her lil' baby with her lil' girl, standing right next to her. when i first arrived there, the lady with her children were walking from house to house, calling people with her salam. i dunno whether to pity her or not. but you know... its dangerous to trust this kind of people, especially indons like her.

the orient's voice

hello there people! i have just came back from a 3-days trip to kl, about an hour plus ago. anyhow i'll blog about that later - there's some soon-to-be post that ought to be missed hehe... tungguuu...

as soon as i checked my inbox, there's an invitation to join the orient's voice at food loft*, penang on 23 june 2007. well actually i first knew about this here from lilian. tqsm!

what is "the orient's voice"?
its a blogger's gathering for over 100 nuffnangers.

who can join?

whose the organizer?
nuffnang (of course!), food loft, oOmph! and exabytes.

food loft, gurney plaza

23 june 2007 @ 12 noon.

how much is the fees?
its f-o-c!

so what are you waiting for people. click here to register now before it's too late as the registration will be closed on 19 june 2007. i have registered myself.

not a nuffnangers yet? no worries... kindly click here to be one. well if you missed this event, you could always join their future events... there's so much more in their event calendar ;)

one thing i could assure you people - this event would definitely gonna be a blast too like the one i attended (penang bloggers meet), last february. but its not organized by nuffnang. that's where i got the chance to know more nice and great bloggers like 5Xmom, minny, emily, jlshyang, etc. see you all people there!!!

*please go here to read my review on food loft.

kuE's note: now since this event falls on the same day with zafri's wedding reception in kl, i guess maybe i'll go straight there after my penang trip. whatever it is, we'll see how.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

pak lah weds jeanne

this is certainly one of the hottest topic in the blogsphere at the moment. hmm... how really fast the time flies. life must goes on...

congratulations to our beloved pm pak lah and soon-to-be first lady of malaysia jeanne.

kuE's note:
i. screen shots taken from the star.
ii. see more news from bernama here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

kuE's not-that-good-passion

i like fast driving - sometimes, though. thats what i did this morning when i was late. i was supposed to leave the house by 7 am, so that i could drive slowly and reach pearl view hotel in seberang prai on time. unfortunately i only left home around 8.10 am or so. i even over-took all the big big cars like V's clk (that he seldom use already), bmw, perdana and the list goes on. hmm... thats definitely a NO-NO!!! i know... but sometimes i could be very nice in a certain situation like this ;)

even kak ina was shocked to see me reached the function room at 9 am right on the dot. "i guess you must have been driving fast", she said. then i told her of my speed when asked. her eyes became bigger.

"eh next time don't do that ok... dangerous. make sure you call us so that we could pick you up on the way", shaidi said. he was with us, during the tea-break.

how lucky i am that there are many loved ones who really care.

in fact i am gonna meet another loved one who cares of me too. i am going to lodge a police report tomorrow and i know that he would certainly be there to assist me.

Monday, June 04, 2007

rizal was here

yes you people read the title right. rizal was here. for those who dunno, rizal was my first bf ;) well eventually i knew that he gonna be back to kuale. he called me last week. i know i know... like i mentioned before, it was hard for me to answer his call. but you know... sometimes inner sides of me tend to get melt easily :) from what i understood earlier, he supposed to come back on the 1st. that's fine. i was trying to act cool here i.e. i have said to myself that i would never call or contact him no more. its a different case if he's the one. again that's fine.

i was at my office around 2.15 pm, when suddenly i saw rizal at my door, knocking, smiling, then entered happily. he really surprised me. ya i knew he's gonna come back, but since he didn't call, how do i knew whether he's already back or not... anyhow he was already sitting in front of me. so i thought to myself that i had to act cool, can't make any trouble. people could see me as my office is with 3-sided glass wall - one side of the glass wall got vertical blinds (behind me), while the other with 1/4 venetian blinds (faced out), while another just covered with some stuff from outside.

i stopped from what i was doing, as to entertain rizal. we talked and catch on stuff about us. he was with me for almost two hours. before he went off, we shook hands. he kissed my right hand. he came and stood besides me. then without me realizing, he suddenly kissed my lips followed by this. that incident really shocked me. both my eyes were so wide. i held his hand. "rizal please", i told him. he smiled instead and walked off while saying, "you know i still love you so much".

that kept me thinking about something he told me earlier during our conversation. rizal told me about his meet with an older man sometime ago in jb. it seems that that man can read people's mind. even from the way he looked at rizal, he said that rizal is still madly in love with someone although they live apart and cant be together. rizal agreed when asked by the man. according to the man also, its all because of the way we kissed each other before. the most important thing was that we had exchanged and tasted our saliva. it seems that was the main reason of why rizal still in love with me. i just smiled when rizal asked about my opinion. argghhh... this is hard. is this true? what say you?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

bunga telur

i was at my staff' elder brother's wedding this afternoon. his elder sister handed me two bunga telur (refer pic), for puteri and i, when we wanted to say goodbye to her. literally, this means 'flower and egg'.

as i walked to my 4wd, i remember someone asked of what is the origin of the bunga telur - the token gift that is given to guests who come to wedding ceremonies. the giving of bunga telur was actually originally a throwback to the hindu culture which influenced the cultures in southeast asia. the egg represent or symbolize a fertile union between the couple as the egg is the symbol of fertility and the hope that the marriage will produce many children. indeed, the Prophet (saws) had once said, "marry and produce many children so that i may be proud of my many followers on judgement day". in some sense, by giving away eggs, it was hoped that the newly wed couple will also be blessed with fertility and thus have their own children in the future.

in the beginning, the boiled eggs would be given out as gifts without any other gifts. slowly it evolved for the practice of giving the eggs wrapped in paper and then that evolved to placing the eggs in small egg baskets or holders - and hence became known as bunga telur. the eggs were even given wrapped in handkerchiefs and the handkerchiefs became the bunga telur. over time, the baskets or the holders for the eggs became more elaborate. i remembered in the late 1970s and early 1980s receiving the eggs in tiny porcelain swans, glasses and even in crystal holders.

as time passes, the gifts got more elaborate still. at the same time people over time do not give out the eggs anymore. this is probably due to a number of factors. i can only speculate that one of them could be that the guest numbers had increased. it was quite cumbersome boiling some 1,000+ eggs for wedding ceremonies. i remembered because we did it for my brother's wedding - a number of eggs got broken and we had to boil more to compensate for the broken ones.

however, nowadays even though eggs are no longer given out but the practice of giving bunga telur remained but there is no egg or egg holder anymore just the gifts. today's bunga telur has moved away from anything that resemble holders for eggs - they can be anything from luxury soaps to expensive biscuits or chocolates. the costs of these varies from a ringgit each to lots of ringgits each depending on the financial capability of the hosts. but even a ringgit each bunga telur with 500 guests mean that it still cost RM500.

surprisingly at indian weddings, it is not eggs that are given out but those guests at an indian wedding will receive sweets reflecting and reaffirming the sweetness of the occasion. however there are many similarities that still remained between the malay and indian ceremonies. among these included mandi lulur - where a special bath scrub was applied to the bodies of the brides and grooms.

majlis berinai is another similarity which is called the mehndi ceremony in an indian wedding. originally the application of the colourful henna was supposed to ward off evil spirits as the colours are supposed to scare off those spirits. but in malay weddings, it is just a tradition to be followed suit as all wedding couples to indicate that they have undergone a wedding ceremony. in fact the henna design can be more elaborate nowadays than the traditional moon crescent, star shaped of the old days.

another similarity is the majlis berbedak where guests and family members blessed the couple by putting coloured and scented powder and sprinkling pandan potpourri on the bride and groom's hands. this is also reminiscent of the mandapa at indian weddings.

however malay weddings now have other additional ceremonies which include cake cutting, sarung cincin (giving jewelleries) etc are also adopted from other cultures. some wedding custom adoptions depend on the districts and the origin of the couples. most of us do not realize the origins of some of these traditions which we followed from time immemorial.

Friday, June 01, 2007

megat is 8!

i slept very late and was awaken by some knocking on my room door around 7.30 am.

"whose that?", i asked.

"mama's birthday boy", megat answered.

i was like... haa?!!... i looked at the time at my fon. gosh... its already 7.30!!! but i only had less than three hours sleep. i unlock the door. megat entered, then he hugged me so tight, followed by kisses. he's really a mama's boy. i wished him happy birthday.

"okay mama, i'll see you later".

unfortunately i didn't get ready yet. i went back to bed and continued to sleep another hour lol... i came down almost 10 am, when everyone were about to arrive. auntie yan brought chicken pie and honey cake. while enda teh brought cream puff (my fav!) and my mother cooked chicken rice. as you could see, i baked the birthday cake myself. now you all know of why i slept very late ;) i didn't even wanna take pics of myself as i really looks like zombiesss!!! lol...

i went in to my room maybe around 1.30 pm and slept right away, after i threw my helpless body on the bed. i heard the sms alert tone minutes later. i checked my fon. i tried to read the sms but i can't because my eyes were really weak. when i awoke at 5.50 pm, i saw that my last sms checked was still there... it was from kimi. thank you so much. also sorry for not replying you sis. i have informed megat, and he said thank you too. o yes... not forgetting CK, thank you for the wish too sis.

guess what people. my initial plan was to go to queensbay mall in penang, after we had the brunch. what to do... bummer! i can't help myself... anyhow i went to ipoh yesterday with my mom and megat. he got to choose his own birthday present, like what he said, "i am already big and know what i want". megat chose spider-man 3' electronic web spinning blaster.

"happy 8th birthday my dear darling megat... mama wished you all the best for many more years to come... luv, mama!"

i would also like to wish my cousin totam, a happy 24th birthday. what a co-incidence he shared the same birthday with megat. i'll see you when you come back for holiday tomorrow. fyi totam is studying medical in medan. eventually he was in ukraine before. he was not allowed to enter the country when he wanted to go back there the last time. what we could say is it was dangerous too... its all now history.